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Kayla-Jade Remulla
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Experts weigh in on the

myths surrounding women
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Sporting KC
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KU Powwow celebrates cultural heritage

Annie Grabowsky/KANSAN
A group performs a traditional Native American dance at the KU Powwow & Indigenous Dance and Culture Festival on April 2.



The University hosted

the KU Powwow & Indigenous Dance and Culture
Festival April 2, inviting
hundreds to the free event
including tribes from all
over the country to join in
the cultural festivities.

The festival was sponsored and supported by the

KU First Nations Student
Association, the Haskell
Cultural Center and Museum, Spencer Museum of
Art, the Office of Diversity
and Equity and the Office of
Multicultural Affairs.
Guests were greeted outside the Lied Center by an

assortment of traditional
and authentic food from the
nations gathered. A large
tent was also erected housing various activities for
Inside the Lied Center,
crowds clamored around
dozens of booths to see
the handmade crafts and
to learn about the cul-

tures represented.
student, Sherrie Marlond
from Tama, Iowa studying
business, said the powwow
was a great way for other
natives to learn about the
different traditions as well
as for non-natives to see a
living people in action.
Youd be surprised how
many non-natives have

never even seen a Native

American before and who
think that were no longer a
real people and buy into the
negative stereotypes, Marlond said. This is a great
and fun way to see our cultures and to recognize our
Marlond said that she
was happy with how the

powwow turned out, and

that she was glad that her
University could be involved.
It really shows how the
University cares, Marlond
said. We are greatly underrepresented and this is a
way for the University to be

Professor of Slavic studies wins

grant to teach course on ethics


professor of Slavic studies,
received a grant for
$20,000 from National
This grant will fund
research for a new course
on ethics and community
in 19th century Russian
Kokobobo, who serves
as the director of graduate
studies for the Slavic
Department, said she
applied for the grant last
summer through the Hall
Center for the Humanities.
September, and had not
heard anything for some
time, Kokobobo said.
Then two weeks ago I
received an email saying
that I had received the
Kokobobo said the
grant, part of the NEH

Questions, will enable her

to study philosophical and
ethics works through the
summer in preparation to
teach the course.
According to the NEH
supports the development
and teaching of courses
that answer an enduring
concerns of humanity.
Some of the questions
include: "Can war be just?"
"What is evil?" and "What
is friendship?"
Kokobobo said the
prompt she chose was:
"Am I my brothers
I proposed that we
teach a course using 19th
century Russian literature
and philosophical works
to talk about community
and the moral and ethical
people have toward one
another, Kokobobo said.
Then towards the end
of the course wed talk
about community in 21st

century America and how

issues like race affect

We think that
theres a lot
of room to
discuss ethics
in the context
of Russian
Stephen Dickey
Chair of the Slavic

Kokobobo also said

the course will feature
planned activities, as well
as a service component.
Part of the requirement
for the course is for
students to help out at a
soup kitchen for a couple
hours, Kokobobo said.
Kokobobo said she
hopes to have the course
fulfill an ethics and

possibly a Slavic class

requirement for students
in the College of Liberal
Arts and Sciences.
Stephen Dickey, chair
of the Slavic Department,
said the department is
excited about the course
and hopes philosophy
students, as well as Slavic
studies students, will take
We think that theres
a lot of room to discuss
ethics in the context of
Russian literature, Dickey
said. I think it shows the
importance of studying
these works outside of just
Kokobobo said the
course should be available
for the 2017-18 school
Edited by Garrett

Alex Robinson/KANSAN
Ani Kokobobo, Slavic Professor, poses with her picture of Russian Author Tolstoy. Kokobobo is receiving a grant from National Endowment for the
Humanities to teach a course on ethics and community in 19th century Russian literature.

Associated Press
Kansas coach Bill Self poses with his award after being named Coach
of the Year.

Bill Self named

Coach of the
Year by the AP


On Thursday, Kansas
coach Bill Self was named
National Coach of the
Year by the AP, according to a KU Athletics release. Right now, Self is in
Houston, where the Final
Four is taking place, to accept the award.
According to the AP release, Self is the first Kansas coach to win the distinction twice while at the
University. The only other
Kansas coach to win the
award was Roy Williams
in 1992.
This year, Self received
21 of a possible 65 votes.
Xavier's Chris Mack came
in second with 15 votes;
Oregon's Dana Altman received 13, according to the
Self coached the Jay-

hawks to a 33-5 record

in the 2015-16 season,
falling in the Elite Eight.
The team earned the No.
1 overall seed in the 2016
NCAA tournament, following a season in which
it won the Big 12 regular
season title and tournament.
Kansas also won the
Maui Jim Maui Invitational earlier in the year.
On January 30, the team
picked up a win in the Big
12/SEC Challenge against
This is the second time
Self has won the award
from the AP. He racked
up National Coach of the
Year honors from the outlet in 2009.
USA Today, Bleacher Report and the NABC
have also named Self as
National Coach of the
Year for this season.



