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On November 8, 1963, Ruby called Murray W. Miller's suite at the Eden Roc. Murray Miller better known as "Dusty" Miller was a Vice President of the Teamsters Union and Director of the Southern Conference of Teamsters. Miller was a trustee of the Central States Pension Fund from 1955 to 1968. "Dusty" Miller was the number three man in the Teamsters, only Jimmy Hoffa and Allen Dorfman preceded him, and as such was regarded as a possible successor to Jimmy Hoffa.


"Dusty" Miller was associated with numerous underworld figures. [FBI-4424016-302; Miami Herald 9.11.75 p7A Victor Riesel; FBI44-24016-976; Wall St. Journal 12.23.75 p1] In a 1978 interview with the HSCA, "Dusty" Miller admitted having conversed with Ruby. Ruby had stated something to the effect that: "Barney Baker (seen on the left with Jimmy Hoffa) gave me your number and told me that maybe you could help me out." When "Dusty" Miller heard the name "Baker" he said he reacted by terminating the conversation, since "Dusty" Miller did not wish to become involved with an unsavory character. [HSCA V9 p199] In April 1972 Murray W. Miller of Dallas, Texas was appointed Secretary Treasurer of the Teamsters Union. In October 1975 NIXON played a round of golf at the La Costa Country Club with Dusty Miller. Allen Dorfman was also on the golf course that day. Miller filed a libel suit against a dissident Teamster faction for publishing this in Overdrive: Take Murray (Dusty) Miller, 4th Vice-President of the International and Director of the Southern Conference. Dusty was a trustee of the Fund from its formation in 1955 until 1968. Before he left, Dusty borrowed $1.6 million in 1965 from the Fund to buy Trinity Sand & Gravel in Dallas. Almost immediately, the Fund foreclosed on the company without a single penny having been paid on the loan. Almost as instantly, a new corporation was formed which borrowed another $1.4 million from the Fund. This corporation Metropolitan Sand & Gravel was set up by St. Louis attorney Morris Shenker, and his ownership in it is 45%. Shenker is probably right behind Dorfman when it comes to having

influence over the Fund. Shenker, though, specializes in dealing with the Mafia, a subject to be covered thoroughly in our next article. The 2,800 acres of land now controlled by Shenker, it appears, now is valued at $300 million, thanks to a federal decision to build a multi-billion dollar barge channel through it from Dallas-Fort Worth to the Gulf of Mexico. This good fortune doesn't seem to have affected the company's payments to the Fund: $1.1 million loan (This does not include the.$1.6 million. That is gone. Just ask Dusty.) In August 1998 Services for retired Teamsters official Murray W. "Dusty" Miller were held at Restland Funeral Home's Wildwood Chapel. Mr. Miller, 82, died of a heart attack in St. Paul Medical Center in Dallas. He was buried in Restland Memorial Park. In 1971, Mr. Miller became the first Dallas labor leader appointed by a U.S. president to serve on a national committee. President Richard Nixon named Mr. Miller to a three-year term on a 35-member labor relations commission. There was no roving wiretap on Hoffa and so the phone line in the Eden Roc was clean. Ruby talked to the man himself, Jimmy Hoffa, and told him that something was going to be done about JFK. The Nixon Miller connection at La Costa helps explain Nixon’s presence in Dallas prior to the big event. Nixon was in Dallas to meet with Jack Ruby and assure him what he was doing was the right thing to do for American Jews. NIXON was attending a Pepsico convention as was Ruby’s close friend Larry Meyer’s brother, Edward Meyers.