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Paul Fixuw Meditations 10

10 Protection-shield meditations
Here are several meditations that will help you to shield against the
influence of the outside world: It protects against:

The vibes and moods from other people around you,.....

Electric fields and wireless telephones,.....

Sorts of mind manipulations; negative influences on your mind

and your thinking/thoughts,.....

Radio waves, magnetic fields, static fields...

harmful [not noticeable] sound waves.....

Sorts of negative or darker vibrations, invisible influences on

your health-situation, negative influences on your
present/existence here on earth,.....And there are more reasons to make such
protection !

This meditation is based on Visualization: you need to visualize this protection around you.
To prepare you for these meditations it will help you to get a better awareness what
visualization is, and to practice this a bit. That what we visualize (we picture this in our
mind) we can make this appear, but then in the higher dimensions: You can give it energy by
your effort and energy what makes that is getting appearance. For example: When you
would visualize a golden sun 4 feet above you that shines bright golden light on and
through your body, this visualization makes this happen in the higher dimensions. By doing
a visualization of this SUN that hangs above you: it will be there as long as you give it
energy: you hold this visualization. However it is possible to ask to let it be there for a while:
you can program it to stay there. We do not see how much we can do with our efforts of
dreaming, visualization, and that has to do with the fact that we only see three denser
dimensions: the material existence. We do not see an aura and an energy field around us.
Someone who can See with her/his third eye can see the sun you are visualizing,like he or
she can see your energy field and aura. The present of the sun and the light that shines on
and through: this is something you can feel.
Instead of using the word visualization you could say: To make it happening, to make it
present in the higher dimensions asks for a [powerful, insisting, focused] intention and
concentration: all, or much of your attention and energy has to go to what we try to
visualize. You can practice visualization and feel what results it can give.

A few exercises to learn to visualize ( You also can skip these exercises and go
directly to the protection-meditations..)
Practice one:
You can put your hands on your knees and send a warm orange light through your knees.

Paul Fixuw Meditations 10

There is now light coming out of your hands that shine this warm color orange into your
knees. Youre eyes are closed and you visualize this: you see your hands, and you see that
there is light coming out of them: inside your knees. This light shines through your knees.
Can you feel the present of this light. You can give this light now strength- by breath. By
sending at every out-breathe the light to your knees you can give it more power. Note:
Animals sometimes see what you do: you can blow golden sparkling light to a any animal (don't
try this with tigers!). They appreciate it, they many times see it....and feel it.
Practice two:
Visualize an apple: you see with your eyes closed an apple hanging in the air in front of you.
Concentrate for a while on the form, on the appearance of the apple; how the colors are
and even how it smells. More and more this apple exists and you even can feel its present.
Now take with your right (or left) hand this apple in your hand. You do this with your eyes
closed: you visualize an apple and you grab it with your hand. Now you open your eyes and
look with your two eyes to your hand. You keep on visualizing the apple is inside your hand,
now you do this with your eyes open. {you have this apple in your hand!} Take time to see
this apple in your hand, and again concentrate on the form, the colors and on the shape and
the consistence of it. Take the apple now in both hands. Keep holding it between your two
hands. Close your eyes and feel how much there is something present. ..........And end:
Stop this visualization.......
Practice three:
To be able to have strong visualizations your mind has to be concentrated on only that what
you want to make appear; want to make happen. Here is a meditation to practice how the
effect is of what you visualization. You can start with standing on your both feet. Your eyes
you can close. Start with giving your self a silence mind. You make a visualization of a
golden ball above your head. This ball that you visualize above you is approach. 45 cm (two
feet) in diameter. It shines bright golden light in all the directions. Take time to see this ball.
Now still with your eyes closed you raise your hands above you......and take this ball
between your hands. Now you have this shining ball between your hands.....Bring this ball in
front of your lower chest and stomach. Hold it there for a few minutes. Keep on having a
visualization of this ball: by wanting to see it you make this golden ball. You want to make and
have this ball what gives it the existence (present). Bring the ball now close to you. Take
now carefully your hands away and see the present of this ball in front of you, close to you
Let it be there a few minutes..... and then let it go away..... You can now stop the
To make strong visualizations a few thinks are needed: You need to be able to focus on
what you want to achieve: what you make to happen, to appear in the higher dimensions.
You need to have a rather concentrated and silence mind: not being distracted by all sorts
of thoughts (and doubts): You need to believe in what you create, have trust, and have
You need to have a deep and calm breath: Your breath is as an engine that can support your
visualizations. The next meditation helps to get a deep and calm breath.

