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HireVue Product Report

Based on 178 end-user reviews and ratings of HireVue on TrustRadius

Curated from End-User Reviews on:

First Published March 11, 2016

2016 TrustRadius. All rights reserved. This publication has been licensed by HireVue. Reproduction or sharing of this publication in any form without
prior written permission is strictly prohibited.

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TrustRadius Inc. 2016

Table of Contents
About this Report........................................................................................................................................ 3
HireVue Product Overview....................................................................................................................... 4
Company Details......................................................................................................................................... 5
What business problems does HireVue solve?..................................................................................... 6
Key Use Cases............................................................................................................................................. 6
Who uses HireVue?.................................................................................................................................... 8
Customer Demographics........................................................................................................................... 8
What are users accomplishing with HireVue?....................................................................................... 9
Strengths....................................................................................................................................................... 9
Areas for Improvement............................................................................................................................15
ROI on HireVue.......................................................................................................................................... 21

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About this Report

Why read this report?
This report is designed to help you make an informed decision about HireVue. It is based on
current, in-depth user reviews of HireVue on TrustRadius, the trusted research platform for business
software. By crowd-sourcing user perspectives, we help you to get a true sense of the product and
what its like to work with the vendor.
This report includes analysis of the types of customers (company sizes, industries, departments, etc.)
that use HireVue, a discussion of its key use cases, what companies and users are accomplishing
with the product, and areas for improvement. It also includes independent research.

Our methodology
We worked with HireVue to invite a broad sample of their user base to review the product on
TrustRadius. Reviewers were encouraged to provide candid feedback and had the option to
remain anonymous. This ensured authentic feedback. Incentives were also used to motivate
response from a broad spectrum of customers, i.e. not just advocates. All reviewers were vetted
by our research team to ensure that they were legitimate customers and that their feedback was
authentic and unbiased.

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TrustRadius Inc. 2016

HireVue Product Overview


8.5 out of 10
Value Proposition
HireVue brands itself as a team acceleration platform that uses digital video & predictive
analytics to create a more convenient, efficient method of building and coaching teams
at scale.

Product Modules & Features

HireVue HireVue offers two product suites, HireVue Build and HireVue Coach.
HireVue Build includes: On Demand and live digital interviewing features; HireVue Insights,
which is predictive analytics for HR; HireVue Coordinate, an automated interview scheduling
application; and HireVue CodeVue, a library of programming challenges and competitions.
HireVue Coach is a newer product, designed around onboarding, training and coaching sales
reps at scale. It includes: HireVue Accelerate, a cloud based video hub that gives managers
visibility into rep performance and progress; HireVue Insights; and HireVue for Salesforce
Chatter, which allows reps to share tips and insights with their teammates.
HireVue integrates with ATS, ERP, and CRM systems.

Best fit for

Based on reviewer feedback and demographics, HireVue is well suited for:
Enterprises and Mid-sized Companies.
Growing teams, or teams with a large degree of turnover and a high-volume candidate pipeline.
Decision-makers in multiple geo locations, or who want to interview non-local candidates.

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TrustRadius Inc. 2016

HireVue InsightsPredictive Language Assessment & Analytics

HireVue Insights is a predictive layer that analyzes audio and video interview content. It gives
organizations visibility into 3 key areasquality of candidates by ranking them in read time
based on prior top performers, quality of interviewers based on the accuracy of interviewers
in picking those top performers, and quality of process, ensuring all members of an interview
team are aligned on criteria of a top candidate. Over time, through machine learning the model
becomes tailored to the individual companys hiring patterns and performance data, which can
include operations metrics, retention rates, or quota attainment, depending on the department.

Company Details
Company Status







South Jordan, Utah (headquarters)*



Integration Partners

LinkedIn, Cornerstone OnDemand, Salesforce, DDI, KnowledgeBank, DevEx, SilkRoad, IBM, CEB,
Lumesse, ADP SmartCompliance, SAP SuccessFactors, Talent Collective, TMP Worldwide, AON Hewitt,
Appirio, Infosys, HireRight, Technomedia, Greenhouse, iCIMS, HealthcareSource, Smashfly, Aspex, Avature,
Workday, PeopleMatter, RecruitMilitary, Jibe, and Oracle Taleo

