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This lease deed

made on 1th day of April 2016 between (AGRAWAL

DEVELOPERS) shri Bankeys Bihari Agrwal S/O Shri Suraj Bhan Agrawal R/o Lai
Darwaza Mathura UP (herein after called the LESSOR of one part) and Shri Subhash
Chand Sharma S/O Shri Madan Lal Sharma R/O Village Bakalpur Mathura up
(hereinafter called LESSEE of the other part) witnesses as follows Whereas the
lessor is the owner of the premises bearing Shop no 8 Krishna Orchid Goverdhan
Road Opp Shri ji baba school Mathura 281001. Whereas the Lessee offered to take
the said premises on Lease from the Lessor on a month to month and the Lessor
having agreed to give the said premises to the lessee, the parties have agreed on
the following tems and conditions of the lease during the subsistence of the same.
The term of lease shall be for a period of Eleven Months commencing from 1 April
2014 the period of the next agreement will be either 36 months after or any other
period as may be agreed mutually by both parties. The Lessee shall pay the Lessor
a rent of Rs.1000/- (Rupees One Thousand only) per month including maintenance
but excluding Mathura Municipal Corporation Tax. In case if there is any increase in
maintenance charges of the society the same will be borne by the Lessee. The
Lessee shall keep the schedule premises in a tenantable condition subject to usual
wear and lear and shall not commit any acts of waste of damages. All damages if
any are liable to be repaired or replaced at the Lessee s own cost The Lessee shall
use the premises for daily needs retail shop purpose. The Lessee shall not stock any
inflammable material in the Leased premises and shall not use the premises for any
illegal or immortal purpose

The Lessee agrees to maintain and keep all sanitary and electrical fittings,furniture
and fixtures intact and replace if any of them damaged during their occupancy The
Lessee shall pay all Municipal Corporation Taxes and all other taxes exceeding
Rs.1000/-, as may be imposed by any other authority under law from time to time.
The Lessee shall pay all charges incurred in respect of the premises of electricity
,cable charges for T V programmes etc. Security Deposit for Rs.1000/- (Rupees One
Thousnad only) & An Advance Rent Rs.1000/-(Rupees One Thousand only) Total of
Rs.2000/- (Rupees Two Thousand oniy) has been given by the lessee to the Lesser
by Cash and will continue for the next eleven months. The tenancy hereby created
shall be terminable at option of the Lessor or Lessee by giving the other party onemonth notice in writing. The lessor shall attempt to any major repairs of damages
arising from the inherent defect in construction calamities for example fire (not
caused due to negligence of the lessee), earthquake, lighting, cyclone etc. The
party on the second part, namely the lessee, who the hirer, shall at the expiry of the
hired period, deliver the said schedule premises to the lessor in good conditions.
The party of the second part namely the lessee wishes to lease by a further 11
months period beyond the expiry of this agreement, rent enhancement of 10% will
be applicable. Rent of Rs.1000/- (Rupees One thousand only) should be paid on or
before 5 of every month by way of Cheque to the lesser by the lessee. In witness of
whereof the parties here to have set their respective hands on the day month and
year first mentioned above written.