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more culturally inclusive,
that I think is really important. It also helps promote
education for Native Americans which is really important.
Galen Springer, a University and Haskell Indian
Nations University alumnus, said he was glad to
come back to the University
for the event.
Its interesting for me
because I graduated here
[in the Lied Center] so Im
happy to return to share

some of my traditions,
Springer said. Theres a
great community here and
while Id like to have seen
more dancers, the community turnout was good to
Springer came to the
powwow as a champion
dancer, having danced at
similar festivals throughout
the country. The dancing,
held in the auditorium, featured performers from various tribes and ages.
One dance, a favorite
among the crowd, was held
specifically for the tiny
tots, where children from


the audience and performers were invited on stage.

There are all kinds of
dances, Marlond said. A
lot of them are done by the
younger generation to honor those who have either
passed on or who can no
longer dance.
To learn more about
how to get involved with
Native American culture on
campus, visit the KU First
Nations Student Associations Facebook page.
Edited by Brendan

Annie Grabowsky/KANSAN
A man dressed in traditional clothing shops for jewelry at the festival.

Official says state

security strong
despite cut funds

TOPEKA Even with

further military budget
cuts to the National Guard,
strong partnerships and resources are in place to safeguard the states citizens,
the adjutant general of the
Kansas National Guard
Last week Maj. Gen. Lee
Tafanelli gave his annual report to lawmakers on
changes and improvements
being made to his office,
which manages the National Guard, the Division of
Emergency Management,
and Kansas Homeland
Security. Over a 10-year
period, about $1.2 trillion
was taken out of the states
emergency/security budget, making it tougher to
provide maximum public
safety to the state, Tafanelli
But, Tafanelli also said
the very tight relationship
among the National Guard,
Kansas Homeland Security, the states emergency
management division, and
federal government agencies as well as improved
local facilities ensures
that the agencies will continue to meet high security
The governor asked us
to really take a good hard
look at our security that
we have at our facilities
(and) the security that we
have for our soldiers and
our airmen, Tafanelli said.
Weve taken a number of
actions to harden the facilities that we have across the
Some of those actions
include video monitoring of
doorways, putting film on
glass to keep it from shattering, and arming soldiers
at the facilities to provide
greater safety and security
as they go about their regular duties. Its been an ongoing process to make improvements and to assess
security threats from across
the country, Tafanelli told
The Intelligence Fusion
Center, located in Topeka,
is a resource provided in
all states. Homeland security analysts in the center
are dedicated to meet the
classified and unclassified
needs of the state, including processing information
from the Pentagon, according to the centers annual
report. Seventeen states
have been interested in
Kansas ability to bring in
federal resources, Tafanelli
told lawmakers
What were really trying to focus on is how far
(ahead of) an event, before
something bad happens,
can we detect something
and then feed that information back up into the Intel
committee and take the appropriate measures to kind
of (remove) those threats
out of the state, he said.
With the pressure to cut
budgets, the department

is looking to increase its

partnerships. Last year,
the National Guard teamed
up with the University of
Kansas School of Business
to try and market the fields
of emergency management,
homeland security, or military service to 18 through
24-year-olds. Tafanelli said
only about 23 percent of all
18 to 24-year-olds are eligible for military service;
individuals can be disqualified because of a criminal
record or health issues.

The stone was

last cleaned five
to 10 years ago.
will likely
be complete
sometime in
Baxter Schanze/KANSAN
The Campanile stands on top of the hill and is currently under

Campanile under construction

for stone cleaning and repair


Weve taken a
number of actions
to harden the
facilities that we
have across the
Lee Tafanelli
Major General

As director of both Kansas Homeland Security and

Kansas Emergency Management, as well as responsibilities for oversight of the
Kansas Army and the Air
National Guards, Tafanelli
fears security threats will
continue to grow in the next
few years, whether theyre
from ISIS, Afghanistan,
China, or Korea.
We find ourselves when
were downsizing that the
continue to go up and the
threats continue to increase, Tafanelli said.
Other threats have become more prevalent including cyberattacks, and
with the links the state and
country have globally, Tafanelli said, cyberthreats
are a clear and present danger in Kansas every day.
The department also looks
at emerging health issues,
such as Ebola, and what
measures it needs to take.
Tafanelli said he remained hopeful that the
state agencies will continue
to take appropriate measures to ensure public safety despite past and future
budgetary cuts. Under Gov.
Sam Brownbacks administration, state growth has
fallen to 1.8 percent, from
9.1 percent growth in the
period 1966 to 2010.
In a recent press release, Brownback outlined
his priorities in balancing
the states budget and said
there are difficult decisions to be made.
I will not support or call
for a tax increase on small
businesses in Kansas,
Brownback said. My focus is on managing spending, not on raising taxes.
Our goal is not to fund the
growth of state government; it is to help the Kansas economy grow.
Edited by Maddy
Mikinski and Garrett Long

source: Paul Graves, deputy

director for Design and
Construction Management

The Campanile is currently under construction

for stone repair, Erinn
Barcomb-Peterson, director for News and Media
Relations, said in an email.
The stone repair and
cleaning will likely be complete sometime in April,
Paul Graves, deputy direc-

tor for Design and Construction

We want it done well
in advance of Commencement, Graves said.
Barcomb-Peterson said
the work will be finished
before commencement.
University Commencement is scheduled for
10:30 a.m. May 15.
Graves said stone re-

pair and cleaning is done

on an as-needed basis. He
said he thought the stone
was last cleaned five to 10
years ago.
For more information
and other construction
projects, visit the Design
and Construction management website.
Edited by G.J. Melia



