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Talk about the pros/cons of this era as is full of daily invention?

In this modern era, many things have been invented in various areas for daily use that
have given numerous benefits to the human beings and society. There are, however,
plenty of significant drawbacks that have hampered the life of people.
There is no doubt the invented products have provided considerable benefits to the
people. First of all, due to escalating inflation rates and changes in the demographic
structure of education paradigm between men and women, they both are working in
corporates to live a lavish lifestyle. They do not have sufficient amount of time to perform
their daily task. To illustrate, they will use the washing machine to wash clothes, grinders
to prepare spices, etc. Another major benefit is the communication devices that have
transformed the level of communication and working activities amongst people. As a
result, these inventions have made their life much easier and convenient than earlier.
In sharp contrast to this, there are also negative effects of this technological invention.
Firstly, people have become over-dependent on communication devices which have
made them less active and increase of mental stress. In addition to this, a major worrying
concern is the widespread use of e-mail and internet chatting, which have destroyed
traditional forms of communication such as letter-writing and face-to-face conversation.
To conclude, the invention in various areas in the 21st century has revolutionised the
people life in a day-to-day basis with numerous benefits, however, there are also drastic
effects of this technology. I hope that inventions will continue in future and it cannot be
refrain, but we should see that we are using these innovative products in moderate
amounts. (266 words)
Any recent invention that you think proved beneficial or detrimental to society.
Over the last few years, it is evident how various inventions have come up that have
totally changed the lives of people and society. One of the magnificent inventions is the
computer, which has benefitted the entire mankind and society at various levels. Lets
discuss the significant benefits of computers.
Undoubtedly, the computer has provided a bunch of considerable benefits. First of all, the
computer made the people life much easier and faster than earlier. Every day they are
using the computer to perform numerous tasks such as calculating figures and transact
financial transactions. Secondly, it has also assisted working professionals at workplaces
to write letters, give the presentations through power-point and many more.
Another major benefit is in recent years, the computer has introduced as a subject in
primary and secondary schools. This proliferation has helped students to learn the
computer and its various applications associated with it. As a result, it is a good sign for
information technology industry as in future more and more people will be computer
literate. In addition to this, the government and bureaucrats are using the computer to
provide efficient social services to their citizens. Thus, the citizen life has become
convenient and these services are easily accessible to them without much hassle. To
illustrate, Indian government directly send subsidy transfers to below income poverty line
groups of people to their savings account directly.
In a nutshell, the invention of the computer has drastically changed the society life in
various areas with plenty of benefits. I wish in future this technological invention will not
halt, but it is predicted to climb to make the society life much easier and convenient than

(273 words)

Many people think that regions affect successful person. What is your opinion
about native region and accomplished persons influence on the region he
belongs to?

There is a considerable debate going on, whether certain regions play an important role
in a person success. Indeed, my belief it is not the countries or any specific region that
uplift people to achieve success, but there are other crucial factors which are very

The first thing is to understand which are the various factors that urge people to a path
of success.
First of all, if a person wants to become successful, then he should have a robust
determination, discipline and a long- term vision of his goals. Thus, these qualities are
the most crucial as success is not a straight path, but a fluctuating trend like an ECG line.

Secondly, the amount of hard and smart work also plays an indispensable role in shaping
a person success. Unless he inculcates all these qualities, it will become very arduous
task to become a successful person.
Furthermore, the social environment is too an indispensable variable to move ahead in
life. There is no doubt, a person may be highly educated with creative and analytical
skills, however if his friends and communities members are into bad activities or their
approach may not be as same as person whose intention is to become successful, then it
gradually hampers the person thinking and he may not have a clear and concise goals in
order to achieve success.
To conclude, opponents argue that certain region is a crucial factor to achieve success
and become the successful person while I totally disagree with their viewpoint, as factors
such as, discipline and determination is a very important and totally help the person to
become successful.