Employees on LinkedIn

CodeEval (2012) and Reschedge (2014)*

*from Crunchbase

**listed on LinkedIn

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TrustRadius Inc. 2016

What business problems does

HireVue solve?
HireVue is designed to be a video, mobile, big data driven layer on top of a companys ATS, CRM,
and ERP systems. It is an interactive video platform that includes predictive analytics for recruiting,
interviewing, employee performance coaching and assessment. Although it is a software product
that helps with recruiting and coaching, it does not replace an Applicant Tracking System or a Talent
Management Suite. Rather, it fits into the stack just ahead of your ATS.
Reviews of HireVue on TrustRadius include in-depth descriptions of use case and deployment specs.
Here weve gathered some descriptions of user experience with HireVues key use cases: hiring/
interview videos and sales performance coaching. While HireVue Build is the foundation of the
product, and the most established use case, the vendor is now focused on building out coaching
features for the Sales use case as well. According to the vendor, customer suggestions were the
initial reason for developing HireVue Coach.

Key Use Cases

1. HireVue Build: Digital interviews & company introductions
HireVue Build is interactive video and analytics for recruiting, interviewing, selecting, and
onboarding new employees. It hosts live, live recorded, or on demand recorded video interviews,
with Q&A style recordings that include images and video scenario options, written responses, and
technical assessments. For example, CodeVue serves up interactive programming challenges for a
variety of technical positions. In addition to getting a sense of the candidates skills and personality,
candidates can also get a sense of company culture through video introductions, video questions,
onboarding videos, and branded landing pages.
HireVue allows both our clients and candidates to

The support services department hasused

interact either live or on demand during the recruit-

HireVue as a second pass screening of applicants

ment process. Working internationally across various

before determining whether to bring them in for a

time zones with busy people, HireVue On Demand

face to face interview. Some questions are designed

can be used and viewed by stakeholders at times to

to ensure that applicants will meet job requirements.

suit them.

Other video basedquestions give the candidate an

opportunity to present themselves in ways that a

Professional Services Manager,

Staffing and Recruiting company
Dec. 2015

resume cannot.

John Lemmons - Support Recruiting & Training Supervisor,

Dec. 2015

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TrustRadius Inc. 2016

We use HireVue for any and all final round inter-

[One of the ways we use HireVue is] showing what

views that are unable to attend locally, or in an office

the organization looks like from the inside - we added

that does not have any hiring managers. We use it

videos to our end as introductions to the org.

across our entire recruiting function, but I specifically

use it for my sales/account management and client

Shannon Tracy - Talent Acquisition Associate,

New Visions for Public Schools
Dec. 2015

service associate candidates. It has saved us thousands of dollars in candidate travel costs, and has also
allowed our teams to collaborate on decisions when
they may be in different offices/locations throughout
North America. Since we are building out a new office
in Minneapolis, this has also allowed us to hire there
without any formal presence of hiring managers.

As one of our values is to embrace the bizarre,

HireVue is also a wonderful tool to showcase our
culture and let us see if a candidate can also embrace
the bizarre. [] Great ability to customize to fit your
company culture.

Kerri Vlodek - Talent Acquisition Recruiting,

Dec. 2015

Human Resources Administrative Assistant,

Leisure, Travel, & Tourism company
Dec. 2015

2. HireVue Coach: Sales coaching & training

HireVue Coach applies the core interactive video features to coaching and training sales teams.
This is an important aspect of the team acceleration value proposition; HireVue promises to help
efficiently get new reps up to speed and sustainably coach a large sales team. According to the
vendor, this two-tier approach supports very large, disparate teams and teams that are trying to
scale rapidly. Coach presents a new use case for the HireVue platform. User feedback for this use
case is limited, but an early adopter describes HireVue sales coaching featuresincluding roleplaying practice videos and peer feedbackas helpful for honing sales messaging and improving
We started using HireVue in the sales department to ensure that we are hiring the right candidates for the position and
our company. Additionally, we are using the Accelerate platform to conduct sales role-playing. The sales team is sharpening
their message and we are instituting peer feedback. We are looking to expand the use of HireVue into the development
team with the CodeVue platform within the next few months.
The 2 business problems we were looking to solve were:
Hire the best sales professional in a short amount of time
Institute sales role playing to drive a consistent message to the market.

Dale Zwinzinski - Sr. Account Director,

Nov. 2015

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TrustRadius Inc. 2016

Who uses HireVue?