Experts explain
the facts and


Illustration by Jake Kaufmann/KANSAN


nformation about exercise training methods,

especially for women,
comes in a variety of forms.
In advertisements, women
are promised results of becoming thinner, leaner and
stronger from bloggers,
gym memberships and
even magazines. Reality
television has even turned
the concept of losing weight
into a form of entertainment.
University experts in
strength training and exercise physiology weigh in on
common misconceptions
surrounding women and
weight training.
MYTH #1: I dont want
to lift heavy weights
because I will become
Women do not have to
worry about transforming
into bodybuilders after incorporating weight training
into their routine, said Andrew Fry, professor of exercise physiology in the Department of Health, Sport
and Exercise Sciences.
Western society tends

to assign adjectives to a
specific gender. For instance, the term bulky is
commonly associated with
views of masculinity. This
bulk is actually the appearance of increased skeletal muscle as a result of
weight-bearing exercises,
known as muscular hypertrophy, according to Basic
Weight Training for Men
and Women, a book by
Thomas Fahey.
You dont hear people
say, I dont want to start
running in case I get too
fast, like Usain Bolt, Fry
In other words, if you
dont train, eat and recover like a bodybuilder,
you wont look like Arnold
Schwarzenegger the next
time you go to the beach.
Ali Kershner, a certified
strength and conditioning
specialist at the University, said she recognizes the
role of physique in deciding
to begin a weight-training
Women may fear a
change in their body type
and want to stick to lifting
light weights, Kershner
said. However, lifting heavy
weights for four to six repetitions will not lead to mus-

cle hypertrophy, because

this particular repetition
range is linked to developing strength.
According to the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA),
females can decrease body
fat and increase lean mass
by lifting heavy weights
without experiencing much
fluctuation in their overall
body weight.

It is so much more
than what is on
the outside.
Ali Kershner
Certified strength and
conditioning specialist

MYTH #2:
Cardiovascular activity
alone is the best way to
burn calories and lose
It turns out you do not
need to spend excessive
amounts of time on a treadmill or an elliptical machine to burn calories.
You do not have to en-

gage in just cardio to lose

weight, Fry said. You
can burn calories by lifting weights. However, that
doesnt mean you should
avoid engaging in cardiovascular activity. If building
strength is helpful for your
sport or activity, then you
should engage in strength
The American Heart
Association recommends
incorporating strength, endurance, balance and flexibility exercises into any
fitness routine to increase
bone, muscle and connective tissue strength and decrease risk for injury. The
additional muscle mass you
develop will aid your body
in burning calories while
you are at rest, according to
Basic Weight Training for
Men and Women.
Cardiovascular activity, such as the running on
the treadmill, using an elliptical machine or riding
a stationary bike can be a
good thing. It is a great way
to blow off steam and get a
good sweat, Kershner said.
She said changes in the
body and performance occur with a basic formula
of cardiovascular activity,
a balanced diet and weight

training. Despite heart

health benefits that come
with engaging in cardiovascular activity, it is not
necessary to favor one style
of exercise to reach your fitness goals.
MYTH #3: Females
cant train as hard as males
training tolerance and
training capability is lower
among females compared
to males.
Experts agree that training capacity is relative to
the individual.
According to a study
conducted by Lewis, Kamon and Hodgson at Pennsylvania State University,
males and females who
participated in the same
weight training program
encountered similar relative strength gains.
Also, according to the
textbook, The Biophysical Foundations of Human
Movement, women in
the study experienced less
muscle hypertrophy compared to the male participants. Thus, among a population of similarly trained
individuals who follow an
identical strength training program, females can

demonstrate comparable
strength improvements to
Although strength might
not look the same for everyone, everyone can benefit from making strength
When it comes to advice
for female students, Fry
said he encourages women
to give weight training a
For women who have
not tried or have been hesitant to strength train, there
is an appropriate strength
training program for everyone, Fry said. It is a lifetime activity. It can be fun;
you just need to find the
right program for you.
Kershner said weight
training helps build confidence, not just muscle.
It is so much more than
what is on the outside. It
can be life-changing in
terms of confidence but
also leadership abilities
and mental well-being,
Kershner said. Strength
training can be an opportunity to teach you a lot more
about yourself.
Edited by Madi


Text your #FFA

submissions to

The scene at Henry's

has shifted from trendy
young people to guys
who are easily 50
trying to hit on me. Not


Liston: Kansas
bills endanger

I'll never be too drunk to

care that the liquor store
cashier recognizes me.
But I can try.
Some people are
human equivalent of a
wet toilet seat.

