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Some basic moves in Mendeley

Inserting Quotation (Go to Mendeley, choose the specific article, select the
sentences using the select button, click copy, go to MS Word and then
paste, rephrase using own words, put the cursor at the end of the sentence
then click Insert Citation under References, click Go to Mendeley, click on
the specific article and click Cite).
The inculcation of action research among teachers at both levels, school and
higher education has been timely. If changes and innovations in the education
organization are desired, then the involvement of practitioners in research is
important. In Malaysia, the roles of teachers as researchers began when the
ministry decided to educate all teachers to conduct action research in the
classroom, in stages through a professional development course, under the PIER
(Program for Innovations, Excellence and Research) funded by the World Bank
loan (Meerah & Osman, 2013).

Educational action research has its beginnings in the writings of John Dewey, the
American educational philosopher of the 1920s and 30s, who believed all
professional educators should become involved in community problemsolving
(Vaccarino, Comrie, Murray, & Sligo, n.d.).

REFERENCES (Go to References and click Insert Bibliography)

Abou Baker El-Dib, M. (2007). Levels of reflection in action research. An overview

and an assessment tool. Teaching and Teacher Education, 23(1), 2435.
Farrel, T. S. C. (2007). Action Research in Language Teaching. Reflective
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Searching articles/phrases we are unsure the destination.

Go to Mendeley, use Search (upper right) to find keywords, type any keywords
and insert any specific details to narrow it down, e.g. date. Author, etc.

Merging Several Citations

Copy the sentences from several articles. Do the cite at the end of the selected
sentences as usual. Drag the name of authors and combine together, highlight
all, click Merge Citations under References.

Action research involves the teacher systematically collecting information about

this issue and then acting on the information to make improvements to the issue.
In order to help the teachers collect information related to their action research
project, they can use such reflective tools such as teaching journals, classroom
observations, narrative analysis and group discussions among other methods
that are all covered in this book This study intended to determine the level of
reflective thinking of prospective teachers of EFL. The finding that more than
50% of the prospective teachers participating in this study fell at either the low
or low-medium level of reflection in all the stages of action research is rather
alarming (Abou Baker El-Dib, 2007; Farrel, 2007).

Copy Graphic/Table
Go to the original PDF file, click edit, click Take a snapshot, highlight the
graphic, click ok, then paste on MS Word.

Akbari, R., Behzadpoor, F., & Dadvand, B. (2010). Development of English language
teaching reflection inventory. System, 38(2), 211227.
(To get the automatic citation as above, go the article in Mendeley, click Edit, select
Highlight Rectangle, choose the graphic/table, click copy, go to MS Word next/below to
the graphic and click paste)