Nowadays TV has become an essential part of life. Medium to spread news &
awareness and for some it acts like a companion. What is your opinion about
Over the last decades, television as a technological invention has served various
purposes to all groups of people. Indeed, my view is that television has become an
integral part of everyone life which represents information and entertainment, but at the
same time it has also hampered people life significantly.

Undoubtedly, the invention of television has provided numerous benefits in daily life. One
of the most important merits is it acts as a source of information in the form of news,
reality programmes and educational based series. The news around the world provides
various information which in reality is not possible by going or visiting the foreign
countries. For example, a woman from Nigeria can sit at her home or at office and switch
on her TV to see the news of India, Russia and many more.
On the other hand, people have also encountered negative effects of TV which have
become a serious issue. The clearest demerits are young children have become addicted
and, as a result, they have become less active and sociable. They are spending a huge
amount of time on watching amusement programmes, which have given them an
artificial knowledge. Another serious concern is people have invited to serious mental
and physical illness. The excessive usage of TV means they are sitting at one place and
have significantly reduced the physical activity.
To conclude, my view is that TV plays an important role in our life for entertainment and
information, however, at the same time, its negative effects are hampering our personal
growth. I wish that young children should be protected and their parents should see that
they watch the TV for a limited amount of time.

Significance of formal written assessments in today's world to evaluate

children's performance.
Education system that assess the student's learning by written exam is
correct?what is your view?
Historically, the educational institutions have adopted a system of assessing formal
written examination of pupils in numbers of countries around the world. While some
argue that in todays highly competitive marketthis assessment is not valid, indeed my
view is it is the most effective system to evaluate the pupils performance and capability.
Undoubtedly, this system has considerable benefits not only on pupils performance but
also on teacher performance. Firstly, it motivates the students to study the different
subjects in depth. This, in turn, will help them to gain the diverse knowledge of various
subjects and, as a result, they will give their best in exams. Secondly, they will manage
to cope up with mental pressure and beat the stress. For example, if they come to know
the exams deadlines, then they will study harder and that managing mental pressure will
help them in future at workplaces.
On the other hand, this system is also very effective to judge the teacher performance.
When any students secure better grades, then it shows the teacher style and her way of
teaching. In addition to this, the professors can analyse the weak areas of the students
by looking at their performance in written papers. As a consequence, the educational
institutions can provide extra training and value- added materials to enhance their
To sum up, in todays modern era there are various systems to assess the student
performance, but I would recommend that formal written examinations are the best and
the most efficient way of evaluating student and teacher performance.

Organisations involve employees in decision making process of their products

and services. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both.
In recent years, the various companies have started involving their employees in
decision- making process of their products and services in order to compete in the

market. While the above proposed solution is feasible, as it provides prolific benefits,
there are also significant drawbacks which can affect the company business badly.
There are various reasons for implementing this above proposed solution. First of all, the
competition has become intense and every company wants to become a market leader,
and this is possible as some employees are very creative and they have a unique idea
which leads to massive growth in sales and profits. Secondly, the employees directly
interact with the customer and understand their needs and desires. As a result, they can
implement and give their advice and suggestions to provide the best customer service,
as customer relationship management is the most important factor in order to retain the
market share.
In sharp contrast to this, there are also negative effects of this solution. One of the most
negative effects is there may be some top management authorities who may not agree
with their employee ideas and this may lead to a conflict. Another major problem is some
employees may leak the important information such as key business proposal, mergers
and acquisitions. As a consequence, the company reputation and its image will hamper
To sum up,in my view the above proposed solution seems feasible in order to boost sales,
profits and dominate the market, however, there are also negative effects that can
tarnish the company image. I wouldsuggest the top management authorities should
involve only those employees, who are ethical and honest.

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write,
but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. Agree or Disagree?

We are now living in a highly competitive world and this will grow immensely in future.
While in order to stand differently and unusual then one should follow the statement
cited by Mr Alvin Toffler. The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot
read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. In this essay, I am
going to examine how this statement is so crucial in this era.

