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Meet D.C.'s district national

Point Scholars news news
Harjant Gill is among Evidence fight continues Gay candidates for
local students overcoming in Robert Wone murder Congress, including
hardship with help from case, as May trial date David Cicilline, are
the Point Foundation. of three gay men nears. raking in the cash.
PAGE 39 PAGE 6 PAGE 16 • vol. 41, issue 18 • april 30, 2010 • Still sharp after 40 years

Pelosi wants ‘Don’t Ask’ vote this year

Announcement Campaign spokesperson, praised
Pelosi for planning the vote.
comes as activists “As we’ve been saying for a
long time now, the time to repeal
plan Sunday protest the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ law is
at White House this year, and it’s a positive sign
to hear congressional leaders
By CHRIS JOHNSON affirm that,” Cole said. Still, he noted that further
work is necessary to make
U.S. House Speaker Nancy repeal happen.
Pelosi (D-Calif.) is planning to hold a “We need pressure on the
vote this year on repeal of “Don’t Ask, Congress, we need pressure on
Don’t Tell,” according to her office. the White House, we need pres-
“It is the Speaker’s intention that sure across the board, and as we
a vote will be taken this year get into this critical period, signs
on [‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’] in the like that are promising,” he said.
House,” Drew Hammill, a Pelosi Aubrey Sarvis, executive
spokesperson, told the Washington director of the Servicemembers
Blade in a statement this week. Legal Defense Network, said he
The announcement is welcome learned last week in a meeting
news for repeal advocates because with House Majority Leader
Pelosi has yet to send legislation to Steny Hoyer that the House was
Washington Blade file photo by Michael Key
the floor that lacked sufficient sup- planning the vote.
port for passage. U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to hold a House vote this year on ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’
Michael Cole, a Human Rights Continues on page 14

To our readers:
With this issue, we reclaim and re-launch the Washington Blade, your
LGBTQ newspaper of record for more than 40 years. (See related
D.C. has marriage,
story on page 4.) But the DC Agenda remains part of our identity; the
Blade is back, and tucked inside, is the Agenda, our new local A&E
guide. Thank you to all of our readers, advertisers and those in the
so now what?
community who have supported us during the last 23 weeks. We are
grateful for the overwhelming support we continue to receive. We
Despite successes, that protect LGBT people from dis-
crimination, some of which were
pledge to continue the Blade’s long traditions of community service activists say ‘we have approved more than 30 years ago.
and award-winning journalism. With this as a backdrop, some
not overcome yet’ in the community wondered
whether the same-sex marriage
By LOU CHIBBARO JR. law marked the completion of the LGBT rights movement within the
city, enabling activists to move on
When the weddings for same- to other causes and endeavors.
sex couples began in the District of But an informal Washington
Columbia on March 9, many in the Blade survey of local LGBT
community hailed the occasion as activists conducted over the past
the capstone of the city’s decades- two weeks shows that virtually all
Washington Blade photo by Michael Key
old LGBT rights movement. those contacted believe a wide
The District government’s enact- range of LGBT-related problems Aisha Mills, president of the
socialagenda ment of a same-sex marriage law and concerns remain on the agen- Campaign for All D.C. Families, said
Our popular Queery feature is back. in December and Congress’s deci- da of local advocacy groups. LGBT activists cannot ‘rest on our
Aiyi'nah Ford answers 20 gay questions. Page 40 sion not to stop it follows a long list laurels’ despite recent successes.
of existing city laws and policies Continues on page 26
2 • april 30, 2010
april 30, 2010 • 3
4 • april 30, 2010


LGBT activists absent from

Washington Blade Gray campaign kickoff
Similar to D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty’s opening campaign event earlier this

returns to print
The Washington Blade, the 40-year- Washington Blade’s commitment to
month, nearly all of the city’s well-known LGBT activists stayed away from City
Council Chairman Vincent Gray’s mayoral campaign kickoff event.
Activists following city politics are speculating that many LGBT city residents
are taking a wait-and-see posture on the mayor’s race and are not ready to take
sides. Fenty and Gray both have strong records on LGBT issues. Fenty signed the
old publication that served as the LGBT excellence in journalism made it a week- city’s same-sex marriage law in December, and Gray was a strong advocate for
community’s newspaper of record, has ly ‘must read’ for the LGBTQ community the measure in his role as Council chairman.
returned to newsstands after its former locally and even worldwide,” Naff said. Although he did not mention Fenty by name during the April 24 campaign kick-
parent company filed for bankruptcy and “This is the tradition we have tried to emu- off, Gray leveled strong criticism of the mayor’s leadership style, saying the
closed the paper in November. late with DC Agenda. We are thrilled that mayor’s office has alienated many city residents in his efforts to push through
Since the newspaper’s closing, former the Washington Blade is once again reforms for the city’s public schools and other programs.
Blade staff members had produced a new owned locally.” Gray said he supports school reform but promised to work more closely with
print and online publication under the “There are benefits to the brand recog- teachers, parents and principals.
name DC Agenda, which is owned by nition of a publication that was highly Also similar to the mayor’s opening campaign event, Gray did not mention
Brown Naff Pitts Omnimedia, Inc. The trusted and respected for 40 years,” said LGBT issues. He chided Fenty for being a divisive force in the city, but did not
new company was founded by publisher Brown, a Blade employee for 23 years. mention that both he and Fenty received an equal amount of criticism from some
Lynne Brown, editor Kevin Naff, sales “The power, effectiveness and of the city’s ministers and socially conservative residents for allegedly dividing the
executive Brian Pitts and other former strength of the Washington Blade came city through their support of same-sex marriage.
Blade employees. from the spirit and intensity of those Gray told reporters after his kickoff speech before a large audience at the Historical
Brown Naff Pitts Omnimedia has no who wrote the stories and worked with Society of Washington that he decided to limit the topics covered in his address to broad
connection with Window Media, LLC, the the local community,” she said. “We now themes dealing with his plans to unite the city. He said he would address a wide range of
Blade’s former parent company that shut- have the opportunity to both restore and other issues, including same-sex marriage, in future campaign appearances and events.
tered the newspaper and several other refresh a powerful, venerable news Among the few gay Democratic activists attending the kickoff were Paul Kuntzler, co-
LGBT publications it owned at the time of gathering institution and to make the founder of the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club, the city’s largest LGBT political group;
its bankruptcy filing in November. treasure trove of our vibrant gay rights and Stein member Christopher Fitzgerald. The club’s current officers were not present.
DC Agenda recently acquired all assets and liberation movement history acces- Stein President Jeffrey Richardson has said the club’s rules require the officers to remain
of the Blade, the nation’s oldest LGBT sible to the public. neutral until the club makes an official endorsement of a mayoral candidate.
newspaper, from a federal bankruptcy “It doesn’t get any better than this.” Other out gays attending the event were Ronald Collins, the City Council’s deputy
court in Atlanta. The purchase included the Naff and Brown said the decision to secretary; and Christopher Murray, the clerk of the Council’s Committee of the Whole,
Blade name, all trademarks and copyrights return to the Washington Blade name fol- which Gray chairs. Also attending was gay activist Kenneth Borden and D.C. Nightlife
and the entire 40-year archive. lowed a survey of readers, which showed Association Executive Director Skip Coburn, whose group represents gay and
The Washington Blade was founded in a solid majority in favor of restoring the straight bars and nightclubs in matters before the city. Coburn said he attended as an
1969 as a one-sheet newsletter distributed Blade name. observer and hasn’t made up his mind on which candidate to support.
in D.C.’s gay bars before evolving into an Naff said the new company is working David Meadows, a former Stein Club president and member of the D.C. Democratic
award-winning newspaper and web site with to restore online access to the paper’s State Committee, said he also attended as an observer and is neutral in the mayor’s race.
a national and international readership. electronic archive as soon as possible. LOU CHIBBARO JR.
“For more than 40 years the LOU CHIBBARO JR.

White House protesters released from jail

U.S. Army Lt. Dan Choi and House “stay-away” order as a con-
five LGBT military veterans were dition for their clients’ release, say-
released from jail April 21, one ing such a condition violates their
day after U.S. Park Police offi- First Amendment rights to
cers arrested them for handcuff- approach the White House to
ing themselves to the White express their opinions. But Ringell
House fence in a protest against ruled against a motion by the attor-
“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” neys to void the stay-away order.
Choi and Army veteran Capt. The charges pending against
Jim Pietrangelo, who was among the six arrested protesters do not
the people arrested at this week’s carry a penalty of incarceration
protest, were arrested in a similar in jail. But Ringell told the four
White House action on March 18. who accepted the post and forfeit
Similar to the earlier protest, each plea that they could face jail time
of the six arrested April 20 at the if they fail to pay the fine and
White House fence were charged don’t show up for a court date he
with a single misdemeanor count of set as an alternative route to
refusing to obey a police order to allow them seek a trial.
leave the area of the fence. He told Choi and Pietrangelo
At an arraignment April 21, that they, too, could face jail time
Washington Blade file photo by Michael Key
D.C. Superior Court Judge for contempt of court if they fail to
Richard Ringell combined the U.S. Army Lt. DAN CHOI and five other LGBT military veterans were released from jail last week after hand- show up for trial.
two White House arrest cases for cuffing themselves to the White House fence. Robin McGehee, co-chair of the
Choi and Pietrangelo and set a LGBT protest group,
trial date for July 14 after the two The other four protesters from the streets surrounding the Larry Whitt and Autumn which coordinated the White
pleaded not guilty. The men accepted the post-and-forfeit offer White House until they pay the Sandeen, Air Force Cadet Mara House arrest actions, said the
rejected an offer by prosecutors and agreed to a condition request- $100 fine. Ringell gave them one Boyd, and Marine Corps group plans more civil disobedi-
to pay a $100 fine in exchange ed by the D.C. Attorney General’s month to pay the fine. Corporal Evelyn Thomas. ence actions in the coming weeks,
for ending the case in a process office, which prosecutes misde- The four who accepted the Attorneys representing Choi and both in Washington and elsewhere.
known as post and forfeit. meanor cases, that they stay away offer were Navy Petty Officers Pietrangelo contested the White LOU CHIBBARO JR.
april 30, 2010 • 5
6 • april 30, 2010

Evidence fight continues
Pro-gay life insurance bill as Wone trial nears
becomes law in Virginia The judge presiding over the upcoming obstruction of justice
trial for three gay men implicated in the 2006 murder of D.C. attor-
ney Robert Wone will issue a final decision next week on wit-
nesses and evidence admissible in the trial, including evidence
Companies can about the sexual proclivities of the three defendants.
now offer benefits During an April 23 status hearing, D.C. Superior Court Judge Lynn
Leibovitz set a final pre-trial status hearing for May 5, at which time
to same-sex partners she promised to rule, among
other things, on whether
of employees the government can submit
By CHRIS JOHNSON evidence showing the defen- dants used sex toys, including
restraints, at their home.
A bill enabling Virginia compa- Joseph Price, Victor Zaborsky
nies to offer life insurance benefits and Dylan Ward are charged with
to the same-sex partners of obstruction of justice, conspiracy
employees became law earlier this to obstruct justice and evidence
month after Virginia Gov. Bob tampering in connection with the
McDonnell (R) signed the measure. stabbing death of Wone inside
The new law, approved by the Dupont Circle area house
Photo courtesy of Radio Free Asia
both chambers of the Virginia where the three defendants lived
General Assembly with unani- in August 2006. Robert Wone was stabbed to
mous votes, was enacted after Prosecutors have pointed death in August 2006.
McDonnell signed it April 7. to an autopsy report saying
Stacey Johnson, a McDonnell Wone appeared to have been “immobilized” when he was
spokesperson, said the governor stabbed three times in a guest bedroom at the house. They have
signed the bill into law because it since backed away from an earlier theory that Wone was immo-
passed with broad bipartisan sup- bilized from a paralytic drug, suggesting they may argue at trial
port in the House and Senate. that he was restrained before being stabbed.
“In addition, it will have no fiscal The defense has filed motions asking Leibovitz to bar the gov-
Photo courtesy of McDonnell’s office
impact on Virginia’s taxpayers,” she ernment from submitting evidence or witnesses showing that the
said. “The governor believes a Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell has signed into law a bill that benefits crime scene was “cleaned” of blood stains; that Wone was sexual-
decision about who an employer same-sex couples. ly assaulted or immobilized by a drug; and that Wone may have
can extend life insurance coverage been bound by “restraints.” Another defense motion calls for barring
to should be made by the group Ebbin first introduced the bill action doesn’t have the same teeth the government from submitting evidence about the sex lives of the
policy holder and the insurer.” in the Virginia House in 2008. as an executive order. three gay men, including any S&M-related sexual activities.
Previously, state law permitted The legislation failed to pass that Ebbin said he believes Prosecutors, meanwhile, say they may file a motion seeking
Virginia residents to take out group year and again in 2009 before it McDonnell allowed the bill to to bar the defense from calling as a witness a cardiologist who’s
life insurance coverage only for a became law this year. become law because he didn’t expected to testify that a single stab wound to the heart could
legal spouse or a child under age Ebbin said he believes the bill want to oppose legislation that immobilize a person. The defense was expected to use the wit-
25. But the new statute, which succeeded this year because the provides for wider life insurance ness to counter the autopsy finding of no signs of a struggle or
takes effect July 1, broadens that insurance lobby worked hard to and because no controversy sur- movement by Wone when he was stabbed.
group of people to include anyone support it and the Virginia Family rounded the bill as it progressed Authorities have yet to charge anyone with the murder itself.
with whom a Virginia resident has Foundation didn’t obstruct its pas- to the governor’s desk. The trial is scheduled to begin May 10.
a substantial and economic inter- sage. He noted that a technical “So, I suspect that there wasn’t The men have pleaded not guilty and say they believe an
est, including a same-sex partner. change in wording that didn’t sub- consideration for him to oppose a intruder killed Wone after entering the house while they were
Del. Adam Ebbin (D-Alexandria), stantively change the legislation bill that passed nearly unanimous- asleep. Wone, a friend of the men, was spending the night at
chief co-patron of the legislation also contributed to the bill’s success. ly,” Ebbin said. “There’s the poten- their house after working late at his nearby office. Wone was
and the only openly gay member Previous versions of the bill tial for the bill to be overridden and married to a woman, and his family says he was straight.
of the Virginia General Assembly, allowed Virginia residents to desig- I’m sure he didn’t want any more LOU CHIBBARO JR.
said he was pleased the bill finally nate someone from “any other controversy — considering the
passed after it was first introduced class of persons” they wanted as a other controversies that he’s had in
three years ago.
“It’s exciting that after three
life insurance beneficiary, while the
enacted version changes this lan-
his first legislative session.”
Kelly Young, an Arlington, Va.,
Earline Budd honored
years of work, GLBT people will
be able to make their partners
guage to “any other person” with
whom the insured group member
resident who married his spouse
Bill Reinsmith in Vermont earlier for trans advocacy work
their beneficiaries,” Ebbin said. has an insurable interest. this month, encouraged Ebbin to Veteran D.C. transgender activist Earline Budd has been
“It’s long overdue, but it’s a step The legislation notably failed introduce the legislation in 2008 so named the 2010 recipient of the International Foundation for
forward nonetheless.” in the two previous sessions that he could provide life insurance Gender Education’s Trinity Award, which recognizes outstanding
Jon Blair, CEO of Equality when there were a greater num- to his partner through his company. work on behalf of the transgender community.
Virginia, said he wasn’t surprised ber of Democratic lawmakers in Although the issue is now moot “The Trinity Award honors our heroes: living transgender per-
that McDonnell signed the bill the General Assembly and a for Young and Reinsmith because sons who have performed extraordinary acts of courage and
when it came to his desk. Democratic governor. It passed Young is self-employed and love in service to the transgender community,” says a letter
“This is pretty much no-brainer during the administration of a Reinsmith’s company offer doesn’t announcing Budd’s selection for the award.
stuff,” he said. “Really, the only sur- Republican governor who’s not life insurance benefits, Young said “I know of no one more deserving of this recognition,” Denise
prise is that it didn’t pass earlier.” considered gay friendly. the passage of the legislation Leclair, a Foundation official, told Budd in the letter.
David Lampo, vice president of Upon taking office, McDonnell moves Virginia forward. Budd received the award at the organization’s annual conference
the Virginia Log Cabin Republicans, renewed an executive order pro- “It is still important, both eco- April 23 at the Alexandria Mark Center Hilton Hotel in Alexandria, Va.
attributed the success of the bill this tecting certain classes of people nomically and morally,” Young “I am always pleased at doing something that will continue to
year to its Republican chief patron, from discrimination in the public said. “It’s a small step forward for put the District of Columbia out front,” Budd said in an e-mail to
Del. Tom Rust (R-Fairfax). workforce, although he left out sex- LGBT equality in a state that LGBT activists. “This award tells me that with your continued
“Having a Republican patron ual orientation as one such class. doesn’t offer LGBT residents support I am doing something right. I really appreciate each of
made a very big difference, but we He later issued a directive saying much in the way of equality and you being in some way a part of my life and say thank you.”
all owe Del. Adam Ebbin a debt for the state shouldn’t discriminate lately has sent some weird sig- LOU CHIBBARO JR.
first proposing this bill,” Lampo said. against LGBT people, although this nals on LGBT issues.”
april 30, 2010 • 7

G a r d e n Wi s e
DC 202/543-3422 VA 703/243-5982

8 • april 30, 2010

The Palisades
Community Church
86 Years of Diversity
BriAN MerriTT Pastor
5200 Cathedral Ave., N.W. | Washington, D.C. 20016
202-966-7929 |
Washington Blade photo by Michael Key

Locals protest anti-gay Uganda bill

Several local religious leaders spearheaded a vigil Tuesday in D.C. to support
LGBT people in Uganda. Lawmakers in the African nation are considering an anti-
gay bill that could make homosexuality punishable by imprisonment or death.
About 20 people attended the vigil at National City Christian Church.


