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Procedure for remediation of Child Labour

To ensure that Child / Young Labour is not engaged in the activities of the company and to respect
the ILO conventions on child labour. In case any child / young labour is found to be working, to
ensure that suitable remediation measures of such children are undertaken.
Applicable to all employees including the labour provided by Contractors and future recruitment in
the company.
ED (HR) is overall responsible for implementation of the policy related to Child Labour. All
employees are responsible to comply with the policy of the company.
4.1 POWERGRID has framed its policy from the very beginning for not employing child labour.
This policy is also in accordance with Child Labour (Prohibition & Regulation) Act - 1986 &
Children (Pledging of Labour) Act 1933. This policy is accordingly included in Procedure for
Recruitment (Refer HR Manual).
4.2 No employees in POWERGRID are less than 18 years of age. Documentary evidence of proof
of age (e.g. Birth Certificate, School Certificate, or any other Legal Document) is verified at the
time of recruitment. Where no proof is submitted, the age is verified by Medical Officer. When
required, these are also verified from relevant external authorities / referral Doctors.
4.3 This policy towards Child Labour is communicated to all Contractors who provide labour for
un-skilled / skilled jobs through the "Contracts" and "Service Agreements". A written commitment
from all Contractors for complying with the same is also being taken.
4.4 The supervision on such labour is done by concerned site In-charge for ensuring that there is no
child labour provided by the contractors. The age for the contract labour is verified by the
contractor before employing. Wherever any doubt arises, the age is got verified from Medical
4.5 The Policy of Recruitment is made known to all employees through "HR Manual" which is
accessible through intranet. The company's policy towards "Child Labour" is also communicated to
interested parties on demand.
4.6 The procedure for establishing, documenting, maintaining and communicating the policies for
promotion of education for children/ young workers to personnel and other interested parties is not
applicable, since POWERGR1D does not engage any Child Labour. In case of violation, suitable
remedial action are initiated as per following procedure:
a. Get in touch with parents / Guardian and hand over the same to him.
b. Issuing warning letter to concerned Contractor to avoid repetition of this occurrence in future.
c. In case of reoccurrence, the remedial shall be done as per provision stipulated in the Contract /
Service agreement.