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Wayne McCauslin

3D Animation I Graphics I Composition


Portfolio Contact 07890079202
waynemccauslin on youtube


Birmingham City University (2005 – 2008)

BA Visual Communication – Animation & Moving Image 1st Degree with Hons

Work Experience

AMC DESIGN London (Nov 09 – Dec)

For the past 2 months I have been working closely with product designer George
Singer creating a 1 minute animation that will promote a concept for a shelving
system that will be used in retail shops across Britain.

Pipe Dreams 3D London (June 09 – Oct 09)

3D Generalist
Pipe Dreams 3D is a company focused on constructing animatics for commercials, such
as Windex, Head and Shoulders, Snickers and many other big brands . I have worked
with PD on numerous occasions as a generalist. My roles included setting up scenes,
lighting, modelling and animating.

Brit Asia TV (May 08 – Sept 09)

Lead Animator and Graphic Designer
For Brit Asia TV, I worked with the channel producer on various projects such as title
sequences for programs, stings, straps and general motion graphics for the channel. Brit
Asia has now grown to be number one in Europe for Asian music on Sky (833). I
consistently dealt with tight deadlines and demanding projects. I value my time at Brit
Asia as it has given me a platform to grow and showcase my work.

BAFTA Nomination ‘Momster’ Short Film – Film Council and Screen WM -

Directed by Steven Spencer
(June 2008 – Aug 08)
My duties included creating models, character expression and movement, rigging and
compositing animation with film. Working on this film has helped me to gain knowledge
in all aspects in the production of film such as set building and working in a team. I also
worked closely with the director Steven Spencer and have plans to make a short film
together. Momster nominated for Best Short Film at this years BAFTA’S.
Asian Base Commercial
I worked with Asian Base Director Amrik Tatler to create a 30 second sequence for an
advert that helped to promote their business directory website.

Ejobs Commercial (Aug 08)

Animation Director
This project was a short commercial promotion for the recruitment agency Balfor. The
project focused on appealing to a wide audience and to their career aspirations.
Together with other members of a team we discussed and worked as a collective to
make sure we reached the company’s vision.

Close to The Edge Films (Aug 08)

Made a 10 second animation & Logo for documentary film director Liam Tully.

Sarah Whatmore – MTV Music Promo Blunt Films (June 08)

Character Animator
For this project I focused on character animation and worked with director Brendan
Mcnamee. The music video was also aired on MTV.

Red T.V. Ident – (March 08)

For 1 week I created a series of short channel promotional idents for Sky Channel Red.
This was well received and earned me work with Brit Asia.

Awards & Screening

Royal Television Society Awards 2008 - Nominated for best animation short

Flip Festival Awards 2008 Stoke your Fires Fest 2008

Shorts on Walls Fest

Skills and Attributes

As an animator I like to focus on bringing my characters to life through believable

movement, expression and also consciously making decisions about the aesthetics of
my animation. I see myself as a generalist and would fit in easily to any team. I have the
skills and drive to be as good as anyone and am constantly trying to improve to be the
best I can be. I have no doubt that animation and moving image is all I want to pursue as
a career.

I have been using software packages such as 3D max and After Effects for over 2 years
and am confident in most areas e.g. modeling, rigging, character expression, particles
and dynamics, forces and most plug-ins. I can also apply my skills to other areas of
production such as storyboarding and character development.
Software Expertise -

3D Max + Vray After Effects

Zbrush Photoshop
Maya Premiere


Neil Hadfield Steven Spencer

Senior Lecturer Director
Animation and Moving Image Animation & Film
Birmingham City University Nice Monster Productions
Department of Visual Communication mobile: 07860186561
Corporation Street
B4 7DX
0121 331 5830 ext:7917

Vijay Gulwani
Brit Asia Producer
Unit 3, Avenue Terrace,
Avenue Road,
B6 4DY
0121 359 8839

Momster 2008