First United Methodist

Church Newsletter
“The Church with a Warm Heart”

PO Box 1466
301 NE 1st Street
Mineral Wells, TX

Methodist Men
meets every second
Sunday at 7:30 a.m.
with the men of
Central UMC. They
alternate meeting @
Central or in
McMaster Hall to
share a big breakfast
followed by a
program and
meeting. This
month’s meeting is at
Central on April
10th. Great
fellowship & food!
Join us!

April 2013

Chili Cook-Off
This Sunday (April 3) is the 3rd Annual
FUMC—Mineral Wells Chili cook-off after
morning service. Chili cooks are invited to
enter in four categories: beef chili without
beans, beef chili with beans, white chili and
other (veggie, sausage, deer, etc.).
Please bring your chili in a slow cooker to McMaster Hall
before the morning service, fill out an entry category form and
get a number.
If you aren’t entering a pot of chili, please bring cornbread,
crackers or a dessert.
We still need three more judges. If you’d like to be a chili
taster, let Jeri Calcote know.

Mission Trip News:
The youth are gearing up
for Mission Trip this
Summer. We will be
working in Little Rock, AR,
the week of June 12-18. You can sponsor a youth for $15 a
day. About 15 youth and 10 adults will participate this year.
Also this summer, several of our young adults will attend
the July Mission Trip to West Texas to serve as work team
The youth are currently working at the Little League
Concession Stand to raise money for Mission Trip costs. If
you can help, join us. Check with Amanda Daniell for the

Prayer Blanket
ministry meets the
third Wednesday of
each month. Prayer
Blanket Ministry will
meet on Wed, April
20 at 6 pm. Bring
your scissors. No
sewing involved. Just
fellowship and
fun! Come join us!

The Youth will lead the service May 15th. We will also honor
our graduating seniors that day. Following the service will be
the 3rd Annual Talent Show and potluck meal.
It's April, which means you still have time to put together a
routine for the Talent Show. Contact Amanda so she can get
you in the line-up!

First United
Methodist Church

Only $15/plate
(at the door)

Friday, April 8, 2016 5:30 - 8:00 pm
301 NE 1st St

All dinners include:
∗ Fried Fish & Potatoes


∗ Cole Slaw
∗ Beans
∗ Dessert


First United Methodist Church
301 NE 1st St
Mineral Wells TX 76067
Phone: 940-324-4707

Find us on Facebook at

As you know, there was heavy flooding
in East Texas and in Louisiana. The
United Methodist Committee on Relief
(UMCOR) is assisting with the clean-up
efforts there and find themselves in need
of "flood buckets." It would be great if
our church could provide a few of those to
help those who find themselves facing
tragic loss and monumental restoration
Below please find a list of items that are
included in those buckets. If your family
or Sunday School class would like to put
together a bucket, or if you would like to
donate items or money to help us put
some together, please do so soon.
Cleaning Bucket Materials
5-gallon bucket with resealable lid
Buckets from fast-food restaurants or
bakeries can be used if washed and
Do not use buckets that have stored
chemicals such as paint or pool cleaner;
Advertisements on the outside are
Liquid laundry detergent
One 50-oz. or two 25-oz. bottle(s) only.
Liquid household cleaner
12-16 oz. liquid cleaner that can be mixed
with water; No spray cleaners.
Dish soap - 16-28 oz. bottle any brand.
Air freshener - 1 can, aerosol or pump.

1 insect repellant spray
6-14 oz. aerosol or spray pump with
protective cover.
1 scrub brush - Plastic or wooden
18 cleaning wipes
Handi Wipes or reusable wipes;
No terry cleaning towels;
Remove from packaging.
7 sponges
No cellulose sponges due to mold issues;
Remove from wrapper.
5 scouring pads
Remove from wrapper;
No stainless steel, Brillo pads, or SOS pads
(nothing with soap built in).
50 clothespins & Clothesline
One 100-ft. or two 50-ft. lines;
Cotton or plastic.
24-roll heavy-duty trash bags
33- to 45-gallon sizes; Remove from box.
5 dust masks
2 pairs kitchen dishwashing gloves
Should be durable enough for multiple
uses; Remove from packaging.
1 pair work gloves
Cotton with leather palm or all leather.
Assembly Directions
Place all liquid items in the bucket first.
Place remaining items in the bucket,
fitting them around and between the
liquid items. Sponges, scouring pads,
clothespins, and trash bags can be
separated in order to fit all of the items in
the bucket. Ensure the lid is closed

Choir practice is

Handbell Choir practices

Wednesdays from 7- 8:30
pm. Director Don Owens
says we could use a few
more voices!

with director Adam Hull @ 7:10
pm after Bible Study and lasts
until about 8 pm.

Thanks to all who helped with the Thursday
community worship service and lunch. We
appreciate the hard work that went into hosting and
are grateful for the part that each of you played. We
showed people what radical hospitality looks like!

