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means attention to the presence of God in the soul

withdrawal of the mind from external and earthly affairs in order to attend
to God and Divine things
interior solitude in which the soul is alone with God.
part of the character and spiritual formation

A recollection or retreat is intended to be a personal encounter with God often

characterized by meditation, silence, reflection, and prayer. It primarily seeks to
renew faith that may have long been practiced but not fully internalized so as to
bring about the desired positive transformation of every human being.
The idea is to bring about a spiritual experience which can be understood by
children in the hope that such an experience will encourage positive values and


Active own effort, practice, necessary for those who want to attain Christian

May be acquired by:

Silence and solitude
Avoidance of distractions/occupations
Frequent exercise of Gods presence-call to mind that our souls are temples of God

Passive extraordinary grace by God

Francisco de Osuna wrote a lengthly treatise on recollection called Third Spiritual

Alphabet. This wonderful work was given to St. Teresa of Avila by her wise uncle who

believed, as proved true, that it would be the means to great spiritual devotion
through the habit of recollection.
What does the word itself mean to Osuna? He offers several pages of explanation,
briefly outlined below. (Treatise VI.3)
1. This kind of prayer is called wisdom because it is delectable knowing. Such
wisdom is found only among the perfect, for the imperfect are not given to eat of
such sublime teaching. It is called wisdom because it allows us to know how God
2. This kind of prayer is called the art of love because only through love is it
realized, and in it love is multiplied more than in any other art or instruction, and
also because Christ, the God of Love, teaches it to those with a loving heart.
3. It is also called union because the person who attains to God in this prayer is
made one spirit with him by an interchange of wills whereby he wants only what
God wants.
4. It is also called abstinence, for whoever desires to practice this devotion must
abstain not only from sin and impurity but also from human love and consolations
legitimately derived from creatures. He must also abstain from thought, and forsake
all thought that could inebriate the heart and rob his prudence and interior
5. It is called enkindling, for the torches of our hearts are lit in love of the Lord.
6. It is called a welcome for we go forth on swift desire to open and empty our
hearts to present them to God.
7. It is called consent, for those opposed to God go other ways, but on this one, the
traveler consents to all Gods wishes and vanquishes contradiction and rebellion felt
8. It is called the marrow and fat that, with lasting justification, we offer God to burn
the sacrifices.
9. It is called attraction, for we can attract God with it. As something empty attracts
that which can fill it, so the heart emptied of worldly things attracts God to occupy it
and supply its needs. For that reason it is also named dilation of the heart and
10.It is called adoption according to the image of Esther, the impoverished soul,
who was adopted by Mardochai, who represents Christ. The soul in all ways obeys
and is subject to him and, like the adopted child who soon begins to enjoy the good
things of the father, those who practice this devotion soon taste the joys of God.
11. It is called the arrival of the Lord to the soul, for through it the Lord visits those
who call out to him with sighs.

12. It is called spiritual ascension with Christ and captivity whereby we submit the
understanding to Him.

The Expected Benefits

The activity seeks to refocus in connection with their personal relationship with
God., their family, and their friends. Refocusing is expected to provide clarity on
issues affecting the emotionally and psychologically.

The importance of recollections and retreat lies in the need of the students in
creating difference in their life in general.
students are expected to have a great silent in their heart, mind, and soul in order
to let the holy spirit enter in their life. This is for the student to feel the presence of
God that not usual felt by everyday.
It cleanses students conscience to have more concern not only in humanity, but
also to the totality of Gods creations.
is a chance to repent for the sins and temptation happening in their life.
bring into reality of life through the works of deep reflection. Students may find the
meaning of their existence and the reason of the many lifes struggles if they have
peace in mind and soul.
Lastly, recollection and retreat is a break from the daily routine.. The time to relax
and unwind so that they become prepare their self for the acceptance of Jesus
Christ in their life.

*This Christian practice should be observe by everybody in order to live life in

harmony with our Lord Jesus Christ.