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A Unique Opportunity for Hypnotist

To Learn complete NLP and

Start your Trainings.
NLP SubConscious ReImprinitng Coach- Master Practitioner Course
It is a two step program;
Step 1:
Study NLP (Theory part) at home,
Step 2:
Live and Practical Application of NLP SubConscious Re-Imprinting exercises with
Ram Verma and team.
Details of Step 1:
Once you get registered for this unique career oriented and life changing course,
you will get a set of 12 DVDs by Ram Verma wherein all the topics of NLP and
Subconscious Re-Imprinting will be taught in a very simple and easy-to-understand
way. It will be followed a questionnaire booklet and a workbook also. You need to
send the questionnaire to us to evaluate your understanding of the subject that you
learnt through these videos.
I built my sales career from zero to become the world's best motivator by using NLP.
Anthony Robbins, Unlimited Power
NLP Quote
"All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What
we think we become."
~ The Buddha
"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."
~ Aristotle
Details of Step 2:
In this unique five day program you need to learn application of NLP SubConscious
Re-Imprinting exercises under the guidance of Ram Verma and team.
You will be given the written commands of these exercises. The team will check,
evaluate your growth and help you learn the finer points of conducting your
sessions, workshops and personal counseling of NLP SubConscious Re-Imprinting.
You will learn as to how each exercise can be used in various fields like personal
growth, professional growth, education, money making, relationship and wellness.

This is a unique coach program for individuals and trainers to learn core concepts
and most practical NLP techniques along with Live Healing Sound Therapy to solve
human challenges and start their career in shortest possible time.
After this program, you will be able to conduct your training programs/personal
counseling for students, teachers, sales people, corporate organizations, couples,
cricketers and other sportspersons, parents, professionals and individuals.
Continuous Support
You can enjoy continuous learning by joining and conducting some part of the
training sessions with me just free of cost. You need to pay for the charges of the
hotel, venue or food etc.
How is it unique and different from the courses conducted by others?
Whole NLP learning in one-go
NLP made simple by most experienced coach of India Ram Verma
All topics are discussed prior to practical training
Proper evaluation of every participant
NLP commands for every exercise is designed by Ram Verma for the participants
Continuous future support
Time and money saving program
Home tutorial ready for refreshing your knowledge and skills
An opportunity to make regular income by associating with the team (see details)
Get Competent and Make regular income by associating with us
Here is another unique feature of this program.
We as a team have developed a number of Home Tutorials and training programs
for the people of various domains. You can get associated with us and help these
tutorials and training programs reach people in your city.
This will help you in two ways;
1. You will get ready-made assignment for your sessions/trainings
2. You will enjoy the financial benefits on win-win situation.
Duration: Five days
Fee: Rs 30,000
To reserve your seat, Call us today at +91-9873155244 or Email us at
NLP Master Practitioner Content
Following are the content of SubConscious ReImprinting Coach- NLP Master
Practitioner Course

1. NLP; Introduction (Basics of NLP and human mind made simple)

Definition of NLP, What does NLP do, Conscious/Unconscious mind, Pillars of NLP,
Ecology, Sensory acuity (Use your senses to find the result) & Calibration,
Congruence/Incongruence, Presuppositions
2. State of mind (The key to your success/happiness/wellness in each area of life)
What is an Emotional state? Components of a state, Deletion, Distortion and
Generalization, How we create a state, Relation between human behavior and state,
Crucial distinctions, Resourceful and Unresourceful States, How to change a state:
Physiology and Personal Internal Representation.
3. Rapport (Set rapport in 90 seconds and build your trust in others' mind for better
and personal and professional results)
What is rapport? Three components of communication, How to build rapport by
matching and mirroring, Learning Pacing and leading,
4. Anchoring (Take control of the triggers for uncontrolled behaviors and unwanted
habits effortlessly, also create the triggers for confidence, motivation and
What is Anchoring? Procedure for setting an Anchor, Stacking Anchors, Chaining
Anchors, How to get rid of addiction/bad habits using anchoring, How to come out of
unwanted emotional setback with the help of Anchoring.
5. Outcomes (Set and achieve compelling life goals wisdom fully without being
Outcomes vs. Goals, Outcomes vs. Task, Problem thinking vs. Outcome thinking,
Outcome Thinking Questions, Structure of Outcomes, Evaluating Present State,
Desired State and the Resource, Beliefs and Outcomes, Hurdles in achieving
outcomes, Outcomes and Affirmations
6. Modalities/Sub modalities (Human transformational technology made simple;
Change what you don't want at the level on Unconscious; Get what you want in life
in an instant)
What are sub modalities?, Checklist of modalities, Sub-modalities; Digital or
Analogue, Critical sub modalities, How to elicit sub modalities, Sub-modalities
Contrastive Analysis, Changing Sub modalities, Swiish, Fast Phobia technique,
Deleting unwanted negative memories, Circle of Excellence, Building positive
beliefs, Curing allergy, Speeding up your healing power for any disease
7. Preferred Representational System (How we human beings represent the world in
our mind; Look at the eyes, breath and words that anybody uses and get a sense of
what goes in his mind)
Senses, Recognizing visuals/Auditories/Kinesthetics, Predicates for different
Representational system; Get a sense how visual/auditory/kinesthetic people,
managers and client produce their behavior.