There are dozens of

comfortable places
in my apartment and
my cat chooses the
tenderest part of my
tummy to sit on.
I just opened twitter in
two different tabs on
my computer because I
got bored with the first
twitter tab
I decided I was going
to give up coffee for a
week, and it was the
worst two hours of my



n March 16, the

Kansas Legislature
introduced a pair of
bills in the House and Senate proposing the Student
Physical Privacy Act that
would bar transgender students at public schools and
universities from using restrooms and locker rooms
that match their gender
identity. Additionally, un-


I'm so #blessed that

my upstairs neighbor
decided to tearfully and
loudly kick out his SO
at 7am on a Sunday

Illustration by Jake Kaufmann/KANSAN

The true purpose of this act

is simply to create further
legal discrimination against
already marginalized citizens.
For transgender students, these bills would
only amplify existing issues.
While, according to the
Public Religion Research
Institute, the majority of
Americans believe transgender citizens should
receive equal protections

under the law, the Kansas

government wants to stifle
this progress and punish
for embracing their gender
The University and
schools throughout Kansas
need to take a firm stance
against these proposed bills
whether they become law
or not. It is deplorable that
members of our government would propose and

incentivize blatant discrimination in Kansas public

schools and universities.
We cannot allow these bills
to ruin the lives of our fellow students.
Ryan Liston is a
freshman from Lawrence
studying journalism.
Edited by Mackenzie

Gonzales: US Soccer lawsuit highlights

how little FIFA values female athletes

Did any other

graduating seniors get
an email saying it's time
to enroll? Por qu?
My friend just snap
chatted me a picture
of someone with a
"trump2016" sticker
on his computer. I
instructed her to kill that

der this act, anyone that

identifies a transgender
student using said facilities
would receive $2,500 in
statutory damages.
If this act is written into
law, it will lead to targeted
discrimination of transgender students and a hostile
environment for all. With
the promise of money,
seeking out transgender
students in restrooms and
locker rooms could become
commonplace even at the
University. The University
needs to stand in opposition of these bills and voice
their commitment to eliminating discrimination.
Proponents claim this
act will protect students
from harm, yet there is no
statistical evidence to suggest that transgender individuals have done any harm
to anyone in a bathroom.


Last week, five of the

top womens soccer players
in the country filed an official complaint against US
Soccer over pay inequality.
This complaint is not only
warranted but overdue. The
inability to fairly pay female
soccer players comes down
to a simple problem: FIFAs
undervaluation of women.

According to the New

York Daily News, To understand the forces determining the future of womens
soccer in the United States,
you must start at the very
top, with the organization
that governs international
soccer: The Fdration Internationale de Football Association.
This organization has
a male-dominant power
structure. It was just three
years ago the first woman
won her seat on the federations 209-member executive committee. According
to ESPN, in 2015 FIFA allotted the winners of the Womens World Cup $2 million
in prize money, a small fraction of the $35 million the
German men received after

winning the mens Cup the

previous summer.
This is a blatant example
of basic pay inequality.
Andrew Jennings, the
U.K. journalist who first
started reporting on FIFA
corruption in 2000, says the
climate within the organization has been so sexist the
Womens World Cup was
an afterthought. Its bent,
Jennings said. Its a thing
they introduced because
they had to.
Some have been quick to
point out the lack of money womens soccer generates as a reason for the
pay gap. Critics say that
womens soccer does not
draw a big enough crowd.
According to the New York
Times, 25.4 million Americans tuned in to the 2015

Womens World Cup final,

a record number to watch
a soccer game any soccer
game in this country. That
number of people is greater
than the number of people
who watched the 2015 NBA
championship game. The attendance for the 2015 Womens World Cup in Canada
was triple the attendance
of the 2014 Sochi Winter
Olympic Games.
It seems the real problem is FIFAs failure to accommodate the proven fan
base for womens soccer.
The stadium built for the
mens World Cup in Rio
held 20,000 more people
than the womens one in
Women on the US national team are being paid
a disappointing 40 percent

of what men receive, despite

the fact that the womens
team just won their third
world championship. The
women have indisputably
outperformed the mens
team. They are doing the
same job as their male counterparts and they are doing
it better.
The corrupt and misogynistic nature of FIFA has
created an environment in
which women are both economically and conceptually
undervalued in comparison
to their male counterparts.
Rachel Gonzales is a
Junior from Ft. Collins,
CO., studying journalism
and sociology
Edited by Cele Fryer

My type is tall, dark,

and handsome with a
RT if youve hit your
wall with this semester
When you have work
after a night of drinking
heavily <

Power hours should be

done with caution

Vote for Pedro.



