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The Starry


Part 1a. Sutras of Thelema and Tantric Eroticism

inspirations and mystical poetry, some applications.
Written from Feb. 2010 to current
Priestess’ Heart

Priestess, express your nature

Open your nurturing essence
Allow your heart to blossom

Fill the ethers with your expressions

Shed forth your joyful warmth
The bloom of divine Godliness

Your heart is sacred

A golden glow in the darkness
The blossom of divinity

Be an out pouring of comfort

A wonder for all to behold
Love, Life, Light and Liberty are of you.

Open your mysteries to me

Make me undefiled in your knowledge
Share yourself freely
The Shaft

A golden Shaft of Light

Pouring forth sacred Ambrosia
Into the starry womb

A galactic core
Expanding eternally
The seeds of life

Unyielding, piercing
The Veil of the temple
I flow ever onward

Embracing eternity
Master yourself
In my light

Dazzlingly brilliant
Purity of will and consciousness
Blindingly numb

Like the lightning

Parting the aethyrs
I pierce the darkness

Partaker of knowledge
Thief of mysteries
I drive your spirit
Mysterious Well

You are a wonderous fountain

Springing out from the Earth’s center
Pouring forth unto the night

Your divine milk does flow

Unto the light of the stars
And the nectar of the glowing moon

You nourish all the lands

Refreshing all life
Creating sublime blossoms

Streaming and continuous

With the currents of ambrosia
Ever flowing towards eternity

Granting mysterious baptism

Knowledge of you is a consecration
I am cleaned in your presence
Partners of Liberation

I am a liberating lord
You are a flower of desire in my palm
Obstacles are illusions to our essence

Granting mystical blessings

I protect you and walk with you
The lowly are trampled by our motion

Serving and emancipating

I carry you to secret chambers
No man may approach our union

Casting light and clarity

As a sacred emblem, I set you apart
Beyond pillars of flame

Stronger then the noonday sun

Softer than the moonlit mist
Our mysteries are timeless

My gift to you
Your gift to me
Love, life, light and liberty
The Chalice of Stars

My Starry Beauty
What man can behold you?
And maintain his senses

You are a diamond chalice

Crafted by Eternity
Filled with Stars

You are a lotus of purity

Softer than rose petals
More graceful than fine silk

Elixir of divine madness

Sweeter than golden honey,
The nectar of the Gods

To hold you, is numbing to the mind

To drink deep, is Godly
Your essence, the soul’s aphrodisiac

Your baptism is eternal

Your flavor tranquil
Your acceptance all
Nuits' Mirror

Starry Goddess nourishing the night with your ambrosia milk,

Your garments contain the myriad things;
You are the beautiful Priestess who reflects the universal image;

Scarlet Mistress of the Silvery Moon, Lady of the Well;

Nourish me with your Hidden Knowledge; baptize me in your Mysteries,
Fill me with your life giving essence.

You are from the one who “Is not, yet has always been!”
A God from God! A Light from Light!
Bath me with the Gnosis of your Spirit.

When you stir the core of my being;

All that I behold is your eloquent bliss, your everlasting grace;
You are a torrent of ecstasy to my senses!

As man can see in the moonlight, I peer beyond the shadowy darkness;
When I gaze into the mist of eternity, I see your images with clarity;
I triumph through the depths, to know your true forms;

Azure lidded maiden, most dear to my heart, Joy of my Joy;

My existence is a pulsating image in your exquisite mirror.
A reflection of my true self!
Hypnotic Gazing

I peer outward from the Darkness

My eyes glisten like crimson gems
Purified by the blood of a Goddess

I am Steadfast and Single Pointed

Firm, Strong of One Purpose
I have raised my head unto the Heights

I stoop and pierce the Veil

Partaking of my desires
Your true form is my conjuration

Like an enchanting serpent

My stillness creates motion
My silence creates sound

A Master of Elixirs
My spell is strong
My gaze is hypnotic
Solomon’s Treasure

Be mine in harmony
Be graceful and compassionate
A joyous laughter to my heart

I have sought you out

Like the dew of the rising sun
Seeking the little morning flowers

My eyes seek your beauty

Your delicate caress is blissful
Your nature dazzles the senses

Spread forth your image unto the light

Blossom in the fresh air
Share your enriching nature

The golden blossom of love’s embrace

The deep secrets of divine compassion
Your heart is the heart of a Goddess
Cosmic Embrace

When you overflow my senses

My consciousness turns to honey
Dripping down, reaching the core of my being

Then all that I behold is as divine,

When you are upon me
A golden union crystallizes

Once you descend upon me

My heart ignites
And we are as one and none

I experience Grace
Expanding into the infinite moment
Continually renewed in loves union

