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The role of education is very big influence in achieving the progress of a nation and

country in the world. In an effort to reach the stage of developed countries, the
establishment of the State is very dependent on the level of education in the nation.
The value of a nation's education will go away if the nation inattentive and easily
carried globalization. Negligent intent here is when a people underestimate the
influence of the education of a nation's progress. If a nation considered negligent
then the nation will be very easy to get carried away in this world of globalization and
culture will affect the outside entrance to his own people. Therefore, a culture,
language, nationality and so on related to advance a nation is dependent on
education which has evolved in the region. If education has grown already well then
everything will run smoothly and it will be easier to maintain the culture of
globalization factors that have happened today.
Educational backwardness is often a serious obstacle in the process of development
and progress of society. State of Japan is a good example of how the role of
education is able to transform the nation's economy that had been devastated by
World War II could now rise adversity. More great again even able to control most of
the world economy. Japan became one of the driving force of modernization of the
civilized world thanks to a quality education.
Formal education, informal and non-formal, three are one successful package that is
able to shape the character of the nation and remains a formidable personality,
characterized by its own nation nation. Family education holds a very important role
in teaching life experiences are valuable for the future of the students in the future
and to make the motivation for education in the country can be more feasible and
can be enjoyed with the results when education has been developed at a later date.
Education aims print generation to generation in order to perform better in certain
fields of science with additional moral values and behavior that has become an
expectation of the nation.
For that, it needs a powerful strategy to build a quality education. Such as the
establishment of a body charged with formulating strategies and overseeing the
implementation of educational programs implemented. Then reduce the cost of
education so that all citizens can feel the education system of education as well as
having a mature and balanced with other countries that can be scaled to the country
ahead of the other countries.