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Aries ( March 21-April

Clarify your direction with
friends. Watch for surprises,
and slow for obstacles and
turns. Allow extra time for
unexpected circumstances.
Travel could be more challenging. Think things over.
Taurus ( April 20-May
Friends come to your
rescue. Cooperation and
coordination are required to
generate results today. Keep
it respectful. Consider the
consequences before speaking, especially as a reaction.
Listen carefully to a teacher.
Gemini ( May 21-June
Career matters hold your
focus now. Take charge to
complete a job. Let chaotic
moments blow by without automatic reactions.
Wait patiently for the right
moment. Don't disturb a
Cancer ( June 21-July
Investigate possibilities.
Fantastical financial ideas
are unlikely to pay off. Stick
to realistic budgets, including
for an upcoming vacation
or trip. Avoid unnecessary
frills. Prioritize experiences
over stuff.
Leo ( July 23-Aug. 22)
The gold is in the details today. Look for financial leaks
and repair them. Review
monthly fees. Are you really
using those services? Trim,
if not. Get clear on actual
Virgo ( Aug. 23-Sept.
Collaborate for efficiency
and ease. Share responsibilities and delegate tasks.
Use your imagination and
finesse (rather than force).
Crazy ideas could just work.
Discuss strategies, and look
before leaping.
Libra ( Sept. 23-Oct.
Things may not go as
planned. Actions could
backfire or stall. If you can't
keep a deadline, notify your
crew as soon as you know.
Gentle music
Scorpio ( Oct. 23-Nov.
Everybody wants your attention. The more you do, the
more you're in demand. Stay
objective in a tense situation.
Avoid financial discussions.
Take passion behind closed
Sagittarius ( Nov. 22Dec. 21)
Your attention is required at
home. Make repairs. Take
care with sharp edges. Slow
down to avoid breakage.
Put in more time planning,
and ensure everyone agrees
before committing.
Capricorn ( Dec. 22Jan. 19)
Intellectual pursuits, research
and writing flow now. Delays
in shipping and communications look likely. Amplify
plans with better detail.
Look to the past. Rediscover
ancient wisdom.
Aquarius ( Jan. 20-Feb.
Work faster and make more
money. Delegate what you
can to your team. You may
be tempted to spend on
something shiny. Can you
use what you have?
Pisces ( Feb. 19-March
Decide who you're growing
up to be. Make changes for
the better. Consider consequences before launching.
Put aside old fears, while
avoiding obvious pitfalls.
Plan bold actions for later.

Kayla-Jade Remulla uses painting to

cope with depression and anxiety

ith oil and a

canvas, fourthyear visual arts
Kayla-Jade Remulla found
a way to deal with her depression and anxiety. Using
symbolism found in images
of different insects, Remulla said painting one of her
self-portraits is like taking
her bad feelings and throwing them away.
Except, instead, they're
thrown onto the canvas.
Ive always had artistic
tendencies, Remulla said.
Its always been something
that Ive been good [at], and
these feelings of anxiety and
depression are pretty recent
so this is the strongest way
I know how to deal with it.
Remullas work, recently a collection of self-portraits using oil paint, brings
a sense of fantasy and
mystery with deep shades
of purple and grey surrounding striking subjects
with nonrepresentational
mark-making, giving the
subject a greater emphasis
using molding paste and
gold leaf.
Lighting is really important in my works,
Remulla said. Everything
means something and in
my most recent work it was
kind of the light at the end
of the tunnel getting to a
better space.
Remulla uses insects to
represent different feelings
and anxieties that she may
be feeling at the time. In a
work-in-progress, Remulla uses moths to represent
strength and stability.
They follow the light no
matter what and they have
faith that they will survive
the night, Remulla said.
Theres a beauty in that
certainty despite the fact
that its travelling at night
in the dark.
Despite the fact that her
work deals with heavy issues of death, depression
and anxiety, theres a calm
nature about her work and
the topics.
Theres a femininity
to my work that softens
the subject, Remulla said.

Im not looking to create

gruesome or ultra-realistic
scenes. Its about working through the feelings
that Im having rather than
dwelling on them.
Haley Hapgood, a friend
of Remullas in the art department, said shes glad
that Remulla has taken the
time to paint out her emotions and added the results
are beautiful.
Kayla has such an
amazing skill with rendering space and working with
tight measuring while still
making the painting feel really soft. She is able to render facial features so tightly
and make it so clear, Hapgood said. So when she
combines that refined skill
with an emotive passion,
its beautiful.
Hapgood said while she
appreciates her work, shes
also learned a thing or two
from Remulla and said she
tries to incorporate some of
Remullas techniques into
her own work.
She uses oil paints but
at the same time adds texture with molding paste and
gold leaf in a way that I havent seen before. She really
uses gold leaf in such a formative and non-traditional
way that it gives her work
this unique style, Hapgood
said. Id like to try to use
gold leaf that way she does
in my work.
Hapgood also said she
was glad to see her friend
deal with her anxiety and
feelings of depression, especially the way Remulla
I think shes taken
something that shes really
good at and made it a tool
for a healthy change, Hapgood said. Shes my best
friend and an amazing artist and Im really proud of
Remulla said when shes
done at the University, she
hopes to move somewhere
northeast to earn her masters in visual arts to one
day become an art instructor.
Edited by Shane

Caroline Fiss/KANSAN
Kayla-Jade Remulla is Visual Arts major. Remulla often
models her paintings after herself.