4/7 - Tammy Crawford
4/9 - Bret Brown
4/15 - Jean Jackson
4/16 - Janice Ellis
4/19 - Vickie Novak
4/24 - Bata Boyd
4/26 - Roy Brooks
4/27 - Kay Tunnell, Joe Novak,
Trey Hoover
4/28 - Ken Williamson
5/1 - Kelli Huseman
5/3 - Britt Tuggle
5/4 - Cindy Blasor, Jeff Case
5/7 - Jane Hayes

We were so blessed by Amanda Daniell, who
planned the Holy Thursday evening service. Kaylee
Gregory, Adam Hull, Kenzi Huseman, and Don
Owens were great as they presented to us thoughts
from various people who either knew or knew of
Jesus. And, as usual, Adam was wonderful at leading
our praise songs.
Thanks to Kevin Gregory for assisting with the
Easter morning worship services. And to all of you
who invited family and friends to join us that Holy
day, thank you! Wasn’t the music beautiful? Thank
you, Twila, Don, Adam, and choir!
Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for sharing one of your prayer
blankets with me. I feel the prayers and love that it
carried with it. It will play a very important role in
my recovery in the months to come. I miss being a
part of the congregation and fully expect to become
active again soon since some of my personal
responsibilities have been altered. Once again, I
deeply appreciate the reminder of your care and love
for others.

If a name is missing from this list, please let us know.

Sylvia Hull

Facebook Page:
Our Vision: “Our passion is to be followers of Jesus Christ who are welcoming,
worshiping, growing and going.”
WELCOMING – We invite people to come as they are and to find their unique place
in the church. We are working hard to never draw lines of "insiders/outsiders,"
"saints/sinners," "us/them." We believe that Christ greets people with open arms,
knows their names and loves them for who they are – and we strive to be like Christ!
WORSHIPING – We feel strongly that we were created to praise God! So worship is
at the heart of all that we do. Worship feeds our souls, but it also reminds us that the
heart of any church is to bring glory to the Holy One. We do what we do in awe and
love of our Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer.
GROWING – We believe that God loves us as we are, but, in love, God will help us
grow into "more." We want to always be seeking, asking, going deeper and
understanding more. Learning is an important component of a person's life journey,
and we want to be a learning place!
GOING – We believe that Jesus came for the sake of everyone, and so the church
must never become focused on itself. Our task is to take the kingdom of heaven into
the world so that all may know the saving grace and wondrous love of God, becoming
themselves disciples who welcome, worship, grow and go!

Restroom Remodel

Ways to Serve

If you've not seen it, please check out
the beautiful face lift that the smaller
women's restroom has received.
As you know, there had been some
water damage in there. In a group
effort, Cathy Johnson and Kay Brown
painted over that and brightened the
whole room; Jolene Williams sewed a
beautiful "curtain" for added color,
and Sharon Garcia spruced up some
accessories in there.
Thanks to all of them
for their willingness and
work at bringing about a

Communion Servers and Greeters
needed at 10:30 Worship Services

Worship on Wednesday excitement
begins with dinner at 5:30 pm, then
activities for everyone. Dinner
donations of $5 are requested.
We need volunteers to fix a salad
and vegetable to go with the entrees
we are purchasing from the Mineral
Wells High School Culinary Class, as
well as those to provide a dessert
each week.
Children’s activities begin shortly
after 6 pm until 7:15 pm. The youth
meet upstairs with Youth Director
Amanda Daniell until 7:30 pm.
Choir practice starts @ 7 pm,
backpacks can be packed for
BackPack Buddies and Prayer Shawl
workers meet the third Wednesday.
Pick an activity to join and join in
the Lord’s work!

On the first Sunday of each month at FUMC,
we serve communion. Four communion
servers are needed on each of these Sundays.
If you would like to help serve communion,
please contact Kay Brown at 940-682-6506 or
We also need FUMC members who would
serve as Greeters before the 10:30 worship
service on Sundays. The goal is to provide a
Greeter at each of the three outside doors
from 10:15-10:30 each Sunday to meet guests
and members as they arrive for worship and
give directions, if needed.
Please consider these opportunities to serve
and contact Kay Brown at the above phone
number or by email if you can help in either or
Hoping to hear from many of you so that a
schedule can be made for the next few months

Job Posting
Immanuel Baptist Church in Mineral Wells is
in need of a part-time Custodian/Maintenance
worker. This position will require between 810 hours a week, with as many as 20-25 hours
of work, depending on the activities of the
week and responsibilities needed to be
performed. The position pays $150 each week
and could also include keeping the grounds
(mowing, trimming, etc.) with additional pay,
based on the amount of work done each week/
We have a complete job description to
provide to any interested person(s), which can
be obtained by contacting the church at 940325-6352, calling the Pastor’s cell number at
940-452-4130, or stopping by the church
office at 1413 SE 16th Avenue.
In His Love,
Bro. David J. Wilkins, Pastor