Pa. lawmaker: Opponent

  !'$!! TOf

lying about bisexuality

PHILADELPHIA — A lawmaker seeking re-election to the Pennsylvania House
reportedly said during a recent fundraiser that her opponent in a Democratic primary
is lying about being bisexual to pander to LGBT voters.
According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, state Rep. Babette Josephs told attendees
at a Philadelphia fundraiser April 15 that her primary opponent, Gregg Kravitz, is lying
“about a whole bunch of stuff, including his sexuality.”
“I outed him as a straight person,” Josephs was quoted as saying. “Now he goes
around telling people, quote, ‘I swing both ways.’ That’s quite a respectful way to talk
about sexuality. This guy’s a gem.”
In response, Kravitz said he’s sexually attracted to men and women and found
Josephs’ remarks offensive, according to the Inquirer.
“That kind of taunting is going to make it more difficult for closeted members of the
LGBT community to be comfortable with themselves,” Kravitz said. “It’s damaging.”
Josephs also reportedly called Kravitz a “trust-fund baby” who had no discernible
job history and was running for a seat because he was bored.
Known as a supporter of LGBT people, Josephs is endorsed by the Liberty City
Democrats, an LGBT group in Philadelphia, and has worked to block passage of a
constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage and to add sexual orientation to
the state’s hate-crimes statute, according to the Inquirer.

443 troops discharged

last year under ‘Don’t Ask’
WASHINGTON — Data made public last week brings the total reported number of
service members discharged under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in fiscal year 2009 to 443,
according to Servicemembers United.
The figure became known April 22 by combining the discharge numbers from the
Defense Department, 428, with the discharge numbers for the Department of
Homeland Security for the Coast Guard, 15.
The new numbers bring the total number of discharges under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”
since its inception in 1993 to 13,425.
Alex Nicholson, executive director of Servicemembers United, said the numbers
continue the trend of record annual lows for discharged service members under “Don’t
Ask, Don’t Tell” as commanders “continue to ignore this law that is clearly outdated and
which impairs their unit readiness.”
“But this new number still means that 443 lives were unnecessarily turned upside
down in 2009, 443 careers were unfairly terminated, and military units unexpectedly
lost a valuable asset 443 times last year as two wars raged,” Nicholson said.
According to Servicemembers United, the actual number of discharges is probably
higher because the reported numbers don’t reflect service members expelled from the
Reserve or the National Guard.
“The Reserves and the National Guard have been especially active since Sept. 11,
2001, and their numbers have swelled, so it is highly probably that the discharge num-
bers from these two additional activities are significant,” Nicholson said.
april 30, 2010 • 9


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P060347 1/08
10 • april 30, 2010


Dem senators from Dakotas, Virginias leaning ‘yes’ on ENDA

David Stacey, said it’s uncertain ers in the House want to ensure
Frank says supporters whether 60 senators can be lined there are enough votes to kill any
must now ‘do the up to defeat a filibuster, which
Republican opponents were
Republican-sponsored motion to
recommit ENDA to committee. The
lobbying’ expected invoke to kill the bill. video’s audio quality of the video is
As of two weeks ago, HRC poor, and not all of Polis’s remarks
By LOU CHIBBARO JR. and ENDA supporters in the to the protesters could be heard. House of Representatives pre- “The congressman was saying
dicted the bill would reach the that [House Democratic] leader-
All but one of the Democratic House floor this spring. But last ship needs to make sure they
senators from North Dakota, South week, gay U.S. Rep. Jared Polis have the votes lined up to fight off
Dakota, Virginia and West Virginia (D-Colo.), a strong ENDA sup- any motion to recommit, not that
who are uncommitted on the porter, told LGBT activists he they don’t have the votes to pass
Employment Non-Discrimination was uncertain when the bill the bill,” said Lara Cottingham,
Act appear to be leaning toward would come up for a House vote. Polis’s press spokesperson. “He is
voting for the bill, according to Polis made his comments to confident that we will get to a floor
LGBT activists. protesters with the group GetEqual, vote, but wants to make sure it is
Photo courtesy Warner’s office
The six Democratic senators from who on April 15 interrupted a hear- done in the right way.”
the four states are among 16 uncom- A gay lawmaker in Virginia said he has ‘every confidence’ that U.S. Sen. ing held by the House Committee One possible motion to recom-
mitted Senate Democrats that LGBT Mark Warner ‘will do the right thing and support’ the Employment Non- on Education & Labor, which has mit the bill to committee could force
lobbyists say will play a pivotal role in Discrimination Act. jurisdiction over ENDA. the House to hold a recorded up-
determining whether ENDA will be The protesters boisterously or-down vote on whether the trans-
enacted into law this year. Sens. Tim Johnson (D-S.D.), Mark entation and gender identity in called on Rep. George Miller, the gender provision should stay in the
“I’m fairly confident our sena- Warner (D-Va.) and John most employment situations. It committee’s chair, to hold an “imme- bill, a vote that some House mem-
tors will vote for it,” said Joshua Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) are said to be does not apply to businesses with diate” committee vote to send ENDA bers fear could hurt them at the
Boschee, a member of the North good candidates to vote for ENDA. fewer than 15 employees, religious to the House floor. Polis, a member polls in the upcoming congression-
Dakota Human Rights Coalition, Activists from West Virginia, organizations and the military. of the committee, motioned for the al elections, according to some
which advocates on behalf of however, are less certain about The Human Rights Campaign, protesters to follow him outside the Capitol Hill observers.
gay and non-gay issues. Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.), who which is coordinating formal lob- hearing room, where he said he Gay Rep. Barney Frank (D-
Boschee was referring to North has declined to say how he will bying efforts for the bill, has said would talk to them about ENDA. Mass.), ENDA’s lead sponsor in the
Dakota Sens. Kent Conrad and vote on the bill. at least 53 senators were expect- According to Polis, whose House, told the Washington Blade
Byron Dorgan, who are both If passed, ENDA would ban job ed to vote for ENDA. But the remarks were recorded on
Democrats. The two, along with discrimination based on sexual ori- group’s deputy legislative director, GetEqual cameras, ENDA support- Continues on page 18
april 30, 2010 • 11

Steve Weinberg ATTORNEY AT LAW


2141 P Street, NW Suite 103 • Washington, DC 20037
Licensed in DC, MD and VA

spou with the right documents.
Protect your partner

Wills & Trusts

Powers of Attorney • Living Wills
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(301) 738-8220 • (703) 536-0220
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Lawrence S. Jacobs & Associates, P.C.
12 • april 30, 2010

directoryservices California repeals


gay ‘cure’ law

u Couples u Sex
Helping People Therapy
Grow Stronger
in Rough Times Results-Oriented ▼ Affordable
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The California
Larry Cohen, LICSW Assembly this week voted unanimously to
Michael Radkowsky, Psy.D. 22 years serving the glbt community
Licensed Psychologist u 15 years experience repeal a law enacted in 1950 that labeled gays
Near Woodley & Cleveland Park metro
as sexual deviants and demanded that studies
( 202) 234-3278 See website for NPR story on my work
be conducted to probe supposed ties between homosexuality and crime rates, as well as to
find “cures” for being gay.
Becky Carroll, Ph.D. The Assembly voted 62-0 for repeal,
Joel C. Ang, M.D. Licensed Psychologist
according to the Associated Press; the
Family Medicine, HIV Diagnosis & Treatment measure now proceeds to the Senate.
Interactive Counseling, Tom Ammiano, a Democratic San Francisco
202-667-5041 Psychotherapy and
Somatic Experiencing
assemblyman and LGBT rights supporter, said,
Adult Primary Care “It’s time to get this phony cure off the books.”
1759 Q Street NW, Washington, DC The antiquated law was created follow-
Red Line Metro • Dupont Circle 202.332.8477
ing a string of sex crimes in the Long Beach
free Wi-Fi • Limited Parking
area in the 1950s. One case involved the 3000 Connecticut Ave., NW murder of a 6-year-old girl. At the time, gays
Same Day Appointments
Insurance Accepted
took the blame for the crimes.
Democratic Assembly member Bonnie
Copies of records at each visit Sidney W. Binks III, Ph.D. Lowenthal of Long Beach, originally pro-
Instant HIV/Syphilis/Herpes Testing Licensed Clinical Psychologist
CLIA Certified Laboratory posed an outright repeal, but some law-
Individual & Couples Therapy makers wanted to retain language urging
for the LGBT Community Photo courtesy of Amiano
research into the causes of sex crimes
Sylvia R. Medley, M.D., M.P.H. 18 years experience!!
against children, the AP reported. ‘It’s time to get this phony cure off the
Internal Medicine, HIV, Women’s Health
Weight Management “The result will be the law as it should books,’ said Tom Ammiano, a San
202-667-5041 202.255.5187 have been written 60 years ago, but now Francisco assemblyman.
3000 Connecticut Avenue we’re setting it right,” Lowenthal said. “Sexual orientation is not a matter of choice any more than one’s height, and nei-
ther can be changed,” said Geoff Kors, executive director of the statewide LGBT rights
group Equality California.

China lifts ban on HIV-positive visitors

SHANGHAI — China announced this week that it has lifted a 24-year-old ban on
HIV-positive visitors to the country, just days before thousands of international travel-
ers are to begin arriving for Shanghai’s world expo, according to the New York Times.
The government also lifted a ban on travel to China by people with leprosy.
The move alters a 1986 law governing quarantines and a 1989 law regulating entry
by foreigners, removing the ban related to HIV-positive people, China’s State Council,
announced Tuesday.
The council approved the changes April 19 and Premier Wen Jiabao signed
decrees putting them into effect on April 24, according to the Times report.
Chinese law now bans only those with infectious tuberculosis, serious mental dis-
orders and “infectious diseases which could possibly greatly harm the public health.”
China has temporarily lifted the ban on H.I.V.-positive travelers for major events in
the past, but the revision of laws indicates that the change will be permanent, accord-
ing to the Times. China Daily quoted a spokesperson for the health ministry, Mao
Qun’an, as saying that the ministry had been working to permanently remove the pro-
hibition since the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
The United States only recently lifted its own 22-year ban on HIV-positive visitors.
Michael Deninger PhD President Bush initiated repeal of the ban, which was finalized under President
Licensed Professional Counselor Obama’s administration in January. Obama had promised LGBT rights activists that he
Certifed in Hypnotherapy and NLP would expedite lifting the ban.
• Relationships • Habits
Chicago clinic faces federal investigation
ASL Used Here

• Coming Out • Depression

• Phobias • Spirituality CHICAGO — Chicago’s Howard Brown Health Center is under federal investigation
• Traumas • Family Issues for allegations it mishandled federal funds associated with a decades-long AIDS study,
• Anxiety • Intimacy
the Chicago Tribune reported.
(703)212-8406 • The investigation by the National Institutes of Health involves research grant fund-
ing tied to the Multi Center AIDS Cohort Study, or MACS, an ongoing study of HIV-
infected men, the paper reported.
DAVE LLOYD & ASSOCIATES Want a subscription to “We recognize that the last few weeks have been wrought with questions and con-
Top 1% Nationwide cerns,” Paul Fairchild, Howard Brown’s interim chief operating officer, said in the state-
NVAR Life Member Top Producer
ment published by the Tribune. “We want to ensure the community that the integrity of
washington blade? the research surrounding the MACS or any other study at Howard Brown has not been
questioned. Our staff stands ready to provide the highest quality of research and the
ENTHUSIASTICALLY Contact standard of care that our community expects and deserves.”
SERVING DC & VIRGINIA In a press release, the center says it is cooperating with the investigation and has
Lynne Brown at launched an independent audit of all federal grants. In the statement, the board said it has “no reason to believe that any funds were misappropriated for personal gain or
used for purposes other than the center’s mission and services.”
april 30, 2010 • 13

703 D St NW 1221 Mass Ave NW*

Washington, DC Washington, DC
202-628-1288 202-628-7979
14 • april 30, 2010


‘Don’t Ask’ protest set for Sunday at White House

Continued from page 1 “I give them a lot of credit for and asks for votes in the two com-
moving as they did, but I can’t mittees, that’s going to make a dif-
“I’m delighted that [Pelosi] give them full credit and I’m dis- ference,” Sarvis said. “He’s working
reaffirmed to hold the vote this appointed,” he said. the phones on financial services
year,” he said. Bounville is also urging reform. He did that on health care.
Sarvis said the planned vote national LGBT organizations to We need that same kind of engage-
is helpful because it “under- take part in the Sunday protest ment in repealing that statute.”
scores to the White House the and said a lack of participation Sarvis said protests such as
seriousness of purpose” and the would mean those groups aren’t the one occurring Sunday are
importance of moving key votes serious about the urgency of effective in influencing President
in the House and Senate during repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Obama to move forward with
upcoming weeks. “If these organizations really repeal this year, but noted that
“The hour for the president as feel a sense of urgency of these there are different approaches to
well as for the leadership to issues, they will support rallies like petitioning the president.
become engaged is now,” he said. this that the community is plan- “We have clients who are send-
“The reality is — particularly in the ning,” he said. “It’s a rally that has ing letters to the president this
Senate Armed Services competent speakers eloquently week individually; we’re up on
Committee — we are still short of speaking on this issue, and if Capitol Hill face-to-face with mem-
some critical votes. We don’t have they’re not going to support that, bers and their staffs,” Sarvis said.
Photo courtesy of DNC “There’s a place for others to do
the votes today. We’re on the brink then they’re really not supporting
of getting them, and we need help One activist planning a Sunday protest outside the White House on ‘Don’t the movement, period.” their thing, whether it’s at the
from leadership on the Hill and Ask, Don’t Tell’ said President Obama has failed to follow through on his Bounville said SLDN and the White House or Lafayette Park.”
from the president himself.” promise to be a ‘fierce advocate’ for the LGBT community. National Gay & Lesbian Task Recalling a similar protest
As plans for the House vote Force would be among the before the White House that
emerged, pressure continued to this year,” Bounville said. in front of the White House? No.” organizations “looking at what SLDN organized in June to mark
build on President Obama to The protest is set to take place “If presidents were going to they can do right now to help the then-265 service members
make a greater effort to repeal Sunday from noon to 3 p.m. at change because people demon- promote this event,” but the situ- who were discharged during
“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” this year. Lafayette Park. Bounville noted strate, then what happens when ation with HRC is different. Obama’s term, Sarvis said his
Activists were planning a White that the number of people who people demonstrate in the oppo- “HRC has been to this point organization has taken part in
House protest Sunday to draw participate could be in the hun- site direction?” he said. “Do you unresponsive, which is interesting grassroots activism before.
more attention to the issue. dreds or more. Organizers are still count the number of demonstra- because the other organizations “Petitioning the president at
Heading the event are the working on the messaging for the tors? I continue to be frustrated have responded,” he said Monday. the White House is not a new
grassroots groups Queer Rising protest, Bounville said, including by people trying to take the easy “Joe Solmonese and HRC have thing for SLDN,” Sarvis said.
and GetEqual. The latter organiza- what he called a “visual compo- way out — the way that gives not responded, which is not sur- “That’s something that SLDN
tion was responsible for civil dis- nent” that “may or may not happen them an emotional release — prising. He’s forcing HRC to organized almost 11 months ago,
obedience protests in recent that would also provide a stark instead of calling senators and become irrelevant very fast.” so obviously I think it’s helpful.”
months, including arrests on two visual image at the actual rally.” calling representatives.” Cole denied that HRC hadn’t In addition to the White House
occasions of LGBT former service The list of speakers planning to Frank said he was willing to responded to the organizers’ protest, Bounville noted that
members who chained themselves take part in the protest is still bet most of those participating in request to participate. He said HRC activists were planning actions tar-
to the White House gates in protest being finalized, but Bounville said the protest have not lobbied their started talks Monday about getting geting members of Congress
of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” among those taking part would be lawmakers “in a significant way.” Jarrod Chlapowksi, HRC’s military regarding “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” He
Alan Bounville, a member of U.S. Army Lt. Dan Choi, an Iraq “By which, I mean, call them consultant, involved in the event. said his organization sent fliers to
Queer Rising and East Coast war veteran who was among and getting other people to call “He is interested in doing so senators with differing positions on
organizer for GetEqual, said the those who chained himself to the them,” he said. and HRC is interested in having the issue — Senate Armed
focus of Sunday’s protest would White House fence in protest of In response, Bounville said him appear,” Cole said. “Right Services Committee Chairman Carl
be to press Obama to send to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Frank and others shouldn’t dispar- now, Jarrod is in direct communi- Levin (D-Mich.), ranking Republican
Congress language repealing “There’s a list of speakers that age acts of civil disobedience cation with the event organizers Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and
“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” as part of are taking the stage and just because people are putting them- to work out the details and find Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) — with the
his budget recommendations for really sharing their stories, selves on the line for these efforts. out more about the event, but we message, “You’re next!”
the defense authorization bill. repeating this demand over and “That’s disgusting,” he said. look forward to his participation.” Accordingly, five activists held a
“We want the president to over and over,” Bounville said. “When they say things that really Sarvis said SLDN is supportive sit-in protest Monday at McCain’s
transmit to the Senate Armed “We’ll be doing a lot of chanting condemn non-violent direct action, of the protest, but was waiting to district office in Phoenix, Ariz., to
Services Committee the lan- and just really connecting the they’re completely out of touch, not hear more details. He said he had protest the senator’s opposition to
guage that’s put into the people not just to this issue, but just with this movement, but with a meeting scheduled April 23 with repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” The
[Department of Defense] budget also to the fact we’re really fight- the social movement in general.” Kip Williams, a co-chair of fallout of the protest wasn’t immedi-
to repeal this ridiculous law ing for full federal equality.” Bounville said he didn’t think GetEqual, but the discussion didn’t ately clear and McCain’s office didn’t
immediately,” he said. “We want Bounville was non-committal “letter writing and phone calling take place because Williams left respond to a request for comment.
that to happen right now; we about whether civil disobedience and $2,500 a plate dinners” have town before the scheduled time. “From a non-violent direct
want him to do that this moment.” would be a component of influenced lawmakers to move “We’re having conversations action standpoint, yeah, we have
Activists are urging Obama to Sunday’s protest. He said he had toward repeal, and what’s work- about what it’s going to look like reached out to those targets,”
send such language to Congress “no idea” whether anyone would ing “is the groundswell of grass- and who’s participating and Bounville said.
soon because the defense commit- break the law at the event. roots support.” what’s the scope of the protest,” Still, Bounville said the No. 1
tees are expected to hold markups “I have no idea and usually “So if there were any civil disobe- Sarvis said. “But, yes, it’s certain- focal point for the upcoming
next month for defense authoriza- those types of things would be dience at this rally, if it’s well execut- ly something that we’re going to protest is Obama because he’s
tion legislation. The Senate Armed kept under wraps anyway,” he ed, I think that would be a wonderful be supporting … and we’ll be failed to follow through on his
Services Committee, which advo- said. “So that’s definitely some- thing for the movement,” he said. helping to get out information on promise to be a “fierce advo-
cates have been pushing to take thing we wouldn’t know until While skeptical about the impact it and other means.” cate” for the LGBT community.
up the issue of “Don’t Ask, Don’t we’re actually out there.” of Sunday’s protest, Frank said the Noting Obama called for “Don’t “I’m going to continue to pres-
Tell” is scheduled to hold its But at least one lawmaker was White House isn’t being “supportive Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal as part of sure him,” Bounville said. “I’m
markup on May 26. skeptical about the impact of the the way they should be” in moving his State of the Union address, going to continue to exhaust
“So [the protest is] really just Sunday protest. Gay Rep. Barney forward with repeal this year. Sarvis said the challenge before myself because I’m not exhausted
part of the growing swell of grass- Frank (D-Mass.), when asked about Still, Frank said the recent regula- repeal advocates is ensuring the on this. He will continue to lose
roots pressure that’s being placed the effectiveness of the White tory changes limiting third-party out- president is following through and political capital at an accelerated
on the president to take leadership House protest, replied, “You think ings and raising the rank of officers engaged with Congress to elimi- rate, probably faster than he would
on this issue because we know this President Obama is going to cave conducting and initiating reviews nate the statute this year. have if we weren’t engaged at this
window is closing for this to happen because people are demonstrating “made a tremendous difference.” “Clearly, if he gets on the phone end of the movement.”
april 30, 2010 • 15