8. Time Line (Take control of your 'background' to redesign your 'foreground')

What is a Time Line? How to elicit Time Line? In-Time vs. Through Time, How to
change the timeline? Getting out of your past trauma through timeline mastery,
Master Time-Management through Time line and make difference in your
professional life.
9. Value Hierarchy (Exploring deep mind programming of the choices that you
What are values, Exploring values, Creating alignment among our top values; Why
some people offer their life for a cause and why others do otherwise in the same
context. Understand one of the most significant 'causes' of human behavior.
10. Learning/Problem Solving (The most significant learning comes when we learn to
see the things from a different Point of View. Find New Point of Views for better
results. Learn your inner alignment of motivation and ultimate life wellness)
What is learning?, Levels of Learning, Learning Zone, Boredom Zone, Anxiety Zone,
Simple Learning / Generative Learning, Neurological Levels/Alignment, Perceptual
Positions, Exploring Relationship, Developing Effective Meeting Pattern; Check your
Neurological Alignment for Happiness, Wealth, Wellness, Relationship, Motivation
and Business Excellence.
11. Metaphors (Listen to your inner mind closely; it uniquely says or shows you
something for everything)
What are metaphors, how metaphors design our world, How to utilize the amazing
power of metaphors, See closely what metaphor you have for (a) life (b) relationship
(c) wellness (money/wealth), (d) future. Create new metaphors for better life.
12. Reframing (Redesigning your world; Find ways to release yourself and others
from mental slavery)
What is Reframing? What are NLP frames? What are NLP outcome Frames, Part
Integration (Bringing the conflicting groups together and create an agreement
frame, Six Step Reframing (Separating behavior from the intention and creating new
options that result in a win-win for both sides), Using Reframing for
corporate/Business excellence by bringing dysfunctional teams together, Using
Reframing for resolving psychosomatic diseases.
13. Strategies (Revealing why we do whatever we do; the inner programming &
What is a strategy? What is syntax? Essential Ingredients of a strategy, Main
Categories of strategy, What is modeling?, How to elicit a strategy?, Strategy
Notations, Find your different strategy for depression, motivation etc, Installing a
strategy, New Behavior Generator, The Walt Disney Creative Strategy for unlimited
creativity for your personal and professional growth, Quitting smoking, eating
addiction, Exploring the strategies of learning-disability/dyslexia and solve it for

14. Meta Model (Be the master of verbal communication; Overcoming verbal
objections and get to real issues; Influence people with your precision questioning)
What is Meta-Model? What does Meta-Model do?, Different levels of language,
Language Pattern of Deletion, Language Pattern of Distortion, Language Pattern of
15. Hypnotic Language (Power of Artfully unclear language; Put people in hypnotic
trance and talk to their 'unconscious mind' directly)
What is hypnotic language? Why is it used? What are Downtime/ Uptime activities?,
Three phases of Milton Model, How to use hypnotic language in everyday
conversation and give command to unconscious mind.
16. Sensory Rich Language (Power of sensory-engaging language)
What is sensory language? Why to use sensory language? Shortcut to using sensory
rich language, The art of engaging people's sense through sensory language for
effective communication.
17. Meta Programs (Exploring the hidden human motivational 'hot buttons'; Meta
Programs are strong influence on our behavior and personality)
What are Meta Programs? How to recognize and pace them? Making the best use of
Meta Programs in developing sales, leadership and enhance productivity

NLP Master Practitioner Benefits

Following are the Benefits of SubConscious ReImprinting Coach- NLP Master



All important techniques (Theory as well as exercises) of NLP like Representational

System, How to run your brain, Modalities and Sub Modalities, Modeling, Rapport
Creating, Anchoring, Meta Models, Meta Programs, Reframing, & Time Line. The
After this training you don't need to go for any training for any other program as it
includes both basic and master practitioner programs.
How this program will help you:

You will learn skills to create instant motivation and confidence.

