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when multiple users are working in a single database

the Database Administrator or Course Intructor should

- Create
- Assign
- Create
- Assign

an EPS Node for each student to work in,

a unique Project ID for each student to use,
a unique Resourse for each student to use and
a protocol for the students to create Resource IDs as all the student r
have to have a unique name.

Creating A New Project

There are several methods for creating a new project:
- Use the project Architect wizard, or
- Import a project created from another Primavera database or created with anoth
er software program such as P3, SureTrak or Microsoft Project, or
- Copy an exixting project and edit it.
Before discussing how to create a project,we eill discuss the file types that Pr
imavera operates with.
File Types
Different Version of Primavera run on different database including Oracle and Mi
crosoft database.
Primavera will only operate with the database format with which it has been inst
alled and set up with.
There are several Primavera propriety file format that you need to be aware of :
* XER - A Primavera proprietary format used to exchange one or more projects bet
ween Primavera databases regardless of the database type in which it was created
and export all project data. Earlier version of XER files may be imported into
later version databases.
* PLF - A primavera proprietary format used to exchange Layouts between Primaver
a databases regardless of the database type in which it was created.
* ANP - A Primavera proprietary format used to save the position of activities i
n an Activity Network.
* ERP - A Primavera proprietary format used to exchange Reports between Primaver
a databases regardless of the database type in which it was created.
* XML - A new Primavera PM format introduced with Primavera Version 6.0 which is
used to import data from the Project Manager Module.
* PCF - A Primavera proprietary format used to exchange Global Changes between P
rimavera databases regardless of the database type in which it was created.
Project Architect Wizard and MEthodology MAnager
the methodology MAnageris separate program for storing project methodologies and
are represented by activities woth WBS, OBS, Activitiy Codes, Roles, Resources,
which form the basis of a project template. The methodology Manager has three ty
pes of Methodologies:
- Base Methodologies that may be used to create a total project, e.g. project st
art u and completion activities.
- Plug-in Methodologies which are sets of activities that may be used to develop
a project created from a BAsed Methodology.
- Activity libraries are smaller sets of activities that may be used to develop
a project.
Plug-in Methodologies and Activity libraries are similiar but more powerful than
the P3 fragnets.

The Methodology MAnager also has the following important functions that may be u
sed when creating a new project:
- Estimating Factors, enable high and low values to be assigned to each Activity
Duration and Resource in a Methodology.
When a Methodology is imported into a project using the Project Architect, a P
roject Complexity between the value of 0 and 100 is specified and the value
for the Activity Durations and Resources are proportioned between the low valu
e (when a Project Complexity of 0 is assigned).
and the high value (when a Project Complexity of 100 is assigned).
- Estimation Weights may be assigned to Activities and WBS Nodes. After a Method
ology has been imported
the Estimation Weight may be used to apportion the total estimated labor and n
on-labor resource quantities to Activities in a process termed Top-Down Estimati
using the Tools, Top-Down Estimation function.
Importing a Project
you may be required to import a project that has been created in another program
supplied by
someone from within or outside your organization.Primavera is equipped with a se
t of tools for
importing projects from other sources. Files may be imported from:
- Another Primavera Version, irrespective of the database it was created in, usi
ng the XER or XER file format.
- Primavera Project Planner P3 and SureTrak in P3 format.
- Microsoft Project (*.mpp), (*.mpd), (*.mbd) and (*.mpt) files when you have Mi
Project installed on your computer.P6 Version 7 will import a Microsoft Projec
t 2007 mpp file when
Microsoft Project 2007 is installed.
- Other schedulling software using (*.mpx) file formats.
- data in Excel format (*.xls).
- Primavera PM - (XML) a format introduced with Primavera Version 6.0 which is i
mports data from
the Project Manager module.
6 CreatingA PrimaveraProject WBS
this chapter outlines how to create a WBS structureto enable activities to be as
signed to a WBS Node so a schedule may be created.
The Project WBS function is designed to record a hierarchical WBS that has been
developed on a traditional basis as outlined in many project
management documents. A well structured WBS should :
- Include all the project deliverables and
- Be set at the appropiate level for summarizing project activities and reportin
g project progress.
The project WBS function is used to group and summarize activities under a hiera
rchial structure in the same way as the WBS function in P3 and SureTrak,
and the Custom Outline Codes in Microsoft Project. It is also similiar to Outlin
ing in all version of Microsoft Project, however, in Primavera
the Activities are assigned to hierarchical WBS Node and are not demoted under a
Parent task as with
Outlining with Microsoft Project. The WBS structure is used to organized and sum
marize your project activities, including
cost and resources during the planning, scheduling, and updating of Projects.