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by planting a shad
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W h e t h e r y o u w a n t t o re p l a c e s t o r m d a m a g e d t re e s o r
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Rebate Terms:
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2) Plant the tree at a residence located in DC.
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16 • april 30, 2010


Gay congressional candidates raking in cash

ability to fundraise,” Dison said. In the race for California’s
Contenders in R.I., For cash on hand, or the amount 45th congressional district, the
Calif. doing well, of money remaining after expendi-
tures in the race, the margin between
gay Democrat running for office
has also amassed a sizeable
experts say Cicilline and his Republican oppo- war chest, although not as much
nent is even more pronounced: the as the Republican incumbent
By CHRIS JOHNSON Providence mayor has $713,346; he’s trying to oust. Loughlin has $187,537. Steve Pougnet, the mayor of
“That’s a sign to other donors Palm Springs, Calif., has raised
Non-incumbent gay candidates and to the political establishment $867,614 in his bid to unseat Rep.
running for Congress are general- that Mayor Cicilline is prepared Mary Bono Mack (R), who’s raised
ly doing a good job of raising to fight and win this,” Dison said. $1,330,183 to hold on to her seat.
money, according to the reported Notable donations to Cicilline’s Notable donors to Pougnet
receipts the Federal Election campaign include $2,400 from the include the Victory Fund, which gave
Commission made public after the Victory Fund as well as $1,000 $2,400 to his campaign, and Polis,
first quarter of this year. from gay lawmaker Rep. Jared whose PAC contributed $2,000.
For the first quarter of 2010, Polis’ (D-Colo.) political action Jordan Marks, Pougnet’s cam-
David Cicilline, the gay Democratic committee. paign manager, said he thinks the
mayor of Providence, R.I., has had The Human Rights Campaign, fundraising numbers place the
marked success in fundraising to which has endorsed Cicilline, also candidate in a “great position.”
support his congressional bid. After contributed to the campaign. In the first quarter of 2010, Marks
Washington Blade photo by Michael Key
announcing his candidacy to repre- Michael Cole, an HRC spokesper- said Pougnet raised about the same
sent Rhode Island’s 1st congres- David Cicilline, the gay Democratic mayor of Providence, R.I., is running son, said his organization has amount that Bono Mack raised for
sional district earlier this year, for Congress and has raked in $725,078 for his war chest. made $6,000 in direct contribu- her campaign, even though she’s
Cicilline has raked in $725,078 for tions to the campaign. an incumbent. Marks noted that
his war chest. Sean Theriault, a gay govern- November elections,” he said. “Additionally, we are likely to Pougnet raised $304,000 and Bono
Comparatively, Bill Lynch, a ment professor at the University Denis Dison, spokesperson for contribute the full $10,000 allowed Mack raised around $320,000 in
former Rhode Island Democratic of Texas, Austin, said Cicilline the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, by law through a combination of that time period.
Party chair who’s challenging “looks to be in great shape” said the amount of money Cicilline direct and in-kind contributions by “This quarter is, by far, our best
Cicilline for the party nomination, heading into the election. has raised is “hugely significant.” the election,” Cole said. quarter so far,” Marks said. “This
has raised $230,485. John “I would be surprised if he “This is an open seat and part of Cicilline’s campaign didn’t quarter proved that for certain we
Loughlin, a Republican candi- isn’t welcomed into the [LGBT the calculus about who’s going to respond to a request for com-
date, has raised $333,763. Equality] Caucus after the be considered a frontrunner is the ment on his fundraising numbers. Continues on page 20
april 30, 2010 • 17

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Prospects for ENDA looking up in the Senate

Continued from page 10 But an aide to the House if there is an attempt to delete “We are asking state senators County Board. “I have every confi-
Democratic leadership, who the transgender provision from who voted for the state bill to dence that he will do the right thing
this week that he remains optimistic spoke on condition of anonymity, the bill, she’s optimistic that the lobby our congressional delega- and support ENDA.”
about the bill’s overall prospects in said this week that an ENDA bill’s supporters will have the tion” on ENDA, Boschee said. Stephen Skinner, president of
the House. But he repeated con- vote would not be held if there votes to defeat such a motion. And Karen Mudd, an official the board for the state LGBT group
cerns he raised earlier in the month aren’t enough votes to pass it. She said that for other bills, with Equality South Dakota, a Fairness West Virginia, said his
that not enough people in the LGBT “We’re not going to bring it up Democratic leaders have some- statewide LGBT advocacy group, group has been actively lobbying
community are being aggressive if it will fail,” said the aide. “That times pulled the bill off the House said the group is optimistic that Byrd and Rockefeller on ENDA.
enough in lobbying their representa- would be harmful to the bill’s floor if it appears they don’t have Johnson will vote for ENDA, even “I am very hopeful that Sen.
tives to vote for the bill. prospects in the future.” the votes to kill a damaging motion though he’s declined to sign on as Rockefeller will vote for it and will
He said too many people in the But Mara Keisling, executive to recommit and that the motion to a co-sponsor of the bill. soon become a co-sponsor,” said
gay community “want to play prog- director of the National Center recommit is deemed unacceptable. “Sen. Johnson’s staff has been Skinner. “I’m also hopeful that Sen.
nosticator and not do the lobbying.” for Transgender Equality and an She noted that would happen in very receptive to our requests that he Byrd will do the right thing on ENDA.”
“We are in a fight,” Frank said. active lobbyist for ENDA, said the unlikely development that support ENDA,” Mudd said. “He has Some Capitol Hill observers
“The [House] leadership is com- she agrees with Frank that a ENDA supporters don’t have the a policy in his Senate office of non- think his long record of leaning
mitted. We have a large number House vote on ENDA should be votes to defeat a motion to recom- discrimination based on sexual ori- toward conservative views on social
of votes. What we need are peo- held regardless of whether its mit that’s deemed unacceptable. entation. We’re asking him to expand issues might prompt him to vote
ple to call their representatives passage is absolutely certain. Amid the House uncertainty, that to include gender identity.” against the bill or to abstain from
and tell them to vote for this and “We are so close, and we’re activists are increasingly hopeful for In Virginia, Sen. Jim Webb, a voting on ENDA. He was absent
then call their senators.” certainly over the top on the over- the bill’s prospects in the Senate. Democrat, signed on as an from the vote last year on a hate
He said the decision by protest- all bill,” she said. “Whatever bill Boschee of North Dakota ENDA co-sponsor earlier this crimes bill that included protections
ers to disrupt Miller’s committee goes to the House floor will pass. noted that the North Dakota year. Warner, his Democratic col- for gay and transgender people.
hearing “was about as unhelpful as So it’s a question of how close we Senate recently passed a state league in the Senate, has so far But one source familiar with
could be,” and described the protest- are to assurances on hypothetical version of ENDA that includes a declined to co-sponsor the bill. Byrd, who spoke on condition of
ers as “people with Tea Party envy.” motions to recommit. transgender protection provision. But LGBT activists say Warner not being identified, speculated
Frank also said two weeks ago “All of them at this point are entire- Although the state’s House of has expressed general support that Byrd might vote to defeat an
that he favors holding a House ly hypothetical. And there’s no way to Representatives defeated the for a federal non-discrimination ENDA filibuster, even if he votes
vote on ENDA even if it’s uncer- be absolutely positive because the bill, Boschee said its approval in bill covering gays, and they are against the bill itself. A vote against
tain the bill would pass or support- motion to recommit could be some- the state Senate has generated hopeful that Warner will vote for a filibuster would, in effect, be a
ers could beat back a harmful thing we didn’t anticipate,” Keisling new energy among LGBT advo- a trans-inclusive ENDA this year. vote for the bill since ENDA sup-
motion to recommit. He noted that said. “It could be something that is cates in the state, prompting “I’ve known Sen. Warner for a porters believe they have more
it’s important for the LGBT com- not a big deal to us.” greater support for the version of dozen years,” said Jay Fissette, the than the 50 votes needed to pass
munity to have such a vote. Keisling noted, however, that ENDA pending in Congress. openly gay chair of the Arlington the bill in an up-or-down vote.
april 30, 2010 • 19
WWW.LIRONEPRO.COM (703) 623-9042
Images by LIRONE Photographer

1517 Wisconsin Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20007
(202) 625-2677

Tysons Galleria
1785M International Drive
McLean, VA 22102
(703) 848-2197

Name: Gus Elfving

Occupation: Principal & Pack Leader of Pet Peeps, LLC
Hobbies: Pets, Painting, Watching Reality Television, Dabbling in Social Media, and Dreaming about Travel
About Me: Living can be like driving on an unfamiliar interstate highway with extremely hard to read
signage. I try to take the scenic route. Either way, the road will take me where it goes.
Pet model: Gia
20 • april 30, 2010


Gay candidates post strong fundraising numbers

Continued from page 16 the country working to raise Potosnak said he’s “extremely
money for her campaign. energized and proud” of the sup-
will have the resources that we “It doesn’t really surprise me port his campaign has received.
need to run a really credible cam- that her numbers came out so “I project a strong showing in
paign, talk about the differences strongly in the fundraising world,” the second quarter to advance
between us and our opponent, and Moran said. our positive message,” Potosnak
really give the voters an opportuni- Moran said he expects to see said. “I’m pretty confident that
ty to make a clear choice.” another contribution from Log with additional support from our
Based on the fundraising Cabin to Bono Mack as the gen- community, we can and we will
numbers, Theriault said Pougnet eral election approaches — make up for that difference.”
would “be in the hunt” to claim although he’s unsure of the Noting that he’s unopposed in
Bono Mack’s seat. But given the amount — and that members of his Democratic primary, Potosnak
challenges that Democrats are Log Cabin are making individual said Lance has several chal-
expected to face in this year’s contributions to her campaign. lengers in his Republican primary
election, Theriault wasn’t opti- HRC hasn’t made an endorse- that would “likely deplete his cam-
mistic about Pougnet’s chances. ment in the race for California’s paign funds” as Lance progresses
“If this were 2006 or 2008, 45th congressional district. toward the general election.
Congresswoman Bono [Mack] Another gay Democrat is run- The Victory Fund hasn’t made
Photo courtesy of Friends of Steve Pougnet
would be in serious trouble,” Theriault ning to represent New Jersey’s 7th a decision to endorse Potosnak.
said. “I suspect that the political winds Steve Pougnet, the gay Democratic mayor of Palm Springs, Calif., has congressional district in the Dison said he couldn’t comment
may save her this time.” raised $867,614 in his bid for Congress. upcoming election. Ed Potosnak, a on the candidate’s fundraising
Support for Pougnet among former schoolteacher and staffer numbers because his organization
LGBT groups isn’t universal. The Federal Marriage Amendment and Still, Bono Mack has been criti- for Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.), is hasn’t made an endorsement.
Log Cabin Republicans is backing voted in favor of hate crimes legis- cized for not taking a position on attempting to oust Rep. Leonard Theriault said Potosnak’s
Bono Mack in the race and last year lation and the Employment Non- California’s Proposition 8 when it Lance (R-N.J.) from his seat. numbers don’t bode well for his
contributed $1,500 to her campaign. Discrimination Act. came before state lawmakers and The first quarter filings reveal prospects.
Charles Moran, a Log Cabin “We’ve got longstanding rela- for refraining from endorsing that Potosnak has raised $81,007, “In today’s political climate, a
spokesperson, said his organiza- tionships with Mary Bono Mack “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal. while Lance has received $772,440 Democratic challenger needs at
tion is supporting Bono Mack and she’s backed [us] up on a lot of Noting that Bono Mack in fundraising. The difference least $500,000 to be even a legit-
because the Republican lawmaker different issues when we’ve need- amassed more than $1 million in between the two candidates is less imate candidate against a
voted with the LGBT community ed it,” he said. “We’re proud and campaign funds, Moran said the pronounced for cash on hand: Republican incumbent,” Theriault
when her support was needed. have no problem supporting Mary lawmaker is “doing well” and that Potosnak has $64,397 and Lance said. “Mr. Potosnak is about six
Bono Mack twice voted against the in this race. It was a no-brainer.” she’s among the best people in has $473,880. times short that amount.”

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22 • april 30, 2010


Senate moves to address LGBT inequality abroad

approval earlier this month of a “This is really a recognition of
Amendment to resolution condemning an anti-gay the Senate and by Congress of
State Dept. budget bill in the Uganda parliament that
would, among other things, insti-
the good work that the State
Department is already doing and
would boost tracking tute the death penalty in some affirming that this work should
of int’l violence cases for homosexual acts and
require citizens to report LGBT
continue to go forward,” he said.
Last year, the House passed
By CHRIS JOHNSON people to the police. its version of the foreign affairs Feingold said in remarks to the authorization bill with language
committee that the Uganda legisla- substantively identical to the
The U.S. Senate Foreign tion “is just one example” of actions LGBT provisions in the current
Relations Committee on Tuesday taken abroad aimed at restricting Senate bill. The Senate commit-
adopted an amendment to help the rights of LGBT people. tee’s adoption of the amendment
address LGBT inequality abroad “Members of the lesbian, gay, puts the two bills in accord as
as part of major State Department bisexual, and transgendered the legislation makes its way to
budget legislation. community face increasing levels President Obama’s desk.
The amendment, sponsored of persecution and violence in Bromley said the amendment
by Sen. Russ Feingold (D- Iran and Iraq, criminalization mandates the LGBT provisions,
Wisc.), was attached to the fiscal laws remain in effect in many while allowing the State
year 2010-11 foreign affairs other countries, and homosexu- Department considerable discre-
Photo courtesy of Feingold’s office
authorization bill. Sen. Kirsten ality is punishable by death in tion in implementation.
Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) was a co- U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold sponsored a measure that urges the State Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and “That is an important policy
sponsor of the measure. Department to better track violence overseas related to sexual orientation Nigeria,” Feingold said. mandate and there is no discretion
Mark Bromley, chair of the and laws criminalizing homosexuality, among other steps. At Blade deadline, the Senate provided to the department,
Council for Global Equality, said Foreign Relations Committee was although the secretary has already
the measure passed, 12-7, to sexual orientation and laws regard to reporting on abuses still considering amendments to clearly demonstrated her commit-
with Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) criminalizing homosexuality. against LGBT people. the foreign affairs legislation and ment to this work,” he said.
joining 11 Democrats voting in Additionally, the provision calls In a statement, Feingold said had yet to report the bill to the floor. Should the legislation reach
favor of the amendment. on U.S. embassies to work to reform the amendment “will help counter Bromley said the adoption of the Obama, it would be an achieve-
The language urges the State or repeal laws overseas criminaliz- efforts around the world” that amendment “is useful” because the ment not often made by Congress.
Department to task more officers ing homosexuality and directs the restrict the rights of LGBT people. State Department “has already, on Bromley said the last time
in the Human Rights Bureau to State Department to strengthen its Adoption of the amendment its own accord, implemented most Congress passed a foreign affairs
track violence overseas related annual human rights report with comes on the heels of Senate of these provisions.” authorization bill was in 2002.
april 30, 2010 • 23
24 • april 30, 2010

Photo courtesy of Sears

Former Georgia Supreme Court Justice

Leah Sears

Kagan, Sears too

for Supreme Court?
Special from Georgia Voice

Two possible replacements for retiring U.S.

