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: OutLine
1.1RPF Startup
RPF Wells history 1.2
CTP Start up 1.3
CTP Wells history 1.4
Work over
RPF shutdown
CTP Shutdown
Condensate shipping
PTJ Activites

WELL NWK1-1:1.2.1
ON 6/9/2013, During monitoring of the well, Found shut in pressure
1700 PSI , made a trail to drain well to atmosphere but without success,
.closed well waiting for pressure build up ( SIP =2100 PSI)
ON 7/9/2013 ,During monitoring of the well, Found shut in pressure
2100 PSI , made a trail to open the well to production header succed to
flow well ,well data of the well ( WHP =3350 PSI , CHOCK SIZE = 20 ,
.FLP = 82 BAR , FLT =5 C)
On 31/1/2015, Stopped well for 4 hrs to set memory gauge by HLB
On 05/03/2015, Spotted and arranged HLB slick line equipment.
On 06/03/2015, R/U HLB S/L equipment, C/I well at 10:15 am
,RIH and retrieved IOD memory gauges ( C/I period 1.5 hrs ). R/D
HLB S/L equipment connected well cap flange, performed leak test and
O/U well at 11:45 to production stream.

:WELL NWK 1-2:1.2.2

ON 9/9/2013 ,Drained annulus pressure of NWK 1-2 from 90 bar to 50

bar , total quantity of liquid is 160 liter (sample is available)
ON 10/11/2013 ,well showed bad performance (surging) @ 20:00
.''hrs , B/D gas CHK from 20/64'' to 15/64
ON 11/11/2013, well continued bad performance , B/U CHK to
,.30/64'' for 3 hrs , then B/D to 20/64'' and well back to normal
ON 19/11/2013, B/U CHK from 15/64'' to 18/64'' to optimize well
production ( WHP=189 BAR , WHT= 51C , WHF =89 BAR)
ON 20/11/2013, well showed surging performance @ CHK 20/64'' ,
B/D gas CHK 15/64'' ( WHP=189BAR , WHT= 41C , WHF=90BAR)
ON 22/11/2013, Performed step rate test for NWK 1-2 as per program
ON 09/12/2013, Well showed bad performance (surging) , B/D CHK
from (17/64") to (15/64") , well back to normal (WHP = 189 BAR , CHK
.15/64" , WHT=46 C)
During routine check found Annulus pressure increased from 152 bar to
188 bar
ON 15/12/2013, Well showed fluctuation in P reading, swaped the
barton chart of NWK1-1 & 1-2 and P readings back to normal, under
close monitoring
ON 18/12/2013, Installed two 2" ball valves in annulus (upper

.CGS) of well
On 01/03/2015, Replaced the damage actuator wing valve and O/U
the well at 20:00 hrs .

:Well NWK 1-2 Rig W/O

From 5 to12/12/2014, C/I well @ 10:00 hr., connected all surface
connection to X-mass tree and annulus, performed pressure test , ok ,
O/U well @ 14:00 hr, Completed mixing and filtration of 750 bbls of
killing fluid, Pumped 320 BBLS killing fluid into annulus and 120
BBLS into TBG, RIH with 3.78" G.C to 9758 FT-THF (2979 M) Xn

nipple, POOH to surface, R/U Halliburton W/L , performed pressure

test to 3000 psi , ok, RIH with 3.81" BX plug to X nipple, 9696 FT
THF, RIH with prong to BX plug, POOH & R/D Halliburton W/L,
R/U SLB , performed pressure test up to 3000psi ok, R/U SLB
equipment tried to vent 2700 psi to atmosphere by flow line found
unsafe and critical condition, stopped venting and secured well, RIH
with 2 ft gun to 2929m correlated depth fired the gun and pooh, R/U
sigma equipment ,Completed venting gases, Complete killing
On 16/12/2014, Completed site preparation for Rig Move by Sigma .
On 31/12/2014, Completed Rig move, continue R/U 90%.
On 03/01/2015, Completed R/U of rig Mast & manifold (progss 100
On 09/01/2015, The rig acceptance occurred at 5:00 am .
On10/01/2015, N/D X-mas tree, N/U BOP and performed pressure
test up to 4000 PSI, OK, R/U HALLIBURTON slick line, pressure
test up to 1000 PSI OK and RIH with W/L to get the PX plug.
On 11/01/2015, RIH with HALIBURTON slick line to PX plug
depth, tried several times to latch the prong without success.
RIH with impression block to PX plug depth,found some scratches .
Performed complete R/D of HALIBURTON slick line
On 12/01/2015, R/U SCHL E/L equipment ,pressure test up to 1000
PSI, OK . RIH with power cutter to packer depth , correlated the depth
using CCL log and wait to day light to cut the packer mandrel
On 13/01/2015, Shooted the power cutter inside packer with good
indication .POOH, checked the TBG string weight found PKR still in
place. RIH with chemical cutter , cut the TBG above PKR and
Starting POOH with TBG string (total joints = 80 joints ) .
On 14/01/2015, Completed POOH with TBG string above the
.PKR Arrange to RIH with PKR milling assembly
On 17/01/2015, Milled One foot from the PKR then POOH to
change the Miller and RIH to complete PKR milling

