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Name: Emili Coleman

Lesson Title: History of St. Patricks Day
Grade Level/Subject: 3 Social Studies/ Reading Workshop
Patricks Day

Topic: St.

NCES/CCSS NCES Social Studies

Standard and 3.C.1 Understand how diverse cultures are visible in local and regional
Objective (1) communities
3. C.1.1 Compare languages, foods and traditions of various groups living
in local and regional communities.
CCSS English Language Arts
Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of a text,
referring explicitly to the text as the basis for the answers.
Read grade-level prose and poetry orally with accuracy, appropriate
rate, and expression on successive readings.
Blooms level
of knowledge

The students will apply the learned content by expressing their

understanding in writing either a poem or a short story and will be
evaluated based on if they include vocabulary words from what they have
learned, relevant information, and include the importance of culture.

After watching a video on St. Patricks Day the students will read a short
Objective (2) story and then answer comprehension questions to follow up on the story
that they have read. After the students complete this task they will choose
to either create a poem about St. Patricks Day or to create a story with
the prompt If I found a pot of Gold I would The students must
make their poem or story relevant by using vocabulary and facts they
have learned during the lesson.
Students need to learn about different cultures throughout not only the
Rationale (1) US but throughout the world. There is a lot of Irish culture in the US and
its important for the students to learn and respect different cultures and
perspectives of a particular holiday. The students need to understand to
be respectful of different cultures not of their own.
Students should understand that the communities are made up of various
cultures. The students should be able to respect everyones opinions and
and Skills (1) beliefs even if theyre not their own.
Key Terms

-Shamrock -Leprechaun -Irish -Ireland

-Culture -Citizens -Traditional -Succeeded -Eloquence
-Centuries -Monarch

Content and Strategies


w (prepares
students for
the lesson)

Students will all gather around the floor and I will tell the
students that today we will be learning all about St. Patricks
Day. I will ask:
Does anyone remember what culture is?
Are all Cultures the same?
How might one culture differ from another?
Can you tell me why respecting other cultures that are not
our own are important?

Objective as
stated for
students set
their own
goals for the
lesson) (1)

Can anyone tell me what today is? Well today boys and girls we are
going to learn about Irish cultures and St. Patricks day, since today is
March 17 . Now we are going to watch a short clip on some fun facts
about St. Patricks day. The Irish celebrate St. Patrick's Day as a
religious holiday since the island's conversion to Christianity in the early
Middle Ages. The first St. Patrick's Day parade in the US, New York City
took place on March 17, 1762, giving the Irish soldiers serving in the
English military the opportunity to reconnect to their roots. Today, St.
Patrick's Day is celebrated by people of varied backgrounds around the
(After the students watch the short clip we will read a quick summary all
about St. Patricks day. In this summary it will talk about how the
American culture celebrate St. Patricks day vs. Irish culture.)

(provides the
content to
students in a
manner) (3)

During this time the students will watch a quick video all
about St. Patricks day, if the technology is not working
during this time I will have a print out so I can read and
express the information to the students. I will introduce new
vocabulary during this time so students can be aware of these
words during the video/ or reading.
In the video the author is talking about the celebration of
March 17 each year and the importance behind this holiday.
St. Patricks day is an Irish holiday but is now celebrated
worldwide. It is known as feast day of the Irish Patron Saint
Patrick. Here in America people celebrate this holiday by
wearing green. This video goes beyond the green and shows
that its important to include the Irish culture behind the


As a class we will complete a Venn diagram comparing



practice with
the content;
make sense
of the content
provided in
Input) (3)

American Culture to Irish Culture how its alike and how it

is different. On the whiteboard, we will create the Venn
diagram with two topics American culture and Irish culture.
In each circle we will write whats unique to those specific
cultures and in the middle we will write the similarities
between the two cultures. Okay class lets see what we can
come up with different aspects of American Culture and Irish
culture. Now what can we tell that is alike in both cultures?
As we complete the VENN diagram during class the students
are going to be drawing their own Venn diagram because the
Students will be able use their Venn diagrams as a resource to
create their poems or short stories. Have students look at
some example poems for motivation on their own stories, and
then introduce that they will either be creating their own
poem or short story.

activities to
help students
use and
what they
have learned)

The students will now independently complete a reading comprehension

worksheet. During this time, I will walk around making sure no students
are behind and helping if they have any questions.
The students will work independently creating their own stories either a
short story or a poem on St. Patricks day. The students will be given a
prompt they can choose to write on but are not required to use the
prompt. The students would be required to include vocabulary that
relates to this particular holiday and relevant to information they have
learned during the video and/or reading passage.

(provides a
wrap-up for
the lesson)

Have the students talk within their groups and compare with their
neighbors what they wrote about during their writing time. Some
students can volunteer to share their work with the class if they would
like. Ask the students what they have learned today and any importance
they learned about St. Patricks day, and how the Irish culture differs
from the American culture.
The students will turn in their writing for a grade.

(How will
you assess
learning so
that you can
determine if
they met the
objective of
the lesson?)

Formative: Asking questions throughout the lesson.

Summative: Collect the students comprehension worksheet and
determine rather or not the students mastered the objective of the
The students will score a 5 out of 5 if they include at least 2 vocabulary
words from what they have learned, relevant information from what they
have learned, poem or short story, and include the importance of culture.

Plans for
ons needed
for students)

For students that are struggling with the comprehension of the reading,
remind them of strategies such as rereading, underline key words, main
idea, etc.
For the students who finish early have them illustrate their idea of Irish
culture and what they believe it is like.
For ELL students have them work with a partner so they can assist each
on another during transitions or if they have any particular questions.

used in the
used in
the lesson (1)
White Board
Smart Board
Reading Passage Handouts
Lined paper

21 Century
Skills (must
be in three

Analytical Thinking- The students will be looking at the similarities and

differences of American Culture and Irish Culture.
Collaborating- The students will work together to determine the
similarities and differences of American and Irish Cultures.

(must be in
three lessons)

Learning within the context of culture, the students are being respectful
when they learn about cultures that are not their own. The students will
be able to compare and contrast different aspects of Irish Culture and
American Culture.


Reflection of Lesson:
Overall I believe this lesson went very well. My social studies lesson was the
first lesson I taught and the topic of St. Patricks day was an interesting
lesson that was also intriguing to the students. With help of your many
classroom management strategies, I didnt have any issues with the behavior
of students, actually the teacher told me most of the students who shared
aloud were students who never share or are usually uninterested in learning
in general. The students listened quietly and were engaged during a short
clip all about St. Patricks day, after the video the students were able to

share a few things they learned. I found It important to get this information
from the students because they love to share their input, and you can also
learn if the resource was effective for their learning. Their short stories and
poems they wrote turned out really fun and a cute way to share with the
class. The ended this lesson with an Irish gig they had learned the day before
in music class.