All about online matrimonial services

White Paper on Online Matrimonial Services
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All about online matrimonial services

The ³E´ in Marriage
In India, wedding is the biggest event in the family calling forth every possible relation, impassioned sentiment and economic resource. With the socializing sites like facebook, orkut etc coming up and catching with us so fast, we had started living our lives on internet. Why not the quest for a life partners is on internet? Many people connected to internet are searching their life partners through internet rather than believing that marriages are made in heaven. These sites are free or paid online matrimonial portals providing the various facilities to find your soul mate at the ease of sitting in the room. The process of finding a suitable match for you is very easy and fast through internet. Technically speaking, now marriages are made with the click of mouse instead of in the heaven. Matrimonial sites are a perfect match of technology and tradition. Earlier relatives, friends and marriage bureaus were the parties involved in finding a perfect partner for marriage. Matrimonial advertisements in print media were also used to seek a good partner. But things are changing ver y fast as i nt er net has penetr at ed i n India n mas s es as mor e and mor e peopl e ar e gett i ng connect ed wit h int er net s. T he i nt er net media s ur pas s es t he geogr aphical barr ier s and opens up mor e efficient ways t han the traditional ways for searching your life partner.

In Indian context and culture arranged marriages were popular very much as they brought delight, happiness and the joy of meeting people who might otherwise not have met from years. All relatives near and distant come together in such grand weddings. It was well accepted by the young people For people who were not able to spend time and effort in courtship arranged marriages were a good option. The parents and other relatives became partners to find a perfect match. Arranged marriages wer e als o cons ider ed as traditions handed down t hr ough many generations . Their parents were also married the same way of arranged marriage. So, it was considered as the tradition which has to be followed without breaking.

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All about online matrimonial services

All of know how much difficult is to find a good life partner. Moreover each person decides the way his/her life partner has to be found. Many find their soul mates themselves by courtships. The todays definition of marrying in an arranged manner is to seek advice and service of a friend, parents or and marriage agency. All these requirements are being provided by internet websites these days. T h e s e s i t es a r e d e s i g n e d k e e p i n g i n mi n d t h e ma i n p u r p os e of f i n d i n g a compatible life mate, with many similarities and compatibility. Matrimony Websites are designed to securely connect people with similar interests, needs and ambitions. These similarities are varied ± religion, beliefs, education, values, culture and work. This connection gives a chance to both to discover each other and understand character traits and viewpoints of their partner.

The business of online matchmaking
Matrimonial sites are moneymaking businesses and managed by very experienced businessmen, but the biggest expectation they need to meet is the expectations of the customer. It becomes harder because these matrimonial sites are selling hopes and expectations to people logging on these sites. At the same moment they have to make money through advertising other firms. The revenue model of these websites can be categorized in 4 groups.
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Advertisement on their website Client building By subscription to people E-Commerce

The business model
The online matrimonial websites have business model to make a large database through profile posting by the individuals and their concept of their ideal partners. Now after this individuals are allowed to search the database to find the suitable matches and then contact them.

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All about online matrimonial services
Searching are allowed to all profile creators, but the details of the other party are hidden. To see the contact details of the matched person, person has to subscribe to the website. The subscription charges range from Rs. 1000 for a ³basic´ membership to Rs 5000 depending on the services provided.

Competitive landscape
This business is lucrative as the returns are very high as compared to the investments, but this business is easy to be handled by all. Otherwise many entrepreneurs would have jumped into this business. The biggest challenge in front of them is to meet the expectations of the individuals or so called clients. Almost all big companies are driven by technological databases but still all profiles are went through by their professionals to check the genuineness of all profiles. Bharat Matrimony claims that although their registration and search services are technological driven, but all profiles are hand checked to confirm the genuineness of them. This is because this is the matter of life and fake profiles can make serious damages to some of the individuals. This in turn can break trust of people and a drop in the revenues of these sites is sure. Selling good hopes and expectations to individuals is a tough task. Individuals have various options for the matrimonial sites. So these sites have to individually advertise and promote themselves on various media to beat the competition. To promote themselves these sites partner with big companies with larger user base. Matrimonial websites like Bharat Matrimony and have partnered with very good search engine sites which rank high in search engines. BharatMatrimony.Com also has partnered with MSN.Com so that all Hotmail users can see advertisements and links of Bharat Matrimony website whenever they login to their hotmail accounts. So these websites have huge advertising budget as they have to cover the film (Television) media too for their advertisements. They also cover radio and newspapers and magazines. At the same time they have to compete with the traditional methods of matchmaking such as newspaper classifieds which keep eating their market share. Large matrimonial websites are an umbrella of dozen of child websites which cater to a particular segment of the society. This segmentation can be on the basis of language, religion, profession, divorced etc. For example the BharatMatrimony website is an umbrella of 14 matrimonial websites which are based majorly on the languages spoken in India. As this industry has lower entry barriers the completion has grown really high. The number of players has increased substantially in the last few years. The growing technology savvy generation is definitely considering online portals as one of the most promising avenue to find the best match for them. Whether or not marriages are made in heaven, but these days they are definitely made in heaven.