Customer Demographics
According to user demographics on TrustRadius,
HireVue is used mainly at enterprises and
mid-sized companies across a wide range of
industries, with users spread amongst various
departments. Although about two thirds of
users work in HR departments, the remaining
third were distributed fairly evenly among
many different departments. These users most
likely interacted with HireVue while evaluating
candidate videos for their department, applying
to a department themselves, or creating
company culture introduction videos. The
vendor says that this cross-company interaction
with the software is a major differentiator
from traditional HR software, which does not
typically engage users from other departments.
(Beyond the hiring use case, Sales users may
also have utilized HireVue for coaching.)

Company Size

Small Business



Mid-sized Company

User Departments

8% 8%

Professional Services
Quality Assurance

Leading Industries







Computer Software
Education Management
Marketing & Advertising
Financial Services
Information Technology
& Services
Stang & Recruiting
Management Consulting
Hospitals & Healthcare

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TrustRadius Inc. 2016

What are users accomplishing

with HireVue?
Based on user feedback on TrustRadius, we have identified several of the strongest features of
HireVue, as well as the top areas HireVue users struggle or would like to see future development.
Many of these top-of-mind attributes are interrelated and multifaceted; in reviews, users often discuss
multiple features as they work together. In addition, not all users agree about HireVue pros and cons
where there are significant differences in opinion, we aim to explain the nuances in user sentiment.

1. Candidate review process
Users said HireVue had strong features to support transparency, efficiency, and accountability
during candidate review. In particular, users liked the review notifications system and the way
HireVue structures segmented video responses to be reviewed. Some reviewers said that HireVue
helped them distribute review responsibilities, whereas others used HireVue to collaborate on
candidates; in both cases, users said HireVue improved their candidate review process.

Nice features set up for review purposes, such as

auto-advance (to the next question) and the option to
show a roll of all videos that need to be reviewed.

Interview questions are segmented so hiring

managers can see how each candidate responded
to a particular question without having to watch

Retail company
Dec. 2015

each interview all the way through.

International Trade and
Development company
Dec. 2015

Platform provides increased objectivity for decision

makers by allowing them to review candidate
responses to the same question side by side.

HireVue has a very good notification system. It

Brandi Arrigo - Senior Manager,

Global Talent Delivery at Equinix
Dec. 2015

allows us to have more transparency into our review

of candidates.

Derek Pharr - Vice President of Products,

Sporcle, Inc.
December 2015

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TrustRadius Inc. 2016

HireVue alerts team members when interviews have

been completed and allows various assignments so
the workload is distributed across the team.

Heidi Dull - Talent Acquisition Associate,

New Vision for Public Schools
Dec. 2015

2. User-friendly for candidates and administrators

Many reviewers said HireVue was easy for companies and candidates to use; it requires some
instruction, but is fairly intuitive and extremely convenient. Across reviews in general, HireVues
user-friendliness is a strength. However, a handful of users thought the HireVue admin UI could use
improvement, and a few said candidates had struggled to use HireVue correctlythey explained that
this could be related to the candidates age and/or lack of tech savviness, rather than being a flaw of
HireVue. Several reported that candidates gave positive feedback on the innovative, digital nature of
HireVue, which made the user experience relevant and enjoyable for digitally-native generations.
Note: The vendor says they offer 24/7 support for candidates and hiring managers to help with
any difficulties.
HireVue Pros:
The interface for both us and the candidates
is very user friendly.
We are able to upload videos of ourselves
asking the questions which makes it a more

HireVue Pros:
Speed - its quick, painless, and immediately
available to view.
Culturally relevant - in a world of tech, it makes

human experience than just talking to a

the process of finding and getting a job up-to-

written question.

date and cool for our target audience.

We can have multiple people within our

organization view and rate a candidate. HireVue

Easy to navigate - lots of instruction

and examples.

even calculates all the data so we have a big

picture of how the candidate rated overall.

Human Resources Employee,

Marketing and Advertising company
Dec. 2015

Sarah Greenberg - Corporate Recruiter,

Mosaic Sales Solutions
Dec. 2015

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TrustRadius Inc. 2016

Its extremely innovative - I have had multiple

candidates tell me how new and different this type
of interview is and how much they enjoy it.