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens
could draw fire from conservative organiza-
tions for their stands on LGBT issues.
President Obama’s short list of potential
nominees holds fewer than 10 names,
according to reports. The list is said to include
former Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice
Leah Sears and U.S. Solicitor General Elena
Kagan, along with Homeland Security
Secretary Janet Napolitano and D.C. Court of
Appeals Judge Merrick Garland.
Sears was known for her strong stands
on gay issues during her tenure on the
Georgia Supreme Court, from which she
retired in June 2009. Her legal opinions,
including voting with the majority to overturn
Georgia’s sodomy law and her opposition to
the process by which Georgia’s Constitution
was amended to ban same-sex marriage,
made her the target of conservatives who
tried unsuccessfully to unseat her.
Kagan’s opposition to the military’s
“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” ban on gays, les-
bians and bisexuals serving openly was a
key issue for opponents when she was
confirmed to the Obama administration
post last year, and would likely surface
again should she be nominated to the high
court, the Wall Street Journal reported.
As dean of the Harvard Law School, in
2005, Kagan joined an amicus brief that
argued that law schools such as Harvard
should be able to bar military recruiters,
because the military does not follow the
gay-inclusive non-discrimination policy the
schools required of private employers who
wished to recruit on their campuses.
In an e-mail to law school students and
faculty at the time, Kagan described “Don’t
Ask, Don’t Tell” as “a profound wrong — a
moral injustice of the first order,” according
to the Wall Street Journal.
During the confirmation process for
Kagan to become attorney general, Sen.
John Cornyn (R-Texas) asked her in writ-
ing if she believed the U.S. Constitution
guaranteed gay couples the right to marry.
“There is no federal constitutional
right to same-sex marriage,” Kagan said,
according to the Wall Street Journal.
Last year, the Christian Coalition of
America called Kagan “dangerous to
april 30, 2010 • 25


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26 • april 30, 2010


Activists cite fighting AIDS, hate crimes as priorities

Continued from page 1 to get involved and intervene in dent of the Gay & Lesbian
D.C. in a number of ways,” she Activists Alliance, point to GLAA’s
“There’s still so much work to be said, pointing to Congress’s 21-page 2008 LGBT Agenda, or
done,” said veteran D.C. gay and authority to overturn a D.C. law policy paper for D.C., which
Ward 8 community activist Phil at any time, including through its describes a wide range of issues
Pannell. “We have not overcome yet.” process of approving the city’s that the group believes are related
Pannell and others involved annual appropriations bill. to gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-
with local LGBT organizations “We are not going to be able to gender city residents.
pointed to alarmingly high rates rest on our laurels and be safe and Rosendall said the group is
of HIV infection among D.C. men secure in having marriage at least, updating the Agenda document
who have sex with men, the city’s I would say, for another year or two in time to present it to candidates
unwelcome status of having the or even longer,” she said. running in this year’s mayoral
nation’s highest rate of reported Veteran D.C. gay activist Bob and City Council races.
anti-LGBT hate crimes, and its Summersgill, who is credited with “Marriage equality is only part
distinction of being one of the mapping the strategy for passing a of one of six sections in our poli-
few major U.S. cities that fails to same-sex marriage law, said he, cy paper,” Rosendall said.
provide ongoing city funds for its too, is hopeful that a ballot meas- In addition to addressing LGBT
LGBT community center. ure seeking to repeal the law will families, Rosendall said the docu-
Washington Blade file photo by Michael Key
The same contingent of be defeated in court. However, he ment lists LGBT-related concerns
activists expressed caution that David Mariner, executive director of the D.C. LGBT Community Center, noted that Congress could always over public safety, including the
the fight for same-sex marriage in said the facility could take a stronger role if it were better supported by exert its authority to force the city to Police and Fire and Emergency
the city is not yet over. They noted city funding. put the issue before the voters. Medical Services Departments and
that a lawsuit seeking to force the “The Democrats will not hold the Department of Corrections; pub-
city to hold a voter initiative calling referendum law that bans ballot “We still have to stay vigilant both houses [of Congress] forever, lic health, including AIDS; human
for repealing the law is scheduled measures seeking to take away and make sure we are actively and it is unlikely that any and civil rights; education and youth;
to come up for a hearing May 4 rights from minority groups. monitoring what will come down Republicans will back marriage and consumer and business issues.
before the D.C. Court of Appeals. That law, which gay activists through the courts,” said Aisha equality in D.C. if they gain a “Even if we achieve equality on
City attorneys, who have persuaded the City Council to Mills, president of the Campaign majority,” Summersgill said. “The paper — and we have a long way
already won several earlier court pass in the late 1970s, has so far for All D.C. Families, one of the longer that they are put off, the to go in some of these areas —
challenges to the marriage law, spared the city a divisive ballot lead groups that lobbied for the safer we are, but we must be pre- continued vigilance is required to
say they are optimistic the city will fight over gay marriage that has city’s same-sex marriage law. pared to fight a ballot initiative.” ensure that good policies are put
ultimately win its case in defend- rocked other states, including “And we also know that On other matters, Summersgill
ing a provision of its initiative and California and Maine. Congress still has an opportunity and Rick Rosendall, vice presi- Continues on page 28


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Fridays, 7-9 p.m., Fair Lakes PetSmart

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28 • april 30, 2010


LGBT residents urged to get involved in broader community

Continued from page 26 would have enormous benefits for owned by a real estate develop- ing agenda should be making broader community. … You can’t
many of our married couples here in ment company that plans to sure the mayor and city agencies just go to the straight community
into practice,” he said. the city as well as married couples demolish it to build a new condo- properly implement LGBT-relat- and say let’s talk about LGBT.”
Among the specific issues throughout the country,” she said. minium and office complex. The ed laws and policies already on She said a small number of
addressed in the document are David Mariner, executive direc- Washington Blade offices also are the books. He noted that agen- LGBT people who are involved in
bullying of LGBT youth in the city’s tor of the D.C. LGBT Community located in the building. cies such as the public school their local communities work on
public schools “while adult authori- Center, said many of the LGBT- Brian Watson, director of pro- system haven’t been aggressive broader, non-LGBT issues as
ty figures often look the other way,” related social services programs grams for the non-profit social enough in carrying out anti-bully- well as LGBT issues.
lack of social services for trans- that groups like GLAA seek to services group Transgender ing polices, for example. “But as an agenda, the com-
gender residents, and a local improve are performed in other Health Empowerment, and long- “We may also need to legislate munity does not get involved in
health care system that doesn’t cities by LGBT community centers. time transgender activist Earline action” requiring the agencies to bet- something that’s not LGBT,” she
sufficiently serve lesbians. Pointing to a call by activists in Budd, an outreach worker for the ter carry out such programs, he said. said. “And yet we expect our
The GLAA Agenda document Philadelphia for “brick and mortar” group, both said the community’s Carlene Cheatam, a same-sex allies to support us. … And so
is available online at the organi- projects and programs for LGBT work in addressing transgender marriage advocate and longtime what I want is for the LGBT com-
zation’s web site, youth, seniors and other vulnerable issues is far from complete. member of the D.C. Coalition of munity to become part of the
Lesbian Democratic activist populations, Mariner said the D.C. The two pointed to the organi- Black Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & broader community and partici-
Barbara Helmick cited a litany of LGBT Center has the ability to zation’s Wanda Alston House for Transgender Men & Women pate, support other people, other
issues similar to those raised in house or operate such programs if LGBT youth, which provides tem- before recently stepping aside communities to establish allies.”
the GLLA Agenda document, but the city helps fund the center. porary housing and social services from the group, called for a funda- Cheatam also said that LGBT
said that local activists should go “We are the only major U.S. city to gay and trans youth. Due to city mental change in the LGBT move- people who take a low profile in
a step further by joining others in that doesn’t have a permanent build- budget cuts, the Alston House lost ment’s approach on the local level. their involvement in the broader
the community to push for ing for our local LGBT Community a sizable portion of its city funding, Instead of working mostly community should be fully out
changes in federal law. Center,” Mariner said. “In our short requiring THE to reduce services within specific LGBT groups that and self identified as LGBT.
Of particular concern to same- time at 1810 14th St., N.W., we’ve to the youth staying at the house. limit their work to LGBT-specific “This also helps other people
sex married couples, she said, is seen what is possible when we have “Homelessness in our commu- issues, Cheatam said activists who are in the closet to see LGBT
the existing federal law barring an appropriate facility. Unfortunately, nity is mostly invisible,” Budd said. should become fully involved in [people] who are visible, who are
them from obtaining Social Security we will have to leave this facility, pos- “One of my priorities for our move- their local communities and inte- cleaning up neighborhood alleys
spousal benefits given to straight sibly as soon as this summer, and ment is to find out how we can grate LGBT advocacy into the with the gay T-shirt on. You can
married couples. our future is uncertain.” reach the social and economically broader community. see that from your window and
“I think with our unique seat right Mariner was referring to a disadvantaged in our community.” “I have always thought that the say, ‘Wow, they’re able to be out
here with the federal government lease the Center has for a building Gay Democratic activist Peter community does it wrong,” she said. and in the neighborhood.’
down the street, the local community formerly used by the Whitman- Rosenstein said an important “I feel the community does it sepa- “That’s my wish for the com-
becoming active in that campaign Walker Clinic. The building is part of the community’s continu- rate from other issues and the munity.”

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32 • april 30, 2010

VIEWPOINT washingtonblade
Vol. 41, Issue 18
Address: 1810 14th St., N.W.,

HRC, Solmonese in the hot seat

Washington, D.C. 20009
Phone: 202-747-2077
Publisher: Brown Naff Pitts Omnimedia, Inc.

up to the HRC board. ited pool of donors. The LGBT coming days and weeks, pres- PUBLISHER
Critics demand answers Asked by DC Agenda’s Chris movement is in desperate need suring them to act now.
LYNNE J. BROWN ext. 8075
as time runs short for Johnson if he regretted the regret- of consolidation, something I’ve It’s true that the Obama admin- EDITORIAL
table “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” rally advocated for several years. istration has advanced LGBT Editor
Congress to act last month featuring Kathy Griffin, Unfortunately, it’s an idea that is equality via various rule changes KEVIN NAFF ext. 8088
Solmonese said that Griffin anathema to those in power. and executive orders, including the News & Multimedia Editor
By KEVIN NAFF approached HRC with the idea As for Solmonese, he and his recent letter sent to HHS endors- ext. 8086
and the organization felt it was bet- organization often sound out of ing hospital visitation rights for Features
HRC president Joe Solmonese ter to be a part of it than not. touch with the average LGBT citi- LGBT couples. It’s also true that ext. 8081
took it on the last week at a panel Another kerfuffle erupted when zen. There is a palpable and grow- HRC doesn’t get the credit it Sr. News Reporter
discussion among LGBT move- Sarvis said he was excluded from ing anger with President Obama deserves for pushing behind the ext. 8079
ment leaders moderated by Sirius a key White House meeting related and the Democrats in Congress scenes for those changes. News Reporter
XM radio’s Michelangelo Signorile to “Don’t Ask” repeal. Several HRC and HRC would be wise to recog- But with wide Democratic ext. 8083
in Washington. staffers reportedly attended the nize it and respond appropriately. majorities in both houses of Staff Photographer
In the studio with Signorile meeting; it appears that Sarvis Solmonese, for example, should Congress and a supportive
were Rea Carey from National wasn’t invited because he had have apologized for the Griffin rally Democratic president, the bar was PRODUCTION
Gay & Lesbian Task Force, Mara publicly criticized the administra- — it was a sorry exercise in star- set much higher. If ENDA dies, as Creative Director
Keisling from National Center for tion’s handling of the issue. fuckery that had no place in the many are predicting, and “Don’t ROB BOEGER ext. 8074
Transgender Equality, Aubrey Americablog’s John Aravosis, who serious debate over “Don’t Ask, Ask” repeal is delayed by endless WEB
Sarvis from Servicemembers was in the audience, angrily Don’t Tell,” a law that has studies there will be a reckoning in Project Manager
Legal Defense Network, blogger denounced Sarvis’ exclusion from destroyed the careers of 13,000 the movement in 2011. We CHEVROCK
Pam Spaulding and former the meeting during the radio event. brave American service members. haven’t heard a peep about
Clinton administration official You can’t fault HRC for having We have listened to the many repealing the Defense of Marriage SALES & ADMINISTRATION
Sr. Acct. Executive
Richard Socarides. Solmonese White House access, but exclud- promises made by Democrats since Act, something Obama repeated- BRIAN PITTS
joined by phone from London, ing experts from key meetings 2006, supported them with money ly and emphatically promised to ext. 8089
Acct. Executive
where he was stranded by the smacks of either petty turf wars or and votes and waited patiently for do during his campaign. The JERYL PARADE
Icelandic volcano ash cloud. appeasement and pandering to an Obama to tackle the economy, Uniting American Families Act ext. 8072
Marketing Sales Executive
No one on the panel asked administration looking to retaliate health care and other priorities and other high-profile legislative DION JORDAN
Solmonese the question that against its critics. HRC shouldn’t before getting around to LGBT con- priorities remain in limbo. ext. 8084
Classified Advertising
many audience members were have played along and instead cerns. But time is running out. The Meanwhile, too many of our PHILLIP G. ROCKSTROH
buzzing about: Why was he in insisted on bringing Sarvis. Democrats will lose seats in both so-called “activists” are too con- ext. 8092
London during this critical period There were several questions houses come November, giving cerned with currying favor, pre- For distribution, contact Lynne Brown
for securing the final votes to related to how closely the LGBT them a handy excuse to avoid serving access and pursuing at 202-747-2077, ext. 8075
repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”? movement’s many groups work LGBT issues until after the 2012 administration jobs to stand up to Accounting services provided
by Martin & Wall, P.C. C.P.A.
Was the Senate Armed Services together. Spaulding noted that elections. And if the Republicans a president and a party that take Distributed by MediaPoint, LLC
Committee holding a British she routinely receives multiple manage to retake the House, as LGBT support for granted. The All material in the Washington Blade is pro-
retreat that we don’t know about? press releases on the same some are predicting, then we’re LGBT movement is nearing a tected by federal copyright law and may not
be reproduced without the written consent
Turns out he went to London to issue from a slew of organiza- really out in the cold again. crossroads. The strategy of align- of the Washington Blade. The sexual orien-
meet with movement leaders tions parroting the same mes- There’s still time to repeal ing closely with the Democratic tation of advertisers, photographers, writers
and cartoonists published herein is neither
there and attend the Stonewall sage, something I can attest “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and to Party must pay off in the next few inferred nor implied. The appearance of
dinner — at a donor’s expense. happens with regularity. The pass the Employment Non- months. Otherwise, names or pictorial representation does not
necessarily indicate the sexual orientation
There were plenty of barbs sent assembled leaders assured the Discrimination Act this year, but new leadership and of that person or persons. Although the
Solmonese’s way, including a audience that they do, in fact, both will require public support new strategies will Washington Blade is supported by many
fine advertisers, we cannot accept respon-
pointed question from Get Equal’s work closely together. For a from Obama and his behind-the- need to emerge sibility for claims made by advertisers.
Robin McGehee, who asked if moment it seemed they would scenes lobbying of reluctant and prevail.
Unsolicited editorial material is accepted by
Solmonese and HRC’s David join hands and sing “Kumbaya.” moderate Democrats. Obama the Washington Blade, but the paper cannot
Smith would resign if key LGBT leg- But they all missed the obvi- needs to be on the phone with take responsibility for its return. The editors
Kevin Naff is editor of reserve the right to accept, reject or edit
islative priorities are not achieved ous point that the movement has Sens. Jim Webb (D-Va.), Robert the Washington Blade. any submission.
this year. Solmonese responded too many organizations, leaders Byrd (D-W.Va.) and other Reach him at A single copy of the Washington Blade is avail-
that his continued employment is and egos chasing the same lim- uncommitted Democrats in the able from authorized distribution points, to any
individual within a 50-mile radius of Washington,
D.C. Multiple copies are available from the
Washington Blade office only. Call for rates.

If you are unable to get to a convenient free
distribution point, you may receive a 52-week
mailed subscription for $175 per year. Checks
or credit card orders can be sent to
Re: “Rematch in Maryland” were provided with domestic went with my husband to see the “pure and simple” and that the real Phil Rockstroh at
(editorial by Kevin Naff, April 16) partner Benefits in FY 2010 by movie “Precious.” My hesitation, reason for this lack of recognition is Postmaster: Send address changes to the
Gov. Martin O’Malley deserves regulatory changes implemented based on reviews and synopses much more nuanced, with perhaps Washington Blade, PO BOX 73647 Washington,
DC 20056. The Washington Blade is pub-
support from Maryland’s LGBT by the O’Malley administration. that I read, was my belief that the one factor being the criticism that lished weekly, on Friday, by Brown Naff
community. In addition, O’Malley has directed film would be too depressing and “Precious” received from some Pitts Omnimedia, Inc. Individual Subscriptions
are $175 per year for 52 issues (only $3.37
As we approach the gubernatorial Maryland state agencies to respect negative. The only reason I quarters that the film was racist per issue mailed to you USPS). Rates for
election of 2010, I believe the LGBT and implement Attorney General agreed to see it is that my hus- due to its very limited and negative businesses/institutions are $350 per year.
Periodical postage paid at Washington, D.C.,
community needs to assess the Doug Gansler’s recent opinion that band wanted to see it and since I portrayal of African-American and additional mailing offices.
progress that has been made during state law should recognizing out-of- love my husband I went along. life. That type of criticism may just Editorial positions of the Washington Blade
O’Malley’s term as governor and sup- state same-sex marriages. I disagree with Enszer’s conclu- make “Precious” too hot to handle are expressed in editorials and in editors’
port him for his re-election bid: I ask LGBT Marylanders to review sion that “racism, pure and simple” for some LGBT organizations. notes as determined by the paper’s editors.
Other opinions are those of the writers and
O’Malley signed domestic part- the advances made under Gov. is the reason that those associated Overall I enjoyed the film “Precious,” do not necessarily represent the opinion of
ner bills into law in 2008 and O’Malley’s administration and sup- with “Precious” are not recognized if you can use the word “enjoy” for such the Washington Blade or its staff.
2009. Without these bills, LGBT port his bid for re-election in 2010. — by our national LGBT organizations. a disturbing piece, and recommend To submit a letter or commentary: Letters
Marylanders would be without Judd Vickers, Cambridge, Md. Personally I don’t have such a defin- that people make the effort to see it. should be fewer than 400 words; commen-
taries should be fewer than 750 words.
important relationship protections. itive conclusion for this lack of Perhaps then they can draw their own Submissions may be edited for content and
Also, a bill specifically protecting Re: “’Precious’ deserves recognition but I leave open the pos- conclusions regarding the lack of length, and must include a name, address and
phone number for verification. Send submis-
LGBT students was signed into praise from LGBT groups” (op- sibility that racism may be a factor. national LGBT group recognition of sions by e-mail to
law by O’Malley in 2008. ed by Julie Enszer, April 16) However, I do believe that your this film and its associates. — Charles ©
2010 Brown Naff Pitts Omnimedia, Inc.
Maryland state employees It was with hesitation that I conclusion in and of itself is just too Gravitz, Silver Spring, Md.
april 30, 2010 • 33