You will learn to master your emotions and run your brain.

You will learn skill to create meaningful goals and clear strategies to achieve

You will enjoy freedom from personal limitations of your life.

You will learn to understand how people make decisions.

You will learn the skills to handle limiting behaviors like depression,
frustration, anger, being stressed, confusion, guilt or phobias.

You will learn to help others in their transformation.

You will become genius to make yoiur life a masterpiece.

You will learn to have a more powerful outlook towards life and beliefs that
will produce far reaching results.

You will learn skill to manage each area of your life.

You will learn to become powerful communicator.

You will learn to connect with people and develop a bond of trust.

You will learn to reframe life situations and make the best use of what
happens to you.

You will learn to model the excellence of successful people and produce the
desired results in least possible time.

You can start helping people of all walks of life after this training program and
make a career as an NLP trainer.

Career Opportunities after this training

NLP offers huge market potential in India. NLP offers wide range of options for NLP
coaches to give coaching to students, parents, corporate people, MLM leaders, sales
If you have an inclination towards bringing about a change in human behavior, to
help people to overcome their negative behaviors and produce new choices for
them to lead their lives, NLP is the technology that you can use. As almost every
person wants to head for his desired goals in life, he has to bring some required
changes in his behavior and thus looks for a coach or technology.
You have unlimited options in making your career as an NLP trainer as well as

NLP Master Practitioner Exercises

This NLP Master Practitioner Workshop contains each and every exercises of NLP( Basic and
Advaced). Apart from that you will learn NLP Excecises that are helpful in you wellness(Mind
and Body), NLP exercises that help students and many more. Some of them will be

How to generate confidence for any situation like exam, public speaking, meeting new
people etc

How to create interest in your studies, job, work or family

How to condition your mind against any allergic response

How to condition your mind to attract more wealth in life

How to de-condition your mind against any addiction like food addiction, smoking,

How to generate a new behavior that you really need for your success in any field

How to generate self motivation for the things that you want to achieve

How to generate self de-motivation for the things that you don't want to do

How to create an unlimited flow of energy, wellness and happiness by resolving inner

How to create unstoppable positive attitude for unlimited success

How to eliminate patterns of anxiety, stress and depression and feel more delightful

How to transform your inner self image

How to learn any thin 10 times faster with 100% retention (Remember, NO OTHER

How to solve the problem of Dyslexia (Learning disability in children)

How to double your score or percentage in your next exam

How to make children Spelling-Master

How to make people your friend in less than 90 seconds

How to eliminate life-long fears and phobias

How to handle on-going bothering inner voice


How to prepare your preview seminar for your training programs

How to present yourself in a better way

How to prepare & show your UNIQUE, mesmerizing and surprising NLP-mind-power
demo before public/organization etc

How to prepare your NLP based program for allergy, weight loss and general wellness

How to prepare your NLP based program for students, youth, parents, teachers & couples

How to launch your programs in different cities

How to keep upgrading your skill regularly

NLP techniques and NLP exercises that you are going to learn are going to help you in all area of
life; be it physical health, family life, social standing, business, financial independence, better
friendship and relationship and mental and emotional. After this course you can start your
training programs on NLP and other NLP-based programs.