HireVue Pros:
HireVue looks great! The user interface is simple,

Bridget Mullaly - Recruiter,

Dec. 2015

intuitive, and looks great. All of those things

make for a smooth experience for the applicant.
The software was easy to set up! Our consultant
was always keeping us up-to-date on where

HireVue is an excellent way for companies to

distinguish themselves from other employers.

the project stood and what we had on our side

to complete.

The landing page has great corporate branding

that can give insight to corporate values and culture.
Additionally in an age that is becoming increasingly
digital, a company that uses HireVue can show

Human Resources Consultant,

Transportation/Trucking/Railroad company
Dec. 2015

candidates that they are innovators and ahead

of the curve. This works especially well with
millennial candidates.

HireVue Pros:
The user experience is super intuitive and easy
to access for members across the organization.

Joseph Gustafson - Recruiter and Staffing Manager,

Roehl Transport
Nov. 2015

You dont need a whole lot of training, and

HireVue tees up everything you need to
evaluate candidates.
Openshare! We love being able to blast out links
to multiple candidates at a time.
Interview set up is straightforward and hardly
takes any time at all.

Dan Newbold - Recruitment Coordinator,

KIPP LA Schools
Dec. 2015

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TrustRadius Inc. 2016

3. Good for initial screening

According to users, HireVue adds lots of value as a replacement for phone interviewsit saves
time for HR, since they dont have to attend each interview, and is a better overall indicator of
candidates communication skills. Although some said HireVue is used to conduct intermediate
and final-round interviews, most said they thought HireVue was best suited for initial interviews,
particularly with a high volume of applicants.
We use HireVue for the initial round of our
screening process. We send all high potential
candidates a template that we design and give them
a range of time to complete it. It has been a huge
time saver because before we purchased HireVue,
we were doing many, many phone screens each day.

Lauren Klein - Director of Recruitment and Selection,

Harlem RBI
Dec. 2015

HireVue is well suited:

If you want to include a video option during
your interview process, especially if you get
LOTS of applicants and want to narrow it down,
this is a great product. We have a high drop
off rate of people who never complete the
interview, but since our role involves a certain
amount of tech-savviness, we appreciate this
benchmark. Keep in mind you may need to

HireVue is being used by one department in our

organization as a tool for screening new applicants.
The public viewing option of the HireVue videos
allows us to share the materials across the whole
organization. This tool has saved us hours of time
and effort managing phone interviews and capturing

offer another interview channel if you ask for

a video interview.
If you have standard questions you want to ask
all of your applicants.
If you want to assess verbal communication skill
as part of your job requirement.

feedback/ratings to be shared with the final

Retail company
Dec. 2015

interviewers for a particular candidate.

Human Resources Project Manager,

Education Management company
Dec. 2015

It helps decision makers with the first step of

the interviewing process, getting to know a little
about candidate so they can decide whether they
would be a good fit for the role. Good indicator of
communication and sales skills.

Kara Kintz - Midwest Recruiting Manager,

Dec. 2015

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TrustRadius Inc. 2016

4. Good for assessing technical skills

Users also said HireVue worked well for assessing technical skills and knowledge. This is helpful
for evaluating candidates medical knowledge, programming, and/or writing proficiency. Users said
these qualifications had been difficult to assess in their previous interview flow (often over the
phone, or using multiple applications).
[HireVue] helps us gauge medical competence,
customer service skills and bedside manner in
candidates who are being considered for a front-line
position. []
HireVue Pros:

HireVue is great for initial screens when you have a

massive amount of candidates and not enough time
to connect with each and every one over the phone.
Its also great for more technical openings due to

It allows us to see how fluently a candidate is

the option of adding text. We like to build in mini

able to react and speak to direct prompts; the

performance tasks to assess through process and

same way a face-to-face interview would.

writing ability for most of our roles - something that

It allows us to test their medical knowledge.

is difficult to do over the phone!

It allows us to assess their computer/technical


Medical Risk Management company
Dec. 2015

Dan Newbold - Recruitment Coordinator,

KIPP LA Schools
Dec. 2015

HireVue is the only tool that our company uses

for technical interviews. [] Having a white board
built into the application makes it much easier to
have the candidate do some live coding and discuss
their thought process without having to open a
second application.