Paul Fixuw Meditations 10

Practicing the life breath: a deep and calm breath

This is an exercise how you can give yourself a more energy-giving, calming deep breath.
Practice this breath and use it for meditations, yoga, before you start a healing session,
when you want to make yourself calm and give your self energy .....And try to use it more
often: feel and become aware what the breath can give- and what it does to you.
This meditation has four steps: You bereave in and start filling your [lower] stomach ((the
baloon)), and then step two: you start filling your chest ((the accordion)). Step three: you
empty the chest, and step four you empty the stomach. It can help to put your hands on top
of the chest and can help when someone else does this and give you all the
instructions while you lay down...
{note: this accordion is 90 degree rotated: its vertical}
You start with:
[step 1] Bereave in: visualize a balloon in your stomach that expends while you bereave in
[step 2] keep on bereaving in: when you fill your chest visualize an accordion in your chest
that becomes bigger in vertical direction.
[step 3]: bereave empty the chest......
[step 4]: bereave empty your belly.....start with step 1: bereave in...
(See both pictures; notice that it makes a circle 1-2-3-4 and then again 1-2-3-4....)
It is six or seven counts bereaving in, and six or seven counts bereaving out:
Try to count while you bereave: step one (inhale): 1-2-3 and then step two: 4-5-6 (7)
(exhale) step three : 1-2-3, step four 4-5-6 (7)....and then again step one.....
Try to find out how much time you like: 5 counts, six counts, seven counts.....

1 First step of inhale:

Inside your stomach is
a balloon that
becomes bigger and
4 fourth step is to let
the air go from the
balloon in your
stomach. Then start
with step 1 again

2 Second step of
Your chest is as an
accordion that you
fill with air what
makes that you grow
3 Third step is to
exhale and lower
your accordion in
your chest.

Lets now start with THE PROTECTION SHIELD meditations

For these meditations we need to visualize around us a shape that is like an egg.
You could replace the word visualizing for : to program. You are going to program a shield
around you...... and you want that it stays there..... (and it will !).

Paul Fixuw Meditations 10

The size for this protection shield egg would be: I feet under you and 1.6 feet above you.
Wide: two feet away of your body. ( 30 centimeter under you, 50 centimeter above you and
wide: 50-60 centimeter from your body). See also the picture on next page....
You sometimes need to visualize this egg closer around you. (a smaller egg shape) You need
that when you are close to others: [unknown] people. Like in a shopping mall, in a cinema, in
a train, standing in line for an 'aggressive' meeting. You can make this egg
larger when we are in nature by our self.
You start with standing strong on the ground and have a quiet mind.
A: Visualize this egg around you full of bright light, the light inside this egg has to be bright
white. For a basic protection you can visualize this wall in two layers:
one layer has the color gold
and the other, outer layer has the
color strong bright blue
. [See picture] Function: basic protection
for influences from outside, including mind/health manipulations
that are invisible. After you have done the meditation you can ask
that this protection will stay there: you tell that you want to
program this as part of your earth- spirit-light body existence.
It is common for me to give as part of a healing session or workshop
someone this meditation and ask (my spirit-healers-guidance) what
colors would fit the person the best. what does this person needs for
colors and why....I will give here several variations of this egg
meditation so you can try and choose: in every meditation the egg
needs to get several different layers of colors. I will write down what
kind of protection it gives and what effect it can have on you.
B: Visualize this egg around you full of bright light, the light inside
this egg has to be bright white. You can give this egg an outer wall:
this is made from a layer of orange , second layer light blue
an outer layer of light green. Function: To not get influenced by
moody people, by angry and aggressive people.
C: Visualize this egg around you full of bright light, the light inside this egg has to be a bit
gold/yellow mixed with bright white. The layers of the outer shell are made from: one layer
of soft yellow
, One layer of strong deep green
and one outer layer of clear {not to
dark} blue
. Functions: for those who work behind computer screens, watch [to] much
television, and use their phone for watching videos or pictures. It filters out the beams that
influences our head.
D: Visualize this egg around you full of bright light, the light inside this egg has to be a bit
bright white- mixed with shining silver. The layers of outer shell are made from: one layer of
deep bright purple
, and one outer layer of {not to dark} very strong clear bright blue
Functions: it shields against sorts of mind manipulations; negative influences that can reach
your mind; your thoughts.