On 18/01/2015, Pumped LCM , RIH with PKR to TD and

.then POOH
On 19/01/2015, POOH with milling assy and RIH with

.fish assy
On 22/01/2015, Completed POOH with scraper assy. Laying down 5''
DP with min. small scale recovery . RIH with USIT-GR-CCL
(corrosion log mood ) and logged up 9 5/8 '' CSG from 3020 m to
On 23/01/2015, RIH with 22 stand of 5'' DP, RTTS PKR and
pressure test PKR to 1000 psi ok . Changed upper pipe ram
,to 4 1/2'' and performed pressure test to pipe rams ok
M-U and RIH with 4/12'' tail pipe assy. and BUKER 9 5/8''
permenant PKR with 4 1/2'' tubing completion string to 938 m. POOH
of RTTS PKR and laying down DP
On 24/01/2015, completed RIH with drifted 4.5 apex
and vam top completion string to 2990 m - RT
On 25/01/2015, R/U HALIBURTON slick line, RIH with
.3.75" gauge cutter to BXN depth at 2998 mrt and POOH
RIH with 3.81 BX plug and prong and set in landing Nipple
above the PKR at 2956 meter - RT and pull out of POOH
Performed pressure test to tubing string up to 5000
..PSI and hold for 15 minutes tested good
Retreive the plug and RIH with 3.81 BX plug in
.landing Nipple below the PKR at 2985mrt and POOH
On 26/01/2015, Pressure up on tubing sequentially and set
SABL-3 packer (500psi/5min-1000psi/2min-2000psi/2mim,3000psi/2min
and 4000psi/15minutes )

On 27/01/2015, Continue to displace & circulate the well to 8.4ppg

clean packer fluid (30 NTU), re-land string & p-test annulus to 1500
psi,tested good. RIH with HLB slick line and engage equalising prong
with 'BX' plug in 'BXN' nipple below packer, POOH and recover

RIH with HLB slick line and engage 'BX' plug equlising prong.
.mandrel body in 'BXN' nipple below packer ,POOH at reporting time
On 28/01/2015 , RIH with HLB and engage 'BX' plug mandrel body in
'BXN' nipple below packer, pressure up the tubing string to 6000 psi,
release plug and POOH
.'Rig down HLB slickline lubricator and wireline BOP
Close TRSCSSSV and install type H-1 BPV in tubing hanger-Rig
. ,released at 19:00 Hrs

ON 3/2/2015, R/U EG lubricator retrieves BPV. R/U HLB coil

tubing and tested same. Complete installation of well flow line and
performed hydro test to1800 psi.
ON 7/2/2015 , Completed R/U Expro testing equipment, lines,
.connections and instrumentation
Performed pressure test to upstream lines to 5000 psi and to downstream
. .pressure up to 1800 psi, ok
O/U well at 22:00 hrs. for cleaning period through Expro test package with the following parameters: WHP 2040/2060 psi, downstream pressure
1250 psi, CHP 340 psi and return is dry gas. B/D gas CHK of well NWK
.1-1 from 35 to 16 to handle RPF maximum production capacity
ON 8/2/2015, Completed cleaning period at 07:00 hrs and commenced the first
flowing period at 08:00 hrs ( WHP 1980 psi, gas chk 26/64" ,
gas rate 10.2 MMSCF/D ,sand : Nil and traces of water ).
Commenced the second flowing period at 21:00 hrs after B/U gas CHK to 34/64"
( WHP 1660 psi , gas chk 34/64,gas rate +/- 14 MMSCF/D .
Well NWK 1-1 was C/I at 08:30 hrs during testing of well NWK 1-2.