Information Technology Employee,

Human Resources company
Dec. 2015

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TrustRadius Inc. 2016

5. Customization
Users like that they can tailor interview questions, instructions, and templates in HireVue. They
explained that they use HireVues customization features to convey their brand and to cater to a
variety of roles and positions.
HireVue is well suited for companies with a wide
variety of roles. HireVue makes it easy to create
question sets to make tailoring interviews very

HireVue is user friendly, easy to customize and

successful. [] The software provides important

supports our company brand and culture.

customization for interviews for the variety of roles

we post. [] Creating a wide variety of questions is
easy to do on HireVue. Whether its video interviews
or a mix of video + essays or document analysis its

Human Resources Administrative Assistant,

Leisure, Travel, & Tourism company
Dec. 2015

all easy on HireVue.

The ability to customize questions based on each

Human Resources Employee,

Education & Community Leadership organization
Dec. 2015

unique role makes the tool efficient for all positions.

[] Allows us to provide a branded candidate
experience. We receive positive feedback from
our candidates, elevating our employer brand.

Easily allows us to customize our interview

instructions, notes, preferences, etc.

Retail company
Dec. 2015

Human Resources Professional,

Apparel & Fashion company
Dec. 2015

6. HireVue Partnership: customer service, support, and product innovation

Many users said they like working with HireVue, citing the responsiveness of customer service and
support teams, as well as continual product innovation.
Customer service is excellent, if candidates, or
myself are having technical issues, HireVue is always
very helpful. [] HireVue does a good job with quality

The HireVue support team is great and very

control. If there is an error with a video interview,

responsive to feedback and suggestions - many of

HireVue usually catches it before I do.

the changes we have requested have already been

updated and implemented.

Brooke Gilsdorf - Talent Acquisition Partner,

Boys Town
Dec. 2015

Human Resources Project Manager,

Education Management Company
Dec. 2015

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TrustRadius Inc. 2016

From an employer/implementation perspective,

the HireVue team partner well to ensure your success
and push boundaries on-going in terms of continued
innovation and ways we can leverage HireVue
externally and within the organization.

HireVue Pros:
24/7 customer support. Our candidates work
24/7 as well so its great they can call anytime
and get support.

Brandi Arrigo - Senior Manager,

Global Talent Delivery at Equinix
Dec. 2015

HireVue Pros:
Strong support during implementation.

We are a partner with them not just a customer.

They listen to our needs/concerns/suggestions.
They are always improving their product.

Jodi Kennedy - Talent Acquisition Supervisor,

Childrens Mercy Hospital
Dec. 2015

Consultative support post-implementation,

offering best practices to increase Net
Promoter Scores.

Harry Florio, Jr. - Assistant VP of Human Resources,

Dec. 2015

Areas for Improvement

1. Editing interviews for current positions
Users involved in interview creation liked the ability to create and modify their own templates, but
were frustrated that they could not edit the interview once the job had been posted/opened. In
some cases, users wanted to modify the instructions, response time limits, or question text, based
on feedback they received from candidates. In other cases, users wanted more oversightsuch as a
preview featureto catch their own spelling mistakes, etc.
Id really like to have a preview for interviews before
sending them out to the team/candidates.

Derek Pharr - Vice President of Products,

Sporcle, Inc.
Dec. 2015

The only area for improvement would be the ability

to edit questions within a role after it has been sent
to candidates.

Lauren Klein - Director of Recruitment and Selection,

Harlem RBI
Dec. 2015

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TrustRadius Inc. 2016

HireVue Cons:
Interview questions! Once these are set, theres
not an option to add/delete/modify questions.
Instead of having to create an entirely new interview,
it would be nice to have the option of adding to
current interviews.

Dan Newbold - Recruitment Coordinator,

KIPP LA Schools
Dec. 2015

2. Depth of integration to ATS

A few users said HireVue integrates well into their existing hiring workflow and/or technology stack.
More commonly though, users said they would like to see improvements around HireVues level of
integration with their ATS. They expressed frustration at having to manually enter applicant data or
switch back and forth between systems; users described this as a lag in HireVues otherwise highly
efficient candidate workflow. Though the vendor says it does offer ATS integration, based on user
commentary, it seems that HireVue may work better with some applicant tracking systems than
others. Some users said they would like to see HireVue offer more applicant tracking features itself.
I would love if HireVue interfaced with our
application system so we dont have to input every
interviewee individually.

Candace Obadina - Camp Director,

Memphis Teacher Residency
Dec. 2015

[I would like to see better] integration with ATS

(we have Cornerstone) for allowing managers to
access the candidates resume (and application!)
right from the video interview through HireVue.
Would help to further streamline hiring process for

Our ATS does not work well with HireVue.