Im not looking to
create gruesome or
ultra-realistic scenes.
Its about working
through the feelings
that Im having
rather than dwelling
on them.
Kayla-Jade Remulla















Brockhamptons tape, Father and Nick Harris first solo track.

All-American Trash Brockhampton
Why iii Love the Moon. Phony PPL
The Phony PPL bring smooth, retro-toned lyrics over
a beat that is full-bodied with keyboards and a simple,
yet refreshing bass track. By the end, the beat can start
to get a bit repetitive, but the lyrics stay interesting, with
a focus on love and the pain that can come along when
falling out of it. In the end, this track feels like a ballad
to love, but also to solitude and, in the end, loneliness.

Party (But I Dont Even Party) Nick Harris

This release is the first complete album from whats

quite possibly my favorite collective, made up of Kevin
Abstract, Joba, Ameer Vann, Matt Champion, and
a handful of others. Every single person contributes
equally to what is an absolute piece of art. From glassy
pop, to smooth guitar-heavy tunes, to abstract rap
its all here, and it shows just how diverse this AllAmerican Boyband is. Below are my five favorite tracks
on the album.
1. Palace Matt Champion, Joba, Bearface
2. Contacts Rodney
3. Breakfast Kevin Abstract and Ameer Vann
4. Michigan Kevin Abstract
5. Ben Carson Ameer Van and Merlyn Wood

Over this glossy, synth-pop instrumental from New

Zealands Sysyi, Harris sings about partying, but from
an awkward party-goer standpoint hence the title.
As Harris raps about standing alone at a party, Sysyis
instrumental on the hook rides a bit of an EDMtype wave. Its the only track thats public on Harris
SoundCloud, though hes come up on a few features on
other tracks.

Salud Matt Champion

Champion made a few appearances on
Brockhamptons tape, which was leaps and bounds
ahead of anything Champion has done alone so
far. That said, this grungy, raw track which runs
over addicting strings for the majority of the song
is fantastic. The track features vocals from Michael
Christmas and Kevin Abstract, with production
from Romil and Albert Gordon, both Brockhampton
members themselves. The voice editing adds to the
dark, hesitant undertone throughout the track to
make what is one of Champions best tracks to date.

Big Emblem Benz Father

This is the fourth track on Fathers Im a Piece of
Shit, which came out last week. Its a typical boastful,
yet lowkey, Father track. And, quite honestly, the
lyrics on this track hold no weight at all. Its literally
about wanting to be with a girl, then not wanting to
be with her because of her friend. It makes little to no
sense. That said, its quite fun, with heavy bass and lofi vocals, and the hook big emblem Benz is catchy.
Hes going to be in Kansas City next Monday, April 4.



Work with friends. Party Personnel

needs banquet servers/bartenders.
Call 9133127361 x 104 to apply.
City of Lawrence
Compost Facility Gate Staff
P/T, seasonal position. Applicants must be at least 18yrs of
age. The Compost Facility Gate
Staff will work 9:45am to 4:15pm
every Sat starting 3/5/16 & ending
in Dec 2016. Gate Staff will open &
close the facility, receive payment
for vehicles dropping off brush &
picking up compost or wood ships
& transport work materials to designate site for reconciliation. Must
have valid drivers license & pass
background check. For best consideration apply ASAP at:

Edited by G.J. Melia





for sale



Now hiring all positions. Apply in
person 23rd St. just past Harper.
Help wanted for Phoenix Gallery
downtown Lawrence. Evenings,
weekends & summer hrs. needed.
Must be outgoing, friendly & have
computer exp. KS work study eligible students preferred. Call 785
8430080 for more info or bring resume to 825 Massachusetts.
Student Laborer
Rock Chalk Park
Responsible for assisting with field
& facility preparation at Rock
Chalk Park for soccer, softball &
track events. Visit for full details & to apply.




Shadow Glen Golf Club, off K10

& Cedar Creek Parkway, is hiring
for our wait staff. Training to begin
in April. We prefer dining room experience, but we will train the right
individuals. Enjoy free meals &
earn golf privileges. Email your resume & availability to:
Sunflower State Games seeks energetic and responsible summer
interns to assist in event planning
and promotions for Olympic Style
Sports Festival. Visit or call
7852352295 to inquire.