Paul Fixuw Meditations 10

E: Visualize this egg around you full of bright light, the light inside this egg has to be
shining silver-white with a bit of gold (like many little golden stars, or golden dust). The
layers of the outer shell are made from: Clear bright blue
and the outside: deep strong
light-green outer layer
. Function: to stop strong negative projections from individuals
that are directly projected to you. It can be that you are sensitive for this what can make
that you start thinking negative (or acting different).
F: Visualize this egg around you full of bright light, the light inside this egg has to be
shining white with a bit of gold ( golden dust). The layers of the outer shell are made from:
Clear deep blue-green
, strong yellow
and the outside layer red-brown
: Function:
This can stop the stress vibrations that are present in the atmosphere. It can make and keep
your calm[er], and maybe less nervous. It can stops that what influences you. You do not
know [exactly] what it is, mainly because it is invisible.
G: Visualize this egg around you full of bright light, the light inside this egg has to be bright
white mixed with yellow/gold.. The layers of the outer shell are made from: The first layer:
light blue
, the second layer: bright [middle] green
and the next layer is
yellow and the outer layer is: red
Function: This diminish influences from 'outer space'
existences: all sorts of life that is invisible for us. There is life that [tries to] disturb and it
can be that it targets you. Try this meditation and feel/be aware or you notice differences.
Tip: as you visualize this egg you can see yourself with a big crayon in your hand. You draw this
egg and give the outer layer of this egg a line in the right colors.........(so you have some crayons
with colors)
After the meditation you can ask to keep this protection shield with all these layers
permanent: you -so to say- can program this: it needs to stay there. It is advisable to repeat
this meditation for the first 12 days, and check or this protection stays. Next to this
meditation it is [also] advisable to give your self a good grounding,and to take some time to
silence your mind; to have grip and control over your mind. You can do those three
meditations all at the same time: you make a good grounding+take time to have a silence
mind, + give your self a protection shield. This can be a good way of beginning the day (next
to brushing your teeth and washing your face).
I will give hereby the two meditations: (These I already published but it helps to have them
together in one

Meditation: Silence the MIND.

You can use this classroom meditation to observe the/our brain parts.
Introduction: We have a right and left-brain part, these two brain parts are in our forehead.
The aim of this meditation is to observe these brain parts: To see and notice how they
speak; what and when they think, how frequently they babble and how they are occupied
with thoughts. The aim is to observe this and to make them become quiet. A silent mind
gives you a better possibility to connect with your deeper feelings; with your heart and with

Paul Fixuw Meditations 10

the voice within. It helps to be in control of your thinking, your thoughts, your brain
activities. You can stay calm, more grounded, more in your heart and guts, and be less
distracted, less nervous, less unsure.....!
You start this meditation by closing your eyes and start visualizing that you are standing in the
classroom: See here for the picture at the left. You have to see yourself standing
there: You are standing strong on two feet in the middle of this large classroom.
You visualize that you send the right brain-part to the right front corner of the
classroom; you can see this brain part as a person. And you send the left-brain part
to the left front corner of the classroom; you can see this also as a person. Let them
stand both in their corner with the nose to the wall. Let them be silence. When the
want to talk they have to turn around before they have allowance to speak.
Observe how and when the left side and right side wants to speak, what they are
saying (thinking) and what the difference is between them. Try to keep them
silence for a long time, and when they speak try to recognize the voices of these
two: what is the left and what is the right part of the brain. Keep observing them
for at least 15 minutes: try to get and keep them quiet, be silent and be aware of
all what you feel and sense. Bereave calm and deep; take time to fill your longs to
the bottom with air.