‘ ’
Spring is an expensive season in D.C. are our own LGBT candidates run- are based in D.C. and serve peo-
Summer means the The very short season that we have ning for office who want and need ple here. While I will continue to
beach, flip-flops — and here in D.C. known as spring brings
our support. David Catania run- lend my name to invites for a
ning as an independent for D.C. national candidate or to someone
an end to fundraisers Council; Jim Graham and Clark running for office from another
literally dozens of invitations each Ray running as Democrats for the state or city if people feel it is use-
By PETER ROSENSTEIN Council; and Dana Beyer running ful, I will focus on helping organi-
week to fundraising events. for the Maryland Legislature. This zations like SMYAL, MetroTeen
I am ready for summer to year we even have a few gays of AIDS, Whitman-Walker Clinic, and
begin. From the time I finished my literally dozens of invitations Kutcher, millions more can get it. the Republican persuasion run- Us Helping Us, among others, and
short three-year teaching career, I each week to fundraising events. Every LGBT candidate from ning for D.C. Council. And then local candidates like Catania,
have viewed summer as begin- They seem to multiply like rab- around the nation has a friend in there are some local and national Beyer and Ray who will have a
ning on Memorial Day and lasting bits year to year. If your bank D.C. that is raising money for them. straight candidates who will have direct impact on the lives of people
until Labor Day. Like many others account allows, you could be out I know how important it is but there an impact on our lives who need living here in D.C. That will have to
in D.C., I often complain about the every night of the week to one or are times I think it would be nice to our money. Those of us in the suffice until I win the lottery.
hot, humid summers but this year more fundraisers ranging in cost live somewhere like Akron so I LGBT community must have an So I look forward to Memorial
we all got to complain about the from $25 to thousands for feder- wouldn’t have to hear about all this. aura that suggests we all have Day and moving into summer. Then
long, cold, snowy winter. al political candidates and non- I know who is running in San money trees growing in our living like so many other Washingtonians,
It seemed we went from snow profits. Between the politicians Antonio and San Diego but am rooms or gardens. and members of the LGBT
on the ground for much of March to and all the organizations asking sure they don’t have the slightest Over the years I have been as community in Baltimore and
80-degree temperatures by Easter for donations it seems that pro- idea who is running here in D.C. guilty as anyone when it comes to Philadelphia, I will start spending
Sunday. It was great seeing the kids fessional fundraisers believe the They often see us only as the pot sending out invites to fundraisers my weekends in Rehoboth Beach
participating in the White House LGBT community in Washington, of gold at the end of their rainbow. and asking people for money. where I can at least wear shorts
Easter Egg Roll wearing shorts and D.C., is made of money. I know the importance of giving Between the political candidates I and sandals to the
T-shirts instead of the down jackets Today we don’t print many invi- money to candidates from across support, my ARTS in ACTION weekend fundrais-
they had to wear last year. tations anymore. You are invited to the nation and I follow the Victory events, and other organizations it ers. But more
But one of the main reasons part with your money by e-mail, Fund endorsement list to see who got to the point that some friends, on Rehoboth in
that many of us in the LGBT evite or on Facebook. Facebook has a chance to win. Springtime in when I reached them on the another column.
community look forward to sum- has made inviting people to an D.C. brings invites from SLDN, phone, would simply ask, “who or
mer is the end of the formal D.C. event so easy. Just one click and Whitman-Walker Clinic, Victory what now, and how much?”
fundraising season. The very thousands of people get your Fund and the Capital Area Gay & So now I have begun to limit the Peter Rosenstein is
a D.C.-based LGBT
short season that we have here event announcement. Then Tweet Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, invitations I send out to events for rights and Democratic
in D.C. known as spring brings about it and, if you’re Ashton to mention just a few. Then there organizations and candidates that Party activist.


‘ ’
Obama biography de-gayed by author
Remnick’s 600-page ‘The Bridge’ is a first draft of history
College in 1979 is discussed as
openly gay and an early influ-
Bayard Rustin’s. Rustin was an
openly gay founding strategist
‘The Bridge’ ignores ence. This calls to mind Bill of the civil rights movement. It
president’s ties to that writes gays out. In the past, this Clinton’s autobiography, a de- was Rustin who studied in
gayed classic, in which Clinton India Ghandi’s non-violence. It
LGBT community has been accepted. Today, perceptive mentions an openly gay friend at was Rustin who counseled
Oxford in the 1960s but some- King before the march across
By CHARLES FRANCIS readers ask, ‘Why the omission?’ how fails to mention David the Pettus Bridge: “There is
Mixner, a key player in his rise to only one answer, the people
The bridge in David Remnick’s passing, no mention that he is Carolina Obama events. Obama the presidency. Steve Hildebrand, who believe in non-violence
biography of Barack Obama, “The gay or was among the first “early said, “I strongly believe that the gay deputy national cam- are not now going to retreat.”
Bridge” ( Knopf, 2010) is the money” Obama supporters. African Americans and the LGBT paign director for the Obama Years later, in 1986, it was
Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, a There is no mention of a gay community must stand together campaign, is mentioned several Rustin who spoke to students
holy site for the Civil Rights issue in the presidential cam- in the fight for equal rights.” times, but never identified as gay about the direct line from
Movement. Here, Rep. John Lewis, paign such as “Don’t Ask Don’t Sounds like a bridge to me. or a bridge to a vast gay commu- Montgomery to Stonewall.
Martin Luther King, Jr. and brave Tell,” now at a roiling boil. There “The Bridge” omits the uproar nity in historic transition. Bayard Rustin could make
marchers were gassed and beaten is no mention of the Matthew caused by Rick Warren’s selection “The Bridge” cites James that connection. James Baldwin
by Alabama troopers, decades later Shepard Act signed into law by for the inaugural invocation. Baldwin 10 times, even in the lived that connection. In
revisited by Barack Obama. President Obama in 2009. Remnick writes, “For the inaugural frontispiece, without mentioning remarks, Barack Obama has
No significant strand in Remnick does report Alan Keyes ceremony, Obama had invited Baldwin as a black and gay voice made the connection, too, and
Obama’s rise to the presidency slimed Mary Cheney in 2004. Rick Warren to give the invocation, in the civil rights movement. It that is maddening for a lot of
is omitted from this nearly 600- “The Bridge” does not cover a gesture to mainstream evangeli- was a cruel time: according to people who supported him. But
page book, except one. “The President Obama’s historic dec- cals, but surely the most moving Gore Vidal, President Kennedy David Remnick’s
Bridge” has been thoroughly de- laration in 2008 that he would be performance on the podium, joked about Baldwin as “Martin “bridge?” It is
gayed. In another decade, with a “fierce advocate” for gay and besides Obama’s own somber Luther Queen.” not there for
another presidency, this might be lesbian Americans. The book address, was the final benedic- “The Bridge” is a first draft of gay Americans.
a typical criticism. With this pres- examines the heated South tion.” How do you not mention the history that writes gays out. In
idency, it is a lapse. Carolina primary contest controversy about this selection, the past, this has been accepted.
Charles Francis is the
There is no mention of the between candidate Obama and given Warren’s support for Today, perceptive readers ask, founder of the Kameny
role gays, their votes or their Hillary Clinton. There is no refer- Proposition 8 in California? “Why the omission?” Papers Project.
money played in the campaign. ence to “ex-gay” Rev. Donnie Lawrence Goldyn, a professor There are lots of spirits Reach him at
David Geffen? He is cited in McClurkin’s role in South of Obama’s at Occidental associated with Selma. One is
34 • april 30, 2010
april 30, 2010 • 35
36 • april 30, 2010

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38 • april 30, 2010

In real estate –
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Congratulations to Lynne, Lou
and the whole staff. I’m out and
proud to support you in whatever
venue you have going.
Project Runway’s Jack Mackenroth was in arts & entertainment
town for last week’s Whitman-Walker
Clinic fundraiser. Photos, PAGE 52 • vol. 41, issue 18 • april 30, 2010 • Page 39

‘The family
I never had’
Local LGBT students benefit from year for tuition, books and living expenses.
“It’s really about giving them the support they
Point Foundation scholarships need to be successful,” says Vince Garcia, Point’s
scholar relations and selections program director.
By JOEY DiGUGLIELMO “It’s about helping them move beyond whatever
forms of marginalization they’ve encountered.”
Anyone struggling with an inferiority complex would That varies, of course, from scholar to scholar.
do him- or herself a favor by staying away from the For Gill, who came out at 15, just a year after mov-
local Point Scholars, recipients of Point Foundation ing to the U.S. with his family, it was a rough start.
scholarship money for LGBT young people. They’re a “My family told me I was financially cut off if I moved
group of staggering overachievers who’ve accom- out and I knew I couldn’t live there so there
plished a lot for their age, often in the face of adversity. was this constant back and forth about
India native Harjant Gill, 28, is working on a Ph.D. my sexuality,” he says. “And their
at American University studying anthropology, unwillingness to even discuss the
migration and gender. He’s gay and also a filmmak- topic. High school was very bad.
er who’s made a handful of shorts and documen- I never went to class because I
taries that explore issues like cultural identity, homo- was worried about getting
phobia, alienation, AIDS and more. beaten up, so as a result, my
Lesbian Kelsey Phipps spent six years working for GPA was very bad.”
the late Sen. Edward Kennedy as a policy adviser but Phipps came out at 16
quit to go to law school at Georgetown University. and had a girlfriend her
And Los Angeles native Joe Goldman, a junior senior year of high school
political communication major at George Washington in Washington state.
University, got involved in Israeli and global warming She’s reluctant to say
issues at age 12 before taking up LGBT rights causes how bad it was initially
shortly after he came out at 14. Since then he’s because she’s at a
interned for Equality California, the California League point now where her
of Conservation Voters, for several elected officials in parents have come a
his home state and on the presidential campaigns of long way and have
Hillary Clinton and later Barack Obama. even invited her pres-
All three and a handful of others in the D.C. area ent girlfriend to their
have benefitted from Point Foundation scholarship house for holidays.
money and opportunities for mentoring from the “They really are coming
Foundation, started in 2001 by partners Carl along and trying to have a
Strickland and Bruce Lindstrom, the latter a gay relationship,” she says.
entrepreneurial success (he co-founded what “Before my mom would just
became Costco) who’d been exiled from his evan- hang up if anybody except
gelical family upon coming out. me answered the phone.”
There are 67 current scholars and 75 alumni. This Goldman says he’s
year’s crop of about 38 new scholars, to be announced one of the lucky ones.
in June, will have been selected from more than 4,000 His parents were sup-
applicants. The Foundation, which has 10 full-time portive. So why does he
staffers, operates with a $3 million-plus endowment need the aid?
supplied from a bounty of corporate sponsors, individ- “I’ve been marginal-
ual gifts, bequests, benefits and fundraisers. That’s up ized by our laws just like
substantially from the initial 2004 endowment of all of us have,” he says.
$100,000. Most scholars are in the program multiple HARJANT GILL, 28, is one of the Point Foundation's
years. The average scholar receives about $9,300 per Continues on page 50 D.C.-area scholarship recipients.

Washington Blade photo by Michael Key

40 • april 30, 2010

QUEERY: 20 Questions for Aiyi’nah Ford

Editor’s note: “Queery: 20 Gay How long have you been out and What’s your advice for
Questions” was a popular Washington who was the hardest person to tell? LGBT movement leaders?
Blade “getting to know you” feature since I was outed at age 13 by a mental health We must stop trying to speak for everyone
the section formerly known as “Out in professional. Hard is an understatement and provide all-inclusive environments for
DC” launched in February 2007. Now when it comes to that scenario. everyone to speak for themselves. We
that the paper is returning to its former seek empathy for our oppression but we
name, we’ve revived Queery and Who’s your gay hero? are often times the oppressors.
tweaked it with a few new questions. The nameless face in Unknown, USA
who will never make a headline or What would you walk across
Aiyi’nah Ford had always been interest- receive a single check but fights for hot coals for?
ed in LGBT rights but her sense of duty and equality and claims their truth everyday. Full federal equality!
activism spiked last year when she and her
girlfriend at the time, Torian Brown, were What’s Washington’s best nightspot, What gay stereotype
kicked out of Silver Spring’s Tastee Diner past or present? annoys you most?
after embracing. The 25-year-old lesbian Lace, where every night is ladies’ night. That gays conspire against heterosex-
and native Washingtonian was incredulous uality. The only thing a straight woman
and says the event was a wake-up call. Describe your dream wedding. can do for me is point me in the direc-
“The liberation goes beyond ‘Don’t Ask, My dream wedding celebrates a mar- tion of the nearest employed, mentally
Don’t Tell,’ DOMA, ENDA,” she says. “We riage that isn’t held under this incre- sane, educated, lesbian (or help me
have black gay youth who don’t have a mentalist, state-by-state approach to fight for full federal equality).
DC Agenda photo by Michael Key
place to live. I’m just not satisfied with our marriage equality.
percentages. There are those of us who are scious poetry readings at open mic nights What’s your favorite gay movie?
pushing our plight but so many in the local and co-hosts a radio talk show online What non-gay issue are you “Stranger Inside”
black [LGBT] scene are invisible. I’ll be at a ( as her most passionate about?
social event and they’re always there, but alter ego “SimplyNay,” a name she also The gentrification of the United States, What’s the most overrated
when it comes to leadership, it’s the same uses during her poetry readings. Her les- particularly Washington, D.C. social custom?
four or five people. We see ourselves on TV bianism and activism have largely alienat- Apologies. Very few are sincere.
now, so we become comfortable but there ed her from her family but she has a sup- What historical outcome
are still instances of injustice happening all port system of about five close friends she would you change? What trophy or prize
the time and we see from the lack of con- relies on. By day, Ford works in internation- Can Michael Jackson get a do over? do you most covet?
sequence that the justice system doesn’t al finance but she says LGBT activism is I still have the report card where I was
see this as a problem at all.” her passion. She loves reading and giving What’s been the most memorable skipped from first to third grade. Does
Ford’s activism manifests itself in multi- dramatic monologues in her spare time. pop culture moment of your lifetime? that make me a nerd?
ple ways — she’s in several of the local She also likes to hang out at Washington’s The first time I saw Sylvester James.
activist groups but also gives socially con- lesbian nightclubs, Lace and Phase One. He made me feel, mighty real! What do you wish
you’d known at 18?
On what do you insist? Not to take life too seriously because
I insist on having a role in the revolu- I’ll never make it out alive anyway.
tion and you should too!
Why Washington?
What was your last Facebook Because I am one of the two born and
post or Tweet? raised Washingtonians left. But on a seri-
You’d have to follow or friend me to find ous note, wherever I travel I return more
out. I’m like Victoria — I have secrets! and more in love with my hometown.

If your life were a book,

what would the title be?
“Not So Simple: A Memoir by

If science discovered a way to change

sexual orientation, what would you do?
I’d suspect foul play.

What do you believe in

beyond the physical world?
Depends on what day you ask me! DC Agenda photo by Michael Key
april 30, 2010 • 41


BUSINESS OWNERS Twice voted Maryland’s Best Gay Bar
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9855 Washington Blvd. N • Laurel, MD 20723
301-498-4840 •
42 • april 30, 2010