Highland Community College is

Seeking a Director of Academic
Advising & Student Success Center on the Highland, KS, campus.
F/T w/benefits. Directs advising,
disabi.ities, placement, tutoring &
strategies to assist in student academic success. Masters required;
available May 1, but start date negotiable.
packet: 7854426144 or EOE
Must have solid communication &
interpersonal skills, proficient with
Microsoft Suite. Email resume to:



Apply now start May after classes.
Work entire summer 40+hrs per
$12/hr+tips. Bonus for completing
entire summer. Must be dependable, strong, hard worker, work
well with others. Apply in person at
Professional Moving & Storage,
3620 Thomas Court.
35 nights weekly, 24hrs. nightly,
$9/hr. 1020 hrs. weekly. Locally
owned since 1984. BPI Building
Services, 939 Iowa St (NAPA Auto
Parts bldg.) References required,
stable work history. 7858426264
Other shifts P/T, F/T. EOE



Available Aug. 2016 1/2 block from
Stadium 7855508499

Close to Campus, Stadium, Downtown. Available Aug. 2016
Call or text 9139720098
Close to Campus, Stadium, Downtown. Available Aug. 2016
Call or text 9139720098
Right off Mass Street
Available Aug. 2016
Call or text 9139720098 or


Maicke: Recruit
Josh Jackson
should declare

Missy Minear/KANSAN
Real Salt Lakes Joao Plata jumps over Sporting Kansas Citys Kevin Ellis in the first half on April 2. Real Salt Lake won 2-1.

Sporting Kansas City drops first

match of the year to Real Salt Lake
West forward Josh Jackson, from Justin-Siena/Prolific Prep Academy
in Napa, Calif., dunks against the East team during the McDonalds
All-American boys basketball game.


shockingly abrupt ending to the
2015-16 season, the Kansas basketball faithful
have only one thing on
their mind, at least for the
time being: Josh Jackson.
Jackson is a McDonalds All American and
the No. 1 overall recruit in
next years class. Kansas
stands on the final list of
potential schools, along
with Michigan State and
Every fan base and
coach on the list of potential schools for Jackson
would relish the news of
the recruit joining their
respective teams after
a disappointing NCAA
tournament for all programs.
But the decision has
been delayed, and the excruciating wait continues.
In a recent video interview, the highly-touted
recruit said he originally
planned on announcing
more than a week ago but
decided to delay the decision because not all of his
family and friends could
So what does that tell
us? Jackson knows exactly where he is going.
Jackson has given subtle hints to which school
he favors. This, of course,
is then weaved into intricate rationalizations by
fans of these programs
and turned into conclusive arguments.
Quite frankly, Jackson
needs to stop toying with
these programs, especially the coaches, and simply
declare where he is going
to be playing basketball
for nine months next year.
I have no issue with
giving an 18- or 19-yearold elite prospect all the
time he or she needs to
make a decision that they
believe is the best for
Its an important decision, even if the player
is a one-and-done, and it
should not be taken lightly or made too quickly.
But Jackson knows
exactly where he is going.
Intentionally holding out
is not the right thing to
These coaches need
time to understand what
pieces they will be losing.
They need time to figure

out which players could

fill which holes and how
the incoming class can
improve the team from
the previous season.
Jackson needs to return the respect to these
coaches that they have
shown him on the recruiting trail and let them
know what he has decided.
And its worth noting,
this would also be different if this were a situation
where a mid-level recruit
was holding out on a decision.
But it isnt.
Jackson is the No.
1 overall recruit. Hell
greatly affect the makeup
of whichever of the three
teams he goes to. In fact,
if he committed, Kansas
recruiting class would
jump all the way from
the 42nd-ranked class in
the nation to the 13thranked class, according to
184-pound small forward is a versatile athletic
player who is expected to
make an instant impact
at whichever program he
Jackson has cited a
good relationship with
Arizona coach Sean Miller
and went as far as saying
they still had an edge over
the other two schools.
The Arizona faithful
also cite the video tweeted from Wildcat commit
Kobi Simmons where he
and Johnson are both
showing support for Arizona.
But really, who knows?
Most likely nobody besides Jackson.
Remember the notorious Cliff Alexander decision, where the coveted
post player picked up an
Illinois hat for a second,
then quickly put it down
and put on a Kansas hat?
These kids are unpredictable, and the subtle
hints are taken into account far too much.
But at some point, it
needs to stop. Its not
fair to string the coaches
Make a decision already.
Or should I say, go and
publicize the decision that
you probably made weeks
Edited by Sarah