: Well NWK1-3:1.2.3
ON 8/9/2013, Held a meeting with GAS CO discuss flow rate
calculation and check the orifice size of NWK 1-3 , and calculated flow
.rate found it 30MMSCF , flow rate adjusted at 21 MMSCFD
ON 24/11/2013, Performed step rate test for NWK 1-3 as per

ON 28/11/2013, (Isochronal test) Haliburton rep's arrived TPF site ,

.offloaded equipment
ON 29/11/2013, M/U W/L equipment , C/I well for 2 hrs , R/U BOP
.& postponed job for future note
ON 5/01/2014, Performed ECHO meter survey to measure liquid level
in annulus of well NWK 1-3, report was sent by RF-Crew
ON 29/01/2014, Started chemical injection in annulus by TXT pump to
.easure PH (total injected quantity 50 gallon)
On 16/2/2014, Collected sample from annulus of well and sent to be
.analyzed (annulus pressure decreased to 60 bar)
ON 15/6/2014, Well automatic wing actuator failure at 2:00PM.The
Well is out of service until RWE send Wood Group Co. to replace it
ON 16/6/2014, Replaced actuator wing valve with another one , restart
.well at 17:00 hrs , B/D CHKS of other wells and back to normal
On 30/1/2015, Stopped well for 6 hrs to set memory gauge by HLB
ON 23/2/2015, Routed well to Expro test package at 08:00 Hrs,
Commenced the first flowing period at 09:00 hrs. (WHP 2100 psi, CHK
28/64 ,gas rate 10.6 MMSCF/D ,sand : Nil , BS&W 20 % and liquid rate 18
.bbls )
Commenced the second flowing period at 20:00 hrs after B/U gas CHK to
34/64 . ( WHP 1960 psi, gas CHK 34/64 ,gas rate 15.3 MMSCF/D ,sand :
Nil BS&W 70 % and liquid rate 25 bbls ),Plan to continue well test and C/I
.well for BUP after finish third flowing period

:WELL NWK 1-4 1.2.4

ON 28/01/2014 , Continue drilling 16" vertical hole from 314 to 811 M
.at reporting time
.ON 1/02/2014 ,Continue RIH with 13 3/8 CSG to 1134 M

ON 4/01/2014, Continue N/U BOP & tested same, ok, M/U & RIH with
.12.25" clean out BHA to 1073 M
.ON 7/02/2014, Continue drilling 8.5" hole from 1519 to 3175 M
. ON 12/02/2014, Performed logging operations with first and second run
ON 13/2/2014, Complete performing logging runs (total runs (3) runs ) ,
R/D SCHL service equipement packup and RIH with 8.5'' cleanout assemply
to 1248 m.
On 15/2/2014, Rigup casing handling tools , M/UP, P/UP and RIH with
7" casing to 2945 M at reporting time
On 18/2/2014, R/U SLB W/L logging unit & RIH with GR-CCL tag
TOC @ 3040 M, POOH with SLB and R/D same. P/U & M/U clean out
.assembly @ reporting time
On 20/2/2014, M/U, P/U & RIH with RTTF packer to 2095 M @
reporting time.
On 26/2/2014, Nipple down BOP , Nipple up x-mass tree , installed back
pressure valve at tubing hanger , drop bar active shot and drop perforation
,had agood indication (sound) and SITP =400PSI , comment to clean up the
ON 7/03/2014, PTJ Started pigging activites for 8'' line from NWK 1-4 to
TPF Plant.
ON 9/03/2014, PTJ started filling 8'' line from NWK 1-4 to TPF plant
by water in preparation for hydro test for the line.
ON 10/03/2014, PTJ completed filling 8'' line from NWK 1-4 to TPF
plant by water and started hydro test for the line.
ON 28/03/2014, PTJ completed mechanical installing of well NWK 1-4
flow line (except 3 isolation valves of duplex not yet received) .
ON 01/04/2014, PTJ Performed hydrostatic test for flow line from the

end of duplex pipe to 8'' tie in line.

ON 6/4/2014, GE crew arrived the site y , and plan to pull back pressure
valve (BPV) today.
ON 7/4/2014, Retrieved 4'' back pressure valve (BPV) by GE crew
lubricator tool , tested tree cap connection against swap valve up to 5000
psi ,found ''ok'' .
- In preparation for hydro test , PTJ completed filling 8'' P/L from tie in point
at flow line of well NWK 1-4 to CTP
ON 13/4/2014, Performed a several trails to open the well to production
header succeed to flow well at 09:00 pm , last data of the well ( SIP =3800
PSI ,WHP =3500 PSI , CHOCK SIZE = 15/64'' , FLP = 90 BAR , FLT =9
C). Checked annulus of the well found pressure 110 bar , drained annulus
to 50 bar, return was liquid flow with red color , amount roughly 150 Liter ,
and under close monitoring.
ON 21/4/2014, Due to gas leakage from flow line of NWK 1-4 resulted
from rupture of isolation kit, C/I NWK wells depressurized NWK 1-4 flow
line (5 km) to flare .Replaced the isolation kit , and start up the wells
ON 30/5/2014, Commissioned WHCP, chemical skid and well on
automatic mode and RTU commissioning is ongoing.
ON 2/2/2015,
C/I well @ 8:20 hrs., R/U HLB W/L equipment, tested same .OK
RIH with 3.75" gauge cutter and tagged on BXN nipple at depth 3008 M
RT (9841 FT THF), POOH.
O/U the well at 10:15 Hrs. and Suspended the operation due to memory
gauge thread malfunction, change same and C/I well @ 14:15 hrs.
RIH with IOD memory Gauges and set in BX nipple at depth 2996 M RT
(9802 FT THF), POOH and O/U well successfully @ 15:50 hrs.
On 01/03/2015
C/I well at 08:00 Hrs. Connected Expro line to well flow line, tested same
and O/U well at 08:45 Hrs. Routed well to Expro test package at 09:00 Hrs.
Commenced the first flowing period at 11:00 hrs with the following
parameters. ( WHP 2155 psi, gas CHK 30/64 ,gas rate 10.4 MMSCF/D ,sand
: Nil , BS&W 8% and liquid rate 12 bbls) .
Commenced the second flowing period at 20:00 hrs with the following

parameters ( WHP 1970 psi, gas chk 34/64 ,gas rate 15 MMSCF/D ,sand :Nil
, BS&W 00 % and liquid rate 00 bbls ) . Plan to continue well test and C/I
well for BUP after finish third flowing period.
On 02/03/2015, Commenced the third flowing period at 09:00 hrs. with
the following parameters. (WHP 1620 psi, gas CHK 46/64, gas rate 20
MMSCF/D ,sand :800 gm, BS&W 75% and liquid rate 35 bbl. ).
C/I well at 19:30 for BUP period. NB: Plan to O/U the well after 100 hrs ( on
5/3/15 at 23:30 hrs. ).
On 03/03/2015, Continue C/I well for BUP period. Plan to O/U the
well after 100 hrs ( on 5/3/15 at 23:30 hrs .
On 04/03/2015, Continue C/I well for build up period and plan
to O/U well after 100 hrs (on 5/3/2015 at 23:30 hrs ).
On 07/03/2015, R/U HLB S/L equipment,RIH to second BX
nipple depth , retrieved IOD memory gauges and POOH. R/D HLB
S/L equipment connected well cap flange, performed leak test and O/U
well at 16:00 hrs to production stream.

6" Condensate Line Filling:

ON 30/9/2013, Held a meeting with PPC rep's to approve the method of
6" pipe line filling, (seprate memo will be sent) .
Started filling line @ 15:15 hrs and total transferred quantity 250 bbls till
reporting time.
ON 1/10/2013, Continued filling 6'' loading line and total transferred
quantity 500 bbls.
ON 2/10/2013, Stopped line filling waiting for filling the second tank and
total transferred quantity 750 bbls till now.
ON 4/10/2013, A sever leak in the condensate line at PPC tie in valve
station from the insulation joint flange upstream PPC isolation valve , PPC
crews are working to repair and clean the area.

ON 5/10/2013, Completed filling the second tank TK-101B and

contacted PPC to take the sample and be ready for shipping process
ON 7/10/2013, During shipping second tank (TK -101B) ,noticed
aproblem in centrifuge condensate loading pump in it's front mechanical seal
and leaking in the filter for the second pump (reciprocating pump) , waiting
for two pumps repair .

"1st condensate cargo from RPF":- Started pumping @

9:35 hrs, Transferred 802 bbl. (127.4 m3) from TK-101B to
line and stopped pumping @ 4:10 hrs.
ON10/09/2014, Started filling 6'' condensate line from CTP to RPF
@BVS-2 total quantity is 2791 bbls .
On 16-9-2014, "1ST COND cargo from CTP" ,Started the first
loading from CTP cargo no (14/2014) after completing all PPC

ON 8/10/2013, Site visit by gasco &egas rep's ,Checked water dew
point, collected sample from all NWK wells, inlet separator & export
ON 26/12/2013, GASCO REP'S visited the site and checked gas flow
.computer and agreed to use it as a proved measurment for sales gas
ON 27/12/2013, GASCO REP'S visited the site and completed the
.calibration of sales gas flow meter pressure transmitter
ON 5/6/2014, A meeting was held with GASCO rep.'s to check sales
gas temp. and agreed to fix same at 35 C instead of 30C due to temp
sensor of ultrasonic flow computer still out of service led decreasing
flow rate by about 1.5 MMSCFD (adjustment applied at 18:00 pm) ,
.computer flow rate reading under close monitring
On 25/03/2015, callibrated CTP sales gas flow computer by GASCO

On 26/03/2015, Callibrated RPF sales gas flow computer

.by GASCO representatives

:Gas Samples
ON 28/10/2013, Two gas samples ( inlet & outlet) taken by petrobel
ON 13/12/2013, Three gas samples from NWK WELLS (NWK1-1 ,
1-2 ,1-3) had been taken by Z/B lab rep's, and also glycol samples (lean
ON 031/12/2013, Collected Samples from feed & export gas line and
.glycol (rich & lean) by petrobel reps
ON 3/01/2014, collected condensate sample by Alexandria refinery
.company rep's
ON 19/03/2014, Two glycol samples (lean &rich) had been taken and
analyzed by Petrobel lab (lean conc.volume 98%, PH=6.1, rich
.conc.volume 88% , PH= 5.88)


ON 2/11/2013, Stopped the plant due to gases blow by from inlet
separator to water disposal tank , replaced passing valves at water
.&condensate lines
ON 08/12/2013, Experienced an unplanned S/D at 06:00 hrs

due to malfunction at PCV(021) at inlet separator and JT valve

at LTX unit led to back pressure at wells , restart the wells at
.07:30 hrs
ON 10/03/2014, Unplanned plant shutdown due to sudden increase at
sales gas pressure led to back pressure on wells , tripped HIPPS and S/D
.(3) wells for 0.5 hr
,ON 5/4/2014
Planned shutdown for TPF carried out for a period of 3.5
HRS from 06:30 AM to 10:00 AM to carry out the following

*Petrojet Activities :1- Remove the 8" spool from manifold area for repairing by
Petrojet under supervision from RWE .
2- Remove the manual isolation valve from 8" spool and
install it directly on manifold to avoid another shutdown
during connecting NWK Well 1-4 .
3- Install 2" drain line on manifold of well NWK 1-1 .
4- Insert isolation kit on Manifold of well NWK 1-1.
*SIGMA Activities :1- Replace 6" manual isolation valve on inlet flow line to
inlet separator ( Pinhole valve ) .
2- Replace 6" manual isolation valve of by pass line of filter
separator ( Upstream Glycol PKG ) .
3- Replace 2" manual isolation valve of PCV of inlet
separator .
4- Replace 2" manual isolation valve of PCV of LTS .
ON 21/4/2014, Due to gas leakage from flow line of NWK 14 resulted from rupture of isolation kit, C/I NWK wells
depressurized NWK 1-4 flow line (5 km) to flare .Replaced
.the isolation kit , and start up the wells
ON 17/5/2014, Due to gas leakage @ filter separator bridle
flange, c/i nwk wells, depressurized plant to flare and
repleaced the passing valves @ filter separator inlet &
. outlet and open filter bypass
ON 27/6/2014, AT 19:00 HRS false ESD alarm at TPF plant
led to compete S/D for both plant and wells for a period of
0.5 hr , separate fax will sent.
On 30/09/2014, Total RPF plant S/D for a period of two
hours from 16:30 hrs to 18:30 hrs. to replace the JT valve
by new one since it has leakage from its body (pin hole) ,
the plant back to service after rectifying the S/D reason
ON 14/2/2015, C/I NWK Wells @ 6:00 hrs. Depressurized
BVS-2, BVS-3, installed bolted insulation joints and O/U
wells successfully @ 12:00 hrs. Welded insulation joints @

BVS2. O/U well NWK 1-2 @ 18:00 hrs., after completed

Build up period


ON 25/03/2014, Completed cleaning of 6" condensate line and
.continue cleaning of 16" gas line from CTB to BVS-2
ON 29/03/2014, PTJ Installed headers at 6''&16'' P/L from CTP to
.B.V.S in preparation for hydro test
ON 31/03/2014, In preparation for hydrostatic test PTJ started filling
. 16'' pipe line with water
ON 2/4/2014, PTJ completed filling 6'' &16'' pipe lines with water ,
.and started hydrostatic test for 6'' line
ON 3/4/2014, PTJ restarted hydrostatic test for 6'' line and started for
16'' line at 11:00 am, as pressurized two lines to 128 bar and waiting 24
. .hrs
ON 30/4/2014, Completed dewatering of 16'' gas line from CTP to
.BVS-2 @ TPF
ON 18/5/2014, PTJ continue drying activates for 6'' & 16'' P/L from
ON 10/6/2014, Completed drying activates for 6'' & 16'' P/L from CTP
.to BVS-2 by SAPESCO

ON 12/4/2014, Cameron arrived the site and checked HIPPS of all
wells and raised setting from 95 bar to 98 bar , and decreased regulator
.pressure to 5.5 bar

ON 5/8/2014, Cameron rep. carried out check on HIPPS vslves of

.wells NWK 1-1, NWK 1-2, NWK 1-3
On 19/10/2014, Cameron Rep. checked the HIPPS of CTP wells and
,replaced the leaking hydraulic pump of well (NSG 1-2)

ON 6/8/2014, Opened wells NSG 1-1 and NSG 1-2 from X-mass tree
till 6" header manual isolation valves found SIP 3400 PSI and 3600 PSI
respectivelly.performed function test for flow line control loop and
WHCP found ok

ON 7/8/2014, Retrieved the back pressure valves from wells SSG1-1

and SSG1-2 from the wells and plan today to continue with well NWSG
. 1-1
ON 8/8/2014, Retrieved the back pressure valves from well NWSG1-1
from the well
.ON 13/8/2014, O/U wells NSG 1-2 @ 14:00 hrs and 1-1 @ 16:00 hrs
Successfully started CTP @ 13:30 hrs., had first gas in while sales gas to N.G started @ 15:00 hrs


ON 21/8/2014, O/U well SSG 1-1 TO CTP @ 13:00 hrs , Initial
.CHOKE : 26/64" with flow rate : 15.6 mmscfd

:Well SSG 1-2 START UP*

ON 22/8/2014, O/U well SSG 1-2 TO CTP @ 16:00 hrs , Initial
CHOKE : 16/64", with flow rate : 12.5 mmscfd


ON 22/8/2014, Well started to CTP @ 23:00 hrs , Initial WHSIP : 3600
PSI and flowing WHP : 3350 PSI ,FINAL GAS CHOKE : 20/64", and
.flow rate 6 MMSCFD

:Close Drain Start Up

On 23/09/2014, Introduced closed drain vessel V-5501 into service

: Fuel Gas Heater Start Up

On 2/10/2014, Fuel gas heater (E-4301) is now in service at set point 40
.C and will be under test

Sand Log System:

On 25/03/2015, Completed commissioning of sand log system for four
wells NSG1-1,1-2 and SSG1-1,1-2 by Emersson/Roxer

ON 18/8/2014, Faced many wells SD's and CTP GPSD'S due to

.power failure resulted from trip of AGGREKO Genenrator

Also,had GPSD due to malfunctioned response of LIT 4301 (FG
K.O.D) and activation of high level alarm 5605 (MEG reboiler )
ON 22/8/2014, Wells NSG1-1,NSG1-2 , SSG1-1 and CTP

facilities had total S/D for 45 min's hr due to replace the passing
.PSV -5020 ( inlet of train B heat exchanger)
Introduced train/ B in service at 14:00 hrs after replace the PSV- .5020
ON 25/8/2014, Total plant S/D occurred for a period of one hour at

11:00 hrs due to fault fire alarm causes (ESD signal from local

panel to DCS system) and restarted the plant at 12:00 hrs.

On 24/09/2014, Planned shutdown for CTP was carried out for a

period of 1.5 hrs and achieved the followings :
1) Replaced PSV-4301 at fuel gas package with new one.
2) Connected the inter piping of recovery gas compressor K-4301.
3) Put UPS module "A" into service.
4) Installed methanol injection flange at flow line of well NWSG 1-1.
ON 13/02/2015, The S/D to carry out the following activities,cleaning
the CTP vessels, install insulation joints in 16'' sales gas line and 6''
trunk line from NSG wells to CTP.

ON 14/02/2015 , C/I NWK Wells @ 6:00 hrs., depressurized BVS-2,

BVS-3, installed bolted insulation joints and O/U wells successfully
@ 12:00 hrs .

From 07:12/12/2014, Filled the TBG above bridge plug with 100 bbls
fresh water mixed with 3% KCL, R/U midco equipment on the well, N/D
X-mass tree above TBG head , secured the well by installing a blind
flang, Replaced (lower , kill , wing master) valves by new ones,
performed a pressure test at 5000 psi found that the (wing , kill, lower
master) valves are ok, but the upper master and the swap valve had an
internal passing, Removed the blind flange above TBG head, R/D midco
equipment , Secured the well

On 18:19 /12/2014, R/U of Halliburton equipment, pressure test same

to 4000 psi, O.K, RIH with 1.5" coild tubing to 2700 M while lifting
water , POOH to surface
From 21:27/12/2014 R/U Expro equipment, R/U HLB W/L , RIH with
memory gauges and set same in XN nipple, While jarring up to release
running tool W/L cut at + 200 ft from surface, Performed pressure test
for Expro equipment, R/U HLB W/L and performed pressure test ok ,
RIH with blind box , jarring down on rope socket and POOH, Checked
blind box for mark rope socket with good impression, R/U W/L, RIH
with scratcher and W/L grab, after several trials succeeded to catch
W/L and POOH to service, During slip and cut W/L ,lost W/L again,
RIH with scratcher and W/L grab and succeeded to catch W/L to
surface ,after several trials of slip and cut ,retrieved + 150 ft only from
W/L, RIH with scratcher and W/L grab ,after several trials succeeded
to retrieved 8530 ft of W/L ( recovered all W/L in hole ), RIH with
fishing tool and retrieved running tool of bomb hanger, RIH with
fishing tool and retrieved bomb hanger with memory gauge, checked
memory gauge found ok, RIH with bomb hanger connected with
memory gauge and set in XN nipple,
From 28:31/12/2014, O/U well on gas chk 16/64" to CTP production
header with upstream pressure 2400 PSI & downstream pressure 1030
PSI(manifold pressure), After one hour, upstream pressure dropped
gradually to 1030 PSI, Checked SCSSSV pressure and all surface lines
,ok, C/I well ,WHP increased from 1030 PSI to 1480 PSI with in four
hours, O/U well , pressure dropped sharply to 1030 PSI, Kept well C/I
for buildup (last WHP =100 bar), Changed out the screen of the sand
filter, The well build up pressure is 123 bar during night ,open the well
at 09:00 hr on minimum CHK 16/64" return is gas and water, Continue
flowing the well with (WHP = 1200 PSI) and water return, C/I well at
13:00 hr and flushed the de-sander ( sand weight = 300 kg ), Shut in
pressure is 170 bar , O/U well again at 15:30 hr to production on
minimum CHK 16/64", Flushed the de-sander every 30 minutes with
sand weight 70 kg , Continue flowing the well and sand production
weight is gradually decreased to 15 kg, We had to closing the well after
flushed 300 kg of sand during 40 minutes (de-sander problem).
On 30/12/2014, R/D X-Pro equipment ,disconnected all surface lines,
R/U Halliburton W/L, pressure test is O.K, RIH with GR tool and latch
memory gauge and POOH, R/D Halliburton equipment and Released
all Halliburton and Expro equipments

On 18/03/2015, R/U Halliburton slick line equipment,RIH with 2.25 ''

G.C to 9676 ft-thf (2960 m-rt ) and POOH. RIH with two I.O.D memory
gauges to setting depth 9315 ft-thf ( 2850 m-rt ), stopped for two hours
and POOH.
RIH with two I.O.D memory gauges to setting depth 9315 ft-thf ( 2850
m-rt ), stopped for two hours and POOH.
Disconnected memory gauges, R/D HLB S/L equipment ,connected
well cap flange and performed leak test against well pressure.

Well SSG 1-1 M.Gauges Setting :

On23/03/2015, Moved Halliburton slick line equipment
to well location and R/U W/L lubricator and PCE
On 24/03/2015, C/I well at 11:00 hrs ,RIH with 2.65 '' G.C
and passed lower R-nipple and POOH . RIH with two I.O.D
memory gauges and bomb hanger, set gauges in lower Rnipple and POOH.
R/D W/L equipment, connected well cap flange and
performed leak test against well pressure . O/U well to
production stream at 14:00 hrs ( C/I period 3 hrs ).
On 26/03/2015, Offloaded and spot Expro test package
Wait on day light to commence R/U Expro Test package
On 27/03/2015, Started R/U Expro test package
equipment and lines
On 28/03/2015, Completed R/U Expro test package
equipment and lines. while performing pressure test,
found minor leak in surge tank inlet Plan to replace
surge tank & continue well testing program.
On 29/03/2015, Replaced surge tank, pressure test, ok,

C/I well @ 9:300 hrs., connect Expro connection and O/U

well @ 11:00 hrs. Routed well flow to expro PKG,
commenced with 1st flowing period @ 12:30 hrs. with
the following parameters (WHP 3255 psi, gas chk 22/64,
gas rate 10.15 MMSCFD, sand : 1500 GMPD, BS&W zero
% and liquid rate 65 BPD ). Commenced 2nd flowing
period at 19:00 hrs. with the following parameters (WHP
3185 psi, gas chk 26/64, gas rate 14.9 MMSCFD, sand :
2400 GMPD, BS&W zero% and liquid rate 70 BPD .
Commenced 3rd flowing period at 2:00 hrs. with the
following parameters (WHP 2935 psi, gas chk 34/64 ,gas
rate 20.8 MMSCFD ,sand : 3000 GMPD , BS&W zero% and
liquid rate N/A ).
On 30/03/2015, Completed 3rd flowing period at 2:00
hrs. with the following parameters (WHP 2935 psi, gas
chk 34/64 ,gas rate 20.8 MMSCFD ,sand : 3000 GMPD ,
BS&W 6:14 % and liquid rate N/A )
C/I well @ 10:00 hrs for build up period, O/U well @
14:30 hrs as per PED recommended and R/D Expro test

:Well SSG 1-2

ON 6/2/2015, C/I the well SSG1-2 at 07:00 hrs to change
and maintain the internals of the CHK valve due to its
At 14:00 hrs started the well SSG1-2 @ (WHP = 186
bar and CHK 5/64") to replace the passing manual valve
.,on the flow line
At 18:00 hrs started up the well SSG1-2 @ (WHP =
170 bar and CHK 4/64") but after one hour observed WHP
.down to 123 bar
So C/I the well again and left for the build up. The well
. kept C/I for build and for investigation
ON 8/2/2015, Start the well at 12:00 hrs @ (WHP = 192
bar and CHK 5/64") but WHP decreased to 135 bar till
18:00 hrs so , C/I the well at 22:00 hrs for build up

On 01/03/2015, Completed R/U EXPRO test package

equipment. Performed pressure test upstream 5000 psi
and downstream 1200 psi, OK .Wait on day light to start
.well testing as per program
On 02/03/2015 , O/U well at 11:30 am on gas CHK 16/64"
and increase gradually to 24/64" with gas rate 5 MM
SCF/D. ( WHP 3025 psi, DSP 1255 psi, liquid rate 15 bpd,
BS&W 0.3 - 7% and sand 300 gms). B/U gas CHK to 30/64"
at 18:00 hrs with gas rate 7 mmscf/d. At 18:15 hrs
observed sudden decrease in WHP from 3015 to 2800 psi
followed by water and sand slug with increase from 1250
to 1500 psi which caused closing of Hipps valve on flow
line and opening of safety relief of Expro test separator.
C/I well and checked Expro equipment found OK. O/U the
well at 19:30 hrs with gas rate 4.5 mm scf/d on gas CHK
22/64". Plan to continue the well test.

On 03/03/2015, Continue test the well with the following

prameters: ( WHP 3025 psi, DSP 1255 psi, liquid rate 15
bpd, BS&W 0.1 - 0.8% and sand 400 gms/d).
On 04/03/2015, Continue testing the well with the
following parameters: ( WHP 2860 psi, DSP 1245 psi, gas
rate 3.97 MMSCF/D, liquid rate 10 bpd, BS&W 0.3 % and
sand 400 gms/d).
On 05/03/2015, Completed well testing, C/I well at 11:00
am and started R/D.. Connected blind flange, performed
leak test, handed over well to production and released
Expro.. Well is kept closed in for build up period 4 days
(plan to O/U well at 15:00 hrs on 8/3/2015).
On 10/03/2015, O/U well at 14:00 hrs on gas CHK 6/64''
with gas rate 4.4 MMSCF/D and FLP stabilized on 86 bar
after methanol injectionin the flow line upstream CHK to

avoid hydrates formation ,Last well parameters (CHK

6/64" , WHP 3100 psi ,WHT 34 ,FLT
7C, FLP 86 bar ). .

ON 27/8/2014,
Checked annulus pressure of well SSG 1-1 found pressure
210 bar , drained pressure to 50 bar, under close
Checked annulus pressure of well SSG 1-2 found pressure
zero bar , plan to continue with other wells.
Checked annulus pressure of well NWSG 1-1 found
pressure 270 bar and for well NSG 1-2 was 110 bar,
drained pressure to 50 bar, collected samples from

On 21/03/2015, DCS System station has Two work stations

(out of four) in control room is out of service,restart of
system software is ongoing
On 23/03/2015, Replace LCV-5012 on water line of slug
catcher with new one ,because it is passing and had
erosion in its body, and it will be under test.
On 24/03/2015 , Replaced internal element of sales gas filter
(N-5401B) by a new one. Started installation and
configuration of transmitter sand log at flow lines of CTP
On 03/03/2015 , performed WHM for wells NWSG 1-1, NSG 11, NSG 1-2 and SSG 1-1 (C/I times 30 mins for wells NSG 1.1, NSG 1-2 and SSG 1-1)

On 04/03/2015, Performed

WHM for wells NWK 1-3 and NWK 14 (C/I times 30 mins for well NWK 1-3).