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Ref :: KCOWA/TC/16-17/R-01

:: 01st April 2016

Place ::


Request Letter
Dr. Ramegowda,
Transport Commissioner,
Government of Karnataka,
1st Floor, A-Block, T.T.M.C Building,
Shantinagar, Bangalore 560 027.
SUB :: Request letter to resolve the Construction Equipment (Crane) Registration issue in
Hosapete R.T.O.
Res. Sir,
We, from Karnataka Crane Owners Welfare Association, have approached you to resolve a construction
equipment(crane) registration issue that is happening in the Hosapete R.T.O.
FYI, as you very well know that all the Construction Equipments are listed under Non-Transport Vehicles
which doesnt carry any goods and doesnt come under passenger vehicle criteria also. These
Construction Equipments such as Cranes, Back hoe loaders, Excavators and many others work in one
single place on weekly, monthly and sometimes yearly basis. The movement of these equipments is
done through public roads, for that, each equipment pays Life tax which is fixed by the government
and it is given White Number Board by the government itself. These procedures are very well carried
out in all RTOs in Bangalore and other areas of Karnataka up till now. The same procedure is carried
out in others states also, all over India.
Now, the issue in the Hosapete R.T.O is that one of the crane is not being allowed to register with
White Number Board and instead the RTO officer is allotting Yellow Number Board which doesnt suit
the application and isnt listed under government rules and regulations. Since one week the Crane is
not registered and the crane owner (Mohan Babu) is burdened with not being able to supply the crane
on-time to his client. If the registration doesnt happen immediately, the complete contract gained by
the crane owner will be withdrawn by the client and itll be a total loss for him and his company.
Moreover the issue doesnt end with one single crane. If one single crane is registered with yellow
number board which isnt listed under government rules and regulations for construction equipments,
then it would become a practice and all the upcoming cranes in that particular region will be registered
with yellow number board. If a non-transport vehicle such as crane is registered with yellow number
board, the crane when crossing state to state borders for work purpose might be forced to pay excess
tax and will have to face unexpected problems.
The Crane owners in that particular region are not satisfied with the application of yellow number
board. They all together have approached us, the Karnataka Crane Owners Welfare Association, to
resolve it.
We, hereby request you to take a serious note on this issue and resolve it immediately. We dont want
this issue to grow up as a serious problem in the construction equipment industry. Kindly, contact the
RTO officer in Hosapete, do the needful and resolve it immediately.
Thanks and Regards,

For Karnataka Crane Owners Welfare Association

President Srinivas N.