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Andrea Bitely
Megan Hawthorne
April 7, 2016

Schuette Seeks to Shut Down Illegally Operating

Detroit Abortion Clinic
Michigan law requires that medical services must be provided
through professional corporations owned by licensed physicians
LANSING Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette today announced he is filing a
lawsuit in Wayne County to shut down the Summit Womens Center, an abortion clinic
located at 15801 W. McNichols Rd. in Detroit, for illegally operating.
To protect the public, state law requires that medical and other professional services be
provided through corporations owned by licensed professionals. Regarding the practice
of medicine, this ensures that doctors direct care and supervise medical services. The
law also mandates that the corporation is liable for negligence or misconduct in
professional services it provides.
Summit Womens Center provides medical services through Summit of Detroit, P.C., a
professional corporation. But, in its May 2015 annual report to the state, Summit P.C.
reported that David Liptonnot a licensed physicianwas now Summit P.C.s sole
officer, director, and owner and that Summit P.C. had changed its corporate purpose to
management company, which is not a lawful purpose for a professional corporation.
The report also falsely certified that David Lipton was licensed to provide professional
medical services.
The Attorney General is bringing this action to halt the clinic from providing medical
care to patients at the Summit Womens Center, to dissolve Summit P.C., and to
investigate the possible fraudulent formation of Summit P.C.

Background on Summit Womens Center

Following a complaint in 2014, the Attorney General inquired into an allegation that
Summit Womens Center was illegally providing medical services through Summit
Womens Center of Detroit, Inc. (Summit Inc.), which is not a professional corporation
and hence not authorized to provide medical services. Summit Inc. responded,
clarifying that medical services were provided through Summit P.C., a professional
corporation incorporated in 2011 by licensed physician Alex Pickens, Jr., MD. Satisfied
that Summit appeared to be providing medical services lawfully through a professional
corporation, the Attorney General closed its complaint and asked Summit to clarify the
provision of services on its website. Summit complied. But only a year later, in May
2015, Summit P.C. filed new paperwork with the state falsely certifying that David
Lipton was a licensed professional and otherwise ignoring state law governing
professional corporations. Ever since, Summit P.C. has been operating illegally, leading
to the present complaint.
A civil lawsuit is merely an allegation and defendants are not liable until the court enters
a judgement in the case.

Summit Women's Center Complaint.pdf