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Christopher Hignite

PO Box 23058
Lexington, KY 40523

Lexington City Council

200 E. Main St.
Lexington, KY 40507

Council Members,

By now most of you probably know who I am and some of you have known me for years. However, some
of you may not know the details of my situation and why I have ‘called out’ certain council members.

In 1999, after years of investigating escort agencies that were interfering with my legitimate business, I
landed a treasure trove of information when Deborah Wardlaw called me. Deborah had figured out that I
was investigating the agencies and the officers that had been extorting them and allowing them to continue
unabated. We talked and I agreed to leave her out of any of my planned lawsuits or criminal charges if she
agreed to fill me in on the information I was seeking. I obtained lots of interesting information from her and
was able to follow up by getting recordings, video and documents to confirm her accusations. Not long
after this my phones were tapped and I was being put under surveillance.

Months passed and the city starting talking about the escort ordinance. Deborah was upset and didn’t think
the ordinance was legal nor fair. You see, she didn’t want to pay extortion and have to deal with the fees
and rules under the ordinance. She called and wanted me to go in on an attorney, I explained that I wasn’t
in that business and didn’t see the need but wished her luck. She then kept in touch. The further the
ordinance went the more upset she got. She informed me that she was going to ‘out’ the cops because she
wasn’t going to do both the cops and the ordinance. She had been threatened by some officers over this. I
told her to be careful and about a week later I turned on the TV and saw that she had been murdered.

I began recording all of my calls and even when I went out when the phone taps began. Luckily, I had
recorded Deborah. I have gone to Margaret Kannensohn and Internal Affairs almost immediately and over
the past ten years have sent letters and made calls to almost everyone else. I have a recording of Deborah
clearly talking about her fears among much other evidence in her case. The police have no interest in
pursuing this path of investigation. Imagine that. The officers she accused, some of them, were placed on
the case to investigate it. ???

Almost immediately after the murder my phone taps and surveillance turned into outright harassment and
false arrests and charges. During those false arrests and charges for a ten year period of time Margaret
Kannensohn held a summons for a child support case for me. Attempts to serve the document have been
falsified on the paperwork and, problematic for her office, happen to have been on days that I was falsely
arrested for something else or was currently in their jail on a false arrest. According to the County
Attorney’s office this would be impossible since in 1997 they adopted a system by which the summons
would have showed up on the officer’s computer, the jail’s computer, the dispatcher’s computer and
anywhere else connected to the system and would have been known and served while I was being arrested
for everything else. Subsequently, the case is still in court and will be included in a long list of civil rights
violations I plan to file. The worst part is I still have not met nor had any contact with my daughter who is
now 13 years old in her entire life because my file was not officially meddled with by Margaret
Kannensohn or taken home to be worked on because her ‘sovereign immunity’ while being sued for this by
her own staff says so.

Now, the county attorney wants money from me for all of the years that I was deprived of any contact with
my daughter. Mind you, they want back pay and previous insurance, medical costs, dental work, child care
and more . I missed the first bus ride, the first bruise, bug bite, A+, B-, lost tooth and the right to have any
influence on her life whatsoever. Yet, somehow, hiding my file while prosecuting me over and over for
having information implicating police officers in a murder gives them the right to ask me for money.
I had been fighting this corruption, literally dodging bullets and trying to get Deborah’s murder solved for 9
years when I was served with this. THIS, was going absolutely too far. I have had enough and I’m not
going to take it anymore.

I began working harder than ever before documenting evidence, investigating officers, council-members
and anyone who was avoiding investigating these officers or giving me the runaround. That’s when I
decided that I was going to make it the next few government employees asked responsibility to do
something about it. Besides, it is their job anyway. Instead of the runaround, I would demand that they call
the people they want me to call and report their findings to me. I wanted to end the political banter that
keeps everything from getting done in this country and on this case specifically.

That is when I contacted Chuck Ellinger and Stan Lee. Stan Lee was too busy working on a bill to make cat
abuse equal to dog abuse when I first contacted him. The next time around, well, he decided that Deborah’s
profession didn’t sit well with his Family Values political stance. Too bad he forgot the story of Jesus and
the throwing of stones; also a prostitute.

Chuck Ellinger, well he tried the same old pass me around to the same old people that I had been passed
around to in the past. So, I personally hold Chuck responsible for looking into these recordings and at least
ordering an investigation into the ballistics of the officers mentioned to the one taken from the murder. Yes,
Deborah had a checkered past and I had looked down upon her while investigating the escorts. After we
had talked for months I realized that she was a mother, a grandmother, a person, a human and equal to
myself. Yes, equal to the rest of us no matter her profession. I realized that her murder and death deserved
to be solved. Her family deserved closure and the officers, if guilty, need punished. Are all of your closets
clean? Jesus said, “He who is without sin should cast the first stone”. Would you be the first to cast a stone
at Deborah? By ignoring the evidence in her murder you are doing just that.

At Christmastime Deborah’s aunt e-mailed me and said she had googled Deborah’s name thinking about
her at Christmas. She found my videos investigating the murder and offered her thanks for my efforts and
troubles trying to find out the truth about the murder. Right then I read an article about the upcoming city
political races and decided to run to force the issue to be heard once and for all.

I now ask the entire council: Will you ask for an investigation into the officers mentioned by Deborah
Wardlaw just approximately one week before her murder? Will you lay down the stones of denial and
accusation; reflect on your own skeletons in your own closets and give Deborah Wardlaw the respect she
deserves as a human being equal to yourselves? I hope the lesson taught to Ellinger can be taken with him
throughout his career to remind him that we all have our faults. I would hope that Mr. Ellinger would want
the same respect given to Deborah Wardlaw as would be given to himself. How about the rest of you?

I have already asked for Mr. Ellinger to give a response to this by this evening at 5 PM just prior to the
debate on Harrodsburg Rd. at 6 PM through the Barefoot and Progressive blog. This debate will take place
at a church, conveniently, because we may be teaching more Bible lessons tonight if the first time around
didn’t get absorbed adequately.

I cannot see any reason why the recorded voice of a murdered woman naming people who had recently
threatened her life would not be investigated except for the fact that she named police officers. If there is
some other reason that my years of unabashed efforts to get this done have fallen on deaf ears then please
respond with that reason. Otherwise, I look forward to working with the council presenting my evidence as
soon as possible.

In Liberty,

Christopher Hignite