Questions: 1. Whatʼs the name of Nemoʼs mother? " 2. Whatʼs the name of Nemoʼs father? 3. What kind of home does Nemo live? 4. Where do they go on the first day of school? 5. What happens after Nemo touches the boat? 6. What does Dory suffer from? 7. Why does Nemoʼs father need the mask? 8. Where do they put Nemo? 9. Who is going to be Nemoʼs next mommy? 10. Whatʼs the address on the mask? 11. What does EAC stand for? 12. Three sharks have 4,800 teeth - How do you say this number? 13. What is the animal that lives in the ocean and has got LOTS of legs? Make two questions about the movie: 14. 15.

Circle the correct answer: 1. Nemo came from a petshop e-bay an email order the ocean 2. X-ray, root canal, Schdler technique, Kflex are words related to the job of a a teacher a dentist a scuba diver a doctor 3. How old can a sea turtle live up to? 100 years 150 years 120 years 130 years 4. Itʼs orange, small and it has got white stripes: Dory Darla Jill Marlin 5. A fish with a nose like a sword: dolphin whale turtle swordfish 6. When they get to the trench, Marlin and Dory have to swim: through it over it next to it


Who says what?
Write N for Nemo, D for Dory and M for Marlin “They took my son!” “I have to find my son” “I want to go home!” “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!” “Do you know where my dad is?” “Are you my conscience” “The mask. Whereʼs the mask?” “Donʼt be so rude, say Hi!” “Whatʼs going on?” “I speak whale” -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DRAW:

a sword

a fish tank

an anemona

Answer key: Questions: 1.Coral 2.Marlin 3.Anemone 4.To the drop off 5.A diver catches him. 6.She suffers from short-term memory loss. 7.To get to the address he can find his son. 8.In a fish tank. 9.Darla 10.P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney 11.East Australian Current 12.Four thousand eight hundred 13. the octopus Circle 1.the ocean 2.a dentist 3.150 years 4.Marlin 5.swordfish 6.through it Who says what? M M N D N D M D NMD D

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