Human Resources Employee,

Informational Technology and Services company
Dec. 2015

One change Id like to see is increased integration

with other applicant tracking software systems (i.e.
where ratings are rolled over into the other system,
the other system links to the HireVue invitation as
opposed to manually entry).

managers and recruiters.

Joe Posner - Director of Human Resources,

New Visions for Public Schools
Jan. 2016

Human Resources Project Manager,

Education Management company
Dec. 2015

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TrustRadius Inc. 2016

3. Archives & candidate management

Some users found the HireVue archive system and features for managing candidates limiting.
Users would like to see improvements around bulk actions, archiving candidates, searching through
archives, locating older candidate videos, deleting candidates from the system, and reassigning
candidates to other positions.

I would like to be able to archive more than 1

position at a time. The current archive process is
tedious for me considering our large req load/fill rate.

Becky Csernik - Recruiter/Talent Community Manager,

Dec. 2015

It should be easier to bulk delete candidates.

Human Resources Employee,

Education & Community Leadership organization
Dec. 2015

[I would like to see improved] search options maybe I need to learn better, but it doesnt seem that
there is a good way to filter through and find people

[I] Would like to be able to move candidate

that were not hired.

interviews over to other open positions if they

should be considered in another job pipeline.

Kim Kaleikini - Talent Acquisition Manager,

Jan. 2016

Human Resources Project Manager,

Education Management company
Dec. 2015

4. Some candidates are unfamiliar with digital interviews

There are many things reviewers liked about the HireVue UX, including the ease of navigation,
the ability to record and review videos on their own time, and the platforms branded, modern
feel. But innovation entails a degree of unfamiliarity; because HireVue takes a unique approach to
video interviews, users said that some candidates found the experience awkward, uncomfortable,
or inconvenient. According to users, requiring candidates to use unfamiliar technology can make
it challenging for them to put their best foot forward. For this reason, several recommended that
HireVue be used along with other types of interviews/assessments, in order to get a more robust

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TrustRadius Inc. 2016

and balanced sense of the candidate. One user had experience with HireVue both as a candidate
and as a recruiter, and said that while submitting responses via HireVue was stressful, the behavioral
insights captured on video were very valuable to the hiring team.
Its not an end-all-be-all tool for recruiting and
hiring because some candidates find that its a
bit impersonal and crave back and forth human
interaction in the interview process. However its
a great piece of the recruiting technology stack.

Eric White - Director of Sales Operations,

Dec. 2015

I used HireVue when I was applying for a Nike

internship. It was used as the second round interview.
It was a little intimidating being recorded and not
having much planning time to answer the questions.
Now that I am on the recruiting side at Nike I think it
is very helpful to be able to see the candidates in the
video, their personality, etc. [But I would like to see
HireVue] allow more time for the candidate to plan

HireVue can make some candidates nervous, so

their answer before it starts recording.

they may seem more flustered than they would on

Marketing Account Manager,

Sporting Goods company
Dec. 2015

the phone or in person. Sometimes candidates

accidentally submit an unfinished video and have
no way to go back and re-record.

Shannon Tracy - Talent Acquisition Associate,

New Visions for Public Schools
Dec. 2015

5. Less appropriate for some situations

Users commented that HireVue works better for some use cases than others. They recommended
evaluating how well HireVues approach matches your needs and expectationswhat type of roles
your company aims to fill, which programming languages may be used during interviews, volume
of candidates, and whether there is already a fixed scoring system in place. Users said HireVue was
more challenging for some situations, in terms of attracting or evaluating appropriate candidates.
While a few users said HireVue was appropriate for all types of roles, the general sentiment was that
HireVue is less appealing to candidates applying for high-level management positions.
HireVue works very well for college recruiting
and mid level recruiting. It is a bit of a challenge for
blue collar positions as many candidates are
still intimidated by the technology.

Rose Rush - VP HR & Risk,

PrimeSource Building Prods
Dec. 2015

Sometimes I do feel restricted in ways of scoring.

We have to have 5 stars, when wed rather do a
1-4 scoring.

Human Resources Team Leader,

Education Management company
Dec. 2015

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TrustRadius Inc. 2016

HireVue is less appropriate for high level

management roles. It is good for high volume
and technical roles.