About NLP
Learn about NLP and its Techniques
Neuro Linguistic Programming

What is NLP??? Neuro Linguistic Programming, as the name suggests neuro refers nlpto
brain, linguistic refers to language and programming is the installation of a strategy, procedure
or plan. NLP is the study of what works in thinking, language, and behavior. It provides a
systematic framework for directing our brain and body. It defines the way how we code and
produce excellence which enables us to achieve the results that we want in each area of life. With
NLP, you can create a set of strategies that can work for you as to how you will make decisions,
build lasting relationships, create excellence in your personal and professional life, communicate
to motivate your fellow men, and create balance in your life.NLP is software manual for the biocomputer situated between your two ears. NLP is an effective tool with which you can produce
desired results and enjoy peak in your work. It works as a peak performance technique for you.
Today, around the world, NLP is being practiced by Therapists, Counselors, Students, Stage
Performers, Sportspersons, CEOs, Managers, Corporate Executives, Self-Employed People,
Businesspersons, Sales and Multi Level Marketing (MLM) leaders, and Politicians. It is a human
tool with which you can produce desired results and enjoy peak in your work. It works as a peak
performance technique for you.
NLP Videos- Topics and Techniques
What is NLP in Hindi
What is NLP? NLP stand for Neuro Linguistic Programming.
Neuro refers to our nervous system, the mental pathways of our five senses by
which we see, hear, feel, smell or taste.
Linguistic refers to our ability to create a mirror of our mental worlds through our
language. Our language can further be classified into verbal language (how specific
words and phrases define our mental maps) and non-verbal or 'silent' language i.e.
our postures, way of moving our body, breathing etc.
Programming is borrowed from computer science. It suggests as to how our
thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are habitual programs, and can be changed or
replaced by upgrading our mental software.
Today NLP is considered as the new technology of achievement, a study of human
excellence and a practical approach of personal change. With the help of NLP, you
can learn to eliminate the patterns of anxiety, depression or confusion, become
more delightful and enjoy better concentration. You can design your outcome and
reach there, build better team and relationships.
NLP is a new way looking at how we perceive the world, create our behavior and
design our destiny. NLP explores new choices and creates new possibilities. It
studies the patterns of human excellence.
What is NLP & it's Application
What does NLP do?
NLP helps you create change.

NLP is based on the principles as to how our thoughts, feelings and actions work
together to create our experience. As NLP is founded on the modern science of
biology, information and linguistic, it begins with new principles of how mind works.
The map is not the territory: We perceive the events of the world through our
senses and create the inner representation or a map of it. While perceiving any
event, our mind undergoes the process of deletion, distortion and generalization
and creates the inner mental map. In fact, our response is not the result of the real
event rather it is the result of the mental map (of the event) that we hold. These
mental maps or subjective experiences become the ultimate reality for us. These
mental maps can be changed, replaced or updated any time we want thus changing
the meaning of the outer event.
What is State in NLP
State: State is the sum total of the processes going on in your mind and body at
any given time.
Resourceful states:
The states that help us utilize our resources; like happiness, confidence, motivation,
wellness, joy, concentration, delightful etc
Un-resourceful states:
The states that prevents us from utilizing our resources. These states are known as
'stuck states', 'unresolved issues' or 'unfinished agendas' of the mind.
Behavior is the response that we make in any state.
All our behaviors (Verbal or non-verbal) are defined by our states.
Verbal behaviors:
Where we use 'verbs' means our verbal language
Non-Verbal behaviors:
Once you change the state, you are able to change the behavior.
Two components of a state:
One is Internal Representation and another one is physiology.
If you bring about any change in any one, the other automatically changes.
What is Anchoring in NLP
Anchoring is a process of learning to hold on to the states that are crucial to
An anchor is a stimulus: It may be a sound, an image, a touch, a smell, or a taste
that triggers a consistent response in us or others.
The ability to use anchors in NLP enables us to:
1.Access the resources (feelings and states) that we want when we want them.
2.Replace unwanted feelings and thoughts with desirable ones.
3.Gain control over our emotions.
4.Keep on course when going through periods of intense change.

5.Positively influence the response we trigger in other people.

6.Experience the day as we want, no matter what is happening in our life.
What is Sub Modalities in NLP
Improve Communication Rapport in NLP
Bonding at an unconscious level.
Rapport is the quality of a relationship of mutual influence and respect between
A person does not have rapport until they have built a good relationship with
another person.
NLP supplies the skills to build a respectful and mutually influential relationship by
establishing and building rapport on different neurological levels. Rapport is not
manipulation. People who manipulate may look as if they are building rapport.
Rapport is not the same as friendship. Rapport is not agreement, nor does it come
from agreement. It is possible to agree with someone and not have rapport. It is
also possible to disagree with someone have rapport. Rapport comes from taking
second position.
When we take second position, we are willing to try to understand the other person
from their point of view. Satisfying relationships are built by rapport, not agreement.

How to build rapport:

(a) By taking genuine interest in another person
(b) By being curious about who they are and how they think
(c) By being willing to see the world from their point of view.