friday, april 30
1810 14th St. N.W., at 8 p.m. for a night of
queer spoken word and poetry. Everyone
is welcome and encouraged to come pre-
pared to share your work. This event is
free and open to the public.
EQUALITY FORUM arrives in Philadelphia
this weekend with a packed schedule of
panel discussions on the LGBT movement,
parties and more. Visit for
a full schedule of events. Blade editor Kevin
Naff joins Obama administration officials
Photo courtesy of
and GLAAD’s Jarrett Barrios for a Saturday
tastic dining panel on the White House at 1 p.m. YOUTH PRIDE was rained out last weekend, but is rescheduled for Saturday from
BYT PRESENTS: CHRISTMAS IN HEAVEN noon-5 p.m. at 23rd & P streets, N.W.
Shea Van Horn (Mixtape), DJ Cale (BYT) upstairs bar at EFN Lounge, located at
at the Black Cat, 1811 14th St N.W., sunday, may 2 1318 9th St., N.W.
starting at 9:30 p.m. MAMMA MIA FLASH MOB WITH DRAG BINGO at Nellie’s Sports Bar, 900
BOWEN McCAULEY DANCE AND THE U St., N.W., hosted by Shi-Queeta Lee,
saturday, may 1 DC COWBOYS DANCE COMPANY. Join every Tuesday starting at 8 p.m. Free to play.
YOUTH PRIDE, rescheduled from last the DC Cowboys for a dance “flash mob” SIA performs at the 9:30 club, 815 V St.,
weekend, takes place in the P Street of Mamma Mia. All you have to do is learn N.W., at 7 p.m. Tickets are $25; visit
Beach area (23rd & P streets) from the steps to the Mamma Mia choreogra- for information.
noon-5 p.m. featuring a diverse lineup of phy via online tutorials. The public is invit-
musicians, speakers and other perform- ed to take part in these flash mob dances wednesday, may 5
ers. The Infatuation dance at Fly Lounge that will be performed live. 1 p.m. at THE TOM DAVARON SOCIAL BRIDGE
follows from 5-9:30 p.m. Visit youthprid- Dupont Circle and a second flash mob 3 CLUB will meet at 7:30 p.m., at the for more information. p.m. at Ballston Common Mall, 4328 Dignity Center, 721 8th St., S.E. (across
JAM is returning to Mova Lounge with a Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA. Online tutorial from Marine Barracks) for social bridge. No
tastic rooms very special session, Cherry Jam, to ben- of Mamma Mia can be found here on You partner needed. Visit
efit The Cherry Fund. Drink specials, Tube: Each Wednesday at the Green Lantern is
prizes and music by DJ Gemz. No cover MARK KNOPFLER brings his “Get Lucky” POZ WEDNESDAY. Starting at 8 p.m.,
but donations accepted for The Cherry tour to Warner Theatre, 13th Street between POZ mixers provide a supportive atmos-
Fund. The Jam begins at 9 p.m. at Mova E&F streets, N.W., at 7:30 p.m. Tickets phere for those who are HIV positive and
Lounge, 1435 P St. N.W. range $75.50-105.50; call 202-783-4000. those who want to help eradicate the stig-
CODE, returns to Motley Bar above EFN ma surrounding HIV. The Green Lantern
Lounge, 1318 9th St., N.W., for its monthly monday, may 3 is located at 1335 Green Ct., N.W.
installment. Gear, rubber, skin, uniform or Country-Western dance lessons at GENERAL PROGRAM WEDNESDAYS
leather dress code will be strictly enforced. Remingtons, 639 Pennsylvania Ave., S.E. 7-8:30 p.m. at the Vajroyogini Buddhist
Music provided by DJ Shea Van Horn. (half block west of Eastern Market Metro) Center,1803 Connecticut Ave., N.W., 2nd
Admission is $10. Code is an 18+ event. from 8:30-9:30 p.m., $5 per person, per floor, $12. How can we learn to love with-
There will be an open bar from 9-10 p.m. lesson (dance class participants should out pain? Through these teachings, we will
WHO’S BAD, “the world’s greatest wear boots or shoes with leather soles). learn to enjoy our relationships and in turn
Michael Jackson tribute band,” per- benefit others. For more information visit
forms at 9 p.m. at Ram’s Head Live, 20 tuesday, may 4, call 202-986-2257 or e-
Market Place at Power Plant Live in down- Volunteers will be assembling safer sex mail
tastic spa town Baltimore. Tickets are $16.50; call kits and enjoying great drink specials at
410-244-1131. Motley, 7-10:30 p.m. Motley is the thursday, may 6
held from 6-8:30 p.m. at the Human
Rights Campaign’s Equality Center,
1640 Rhode Island Ave., N.W. Tickets are
Waterfront $75. See related story on page 33.
hotel with JOHNNY BLAZES performs live at the DC
Center. Johnny Blazes’ show is an evening-
monumental views. length performance that blends cabaret arts
with theater to create a semi-narrative series
of vignettes. The performance will begin at 8
p.m. in the DC Center Activity Room, 1810
14th St. N.W. Tickets $10 now or $15 at the
door. Light refreshments will be served. Visit for more information.
ING will be held from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Volunteer
sign-up, mixer and raffle. The meeting will be
held at the Madison Hotel, 1177 15th St., N.W.,
near Farragut North and McPherson Square
1330 Maryland Avenue, SW Metro stations. That evening, the full schedule
Washington, D.C. 20024, USA of events and the headlining act for Capital
Call (202) 544 8588 Pride’s 35th anniversary celebration, “You Ain’t
to learn more or visit Seen Nothing Yet!” will be announced.
Volunteers interested in being a part of Capital
Photo couresy of
Pride’s 35th anniversary celebration are
SIA performs at the 9:30 club next week. encouraged to attend. Visit or
call 202-719-5304 for information.
april 30, 2010 • 43

2 0 3 3 M S T R E E T, N W | 2 0 2 5 3 0 3 6 2 1
W W W. M S T R E E T B A R A N D G R I L L . C O M

Mother’s Day Brunch

Sunday, May 9, 2009
Three Courses, Appetizer, Entrée, Dessert
Complimentary Glass of Champagne, Mimosa or Bloody Mary
Adults $32.95 and Children 12 and Under $14.95
Served 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM – Featuring Live Entertainment – Advance
Reservations Recommended

Saturdays – DC Date Night

Two Dine For $49.00 – Any Entrée, With Choice of Appetizer Or Dessert
Chef’s Nightly Dining Special
Created Nightly – A Three Course Dinner Menu – $21.95 – (Mon – Fri)
Chef’s Daily $9.50 Lunch Entrée Specials (Mon – Fri)
Happy Hour Countdown- $5, $4, $3, $2, $1
Drinks and Food Mon – Fri 4:00 – 7:00PM
½ Price Burger Mondays
Come see what all the fuss is about… Every Monday for Lunch
Sunday Jazz Champagne Brunch
“Top Ten Best Brunch in Washington” – Subscribers
Three Courses - Champagne Mimosas and Bloody Marys
Live Entertainment Featuring – Yvonne Johnson
Served 11:00 AM To 3:00 PM – Reservations Recommended
$29.95 per person

“Available for Private Parties”
Book Online
or Thru
44 • april 30, 2010

No lie: This play is a good time
Michael Kahn directs Corneille is a lawyer from the ‘The Liar’
provinces), he hires likable wise-guy Through May 29
superb cast in ‘The Liar’ Cliton (Adam Green) as his valet Shakespeare Theatre
and sets straight away to wooing the Company
By PATRICK FOLLIARD city of light’s lovelier ladies — name- Lansburgh Theatre,
ly fair Clarice (Erin Partin) whom he 450 7th Street NW
While Shakespeare’s plays were mistakes for her sidekick Lucrece 202-547-1122
often penned and performed for (Miriam Silverman), leading to all
England’s elite, they were also sorts of farcical confusion.
intended for the masses. The bard’s As Dorante, Conn is convinc- Colleen Delaney is terrific as a
more common contemporaries ingly pathological — he lies speed- pair of identical — but very differ-
understood and appreciated his ily and with relish. And while many ent — twin servants, Isabelle and
work, regularly flocking to the Globe of his untruths are harmless, a few Sabine; and David Sabin fares
Theatre to catch his latest tragic do land him in some very sticky sit- well as the liar’s clueless father.
romance or suspenseful gore fest. uations; but alas, he’s not both- Staged by STC’s gay artistic
How fitting then that the ered, after all, this world class pre- director Michael Kahn, “The Liar” is a
Shakespeare Theatre Company’s varicator’s credo is “The unimag- tight, fun-loving production with a
(STC) spring offering “The Liar”— ined life is not worth living.” very fine, on point cast. Designer
David Ives’ ridiculously (in the And Ives’ pun and anachro- Alexander Dodge has wittily set the
good way) rhyming adaptation of nism-filled script written entirely in Parisian scene with an outsized blue
Pierre Corneille’s 17th century verse only adds to the madness. and white sign (Place Royal) and
comedy — is so fabulously fun For instance, Cliton gives Dorante enormous topiary poodle. Murrell
Photo courtesy of Shakespeare Theatre Company
and accessible. With Ives’ jokes the goods on Lucrece’s father Horton’s grand period togs succeed
and Michael Kahn’s unswerving “Perander. Rich as God. A Tuscan in flattering corseted ladies and Michael Kahn’s direction makes ‘THE LIAR’ a crowd pleaser.
direction, the production is indeed villa. Ski place in Gstaad.” booted swashbucklers (although the
a crowd pleaser. Per usual, STC regular Aubrey closest thing to a sword fight is an otherwise. In the program, Ives the world — past and present.
The quick-paced romp’s title fib- Deeker is excellent as Philiste, a amusingly staged duel between describes his gargantuan task as a But mostly, “The Liar” is a good
ber, Dorante (Christian Conn), level-headed gentleman who, like Dorante and his handsome foil “translaptation, i.e., a translation with time. And while you won’t find STC’s
arrives in Paris armed with some the audience, isn’t fooled by Alcippe, played by Tony Roach. heavy dose of adaptation.” He adds staid audiences picnicking in the
introductions, a bit of dash, and a Dorante for a moment. Deeker It’s tempting to term “The Liar” as that he writes what “Corneille would stalls or razzing the actors like the
whole lotta imagination. Passing eases comfortably into Ives’ fun spring fluff, but the great labor have written today but in English.” In rowdy patrons at Shakespeare’s
himself off as a war hero (when, in sometimes dizzying verse and that obviously went into updating the addition, the comedy expresses Globe, they’re definitely enjoying
fact, Dorante like his creator plays with the language. Similarly, classical source material demands some keenly perceived views on themselves just the same.

1 7 T H & R H O D E I S L A N D AV E . , N W
202 872 1126 W W W. B B G W D C . C O M



5:00PM -10:00PM










SUNDAY, MAY 9, 2009
april 30, 2010 • 45

BUFFALO is one
of the best
American plays.”
–The New York Times


THE STUDIO THEATRE 14TH & P NW 202.332.3300
46 • april 30, 2010


DANCE IS THE ANSWER friday, april 30 Reston Community Center, CenterStage.
Dance/MetroDC THE GRADUATE. The Keegan Theatre at 703-476-4500.
Various Locations Church Street Theatre. 703-892-0202.
Through May 2 tuesday, may 4 IN THE EMPIRE OF ICE. National
Dance/Metro DC celebrates Dance saturday, may 1 Geographic. 202-857-7700. events.nation-
is the Answer 2010 with over 275 SUSHAMA PARIKH. Montpelier Arts
dance classes, workshops, lec- Center. 301-377-7800.
tures, open rehearsals, performanc- wednesday, may 5
es and special events combusting wednesday, may 5 A COME TO CHEESES MOMENT: WINE VS.
throughout the metro region, many AMERICAN BUFFALO. The Studio BEER. National Geographic. 202-857-7700.
of which are free! Theatre. 202-332-3300.
THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO Round House Theatre Bethesda. JAZZ ENSEMBLE. Strathmore. 301-581-
Washington National Opera at 240-644-1100. 5100.
The John F. Kennedy Center MIKVEH. Theater J at Washington DC FRANCISCO ROLDN. Arts/Harmony
for the Performing Arts Jewish Community Center. 800-494- Hall Regional Center. 301-203-6070.
Through May 7 8497.
800-US-OPERA FREDERIC CHOPIN FESTIVAL: OPENING thursday, may 6 RECITAL. The Kreeger Museum. 202-338-3552.
The Figaro story continues in what is often consid- TERESA OAXACA - CLASSICAL
ered Mozart’s most perfect opera. After his marriage REALISM: NEW WORKS. The Art ANTHONY DEAN GRIFFEY, tenor. Vocal
to Rosina—now the Countess Almaviva—the League. 703-683-1780. Arts Society at The John F. Kennedy Center
Count’s palace is filled with a tangled web of love RIFAR EL CORAZÓN / HEARTSTRINGS. for the Performing Arts. 202-467-4600.
affairs. The pageboy Cherubino courts the Countess Teatro de la Luna at Gunston Arts Center.
while the Count pursues the maidservant Susanna, 703-548-3092.
who is betrothed to the wily Figaro. thursday, may 6
ARTS BIZ BALL. Cultural Alliance of
KAFKA’S METAMORPHOSIS LAST CHANCE Greater Washington at Woolly Mammoth
Synetic Theater at Rosslyn Spectrum sunday, may 2 Theatre Company. 202-393-2161 x14.
Through May 22 GILGAMESH. UM Department of Theatre at
800-494-8497 Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. 301- THE KLEZMATICS. STRATHMORE. 405-ARTS. 301-581-5100.
Guest director Derek Goldman presents his wildly THE ROBERT AND JANE MEYERHOFF
imaginative adaptation of Franz Kafka’s classic tale. COLLECTION: SELECTED WORKS.
Plunging into the writer’s psyche and his response to National Gallery of Art. FREE
“the Jewish Problem,” Kafka’s Metamorphosis saturday, may 1
explores one man’s descent into madness. Along with monday, may 3 FILM SERIES: CATALUNYA: POETRY OF
an innovative sound experience, Goldman’s staging PAPER DOLLS by Fierce Sonia. PLACE: L’ARBRE DE LES CIRERES.
brings startling new life to this grotesque classic. The Art League. National Gallery of Art.
Arena Stage at Lincoln Theatre LIMITED ENGAGEMENT CAVALIER: LE FILMEUR. National
Through May 30 through may 1 Gallery of Art.
202-488-3300 HANS GRAF, conductor / Jean-Yves MONTPELIER FESTIVAL OF HERBS, Thibaudet, piano, plays Connesson & TEA AND THE ARTS. Montpelier Arts
The Duke comes home to the Lincoln with Ravel. National Symphony Orchestra at The Center. 301-377-7800.
Sophisticated Ladies, an award-winning musical John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing OPENING RECEPTION: URBAN DECAY, A
revue starring Broadway legend Maurice Hines. With Arts. 202-467-4600. CARNIVAL OF CUSTOM VINYL AND
one show-stopping number after another, this stylish LOWBROW ART EXHIBITION. Workhouse
and brassy retrospective travels through a history of Arts Center. 703-584-2900.
American song and dance, from Charleston to swing ONE NIGHT ONLY
to virtuosic tap dancing. saturday, may 1 tuesday, may 4
The Guide to Arts & Culture is supplied by, a program of the Cultural Alliance of Greater The Barns at Wolf Trap. 703-938-2404. EDWARDS, AUNDI MARIE MOORE. Vocal
Washington. Photos supplied by Dance Metro/DC, Washington National Opera, Synetic Theater & Arena Stage. Arts Society at The John F. Kennedy Center
DANCE FUSION JAZZ PROJECT & STEP for the Performing Arts.
AHEAD. Joy of Motion Dance Center at The
Jack Guidone Theater - JOMDC Friendship thursday, may 6
Heights. 202-362-3042. CHAMBER PROGRAM. Friday Morning
GLORIA. National Philharmonic at Strathmore. Music Club at Strathmore.
SWING INTO SPRING. Atlas Performing sunday, may 9
Arts Center. 202-399-7993. FRAMING THE WEST: THE SURVEY
Music at Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. O’SULLIVAN. Smithsonian American Art
301-405-ARTS. Museum.

monday, may 3 through may 16

OF THE SHADOW PUPPET. Strathmore. 234-2711.
Gartshore. Round House Theatre Silver Independent Exhibitions. 202-255-5050.
Spring. 240-644-1100.
april 30, 2010 • 47

Beat Memories
The Photographs of Allen Ginsberg
May 2 – September 6


Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky, 1955, gelatin silver print, Howard Greenberg Gallery,
New York © 2010 The Allen Ginsberg LLC. All rights reserved.

HAPPY HOUR Organized by the National Gallery of Art, Washington

FOR DOGS! Made possible through the generous support of the Trellis Fund
Additional support provided by The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, Inc.
(Owners Welcome Too.)
Drink Specials & FREE Giveaways

Larry’s Lounge
2009 Most Pet Friendly Establishment in DC
Corner of 18th & T St, NW
         
Every Wednesday 4-8pm On the National Mall from 3rd to 9th Streets at Constitution Avenue NW. Admission is always free.
Monday – Saturday 10 – 5, Sunday 11 – 6 Phone: 202-737-4215 T D D : 202-842-6176 | |
48 • april 30, 2010
times integrating many muscle 10 minutes of light calisthenics and
FITNESSAGENDA groups into one exercise or com-
pound exercises at a time.
multi-muscular movements.
CC and FT have been around
Functional training cannot be for longer than you think. Yoga and

Taking care incorporated into an exercise pro-

gram without first establishing a
strong core through core condi-
tioning. They go hand-in-hand and
Pilates are classic core exercise
modalities. Also, functional training
equipment such as balance boards
and stability balls have become the

of your core without core strength and stability,

the rest of the body will crumble
and any form of functional training
will not be possible.
It is important to acknowledge
norm and are available in most up-
to-date fitness centers.
I have survived and prevailed
over two back surgeries and now
am healthy with a relatively strong
stability, balance and agility. A also that without a strong core, you core. I believe a significant contribu-
Body’s ‘girdle’ strong core allows the body to cannot begin to do isolated move- tion to my back issues came from
maintains posture, move as a fluid functional unit and ments. If your goal is to develop big- weaknesses in my core and in mus-
cular imbalances. And while I
leads to greater strength through- ger, more defined individual mus-
enables weight training out the body including the extremi- cles, then you cannot achieve this thought I had a strong core, there
ties. A strong core maintains without first building a strong founda- was room for improvement, as there
By KEVIN M. NORRIS appropriate posture and reduces tion that will stabilize your body when always is. To date, whenever I wake
strain on the lower back and joints. performing isolated movements. up with a sore back or suffer from
Core conditioning and function- By contrast, a weak core is You need the strength of your skeletal and muscular aches and
Photo by
al training have become synony- much like a three-legged table: It abs, lower back, hip flexors and pains, I know it’s attributable to
mous with an effective well-round- will ultimately fall over. Without the the core. CC exercises are multi- pelvis to sling and propel heavy imbalances in the strength of my
ed exercise program. Although the solid foundation of a sturdy core, muscular and involve multiple plains weights around. core and supporting muscles.
concept may still be new to some, imbalances, mechanical idiosyn- of motion. They are more elaborate Where to begin? First and fore- Add core conditioning and func-
a program that omits these areas is crasies and distortions throughout and encompassing than isolated most CC and FT should be per- tional training to your exercise reper-
severely lacking and risks postural the entire body will occur. A weak movements and should be per- formed after a full body warm-up, toire and you will be on your way to
imbalances, injuries and pain. core can wreak havoc on the body, formed after a thorough warm-up. never a cold body. Generally speak- a solid body, greater overall fitness
The core is the foundation and leading to problems from poor pos- Keep in mind CC should integrate ing, the warm-up should be a much and a reduced risk of injury. With
the center of support for the entire ture to lower back and hip issues to all the major core muscles. less strenuous mirror image of the solid core and functional strength
body. Most people historically a distorted gait. Moreover, the Functional Training involves actual workout. You should perform you will be stronger,
thought the core was only com- entire spine can be affected performing exercises and move- full body movements that focus on faster, better balanced
prised of the abdominals. But the because several muscles that sup- ments that are most conducive to all your major muscle groups with- and far more stable.
core encompasses the entire port the spine are compromised. everyday movement patterns. FT out weights and certainly not on the
abdominal wall, the obliques — or Those muscles have become too refers to useable strength — limited movement of a machine or
Kevin M. Norris is a
sides of your abs — the lower weak and deconditioned to sustain strength used to function every isolated muscular movements. health and fitness columnist
back, hip flexors and pelvic region. holding up and stabilizing the body. day and perform what is referred to Start your routine with a light for DC Agenda and owner
of Mind Your Own Body,
Think of the core as the “girdle” Core Conditioning dictates per- as ADL or Activities of Daily Living. cardiovascular warm-up of 5-10 LLC. Personal Training.
of your body. The core includes the forming a series of exercises that FT, like CC involves multiple mus- minutes to bring up the body’s core Reach him at
center of your body and provides engage, stimulate and strengthen cles and muscle groups, often temperature. Follow this up with 5-
april 30, 2010 • 49

a cleaning service, inc.

