The InSites Enterprise Visibility Platform Selected as One of the Ten Hot Softwa re Platforms and Applications for

Healthcare CRN Magazine recognizes Intelligent InSites for its innovative platform that ena bles the Real-Time Enterprise. The InSites Enterprise Visibility Platform™ (InSi tes Platform) was selected as one of the Ten Hot Software Platforms and Applicat ions for Healthcare, among other industry-leading solutions, including Microsoft HealthVault Community Connect, IBM Initiate Exchange, and Oracle Operating Room Analytics. Fargo, ND, April 29, 2010 -- The CRN Magazine recognized Intelligent InSites Inc ., the leading provider of real-time enterprise visibility and automation soluti ons that dramatically improve healthcare efficiency and patient safety, for deli vering an innovative platform that enables the “Real-Time Enterprise.” The InSit es Enterprise Visibility Platform™ (InSites Platform) was selected as one of the Ten Hot Software Platforms and Applications for Healthcare, among other industr y-leading solutions, including Microsoft HealthVault Community Connect, IBM Init iate Exchange, and Oracle Operating Room Analytics. The InSites Platform is comprised of the following key components: • InSites Foundation™ – core platform services including rules engine, data repo sitory, mapping, workflow, alerts, security, and messaging; • InSites Apps Framework™ – a flexible Microsoft Outlook-style user interface fo r use with InSites Essential Apps and third-party “Snap-In Apps”; • InSites Essential™ Apps – suite of commonly used software apps for enterprise automation developed by Intelligent InSites, including asset management and pati ent flow; • InSites Snap-In™ Apps – collection of applications developed by Intelligent In Sites software partners; • InSites Connectors™ – library of interfaces allowing for seamless integration with Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS), IT systems, patient/resident monitoring systems, communication systems, security and facility monitoring systems; • InSites Enabled™ Apps and Devices – third party software and hardware devices that have been integrated and certified for use with the InSites Platform. With the power of the InSites Platform, healthcare providers can automate dozens of systems and processes, and make their existing IT systems “smarter” through the integration of real-time location and other automated data. The challenges t he InSites Platform addresses include: inefficient processes, low patient satisf action due to human error, patient and staff safety, wasted resources, poor visi bility of resources, non-integrated systems and workflow, lack of mobile access to real-time information, and more. About Intelligent InSites Intelligent InSites provides real-time enterprise visibility and automation solu tions that transform the healthcare industry by dramatically driving down costs while improving the level of care and patient safety. By providing a single soft ware platform capable of streamlining dozens of systems and processes using real -time location and sensory data continuously collected throughout the enterprise , Intelligent InSites helps their clients gain visibility into their operations and make profound improvements in the area of resident safety, workflow optimiza tion, asset and inventory management, and regulatory compliance. For more inform ation, visit Contact: Joanna Wyganowska Intelligent InSites, Inc. 102 Broadway, Suite #200 Fargo, ND 58102


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