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Becky McCoy

Lesson Title: Magnetic Test Review Timing: 60 minutes

Target Audience:
11th and 12th grade Physics course

Students Will Be Able To:
• Create questions to test their knowledge of magnetism.
• Study for the unit test through a trivia game.

The Teacher Will Be Able To:

• Assess student understanding through the trivia game.
• Provide students an opportunity for review.

Standards Assessed:
New York State Standards in Physics
4.1 Observe and describe transmission of various forms of energy.
xv. map the magnetic field of a permanent magnet, indicating the direction of the field between
the N (north-seeking) and S (south-seeking) poles
4.1j Energy may be stored in electric* or magnetic fields. This energy may be transferred
through conductors or space and may be converted to other forms of energy.
4.1k Moving electric charges produce magnetic fields. The relative motion between a conductor
and a magnetic field may produce a potential difference in the conductor.
5.1 Students can explain and predict different patterns of motion of objects (e.g., linear and uniform
circular motion, velocity and acceleration, momentum and inertia).
5.1t Gravitational forces are only attractive, whereas electrical and magnetic forces can be
attractive or repulsive.

National Science Education Standards (1996) as published on

6.2 Table of Physical Science Standards, Level 9-12
• Structure and properties of matter.
• Interactions of energy and matter.
6.7 Table of History and Nature of Science Standards, Level 9-12
• Science as a human endeavor.
• Historical perspectives.

Misconception(s) Addressed:
• Magnetic fields behave the same as • Poles can be isolated.
electric fields • Flux is the same as field lines.
• North and south magnetic poles are the • Flux is actually the flow of the
same as positive and negative charges. magnetic field.
• Magnetic field lines start at one pole • Magnetic fields are the same as electric
and end at the other. fields.
Becky McCoy

• Charges at rest can experience magnetic toward the poles of a magnet.

forces. • Generating electricity requires no work.
• Magnetic fields from magnets are not • When generating electricity only the
caused by moving charges. magnet can move.
• Magnetic fields are not 3-dimensional. • Voltage can only be induced in a closed
• Magnetic field lines hold you on the circuit.
Earth. • Magnetic flux, rather than change of
• Charges, when released, will move magnetic flux, causes an induced emf.

Prior Knowledge: Electricity and Magnetism Units

Aim: Use a trivia game to review for the test.

Concept Map Vocabulary: n/a

Necessary Preparation:

• Index Cards

Becky McCoy

Lesson Plan

Aim: Use a trivia game to review for the test.

Physics Push-Up: Question Making (10 minutes)

Have students go through their notes and write at least one question (and answer) related to each day’s notes on
index cards.

• Index Cards


Shuffle the cards and explain the review period instructions:

• Students will split into 2-4 teams and take turns answering questions.
• Notebooks must be closed and under desks during the game.
• Each team will get a point for a correct answer. There is no penalty for incorrect answers.
• If a team cannot answer the question, they have the opportunity to pass the question onto the
next team.
• If no teams can answer the question, the first team can try again using their notebooks.
• The team with the most points at the end of the period will get 3 extra points on the quiz.

Activity Summary: Open Questions (10 minutes)

Have students ask questions about anything from the unit.

Study for the test.

Exit Strategy: n/a

Extension Activity:
Allow more time for open questions.

• Student discussions and questions.
• Written questions.

• Student answers/responses during game.
Becky McCoy


Notes & Adaptations: