One-year Formation Plan for the Youth of St.

Joseph Parish,
Tambo, Paranaque City, Metro Manila

I. Objectives: 1. To let the youth of St. Joseph Parish know and practice their roles, especially with respect to their respective youth organization. 2. To make them acquire certain values and skills that can make them responsible and wellbalanced Christian citizens. 3. To create a spirit of camaraderie among the youth of the said parish. II. Rationale: This formation program is specifically designed for those who are bonafide members of youth organizations of St. Joseph Parish, patterned after its vision-mission. Hence, it is important to note that this original program is created exclusively in the local context of the said parish and may not necessarily be applicable to any other parishes. The given period is from the month of July until March, with two 45-minute sessions per month. This program is value-oriented, i.e., a particular value or virtue will be targeted by every participant for every particular activity The abovementioned youth organizations are the following: Junior Choir (JC), Lector and Commentator Guild ² Youth (LCG-Y), Parish Youth Choir (PYC); Ministry of Altar Servers (MAS), and the Commission on Youth Council. The audience varies from elementary, high school, and college students, and also young professionals. The flow of the program is the same for all groups but the inputs and activities may vary according to age bracket based on the formator·s discretion. III. General Outline: MONTH June-July TITLE Knowing me, Knowing you My Identity SHORT DESCRIPTION AND FORMATIVE GOAL Members must know the importance of knowing, appreciating, accepting and affirming their co-members and of giving due respect to them. This establishes and strengthens the bond among the members. Likewise, the formator attempts to establish a respectable rapport among them. Inasmuch as the different youth organizations are created to serve the Community of believers through the Liturgy, all members must not only be enthusiastic in working with each other but must also be very clear about their organization·s identity and role with respect to Liturgy. Knowing the role and goals of one·s particular organization is indispensable. As a radio must be properly tuned to a good frequency to have a clear sound, so must also be the member to a particular goal or vision. It is important, therefore, for a member to resonate with his/her group·s identity and priorities. This proper direction will now propel him/her to be more generous in serving fellow members of the Parish community. Prayer plays a vital role in all aspects of life since it opens up the door of faith and intimacy with our personal Lord. Hence, it is very important that the young must learn and relearn how to pray in a proper and more solemn manner. Likewise, this serves as an appropriate venue for humbly recognizing the primacy of God over one·s life and that there is need for recharging and recollecting, inasmuch as it is God who bestows His grace and strength to those whom he called to serve. (This activity needs to reverberate in all the activities of the formation program) VALUE/VIRTUE Mutual Respect


Generosity, Service


Dear God

Faith, Piety, and Humility

October December

Christmas Season


Be Alive


I am your Friend



No activity; formator is unavailable« The youth ought to understand the true meaning of Christmas, and not in the popular commercial perspective. They need to learn how to appreciate Christ·s incarnation into this world as an expression of God·s love for us all. Hence, everyone is invited to be in hopeful expectation for Christ during the celebration of Christmas day. Moreover, focus must be given to Jesus Christ being the greatest GIFT for all of us, and not the commercial paradigm of gift-giving. Hence, one is expected to be grateful for this wondrous gift given to us by God, at the same be generous in giving gifts to those who are very much in need. These are concrete actions that would not only give hope to each other, but also joy and peaceful security of having persons willing to share each one·s gifts. After a very meaningful Christmas season, the youth can now learn how to live very meaningful lives not only among members but also among neighbors as well. Bonding, games, contests, and the like, can serve as expressions of their joy and optimism in life. They can also be valuable tools to win the hearts to other people back to God and to the Church. Part of human nature is the propensity to reach out and become a friend to one another. The famous adage ´No man is an islandµ speaks of the reality of a person·s need of another person in his/her life. Hence, one must appreciate his/her own relational nature and that one ought to have friends rather than enemies. It is crucial, therefore, for young people to have skills in relating with different persons, starting first among their fellow young persons. Formation concerning human sexuality can be useful for those from high school and college students, and professions youths. For elementary students, the focal point shall be in the aspect of relationship among peers. Each group, together with the formator, will evaluate the whole year, focusing on each member·s personal growth rather than on the group·s achievements. The formator will provide an evaluation tool suited to each of the youth organizations.

Hope, Gratitude, and Generosity

Joy and Optimism

Friendship, true love and courtship

Personal Reflection, Humility, Desire for personal growth

IV. Others: This program may be subject to changes, depending upon unforeseen emergencies. Financial assistance for certain activities, according to the creativity of the formator, may be subject to the approval of the parish priest. It is recommended that every particular activity must be carefully planned³i.e., materials, resources, venue, etc., must be prepared beforehand. Prepared by: Bro. Gino Godinez, SDB Youth Formation In-Charge Approved by:

Rev. Fr. Joseph Landero Parish Priest

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