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 Broiler Pre-Starter.
 Broiler Starter.
 Broiler Finisher.

 Broiler Concentrates.
 Broiler 10%Concentrates- PBS
 Broiler 10% Concentrates – BS
 Broiler 10% Concentrates – BF



 KHADKESHWARA Broiler Feeds are Nutritionally well balanced feeds .

 KHADKESHWARA Broiler Feeds are formulated with right balance of

amino acid profile, energy sources, vitamins minerals to give excellent
growth and FCR.

 KHADKESHWARA Broiler Feeds are manufactured in the modern feed

plant with stringent quality testing and combination of best raw material.

 KHADKESHWARA Broiler Feeds are free from Pathogenic Microbial

contamination and are free from toxicity.


Week No Feed Intake (gm) Avg. Body Weight (gm) FCR

1 139 162 0.86
2 462 422 1.09
3 1024 795 1.29
4 1849 1279 1.45
5 2877 1826 1.58
6 4075 2400 1.70
 The Above performance can be achieved only under good and
standard management practices at the farm level.
Feeding Schedule

PBS Crumbs – Day 0 To 15 ( 500 gm)

BS Crumbs - Day 16 To 25 ( 1000 gm)
BF Crumbs - Day 26 To Liquidation.

Salient Features

 KHADKESHWARA broiler feeds in the pelleted form ensure low

wastage, avoid selective feeding and are produced in a high
level of hygiene.

 KHADKESHWARA broiler feeds are produced from selective list

of raw materials which are tested for their quality and
microbial contamination.

 The energy and protein are properly balanced as per the

nutritional requirement of the growing broiler.

 The feed is supplemented with synthetic amino acids, growth

promoters, ionophores and toxin binders.

 Special precautions are taken at the time of production. High

level of quality management is employed during processing.

 KHADKESHWARA broiler feeds are most economical in terms

of cost to benefit ratio.


 Nutritionally well Balanced feed

 Reduces final Feed Cost.

 No need to buy various types of Raw Materials.

 No error in Mixing.

 Uniform and Faster Growth.

 Better FCR.

 Disease Free Balanced Diet

 Maximum Meat Yield with Wider Chest


Commodity Broiler Starter Broiler Finisher

Concentrate 50 Kg 40 Kg

Maize 50 Kg 60 Kg

TOTAL 100 Kg 100 Kg

 Good Quality maize should always be used.
 Proper grinding and mixing is to be done.
 Khadkeshwara Broiler concentrate is to be stored in cool and dry place.

KHADKESHWARA 10% Broiler Concentrates are Nutritionally balanced blend of Highly

Digestible Feed supplements, Vitamins, Trace Elements, Growth Promotors,Coccidiostats
and Other Essential Medicaments.

This product is specially formulated and designed for Indian poultry

industry. The KHADKESHWARA 10% broiler concentrate New Age
Feed is designed to give unmatched performance for your broiler. In
Today’s world integrators and big farmers are able to get good
quality maize and soya at affordable rate without other key
ingredients like high protein raw materials, vitamins, minerals and
growth promoters.

It is very difficult for a farmer to test the quality of these ingredients and it leads to
impact the total outcome of the productivity. We are applying stringent quality
checks at production units, hence we get balanced diet finally.

Well Equipped Laboratory for Strict Quality Control

Protein Sources:
High quality protein raw materials are used to balance the feed. These raw
materials are very difficult to source and are always in short supply. We procure
and test them at our laboratory before using them.
Methionine and Lysine:
These are critical amino acids which are not met from raw materials alone. We
source these ingredients from the best of the suppliers to ensure proper efficiency.
They are used in right proportion to balance the end product amino acid profile.
Vitamins and Minerals:
The vitamins and minerals are being imported directly and the mixing ensures
proper dosage and availability. These ingredients are customizable and made to suit
Indian environment.

Method of usage:
KHADKESHWARA 10% broiler feed has all the essential ingredients, vitamins, minerals.
The integrator and farmer has to just mix soya and maize in the right proportion to get
the best results. The suggested feeding schedule is given below:



( 0 to15 Days) ( 16 to 25 Days) (26 days and above )
MAIZE 600 Kg 630 Kg 700 Kg
SOYA DOC 300 Kg 270 Kg 200 Kg
10% CONC 100 Kg 100 Kg 100 Kg
TOTAL 1000 Kg 1000 Kg 1000 Kg

Day 0 to 15:
KHADKESHWARA Pre-Starter concentrate is designed for specific nutrient requirements
for first week. The feed is well balanced with proteins (amino acids), energy, vitamins
and enriched minerals. A selective raw material is used to improve the digestion of feed
and is supplemented with growth promoters and immuno-Stimulants.

Day 16 to 25:
KHADKESHWARA 10% starter concentrate should be used as 63% maize and 27% soya
to give a well balanced starter diet to the broiler. The ground soya and maize should be
thoroughly mixed.

Day 26 to Culling:
KHADKESHWARA 10% finisher concentrate should be used as 70% maize and 20% soya
to provide a well balanced finisher diet to the broiler. The ground soya and maize should
be thoroughly mixed with feed.

Raw Material Selection at the Farm:

Proper precaution should be taken while sourcing maize and soya
Raw Material Specifications


The maize grains should be big and bold. The smaller grains will have lower
energy levels. A rough check is to have about 350 grains in 100 grams of maize. Similarly
the maize should not have any black and fungal infested grains. It is better to check each
and every bag of maize since there could be variation from bag to bag in maize.

Soya: Soya should be bright yellow and flaky. Under toasting or over toasting will
affect the nutrient content of Soya. It is always advisable to check for protein.
RJF gives you the free facility to analyze your raw materials at our laboratory. Based on
the analysis of your raw material we can fine tune the 10% broiler feed to meet nutrient

Proper grinding of maize and soya ensures good feed intake by the birds.

The Mixing process is very important for the ideal performance of the feed.
Each portion of feed should contain all the ingredients in the right proportion. It is
advisable to use horizontal ribbon mixer to get the best results at the farm level. The
mixing efficiency of the mixer should be checked every month to ensure that CV is <10.
Based on the results one can adjust the speed and time of mixer to get the best results.
RJ FEEDS can help you in accessing the mixing efficiency of your mixer. Our technician
can help you in sourcing the ideal mixer for your requirement.