Brand Dimensions of Nokia Mobile Phones

Introduction of the Brand
Nokia was a manufacturer of paper in 1865. It had dramatic changes in last century. Nokia is a Finnish multinational communications corporation. Nokia is engaged in the manufacturing of mobile devices and in converging Internet and communications industries, with over 123,000 employees in 120 countries, sales in more than 150 countries .It is the world's largest manufacturer of mobile telephones.

The aim of the competition was to give attendees an insight into the complexity and opportunities of the industry. Build new business and secure employee’s rights and benefits. To enhance business and people’s expectations for mobile device’s and services Nokia’s promise is to help people feel close to what matters to them. The major points are as fallows. • Customers Responsibility

• • •

Employee management Social responsibility Profitability

1) Functions:
Our vision is a world where everyone can be connected. Our vision is to ensure that 5 billion people are always connected at any given point and to achieve 100 fold more network traffic. Nokia comprises three business groups: Mobile Phones connects people by providing expanding mobile voice and data capabilities across a wide range of mobile devices. Multimedia gives people the ability to create, access, experience and share multimedia in the form of advanced mobile multimedia computers and applications with connectivity over multiple technology standards. Enterprise Solutions offers businesses and institutions a broad range of products and solutions, including enterprise grade mobile devices, underlying security infrastructure, software and services. Our business groups are supported by various horizontal entities: Customer and Market Operations is responsible for sales and marketing, manufacturing and logistics, and sourcing and procurement for mobile devices from Mobile Phones, Multimedia and Enterprise Solutions. Technology Platforms delivers leading technologies and platforms to Nokia's business groups and external customers. Many other Nokia-wide horizontal units drive and manage specific Nokia assets. Nokia Siemens Networks, which started operations on April 1, 2007, for fix mobile network in business.


Developing affordable mobile devices that can contribute to increased economic growth and quality of life Constant innovation. Focusing on human technology; enhancing communication and exploring new ways to exchange information. That’s why Nokia will never stop finding new ways of connecting people.

Target Market:
• • • • Nokia has mainly targeted as follows: Target market for the Nokia mobile phone is between ages 20-40. Who want to use Something Special International Students Teenager and Business class

2) Differentiation:
• Design

Nokia sets are of various design such as Flip sets , Flat sets, Slide sets , Sets with rotating camera etc

Each set of Nokia has its own features . The models of Nokia are. Brand name is written on each set. On packaging of Nokia set detail information about the set is given and packing is made attractive by picture. Each set has its own booklet with information about its features. Price targeting both the ends Price range from Rs999 to RS ------Pricing strategy Nokia also offer cash allowances.

• Features

• Brand Name • Packaging • Price

3) Personality / Image
Nokia was named the 5th Best Global Brand in 2007 and has been one of the 10 best global brands for almost a decade. • Nokia focused on building customer, relationship and trust. • Building friendship and trust is the heart Nokia brand. • Logo shows their brand personality. As the focus is on customer relationships, the Nokia personality is like a trusted friend. Building friendship and trust is at the heart of the Nokia brand. And the human dimension created by the brand personality carries over into the positioning strategy for the brand.

When Nokia positions its brand in the crowded mobile phone marketplace, its message must clearly bring together the technology and human side of its offer in a powerful way. The specific message that is conveyed to consumers in every advertisement and market communication (though not necessarily in these words) is "Only Nokia Human Technology enables you to get more out of life" Nokia thus uses a combination of aspiration, benefit-based, emotional features, and competition-driven positioning strategies. It owns the "human" dimension of mobile communications, leaving its competitors wondering what to own having taken the best position for itself.

4) The source:

Nokia itself is very famous and trusted company and it is positioning its product in the best of their customer satisfaction which also differentiates it from its competitors. They elevate the brand. Life. Love. Lust.

Market Distribution:

• Channels
Nokia > Distributor > Whole seller > Retailer > Customer

• Coverage
Nokia is widely available all over PAKISTAN

5) Essence:
Essence makes an important role in the field of brand dimension. So the Four ways we’re evolving: 1. Creative philosophy & Culture. 2. How we innovate. 3. How we Express Nokia. 4. Organization around needs. Products people fall in love with. Nokia Design, a world leader in design innovation, creativity & culture.

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