First of all, there is no doubt the competition to get the job and secure business deals
have surged massively. Nowadays, the companies prefer specialists than generalists, as
the former possess numerous skills in a particular area. A case in point, a hedge fund
manager should not only master in fundamental analysis but also excellent in technical
analysis. Such skills will help him or her to secure the job in top companies.
Secondly, the innovation in various areas has urged lazy people to move ahead in life
than their counterparts. For example, a decade back, an accountant used to put journal
entries and finalise balance sheet, while nowadays he should be computer literate with
thorough knowledge of accountancy standards and principles.
Finally, the computer, communication devices, and various services have grown to such
an extent that people need to be excel in all these applications. If they did not take any
amount of interest or initiative to learn the information or hone the skills, then Sir Alvin
Toffler statement will certainly be true.

To conclude, the people all over the world should follow Sir Alvin Toffler statement and
continuously learn new information and skills in order to move ahead in their professional
life or else it will become very difficult to sustain their job in this era.
Global Warming- 288 words- Amrit PAi
In recent years, the global warming has become a serious concern in numbers of
countries around the world. While the solution has proposed that the government and the
politicians have to take prime responsibilities to combat the negative effects of global
warming, the individuals too can actively contribute.
There are various causes and effects of global warming which have hampered our
environment. First of all, the power-generation companies massively use the nonrenewable sources of energy such as coal, oil, and natural gas, which emits perilous
gases in large amounts. As a consequence, the levels of air pollution have surged
intensively. Finally, it should not be forgotten that how illegal logging still continues in
rainforests. Take a case of, Amazon Basin, in particular.
The government and politicians, however, can reduce the global warming effects through
various options. Firstly, they can enact stricter and stringent laws and policies on the
power generation and industrial companies in order to put-off on consumption of the
natural resources. One more practical solution is, they can give incentives to the people
who drive their private vehicles such as, reducing taxes or giving discount coupons, in
order to reduce the carbon dioxide levels.
On the other hand, the individuals can also participate to maintain a healthy and a fresh
environment. The first practical solution is, they should give less preference to their cars
and bikes, and instead they should travel from the public transport. In addition to this,
they should start using solar based products to insulate their homes. A case in point, they
can use solar heaters, and LED bulbs and lights.
To sum up, there is no doubt, the global warming is a major issue and its effects cannot
be ignored. If governments and individuals, however, collaboratively participates then
gradually we can see the minimal impacts of the global warming.

In the past 100 years, there are many inventions such as antibiotics, airplanes, and
computers. What do you think is the most important invent for the past 100 years?
Why?- Sandy
Over the last few decades, the enormous technological inventions such as antibiotics,
airplanes, and computers have been invented. Indeed, all these inventions have provided
prolific benefits to the human beings and community, but the computer is such an
invention, which has drastically changed the life of people and business of the
Undoubtedly, there are various benefits of the computer as an invention. First of all, the
computer assists the people to perform complex tasks and transact the financial
transactions. These activities can be achieved and completed within a short period of
time. Another major benefit is, it has now been inducted in factories to enhance the
productivity of the companies products and services. A case in point, Ducati Motors Inc.,

has employed the computers and it's various software applications to detect the errors
and loopholes while manufacturing the bikes and cars.
In addition to this, one should not forgotten the massive merits that have given to the
society. The government and its various departments have started using computers and
various software in order to provide efficient services to its citizens. To illustrate, the
Indian Government, in FY 2014-15, started a Direct Subsidy Scheme, in order to send the
subsidy benefits directly to the low-income group people savings accounts. Thus, it is of
note, how the computers have upgraded the level not only the government but also
enriched the life of the community.
To sum up, the computer invention over the last decade have considerably changed the
people life and enhanced the society activities. I wish in future, this development is
predicted to climb massively.