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Chose the letter of the correct answer in the box.

1. The highest female voice.

2. Closing section appended to a movement or song.
3. The highest soprano voice.
4. The Head, the beginning
5. The bright & full sound.
6. Rapidly repeated slight pitch variation during a sustained note, to give a richer & more varied sound.
7. In a singing style
8. Darker full sound
9. The most comfortable singing range of singer.
10. The most common female voice.
11. Sliding quickly between 2 notes
12. Lowest female voice and most unique among female
13. The weaker and more airy voice usually in the higher pitch ranges.
14. An Air or solo singing part sung by a principal character.
15. The highest male voice
16. The book that the composer and librettist put together.
17. Middle male voice, lies between bass & Tenor voice.
18. The text of an opera.
19. Lowest male voice.
20. Declamatory singing, used in the prose parts and dialogue of opera.
ARTS: Write TRUE if the statement is correct and FALSE if the statement is Wrong.
21. Backdrop is a painted cloth hung at he back of theatre stage as part of the scenery.
22. Liturgy is a member of a nomadic
23. Fabula means in Germany as story or plot.
24. Tavern is a group of four related literary or operatic works.
25. Playwright a person who writes plays.
26. Chariot a two-wheeled vehicle drawn by horses.
27. Decorum is a behavior in keeping with good taste and propriety humorous or satirical tone.
28. Plot is the main events of play, novel, film, or similar work, devised and presented by the writer as an
interrelated sequence.
29. Opera house a theatre design for the performance of opera.
30. Minstrel a medieval literature in the late 17th and 18th centuries.

Computing Body Mass Index ( BMI ) identify if underweight, Normal , Overweight & Obese.( 2 pts. Each)
18.5 and above ----------Underweight

18.5 to 24.9 ---------------Normal

25.0 to 29.9 ---------------Overweight
30 above ------------------Obese
1. Grace is a Junior student of MNHS she measured 1.60 M and weighing 32 Kilos. What is the BMI of
Grace and his nutritional status?
2. Dutrete is a Grade 7 student of BPCHS he measured 1.32M and weighing 47 Kilos. What is the BMI of
Dutrete and his nutritional status?
3. Ram is measuring 1.53 and weighing 78 Kilos. What is the BMI of Ram and his nutritional status?
4. Mariam is measuring 1.60 and weighing 26 kilos. What is the BMI of Mariam and her nutritional status?
5. Jorge is measuring 1.55 and weighing 30 kilos. What is the BMI of Jorge and his nutritional status?
Give atleast 1 harmful effect of the following.
1. Gateway Drugs
Harmful Effect:______________
2. Stimulants
Harmful Effect: _____________
3. Hallucinogens
Harmful Effect: _____________
4. Depressants:
Harmful Effect: _____________
5. Narcotics:
Harmful Effects: ____________
6. Inhalants:
Harmful Effects: ____________