Staying connected with the root dimension

Introduction: To be active as energy healer, do energy work and shamanic or magical

work a good and strong grounding is advised. The next meditation makes this possible: to
install a grounding connection with the center of the earth. You can divide the meditation in
two parts: the first part instructs how to ground your body, the next part instructs how to
ground your energy belt that is around you. The first meditation will give most of us enough
grounding / stability and protection. However when you want to do powerful energy work you
like to do the second meditation II : to ground your energy body.
The first grounding connection that you can make: one goes from your body to the center
of the earth; Here you connect with the root dimension. ( See here
for also the picture.) This connection starts from your second chakra:
this is behind your navel. A permanent colored light energy
connection (a beam) needs to go deep inside Earth to its center and
goes to the place that initiated the beginning of dimensions [zero],
what is deep down in the center of Earth planet.
The beam that goes down into the earth and has a color: you need to
find out, to try what color feels and works the best for you. After
doing so you ask that this grounding connection with the beam in the
color you prefer stays permanent.
The meditation:
1 You can start this meditation in a standing position. You stand strong
on your two feet on the ground. Make your mind silence for a while
and relax. You need to visualize a beam of light going from [a little bit ]
above your navel to the center of the Earth, down there you can feel
the life force of our root dimension. This beam of light is like a tube

Paul Fixuw Meditations 10

and the size in diameter you can give it is in between 8 and 18 cm (3 and 7 inch) . You can start
visualizing this beam of light: try to find the color that fits and feel the best for you. (See also
the picture for these colors). You can start with:
Green: light green, silver green, dark green, and green mixed with blue. Then try blue:
light blue, silver blue and dark blue. Purple: light purple, dark purple, shiny purple. Red:
light red, dark red bright red. Orange: deep orange, lighter orange, silver orange and very
light orange: almost yellow. Yellow: dark and strong yellow, light yellow, greenish yellow.
Try to use also silver, bright white and gold.....
When you found the color that feels the best, the strongest, well fitted for you then keep this
in your memory and install this connection: Keep on visualizing this beam: keep this beam of
light the color you want: tell it to stay there permanent: Your intention is to keep having this
grounding connection permanent: you program this as part of your life and existence. For the
first weeks and maybe months you check or this grounding is still present. Hold this
visualization for 5 till 10 minutes and then continue with the second meditation: An extra
strong grounding connection:
We can give our self a second grounding-connection; there is an energy belt around our
body that we can stabilize and anchor. These are four beams that go also down inside the
earth and connect there with the root; the center. The four beams of light meet the root
dimension in the center of the earth. Two of these beams are at the right and left side, one
is in front and one in the back.

II The second part of the grounding meditation:

From your energy belt that is around your body there are four [4] beams of light going to
the center of Earth. The best is to start this meditation in a standing position. You stand
strong on your two feet on the ground. You need now to visualize four beams of light that
have a diameter between 5 and 10 cm (2 and 4 inch). Start with visualizing these four other
beams of light, which are going to the Earth center. They connect the energy belt around
your body to the root dimension in the center of the Earth. Now again we have to find out
which colors those four beams of light need to have: we do this by trying out the colors. Try
blue: light blue, silver blue and dark blue. Purple: light purple, dark purple, shiny
purple. Red: light red, dark red bright red. Orange: deep orange, lighter orange, silver
orange and very light orange: almost yellow. Yellow: dark and strong yellow, light
yellow, greenish yellow. Try to use also silver, bright shining white and shining Gold.

When you found out which color feels the best you can use this, hold this and use this. The
color that feels the best for you needs to stay: for a 5 till 15 minutes keep on visualizing this

Paul Fixuw Meditations 10

beam and tell it that it has to stay there permanent: You say that your intention is to keep
having this grounding connection permanent. Ask that this grounding becomes permanent.
Last step: Now visualize all the beams of light, one from the second chakra, and four that
goes from the energy belt to the center of Earth. Give it the right colors ad do this for 20
minutes. Try to keep the mind silence. Feel how strong you stand on your two feet!
When you found for this four light beams the matching colors and the center beam you
need to look after that the connections stays: To have this connection installed and staying
there permanent as possible- you need to program this by saying that this your wish and
Check the first days and weeks or your grounding is still present, feel how it is to walk, to
move, to do energy work with this strong grounding root connection.
Tip: Before you start any energy /healing work, start giving initiations, attunement...or do
your yoga exercises...Do sound healing, chanting or else... make sure your grounding is
strong and active. Not being grounded can make you [feel] out of center/ not so
harmonious/ far less sure/ a bit weird-sick/ confused/ overly charged/.......and can give in
rare cases harm.

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