Human Resources Employee,

Informational Technology and Services company
Dec. 2015

The CodeVue portion of HireVue works better for

some programming languages than others.

HireVue is appropriate for college recruiting or

when hiring mass amounts of people entry-level
people. HireVue is a good tool for initial screening
or weeding out of candidates. For a position that is
harder to fill or more difficult to recruit for, a phone
or in-person interview may be better. In addition,
HireVue is probably more suited for Millennials or
below. People who are comfortable and familiar with
daily use of technology will probably feel better using
this software.

Engineering Director,
Computer Software company
Dec. 2015

Human Resources Employee,

Food & Beverages company
Dec. 2015

6. Wifi and Adobe Flash requirements can cause some performance issues
Users said some system requirementssuch as a very strong wifi signal and Adobe Flashare
cumbersome, and can be roadblocks on the candidates end. They reported some performance
issues with video quality that seemed to be related to these requirements. This is not a flaw of
HireVue itself, but can be a challenge depending on the companys and/or candidates network
setup. The HireVue platform does have a compatibility algorithm to scan to make sure candidates
systems will work before connecting, but users said it isnt always sufficient to prevent poor
quality recordings.
Note: The vendor recognizes that they cant control a customers operating system internally,
the versions of software their company provides, or the level of bandwidth they have in certain
locations. HireVue has encouraged their customers to move to WebRTC in order to improve
performance compatibility. However, in general the vendor says the platform is able to adjust to
low bandwidth situations, even airline wifi signals.
The platform screens interviewees systems to
ensure sound can be heard; but cant necessarily
guarantee a viable interview (e.g., free of background
noise, volume high enough to be heard, etc.) will
be recorded.

Human Resources company
Dec. 2015

HireVue Cons:
It does not always load the videos well.
It needs high internet speed to work properly.

Marketing Supervisor,
Marketing and Advertising company
Dec. 2015

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HireVue Cons:
Buffering often occurs on either candidate or our end,
making it frustrating to get through the interview.

Kara Kintz - Midwest Recruiting Manager,

Dec. 2015

Sometimes it is difficult to hear applicants, and there

is lag in the video conferences.

Michelle Pugh - Administrative Assistant,

Desert View Elementary School
Dec. 2015

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ROI on HireVue
We asked HireVue users to tell us what ROI theyve seen so far. Many said that it improved their
hiring process by making interviews more time and cost efficient. For example, several users said
HireVue streamlined the interview scheduling and evaluation processes, saving admin time. Some
said HireVue helped them screen initial candidates to narrow down the final contenders, reducing
travel expenses. Users also mentioned the effect of HireVue on their employer brand, in terms of
candidate perception. Although a few said using HireVue may dissuade candidates from applying,
most said using HireVue improved their candidates overall perception of the company, attracting
more valuable, tech-savvy, and committed applicants.
ROI on HireVue purchase:
Much faster screening and reduction of
time wasted in bad interviews - over 50%
productivity gain.
Significant reduction of time wasted in
scheduling interviews and coordinating diaries.
Branding benefit - hard to quantify, but the
positive feedback from executives has led to
more inquiry for our services (we are the only
player in our market using HireVue).

Chris Bates - Managing Director,

Jan. 2016

ROI on HireVue purchase:

Increased department efficiency.
Better relationship built with potential
Time and money saved before getting too
invested in a candidate.

Corric Cummings - Talent Acquisition Patner,

Dec. 2015

ROI on HireVue purchase:

Time to hire has decreased dramatically
Reduced the burden and administration of
managing the candidates
Better collaboration by the hiring team.

Dale Zwizinski - Sr. Account Director,

Nov. 2015

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ROI on HireVue purchase:

HireVue has increased recruiter productivity.
HireVue has reduced our time to fill.
HireVue has helped find and identify better
qualified candidates.
HireVue has improved candidate experience.

ROI on HireVue purchase:

Improved talent brand - the use of technology
has chipped away at the stigma that is still tied
to credit unions.
Increased efficiency, aiding in a reduced time to fill.

Joseph Gustafson - Recruiting and Staffing Manager,

Roehl Transport
Nov. 2015

Ability to present more viable candidates to

hiring managers earlier in the process.

Harry Florio, Jr. - Assistant VP of Human Resources,

Dec. 2015

HireVue Company Overview

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