Sporting Kansas
City had been nearly perfect on the year. Less
one penalty kick against
Vancouver, the team had
held its opponents scoreless, jumping out to a 3-0-0
However, on Saturday
in Childrens Mercy Park
in Kansas City, Kan., there
was a different script for the
team. Playing without regulars Matt Besler and Roger
Espinoza, Sporting Kansas
City fell 2-1, dropping its
first match of the year.
They did a good job.
They defended well. They
slowed the game down,
Sporting coach Peter Vermes said.
With the score deadlocked at 0-0, Real Salt
Lake midfielder Luke Mulholland drew a free kick
from about 25 yards away.
The Sporting Kansas
City players surrounded
the lead official, protesting
the call, albeit to no avail.
On the ensuing free kick,
midfielder Joao Plata sent a
curling ball to the top of the
six yard box, which found
defender Justen Glad.
He directed the ball into
the back of the net to put
Real Salt Lake up 1-0.
I truly think we lost the
game on one play, midfielder Benny Feilhaber

said. [We] put ourselves in

such a bad position where
they can play exactly how
they want to play.
With the goal, Sporting
Kansas City found itself
behind for the first time all
It was also the first time
in more than five-and-ahalf years that Real Salt
Lake had scored at Childrens Mercy Park, formally
Sporting Park and Livestrong Sporting Park during
that time period.
Were a different team
this year, Real Salt Lake
coach Jeff Cassar said.
Kansas City is not an easy
place to get just a result. To
walk away with three points,
Im extremely pleased.
And that wasnt the only
difference between this
match and those of past
The contest against Real
Salt Lake marked the debut
of a SkyCam in the stadium,
the first of its kind in Major
League Soccer. It seemed
to be a unique addition to
the broadcast, similar to the
added pylon cam in college
The purpose of the pylon
cam was to show a unique
angle of players looking to
score; it ended up resulting
in some of the best images
of the season, as players
reached out for the goal
With the SkyCam, a similar task was accomplished,

albeit one that wasnt necessarily intended.

While the players were
obviously shooting toward
the goal, many of the shots
ended up far from their intended target.
Simply put: the camera
sat well outside the field
of play. So did most of the
shots from the home side.
We had a pretty good
response after the goal at
the end of the half, but it
was a pretty short stint,
Feilhaber said. It wasnt as
good as we need to be.
In the opening minutes
of the second half, Sporting
continued to force the issue.
A breakthrough seemed
In the 64th minute, midfielder Brad Davis had his
opportunity, finding a bit
of space on the right side of
the 18-yard box. He tried a
left footed shot, but the ball
ended up both wide-left and
One minute later, Davis tried a through ball to
forward Graham Zusi, who
was flagged offside by the
linesman. Sporting Kansas
City would be flagged for
offside eight times on the
I think you have to
credit them, Vermes said.
They were pretty organized
from that perspective.
For a brief period, it
seemed Sporting was playing looser and in a way
where an equalizer might

materialize. But it never

Instead, Salt Lake ended
the contest the other way.
Off a corner that led to
a scrum at the edge of the
six-yard box, Sporting had
the chance to clear the ball
and reset. Instead, as the
ball squirted just outside
the 18-yard box, Sporting
midfielder Soni Mustivar
attempted a difficult pass
to Zusi, who was standing
toward the middle of the
Instead, the ball sailed a
few feet wide of the intended target. Mulholland intercepted the pass and scored
from a long way out, all but
officially ending Sportings
unbeaten streak at three.
You just have to frustrate them [...] You have to
be focused for 90 minutes,
Cassar said. You really
have to be on your game to
slow them down. I thought
we were tonight.
Sporting added a late
goal on a penalty kick, but
it accomplished little other
than making the final score
a little more cosmetic.
Next up: Sporting Kansas City will head north to
take on the New York Red
Bulls. That match will be
played Sat., April 9, at 6

Edited by Shane

Coach Beaty to involve alumni in

spring football game once again
Last year, in David
Beatys first season as head
coach, one of his top priorities was to welcome students, alumni, former players and all Jayhawk fans to
be a part of this program.
He started that trend with
the spring game, and this
year will be no different.
Kansas footballs season
will kick off this weekend
with the White versus Blue
spring game on April 9,
and the program has a full
schedule of events before
the 1 p.m. kickoff to get fans

to interact on gameday.
The headline of those
interactions will be the
alumni flag football game,
which Beaty made an effort
to create last year to involve
former players. Last years
game made waves across
the nation when 89-yearold former player and veteran Bryan Sperry scored in
the game.
That was fun, Sperry
told the Kansas City Star after the touchdown, I didnt
know if I could run.
The alumni game is set to
begin at noon, an hour before the actual spring game
kicks off. A full schedule of

events, along with some details, is below. Parking for

all events will be free and

first-come, first-serve.
Edited by Ryan

10 a.m.

11 a.m.

12 p.m.

1 p.m.

A bicycle course and free

bike inspections; kids 15 and
younger can be fitted with a
free bicycle helmet.

A regular before KU games,

this zone is for kids to play on
inflatables, take photos, and
participate in a few other fun

Before the spring game, diehard fans might recognize

some Jayhawks from the past
playing in this game.

A culmination of spring football, the Blue versus White

game is the first look at the
2016 Jayhawks.


Bike Rodeo

Hy-Vee Hawk Zone opens

Caroline Fiss/KANSA
Coach David Beaty sends lineman Jordan Shelley-Smith into play.

Alumni flag football game

Spring Game kicks off