My heart rises to heaven

On a golden chariot
I swoon to your starry kisses

I melt into the cosmic sea

Flowing like molten gold
Your heart, my will, my Goddess
Great Fountain

You are a secret fountain

Pouring forth love unto the aethyrs
You continually renew us

Your clarity reaches the heights

Nurturing and nourishing my spirit
I am satiated in your mists

Your essence is our elixir

Crystal clear and fresh, ever flowing
The nectar of a Goddess

You are purity of knowledge

You’re rushing forth, Magick
Your Depth is a divine mystery
Emperor’s Wand

I am the Great Emblem

Churner of the Sea of Bliss
The Birth Master of Stars

I pulsate in all spheres and realms

I am beyond knowledge
My understanding is infinite

Search for me, and surrender yourself!

For the shadow of my essence is cast joyously
Forbearing divine brilliance

Consciousness, Will, Lust and Love

Pour forth from me
As vibrations to my impulse

I am from end to end

Eternal Silence, the soundless sound
The Essence of Primal movement
Pillars of Establishment

I am renewed
Established in the Foundation
A mighty Temple is my shroud

A thunderbolt of crystal
Running through the earth
From end to end

Overflowing through time

In the singularity of NOW!
Continuously manifested

Forever beholding
Grace and Eloquence
Emblems of my sight

Whispers of a Goddess
Searing my soul
Love and Compassion
Sat Cit Ananda

Openly accepting my love

Is the Greatest gift
You could give me

Being expansive and delicate

With the subtlest of touches
A wondrous joy

You enlighten me forever

You uplift my heart
Rapture for my soul

Causing me to swoon
I drink your affections deeply
Your heart’s mysteries are my aphrodisiac

Your vivaciousness is my calling

Knowing your pleasure is my great work
You bring joy, ecstasy and bliss to me.

You make my consciousness glow

Your bliss is my bliss
My existence is realized.
The Blacksmith

I am the Blacksmith
My material the rarest of substances
Few succeed, where I am already exemplified

My methods are secretive

Forged in the core of galaxies
By the golden science of the divine

I combine, separate and harmonize

I extract the subtlest of substances
The gentlest of transformations I command

To bring about the one change

Pouring forth elixirs
Turing your secret nature to gold

Causing your heart to flow

Like a liquid sun of ambrosia
Enlightening your entire being

Through my forging, I bring you out

Filling you with nurturing virtues
Love, Light, Life and Liberty
Sutras of Aum

Become one with the unionizing AUM vibrating with love and compassion in the depth
your hearts. Ride the vibrations into the limitless void, slip into freedom of being.

When you contemplate your creative energy pulsating in all spheres, you will transcend
limits, ecstatic consciousness blossoms..

Be aware of the beautiful expansive nature of your mind. As a luminous being expand
into the moonlit night, like ether merging into mist. The limitless consciousness blooms.

Follow the gentle breaths to their origin and The Supreme Goddess will manifest. Be
aware of the subtle universe dissolving in the primordial vibrations of time, the infinite
moment of NOW will make itself known.

Be conscious of the cosmic fire subtly rising, growing, consuming you utterly in the
warmth of her heart. When all has been transformed to ash, scattered by the winds unto
the eons, know the tranquility of limitlessness and merge with cosmic bliss.

When embracing your lover, uniting heart and breath with sensual energy, seek the union
of the fires of passion with the cosmic fire of creative love. Pulsate and pulsate, stronger
and stronger, Flash like the creative force of a thunderbolt, and release yourself to the
compassionate void of the Goddess. Yet, hold fast at the luminous instant, you will
experience the continual kisses of the blissful Goddess.

Focus on the divinity of your own mind. Draw inward to transcend time and space; sleep,
sleep, fall into a deep slumber, transcend your dreams. Cross the currents of the evening,
awake into the splendorous renewing consciousness, this is a gift of the Goddess' love.

Be aware of the continual renewing of the creative moment, experience the harmony of
your mind in the bosom of the Goddess. She will manifest her lovely knowledge unto you.

When objects of deceptive desire and knowledge arise, refocus on objectless desire and
the limitlessness of cosmic knowledge. Reach the emancipation of true reality.
Consciousness is everywhere, realize this! And triumph over time.

In reality, bondage and liberation are delusional shadows of the fearful, they are not of
your true nature. Realize the universe is reflected in your mind, like the sun's light upon
the waters. When you awaken to this knowledge, enter the expansiveness of AUM in your
All of these are with the exception of sutra of aum
where entirely inspirational. The Sutra where inspired
from scholarly sources.

Some of the poetry can be read with a special method.

Hiding a poem within a poem, a reveled method..

More; forthcoming