a clean house
a clean mind

satisfaction guaranteed
services provided in DC, VA and MD
commercial and residential
licensed, bonded, insured
free estimates

50 • april 30, 2010


Local Point Scholars are LGBT overachievers

Continued from page 39
Point Foundation
“There are many parts of the Annual D.C. reception
country where safety could be an Thursday, May 6, 6-8 p.m.
issue. It isn’t necessarily in the Equality Center at HRC
literal way. People might not be 1640 Rhode Island Ave., N.W.
throwing homophobic epithets in Tickets $75
my face but it could be, ‘Oh, he
worked at Equality California, I
don’t want to hire this gay guy.’” chief of staff to U.S. Rep. Jared
Scholars go through a rigorous Polis (both Branton and Polis are
application process and have to gay), has been “unbelievable.”
maintain a 3.3 GPA to stay in the “Just that he would take time
program. There are also strict from the crazy, hectic, insane world
rules about how the money is of Capitol Hill and work with me
spent. Gill says his need for next has been great,” Goldman says.
year will likely be $15,000. He and Gill says Point offers crucial
the Point people determine a fair help in multiple ways.
amount for him to come up with “It’s an absolutely wonderful
on his own — maybe $2,000 or thing,” he says. “It’s incredibly
$3,000. Then they supply the important and incredibly needed
other $12,000. in the gay community. These stu-
And it’s not just about money. dents who are Point Scholars are
Connections are made through the next movers and shakers.
the organization. Phipps met local They’re all incredibly brilliant and
activist Paul Yandura through smart and it’s great to provide
Point and got involved in them now with the support and
GetEqual, a new queer activist nurturing they need and also the
Washington Blade photo by Michael Key
group. And all the scholars have emotional support. Sometimes
mentors they meet with regularly. you just need someone to HARJANT GILL, a 28-year-old Point Foundation Scholar who immigrated to San Francisco from India with his
Goldman says his mentoring believe in you. In some ways it’s family in 1994, says coming out proved rough. ‘They didn’t even understand what it meant,’ he says.
relationship with Brian Branton, the family I never had.”
april 30, 2010 • 51

Urban Living in Alexandria City

615 S Royal St. (Old Town, Alexandria) 910 Prince St. (Old Town, Alexandria) 702 N Columbus St. (Old Town, Alexandria)
$1,279,000 $1,199,000 $559,900
Historic charm with today's convenience! This Stunning, historically accurate renovation in the Enjoy the charm of yesteryear in this special Old
elegant, 3,000 square foot detached Flounder heart of Old Town’s historic district. The original Town home. Intricate detailing throughout
house is located in the desirable southeast quad- charm of this elegant 1880’s residence has been includes gorgeous crown moldings with corner
rant of Old Town. Graceful archways, hard- preserved while adding the latest finishes of decoration, wainscoting, intricate fireplace mantels
wood floors, custom moldings, lovely exposed today. Outdoor patio and garden plus 2 off-street & gorgeous wood floors. A spacious master boasts
beams & intricate accents are present throughout. A spacious courtyard area & parking spaces. A piece of history with none of a fireplace, large windows & a 9x8 sitting or dress-
2 off-street parking spaces complete this one of a kind home. the hassle! Walk to Metro, shops & restaurants. ing room. Walk to everything!

802 Devon Place (Old Town, Alexandria) 1111 Powhatan Street (Old Town, Alexandria) 316 E Custis Ave (Del Ray, Alexandria)
$535,000 $535,000 $549,900
Walk to Braddock Road Metro and the This delightful brick end unit boasts 2 fire- Large windows allow light to stream in from all
shops & restaurants of Slaters Lane from this places, charming built-ins & three freshly sides highlighting the neutral paint colors,
gorgeous townhome with refinished hard- painted levels with hardwood floors. A cozy wood floors & baseboards. 2BR, bright living
wood floors. Highlights include a beautiful main level den looks out to glorious trees. room, separate dining room, large kitchen &
updated kitchen, stunning bath renovations, Walk out from the updated kitchen and din- enclosed porch allow for plenty of space. Relax
an inviting lower level plus a fabulous deck overlooking the garden. One ing room to a lovely, enclosed garden. Plus, walk to the shops & restau- outside in the expansive green backyard-the perfect retreat! Leave the car in the
stoplight to DC & convenient to Del Ray and downtown Old Town! rants of Old Town, Del Ray & Slaters Lane! driveway & walk to "The Ave" & its bustling boutiques & restaurants!

Sue Goodhart Ph: (703) 549-9292 x271

McEnearney Associates, Inc Fx: (703) 717-5827
109 S Pitt St,
Alexandria VA 22314

1849 1519 3338 DENT 1601 18TH

RD NW #1 PLACE NW Complete & Spacious
Meticulously This exceptional- tasteful restora- upper floor
restored, 3BR, ly large 5 bed- tion of this clas- home with fan-
3.5BA, 2 level room Victorian sic 4BR 4.5BA tastic 18th
townhouse-condo bayfront. Unique Georgetown Street views
in Kalorama fea- amenities residence. and great light.
2022 COLUMBIA RD NW #305
turing banquet include: a newly Elegant enter- Amenities
Award Winning residence designed by local
size dining room, renovated cook's taining rooms, include maple
architect Robert M. Gurney in "Best Address"
great room, kitchen, heart of chef's kitchen wood floors,
building. This corner 1800SF, 2BR 2BA mod-
serene garden, two master suites and pine floors, 5 fire- & breakfast area, exquisite master suite, updated kitchen, expansive windows,
ern masterpiece features state-of-the-art
parking. Offered at $1,020,000. places, private deck & 2 car garage park- Waterworks baths, 1 car gar & driveway large walk-in closet. Condo fee includes
kitchen, a luxurious master suite & spa-
ing. Offered at $1,375,000. pkg. Offered at $2,475,000. utilities. Offered at $265,000.
inspired bathrooms. Offered at $895,000.

1597 COLONIAL TER N 1390 V STREET NW #504 1451 N ST NW #4 2405 20TH ST NW #1104 2125 14TH ST NW #416


$1,105,000 $415,000 $1,000,000 $469,000 $563,170

For additional listings, map search, custom brochures, neighborhood data and more, please visit our new website
Our listings on average sold for 97% of the original sales price in 22 days compared to 89.7% and 50 days for the competition.
52 • april 30, 2010

SOCIALAGENDA: Whitman-Walker Spring Gala

Washington Blade photos by Michael Key

april 30, 2010 • 53

Buying? Selling?
We know what we're doing!
Gale Storm Team
571.236.9329 • 7817 ROSWELL DR, FALLS CHURCH
Completely Remodeled w/ Wood Floors, Granite,
Wetbar & more. 4BR 2.5 BA $569,900

Call us to buy or sell your home

Ranked #1 Agents in Weichert McLean
Old Dominion Office in Combined Revenue Units
for VA, DC & MD 1103 N STUART ST,
Licensed in DC, MD & VA 3 BR 2 BA Condo, 1600 sqft,
1.5 blocks to metro! $569,900

Living in Dupont Circle?

Find your copy of
washingtonblade ALEXANDRIA
Completely Remodeled Duplex
1/4 mi to Metro! $299,900
at one of the following locations:
Alpha Drugs • 1638 R St. NW Suite 1
Annie's Steakhouse • 1609 17th St. NW
Ariana Gillette
RS1 Real Estate
Caceres Health Group • 1759 Q St. NW Office: 703-444-6363; Cell: 703-655-8415
Capitol Video • 1729 Connecticut Ave. NW Ariana@RS1RE.COM • www.RS1RE.COM
Kramerbooks & Afterwords • 1517 Connecticut Ave. NW
Leather Rack • 1711 Connecticut Ave. NW
Luna Grill & Diner • 1301 Connecticut Ave. NW
Pleasure Place • 1710 Connecticut Ave. NW
West End Library • 1101 24th St. NW
54 • april 30, 2010
april 30, 2010 • 55

Old Town Alexandria

Riv 501 Slaters Lane, #1103
On Alexandria, VA 22314
Complete modern renovation! This
2BR/2BA Marina Towers condo has
amazing panoramic views of the river
and DC skyline. Designed by a local
architect, highlights include maple
floors, granite counters, Jenn-Air appli-
ances, remodeled baths, custom Shoji
Screened closets and so much more.


619 S. Pitt Street

Alexandria, VA 22314
Artistically renovated throughout, this his-
toric home features 3BR/3BA with an office.
Highlights include hardwood floors, granite
counters, luxurious master suite, three gas
fireplaces, slate patio and more. Detached
garage has private bedroom and full bath.

Dayna Blumel
& Kerry Adams
703.587.7841 ®

EVERS & CO. Real Estate, Inc.
703.629.8455 (c) 202.464.8400 (o)
56 • april 30, 2010

The skinny on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’
Mystique on being Morgan McMichaels, as seen via
“RuPaul’s Drag Race: Untucked.”
be JuJu, Pandora, Raven and
Morgan McMichaels.
voted off Logo’s hit Was it as confrontational as the
cameras made it appear? Blade: Bebe Zahara Benet
show and the need for Mystique: It was actually worse won the first season yet other
‘big girl’ role models than the viewers saw! The camera
crews missed a lot of it when it was
performers such as Ongina
and Shannel seemed to get
By TYRONE FORD happening but at this point I don’t more attention. Why do you
Special to Washington Blade have any issues about it. feel that is?
Mystique: Well the winner
Mystique Summers Madison Blade: After your elimination, really is under lock and key and
from “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” whose who were you pulling for to win? has to do what the show says.
real name is Donté Sims, compet- Mystique: Well the person I It’s almost better not to win
ed for top queen in season two of wanted to win was already elimi- because then you can travel
the Logo reality series but was nated — Pandora Boxx. I really feel and get booked and just do
eliminated in the third episode. Pandora should have stayed but your own thing.
This self-proclaimed “pageant you never really know what the
queen” from Bedford, Texas judges were looking for or wanted. Blade: How much of what the
wants you to know that big girls audience saw was spin created
can do everything skinny girls can Blade: Casting calls have by the producers?
and she recently made a stop in begun for the third season and it Mystique: There is a lot of
Washington, D.C. to prove it. A looks like several of D.C.’s drag per- editing of course. It’s sometimes
curvaceous beauty, Mystique formers are submitting tapes. What two or three days of footage con-
Summers Madison brought her is your advice to applicants? densed down to one hour. So
own brand of “charisma, unique- Mystique: The best advice I when it was edited, the storylines
ness, nerve and talent” and left an can give would be to stay true to can be skewed to make the story
impression on many of the view- yourself. Go on the show as “you” smoother.
Photo courtesy of Mystique
ers that the most important part of and leave the same way because
being a performer is to stay true MYSTIQUE SUMMERS MADISON competed on season two of you shouldn’t change who you are Blade: How much do the con-
to one’s self. The Washington ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race.’ to try and win a competition. testants actually interact with
Blade talked to Mystique about RuPaul?
RuPaul’s show, her competitors need to have a psychological eval- ing to Raven when you had to Blade: The first season of Mystique: The amount of
and how it feels to represent “big uation before they would cast you. “Lip sync for your life” to “I Hear “Drag Race” didn’t include the interaction the viewers see on TV
girls” everywhere. You Knockin’” by Wynonna Judd. “Untucked,” behind-the-scenes is about how much we actually
Blade: What exactly was How do you feel you handled the show. Do you feel this was a interacted with Ru.
Washington Blade: How did involved with that? What did they elimination? good addition to your season?
Donté Sims, aka Mystique ask you to get evaluated for? Mystique: After the lip sync, Mystique: I think they came Blade: You said on the show
Summers Madison, land a spot Mystique: [Laughs] Well, I had RuPaul needed to think about up with the idea of “Untucked” to that you represented all the “big
on “RuPaul’s Drag Race”? to sit down with a psychologist and the decision so she was gone for show how catty things behind the girls” out there. Do you feel there
Mystique: I had been doing I guess I got the seal of approval. about 20 minutes and then came scenes really were. I know it was is a stigma attached to the full-
drag for five years and there was a Although, [laughs] I still don’t under- back and I was the one to go. brought on for my season but I figured drag performers?
casting call in Dallas for the first stand how I managed to get it. Honestly, it was [like] a big sigh don’t know if it will be brought on Mystique: Well, I went on the
season but I decided to wait and of relief because I was able to for the next one. They cast such show just as myself and I was
see what the show was all about. Blade: What was it like meet- get back to real life and commu- strong personalities this season classified as representing the
Then, when there was a casting ing the other contestants for the nicating with the real world. so they kind of knew there would “big girls” because I said it once
call for the second season, I went first time? be drama and wanted to catch it and it just caught on. I received a
for it and submitted my paperwork Mystique: I’m used to Texas Blade: Things got pretty heat- on film because they knew it lot of e-mails and Facebook
and video and they got back to me pageant drag, which is more ed with a few of the contestants would bring in the viewers. messages from different people
about two months later. makeup and costumes. When I prior to your elimination. At one thanking me for showing that the
met the rest of the contestants it point it looked like the wigs were Blade: There is going to be anoth- big girls can be sexy and that it
Blade: Two months is a long was more female realness. going to come off and punches er spin off show called “RuPaul’s took a lot of courage to compete
time to wait, what was the next thrown. Let’s talk for a minute Drag U.” Will you be involved? against the skinny girls. If I’m
step in the process? Blade: You were eliminated in about your “I’m from Chicago!” Mystique: No, the performers helping other people out there
Mystique: Well ... all applicants this season’s third episode, los- interaction with fellow contestant from my season on “Drag U” will then I think that’s great.
april 30, 2010 • 57

-Alexandria City $2,385,000

This one-of-a kind 5 bedroom, 6.5 bath cus-
tom home has over 5,500 sq. ft. of well
designed living space surrounded by .75 acres
of perennial gardens, mature trees, fabulous
pool and guesthouse. Generous room sizes, -Alexandria City $2,200,000
vaulted and beamed ceilings, exterior patios Exquisite finishes in this 5 bedroom, 5.5 bath custom built home just minutes from the city. Over
and balconies create a natural flow for enter- 8,800 sq. ft. of luxury living on 3/4 acres of manicured grounds with an in-ground pool & spa
taining. This secluded home in a park-like set- backing to parkland. Grand entry, chefs kitchen, media room, fully equipped gym, billiards room,
ting is located just minutes from Old Town, large bar with 2nd kitchen and a 3 car garage! This well appointed home is complimented by a
Arlington & D.C. circular drive and Smart Home Technology.

-Old Town Old Town

$745,000 $535,000
Better than new! This Price and
gorgeous 3 level, 2 Location!
bedroom, 2 bath Enjoy in-town
home has been beau- living in this
tifully updated and updated,
expanded to include -Braddock Heights/Rosemont $849,000 light filled 2
a fabulous family Tucked away on a quiet lane less than a mile to the bedroom, 2
room with french -Del Ray $869,000 METRO. This expanded and updated 3 bedroom, 3 bath bath end
doors that open to a Leave the car at home! Renovated from top to 1930's home is full of charm and character. Spacious eat- townhouse
deep English Garden bottom and situated on a triple lot just blocks in kitchen, large family room and main level guest room. with 3 fin-
with a brick patio and water feature. Light filled from the METRO and steps from shops and restau- Upper level with 2 large bedroom suites and an unfin- ished levels and a fabulous deep garden with
rooms with oversize windows, built-ins, a wood burn- rants on "The Avenue" in Del Ray! Three finished ished lower level with high ceilings. Inviting screened-in patio surrounded by mature trees. Alley access
ing fireplace and gleaming hardwood floors. Located levels with 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, fireplace, large side porch, ideal for al fresco dining, and a detached offers off-street parking. Just blocks to shops &
in the just steps from shops & restaurants. deck, side porch and a detached garage! garage. Convenient to Old Town, Del Ray and D.C. restaurants in south Old Town.
58 • april 30, 2010
april 30, 2010 • 59

Come and see

what you’ve been
missing 24/7
1/2 PRICE ROOMS 10 - 2PM
8AM - 12 Midnight
All Rooms & Lockers 1/2 Price
Late Night Steams • Afternoon Workouts
Goodlooking Guys • Hot Showers • Videos
Big Steamroom • Sauna
Gym & Cardio • Lounges
Friendly Staff • Very Clean Facilities
Private Rooms & Lockers
Must have valid I.D.
All STD/HIV testing Information
60 • april 30, 2010
FULL BODY WAXING for Men & Women at Qi Spa-
bladeclassifieds 3106 M St, NW Please call
(202) 333-6345 for waxing, massage, skincare... GREEN, ECO-FRIENDLY HARDWOOD FLOOR
REFINISHING Specializing in all areas of wood
floors, installations, dust-free sanding and refin-
COUNSELING ishing. Call 202-468-2660 for a free estimate!
ONLY $55 PER HOUR SPRING INTO WELL- Individuals, couples, families, adolescents. Over 15 years
NESS with body work to heal your winter aches & serving the community. Mike Giordano, LICSW. BEACH RENTAL/DE
pains. Relaxing & rejuvinating, Swedish, deep tis- 202/460-6384,, REHOBOTH BEACH: Contemporary 2br/2ba
sue & pressure point techinques. Adams Morgan condo w/ balcony overlkng pond in pool/tennis
/ Dupont RON 202-641-1078 court complex nr Arena's Cafe (Rte 1), about 7
COUNSELING FOR GAY MEN. Individual/couple mins to beach/town. Sleeps up to 6, min. $600 to
INDULGE YOURSELF WITH RELAXING, deep tis- counseling with volunteer peer counselor. Gay Men's max. $850/week. Inquiries:
sue massage. Feel the stress leave your body. CMT Counseling Community. 202-265-6495. gaymen-
with 15 years experience. Located in Logan/Dupont No fees, donation requested.
Circle. Visa, MC.
David (202) 213-9646 Lic#MT410 INDIVIDUAL THERAPY FOR the gay & lesbian
community. Relationships, grief, anxiety, transi- SALE/DC
N.ARLINGTON CMT - Enjoy your massage in a pri- DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE AND STRETCHING tions, careers. Jonathan Kirkendal (202) 550- SE/DC - DETACHED SINGLE FAMILY, 4 bedroom,
vate, in-home studio. Great location. Clean, quiet, dis- BY CMT, 17th/Kalorama next to HT, 7days/wk till 3589. 3.5 ba, open living spaces, gar. $428,900 1015
creet. - 301-704-1158 11pm, 4 hand option avail, Tim 202.957.1559. Anderson Pl SE. Sat/Sun 11-5 202.344.5030.