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All about online matrimonial services

Live Cases
Now days when everything has gone online to complete extent, match making and marriages are also not far behind. The basic requirement of finding a suitable alliance for your ward has created a successful business model of online matrimony services. With nuclear families and divided societies, finding a suitable match is a major task. Through Online Matrimonial sites like, people register themselves with their photos and brief profiles on internet. This gives a readymade platform for other users who have access to different profiles depending on premium paid. These sites have extensive network spread throughout the country to have an extensive coverage of various types of people so that you can find the one of your types. Every minute detail in sites like are closely inspected and standardized. This helps the member to take the informed decision about the right match making. This is very important as it can affect the life of the person. Online matrimonial sites work on trust factor whereby people take confident and assured decisions. Basic memberships allow the people to create a free online account having a limited access to fix number of profiles with an option to upgrade to premium users. Premium users get access to full range of profiles with advanced research facilities having 15 criteria to choose from. Since initial investments are not high in such services, matrimonial services usually achieve a break even in 6 months. Premium members receive the contact information of the prospective match. Some value added services like horoscope match making, arranging the theme based marriages, complete handling of the marriage right from the starting till the end is offered by these sites.

Legal Issues
Every business has its own kind of legal issues to deal with depending upon the territory of the business. In the business of online matrimony we have issues ranging from validity of the profiles registered, photos uploaded ,legal cases of fraud against the sites by the people who get divorced after the marriages done through these sites. Sometimes sites use fake and deceptive ads to woo the users. Companies sometime break the Moral codes specified for such types of ads. In addition company should also issue a caveat, if they know any legal cases are pending against their users. Verification creates a lot of legal hassles. Apart from it these services face the regular issues of Online Safety, security of the confidential information provided by the user. A legal action can be initiated in case information reaches the unintended persons or party. Transparency, authenticity are the major concern.

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All about online matrimonial services

Future of Online Matrimony
Online matrimony is a buzz word today. As per the research conducted by US based agency Empower research, the online matrimony services will cross $ 63 million mark by 2010-11 with almost over 21 million users worldwide. Ease of use, cost savings and convenience are the major factors for success of these sites. With the growing popularity of E-Commerce, matrimonial sites have moved one notch higher. The concept of web loyalty has emerged whereby these sites are looking for providing experiential marketing to convert these onetime users to life time users providing high value services like retirement plans, investment services, arranging family outings etc. Future Activities to Address the Challenges Facing Indian, Matchmaking Sites
y More funds have to be allocated for data security, confidential exchange of information, gaining the trust and confidence of the users, verifying the basic as well as advance information about the profile registered. y Companies should aim at targeting the specific user segments, specialized services to different communities to have differential marketing.

Umbrella Brand: Companies should target at extending the services they are providing. Services like personal finance, consulting etc should be included in portfolio to build an umbrella brand.

Googling ± the next step of Online Matrimony Search
It is simply not enough to just contact a person and decide his/her life partner. Choosing the life partner requires complete information about your partner. Therefore there should be some other online medium to verify these. Googling has emerged as one of the key source for the same. Online search about person¶s profile on social networking sites like orkut, facebook, witter are the major source. Communities joined by the person, blog posts created by the person, professional profile at linked in etc. It means virtually searching the whole internet to get the relevant information about your partner. One can get the real taste of the person by reading his blogs, comments posted on his social profiles , kind of people he has befriend with. Profiles are normally created to leave the positive impression about the person, therefore we must check numeral mediums to check the common and contradicting views about the person.

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All about online matrimonial services
Offline Opportunities to connect people.
After having an online success these matrimonial services are trying to establish their physical presence all over the country. They are trying to have direct connection with the consumers through mediums as varied as TV Reality shows, magazines on matrimony. Marriage bureaus are being set up at different locations to boost their physical presence. These centers are specially aimed at areas having very low internet penetration , Bharat matrimony are targeting the urban audience through television, radio and direct to home services and rural areas by having specialized service centers or marriage bureau.

Online matrimonial services are entering the maturity stage, therefor innovation in services have become the major factor. Connecting to more number of people and providing the comprehensive services will hold the key to success.

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