Pacing and leading

To build rapport, begin by pacing another person. Pacing is when you
enter the other person's model of the world on their terms. It is exactly
like walking beside them at the same pace. Once you have paced a
person, build rapport and shown that you understand them, then you
have a chance to lead them.
Leading is when you use the influence that you have built up from
Matching and mirroring
You pace and build rapport through 'matching'. Matching is when you
mirror and complement an aspect of another person. It is not copying,
it is more like a dance. By matching, you show you are willing to enter
the other person's model of the world. They will intuitively perceive

this and so you can feel more at ease with them and they will feel
more at ease with you. Matching can be done at every neurological
level; like Environment, Behavior (Verbal/non verbal), capabilities,
Beliefs/values, Identity,
Matching Physiology
Body movements: leg position, arm position, head position, rhythmic
tapping of fingers, hands etc, gestures with hands, arms, head
Breathing pattern: speed, depth, location
Eye contact
Matching Voice tone
Speed of speech, Volume of speech, Tonality of speech, Pauses
Matching Language
Key words
Phrases and predicates
NLP Exercise to Increase Confidence
To create a resourceful state in future; good for exam, public speaking, interview,
facing a person or situation in future.
Step 1: Explore the state of confidence of past by accessing VAK
Step 2: Create the circle with a color and sound and mix the feelings of confidence
with this color
Step 3: Enter the circle, gain state and change future the way you want through VAK
Remove Past Bad Memories
Eliminating Past Painful Memories: Objective of this exercise is to dissociate the
person from painful memories that are lying in the unconscious mind as garbage
and are the cause of various emotional and physical issues. This is achieved through
creating dissociation @ muting sounds, turning colors into black and white,
changing movie into a still photo, and taking the image as far as it becomes
NLP Subconscious ReImprinting Workshop Content
Day One:
Session 1:
Introduction of NLP and its relevance in creating Excellence in Personal and
Professional Life and Relationship
NLP Techniques for Emotional and Mental Excellence like; Handling past painful
memories/traumas, anxiety, depression, fears, anger etc
NLP Skills for Confidence Building and other Positive Emotional states
Session 2:
NLP Techniques for Achieving Personal, Career, Business and Professional Outcomes
NLP Techniques for Solving confusions and Creating Personal Alignment for
unlimited Motivation and Positive Attitude

Session 3:
NLP Techniques for exploring your Relationship, resolving relationship issues and
creating long-lasting relationship
NLP Techniques for Effective & Result-Oriented Business & Professional Meetings
Day Two:
Session 1:
NLP Techniques for Developing Mind-Blueprints for Money/Wealth Attraction
NLP Techniques for Developing Mind-Blueprints for unlimited Positive Beliefs
NLP Techniques for creating feelings of Trust and Friendship in the other people in 90
Session 2:
NLP-Timeline Techniques for resolving issues that stops you from achieving your
NLP-Timeline Techniques for building positive, attractive and worth-achieving Future
Session 3:
NLP Techniques for resolving inner conflicts that kills potential and positive life
NLP techniques for creating positive TRIGGERS/ANCHORS for unlimited success in
each area of life
Certification Ceremony
NLP Subconscious ReImprinting Workshop Benefits

Introduction of NLP SubConscious Re-Imprinting

Understanding Conscious and Unconscious Minds and their working

Building new beliefs: Subconscious Auto Suggestions

Why you have not achieved that you wanted/How to achieve what you want

Exploring your hidden creativity for your Success & Happiness in Life: Walt
Disney Exercise

Winning peoples trust and confidence in just 90 seconds

Finding past issues and getting free from past painful memories

Enhancing your bodys stress handling capacity & creating positive life

Taking your relationships to the next level

Getting yourself protected from the unwanted

Resolving your Internal Conflicts and enjoy wholeness

Building your divine future: Build your future full of Confidence, Creativity,
Health and Success

Enhancing your personal and professional Productivity: Neurological Level


Healing your lifes Time-Line(Past, Present & Future): Complete Inner


Engaging your mind to boost your Immune power and heal your physical

Practitioners Certification

Why this workshop

NLP SubConscious Re-Imprinting is a unique workshop designed my Ram Verma, a
leading NLP coach of the country.

It includes

Removal of any mental garbage that is lying in form of past painful

memories, old limiting beliefs and fears.

Transforming Inner Self Image to handle present issues and make bigger
goals in each part of life

Creating the blue prints of a 'definite and bright' future; thus creating a blue
print of future success

A Few NLP Exercise that will be done in this workshop

1. Understanding Conscious and Unconscious Minds and their working
2. Building new beliefs: Subconscious Auto Suggestions
3. Why you have not achieved that you wanted/How to achieve what you want:
4. Exploring your hidden creativity for your Success & Happiness in Life: Disney
Walt Exercise
5. Finding past issues and getting free from past painful memories
6. Getting yourself protected from the 'unwanted' hurt
7. Build powerful beliefs

8. Healing your life's Time-Line(Past, Present & Future): Complete Inner

9. Enhancing your personal and professional Productivity: Neurological Level
10.Building your divine Life
11.Engaging your mind to boost your Immune power