Latin Male. Swedish, deep tissue. Relieve stress! PIST Reduce stress, increase flexibility and FULL SERVICE LAW FIRM Representing the GLBT baths, 3 finished floors, large open living areas,
Parking available. In/out. 703-401-9093. prevent injuries. Swedish, Deep Tissue, community for over 25 years. Family adoptions, estate One-car gar. $398,900. 1526 Mississippi Ave SE,
Sports, Stretching. Call Trace 202-246-0724. planning, real estate, immigration, employment. (301) Open Sat/Sun 11-5 202.610.5606.
ITALIAN JOCK Give full body massage. Masculine, VISA/MC LIC#MT375 891-2200. Silber, Perlman, Sigman & Tilev, P.A. &
muscular, VGL masseur, offers, full-body, Swedish, Kirstin Gulling, Of Counsel.
sports, deep tissue massage on a table, near fire- FURNISHED HOUSING/DC
place, including stretching. See my photos on EMPLOYMENT LAW ATTORNEY - Wrongful Located down- Discharge, Sexual Harrassment, Contract Review,
town, parking available. Brian 312-961-7724. Whitleblowers. The Law Office of Carl Roller
(202) 531-2777,

British Massage Therapist

English Masseur offering Swedish, Deep AUTOS
Tissue and Sports modalities of rejuvenating FAST CASH!!! Wanted Cars & Trucks. Don’t
massage therapy. Dupont and Cap Hill. Peter throw your money away, call me! I will buy your WASHINGTON DC FURNISHED HOUSING
202-468-4325. vehicle. Call Marty Salins, at Auto Plaza, in APARTMENTS & LODGING. 1 to 3 blocks to
Rockville, (301) 340-1390. US Capitol grounds, Supreme Court, LOC.
(202) 544-4419. Veteran owned small business
experienced massage therapist. Convenient Years Experience. Brazillian Born offering sensual BUY/USED BOOKS
Arlington location. Evenings and weekends. massage without compromising the High Quality! ALL GAY THEMES. G BOOKS. 1520 U St, NW. 202-
$60/hr, $85/90 min. Visa/MC Deep tissue & Swedish, Sports. Satisfaction 986-9697 4pm-10pm. SHARE/DC
Errol (703) 525-4616. Guaranteed. Dupont Circle 8 AM to 10 PM. Visa & P.S. our lubes, DVDs & gear cheaper than online. CAP HILL (2-1/2 blocks eastern mkt) small bright MC Welcome. Lunch Time Special, 202-549-0991. furn/unfurn BR share w/ 3 leather friendly men,
$595+, Pete 202-544-5688
Sports, Shiatsu, Stretching Techniques. Intuitive, EMPLOYMENT ADOPT AN ADORABLE PUPPY OR DOG All-breed, CAPITOL HILL 14TH & F STS, NE, Unfurnished
Therapeutic. Glebe Rd/395. $70/hr; $90/1.5 hrs. Concierge/Receptionist/Assistant PT leading to non-profit rescue. 100% volunteer run. Donations wel- BR for rent $500 monthly + utilities + deposit. (202) 425-5105. FT. Premier dental practice specializing in patient hos- come & needed. Thomas 202-397-7132.
pitality & excellent dental care. Excellent communica-
RELAX, REGENERATE, REJUVENATE The tion skills & attention to details is required. Looking for
3 Rs to Health. Experienced Certified someone who is enthusiastic & energetic about MOVING SALE/MD
Massage Therapist helps you with the 3Rs: meeting & greeting our patients. Conversational JOHN HENRY MOVERS Since 1990, the area's
Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reiki, Energetics. Spanish is a plus. Fax (202) 737-2027 or email favorite gay owned crew. Expert packing, pianos. SILVER SPRING $265,000
Call Bruce (202) 491-8306. MT0697. Experienced, equipped & punctual as hell. Terrific Brick/Stone House! Fireplace!
Cheapskates love us! 703-597-5561 Remodeled! Fenced! Yard! Driveway!
EXPERTLY CRAFTED MASSAGE BY DAVID. Walk to Grocery/Shopping Plaza!
MANAGEMENT. DUPONT. (202) 257-9726 RC priest, American Catholic affiliation, licensed tion's. Packing, pianos, antiques. Local & long dis- LARRY PERRIN, Realtor (R)
DC marriage officiant. Many years experience work- tance 202-483-9579 301.983.0601
TREAT YOURSELF to a Great Massage by a ing with gay & straight couples in secular & religious
Professional Male Massage Therapist. Relaxing & services. No venue too small. Let me help you make FABULOUS SILVER SPRING HOME for Sale,
healing massage soothes the soul & promotes your special day simple, elegant, memorable. Call CLEANING Woodside, 4 bdrm, 3.5 ba; gourmet kitchen,
well being. Special rates call Marcio (202)271- Ed (202) 445-0366, TOO NEAT GUYS INC. Residential & commercial step-down to great room, stone fireplace,
9440. Dupont Circle. cleaning in DC & Northern VA. Over 12 years southern exposure, cherry & oak floors,
experience, gay owned, licensed, bonded & private balcony, private perennial gardens;
THE MAGIC TOUCH: Swedish, Massage or Deep
MUSICAL insured (703) 622-5983. many other amenities.;
Tissue. Appts 202-486-6183, Low Rates, 24/7. ENTERTAINMENT 301-589-5232;
FIRST CLASS MUSIC for any occasion. Piano- POWER CLEANERS, LLC. Experienced, depend-
Accordion-Combo. References, recordings avail- able service seven days a week. Gay owned and
able. khfeinstein@veri- operated. Call Matt for free estimates at 202-352-0739 SHARE/VA or call 301-564-9482. or visit MANASSAS: M-nonsmoker, share bath, W/D full priv-
ileges, Directv Utilities included. Available immediately
PHOTOGRAPHY A CLEANING SERVICE invites you to relax while 703-969-8521 $595
STEVE O’TOOLE PHOTOGRAPHY Fine Art our team of experienced, dependable & friendly
Photographer for portraits, weddings & dating professionals provides top-quality cleaning serv-
photos for the internet. Call (703) 532-3031. ice to your home or office. Excellent refs, satis- SALE/WV faction guaranteed. Licensed, bonded & insured.
Reasonable rates. Call today for a free estimate.
(703) 892-8648.
Luxury Sedan or Stretch Limousine 24 HR Reservations Commercial Cleaning, Reasonable Rates, Free
(202) 554-2471 or (800) 455-2471. Estimates, Routine, 1-Time, Move-In/Move-Out.
(202) 234-7050, 202-486-6183.


younger, feel better, be fresh? Men's Body custom blinds, shades, shutters, draperies, and 3+ acres adjoining GW National Forest in Lost
wax/treatments by a male licensed operator, 15 more! Serving the GLBT community since 1986. River WV. 304-897-8162. $185,000. See more at
yrs exp, can work for you. Environmental Concepts Design (202) 397-7909.
april 30, 2010 • 61

160 lbs, 5'10" great shape, beach tan, strong
soothing hands. Full-body erotic experience,
masculine energy. Stress release. Comfortable
studio, private home. $70/hr. Days/evenings,
metro. BRUNO (301) 580-2716.


195 LBS, VERSATIL 8 UNC. 24/7 202-487-3309


WHEN QUALITY COUNTS Male/TV/TS, Massage by Hot Asian Boy. Smooth, very hand-
202-487-3660, FLORIDA BOY muscle body extra large some, very athletic. Visiting from LA until early May.
endowment. Scott (202) 491-5022 In/Out call available. Call anytime 323-317-8970.
SENSUOUS BOD 2 BOD Friendly, creative, erot-
ic massage…Your willing body, for a toe curling
experience! Chad (202) 329-7097 ADULT
yrs., 5'8", 150 lbs., friendly, handsome, smooth, TOP BLK ALL AMERICAN ESCORT
nice body. In (Alexandria VA)/out 10AM - 10PM Lean, toned. 32yo,5'11",170lbs, Safe, top, out
Call Robert (703) 655-2130 only. Erotic teacher, massage, etc. 202*210*8397.

BOYISH CUTE LATINO 19 yo very smooth slen-

League brain, 6'2 195# 46ch 34w, toned tanned
smooth. In/outcalls. (571) 255-0584 MALE MASSAGE by 31 yo, 5’ 9”, 170 lbs, Hot
Latino with a special touch. Offering full body
release in a private atmosphere. In/out. Parking
Available, hotels welcome, 240-462-8669

Meet HOT Local Guys!

Call 202-216-0011 or
703-538-1700 or 410-653-6900
LIBERATE YOUR LIBIDO-destress now! I’M ERIC or 301-591-0330
Nationally Certified, Irish-Italian, Former-US Navy, HAIRY HANDSOME MASCULINE endowed Use ad Code 7777. 18+
Swimmer, Gymnast offering exceptional deep tis- bodybuilder call (202) 714-3030
sue / bodywork for IN SHAPE GENTLEMEN. STRESSED OUT? Relax your body, mind and
Private Studio (Shower, Metro 2.5 blks, Prkg). Call spirit with strong,skilled & caring hands.
(202) 544-7905, cell (202) 321-8439. In Calls only. Give it a try! No calls after 10 PM! Call Manuel at

BLONDE GI 6’0”, 165LBS Good looking, athletic,

well-endowed. Sensual Massage & More. Eli
(703) 599-2668.

EROTIC MASSAGE by attractive certified therapist.

Deep tissue, Swedish, table, Established clientele,
In/Out, Hotel calls welcome. David (202) 421-8900.

ENASARIS 5 11" 155lbs 30yo 9X6 Versatile Top


ALL-AMERICAN BOY 24y/o, 5'9, 138lbs, 29w.

Very cute & clean-cut, w/a smooth lean build.
Affectionate & versatile, loves older guys. 202-365-9065 Looking to
advertise in
(202) 544-8094. DUNGEON MASTER.
Visiting 7-8
BEAR HUNTING Strong sensual paws for your
willing body. Tom (202) 289-7367.
5'10" 230# 53C 19 1/2 A 30W 27 TH
very handsome very masculine guarantee EROTIC SWEDISH MASSAGE - healthy clean cut
Phil Rockstroh at
sylvester 917-699-5444 GREAT MASSEUR in DC. 24/7 to make appts. 6.0 tall guy, 6'1", 160lbs, Dupont Circle, massage table, noon 180 lbs. mix latin. Call me at (202) 413-5952 CESAR to 1:00 a.m., indulge your body. Bill 202-728-0238
62 • april 30, 2010
april 30, 2010 • 63

Connecting with the Online Crowd

Join Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage and
Owned and Operated put LeadRouter to work for you
by NRT Incorporated If you’re interested in improving your customer response times, while increasing
your lead volume, transactions, gross commission income and referrals, call me
Kevin McDuffie: 202-439-2435 or email me at 202-387-6180
$1,129,000 LOGAN CIRCLE 55 Fairhaven Road 1606 BELMONT ST NW
Gorgeous 4 story Victorian townhome 1111 11 St NW #105 $749,000 #6A2
in historic Logan Circle awaits new $419,900 Located just south of $589,900
owner! Completely renovated, top floor 2 Bed/2 BA Annapolis is the his- *** Rarely available, 2 bed-
master suite, drop-dead gourmet Like new, light filled end unit on toric 1850 fully room, 2.5 bath upper level unit
kitchen (!), 4 f/p, hdwd. flrs., front & rear the first floor. Two Bedroom, restored Gravelly Hill with South facing balcony.
gardens, CAC, Fam. Rm., this exqui- 2 full baths, dbl. sink in master farmhouse. Situated Light filled and spacious floor
site home has it ALL!! Just steps to bath. Black granite kitchen and on 5+ acres, this pris- plan. Wood Burning Fireplace,
Metro, Restaurants, Shopping, Whole bamboo floors. In-unit central tine home features Built-In Bookcases, Updated
Foods, 17th St. action.....the finest in air, washer/ dryer. Loads of gourmet kitchen, 7 f/p, wideplank flrs, spacious rooms, Baths, Maple Wood Floors
Logan Circle living! DON'T MISS. SIM- closet and cupboard space. gorgeous landscaping, front/rear porches & much, much Throughout, Crown Molding,
PLY THE BEST! Close to Metro. more! 4 BR, 3BA. Short commute to downtown DC! This Washer/Dryer, Unassigned
home will take your breath away! Call for Parking for 2 Cars! Walk to Metro! 2 blocks
easy app't to view. to Harris Teeter and Meridian Hill Park


202-288-3185 801-201-7373 CELL 202-288-3185


$609,000 1660 FOXHALL 1637 MONROE ST NW 2130 N ST NW
Stunning, spacious & light- RD NW $539,000 #101
filled two bedroom, two bath $850,000 Exquisite little jewel of a $249,000
unit with southern exposure, Wow! Gracious row house that is perfectly Location, Location,
garage parking and private space, open living/ located just off 16th St on Location! Fully
balcony in coveted Logan dining and cozy quiet one-way lane. Large R e n o v a t e d
building and location. Walk to den. Dramatic living room w/ huge fire- Efficency Condo
Metro, Whole Foods/P Street, staircase to 3 BRs place; Remodeled Galley in the heart of
U Street, & Dupont. High ceil- / 2 baths. Plus kit and bath; Generous Dupont/West
ings, hardwood floors, premi- huge in-law suite Recreation room w/ bath End. Convenient
um kitchen w/cherry cabinets, with kitchen, W/D, the works. Perfect for in-law suite or home & deep rear yard for out- to everything this
granite & stainless, beautiful office. Large open fenced yard, Refinished floors. Foxhall door parties. great city has to offer. Seller says “Bring Offer”. He is
master suite w/custom closets & full bath address, entrance on Salem Lane. relocating and needs to sell. This is a
w/walk-in tile shower. FABULOUS unit!

202-387-6180 202-387-6180 202-387-6180 202-387-6180


1309 Euclid Street, NW 1139 3rd Street NE MARKET HUGE PRICE
$1,300,000 $345,000 GEORGETOWN REDUCTION!
Great 4 unit, 4 level Victorian in Welcome to SoFlo! 2718 P Street, NW 4701 Connecticut
Columbia Heights. Sep electric Located only a block $1,599,000 Ave, NW #205
and gas for each unit, including from red line metro Treetops, now Bank $579,900
sep electric house meter. Easy and new coming Owned, was fully reno- Large 2 bedroom/2
condo conversion of existing units. Harris Teeter, this well vated and rebuilt in bath renovated coop
Parking is a non issue being locat- maintained Federal 2003 includes chefs with tons of light!
ed so close to metro. Needs work offers off street park- kitchen w/top-of-the-line Hardwood floors
and sold Totally As-is, how you ing, new carpet, and appliances, custom kitchen cabinets, speakers throughout throughout, Chef's
see it, just as it is. Seller will make undated kitchen and home; marble & granite fireplaces, built in office & kitchen with high-end
no repairs. All reasonable offers bath. This perfect starter home is move-in ready, and still library, whirlpool baths, premium windows. SOLD AS-IS, appliances & granite, separate dining, updated bathrooms &
considered. has room for added value with further SELLER WILL MAKE NO REPIARS. BRO- more. Also, conveys with one garage park-
redesign. H Street nightlife and Union KER MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS ing space! Walk to Van Ness Metro, shops &
Station are just blocks away. RE PROPERTY CONDITION. restaurants.


202-465-2357 202-465-2357 202-465-2357 DAVID BEDIZ 202-352-8456


$1,545,000 1322 15TH
Grand Victorian Street, NW #B3
Townhome with $295,000
modern amenities. Newly renovated
This beautiful 1BR, 1BA with hard-
home features 4 wood floors in living ARLINGTON VILLAGE
bedrooms, 2 bath- areas and bedroom. 2601 16th St. S #625 • $359,900
rooms in the mas- Freshly painted with • Stylish 2-Bedroom End Unit
ter unit as well as neutral designer col- • Deck Overlooking Wooded Ravine
a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom in the separate ors; 2 blocks to Whole Foods; VIDA; • Gourmet Kitchen with Stainless
suite below. Includes 2 car parking space Restaurants and shops. Close to Metro. • White-washed hardwood floors
in the heart of Dupont Circle
DAVID BEDIZ 202-352-8456 202.436-0032 202-997-5192 OPEN HOUSES, NEW LISTINGS, SPECIAL

“The most tools, the most technology, the most leads, the best working environment. Sound interesting?
Call me to discuss the advantages of Coldwell Banker. We offer more so our agents can do more for our clients.”
Kevin McDuffie, GRI, Managing Broker • 202.439.2435 (c) • 1606 17th Street NW cbmove com

Wyatt Chair 33”w x 33”d x 32”h special orders in fabric from $1420, NOW: $1136, Lillian Console 44”w x 14”d x 32”h $995, NOW: $796,
Pazzo Mirror 38” diameter $795 NOW: $636, Geo 8’ x 10’ Rug in berry $1550 NOW: $1240

Save 20% on all* special order upholstery (handcrafted in North Carolina), tables/storage, linens, lighting, rugs,
options: all delivered in approximately 6 short weeks.

1526 14th Street NW (P & Q Streets) Washington, DC 202.332.3433 M-F 10am to 8pm, Sat 10am to 6pm, Sun 11am to 6pm Convenient daily parking from 10am - 6pm
*exclusions: in-stock, stock options plus & love programs /

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