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Judith L.

Pickett, Secretary

Chidanx>yo Christian Hospital

P.O. Box 330
Karoi. Rhodesia


Mrs. Fay Bockhahn

Financial Agent
P.O. Box 27^6

Mr. & Mrs. A1 Lyons

Publicity Agents
P.O. Box 27^6

Napa, Calif. 9^558

Napa, Callf. 9^558




Dear Christian Friends:

I had expected to be writing this news letter to you from Rhodesia, but that is not the
case. I am still in Indiana. awaLtlng news that my^RhodesIan Wotk-^-Pe-r-mit has been re
newed. It has now been two months since my papers were received in the Immigration
Dept. in Salisbury, Rhodesia. As yet, no word as to the progress on these papers has
been received.

The Missionaries In Rhodesia are getting anxious for my return. Miss Mary Leah
Fleenor, my replacement, is now doing the job of Secretary and School Teacher for the
Missionary children, replacing Miss Margaret Dennis who is also on furlough. Miss
Fleenor is being helped by Mrs. Betty Pender when the demands of both jobs get too much
for her. Particularly, at this time, all the Missionaries are in need of our prayers.
News of a Peace settlement has been in the papers and on television, but we have had
no direct word as to its effect on the Mission.

It does not sound like much pro

gress has been made, as the Terrorist faction outside the Country of Rhodesia have
not sanctioned the agreement, and in fact have stated they plan to step up their
activities. The news media does not always state the clear picture, however, so I
anxiously await direct word from my friends in Rhodesia.
Meanwhile, news from the Mission about the work there is encouraging.

A new Board

of Elders and Deacons for the Church on the Mission has been selected, and a new

Minister has been hired to carry on the work of our old Evangelist, Baba Chikanda.
The old Evangelist was becoming senile and creating problems for the congregation,
but now, praise the Lord, the Church is progressing once again. The women's work

is thriving under the direction of Mrs. Erasure and Mrs. Pender. Miss Fleenor is
directing a Sunday School which is reaching the school children quite effectively.
So even in these troublesome times, the Lord is blessing richly.

Meanwhile, I remain at my mother's home In Ladoga.

I am doing volunteer office

work for the Indiana Childrens' Christian Home and also for the Ladoga Christian

Last week I was privileged to travel with Bro. Bill Worrell, minister at Ladoga,
and his wife to my alma mater, Johnson Bible College in Knoxville, Tennessee, for
its annual Homecoming. This was a most enjoyable time in renewing old friendships.
Although it was dampened by the news of the murder of one of my classmates by her
\k year old son. Some of you know Mrs. Janice Day Reed, a writer for the Christian
Standard and author of several books. Also Janice was originally Madonna Burgett's
Forwarding Agent. The news of her death and the circumstances were indeed shocking.
Having visited the campus but once since my graduation ij 1.959., it was a great joy
to see the many changes here and the work being carried on for the Lord.

First Christian Church

"The Pickett Line"

Non-Profit Organiz.

2659 First Street

Permit No. 28

Napa, California 9^558

Napa Calif.


Mission Services

Box 177

Kemnton, Ind U60I49

I continue to covet your prayers on behalf of the Mission work in Rhodesia and also
for myself as I await the Lord's will. I have been blessed tremendously by the
financial and prayerful support of all of you who have stood by me in the years 1
have been on the Mission field. There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord still
has a place for me to serve Him, whether it be in Rhodesia or elsewhere. I am
most confident that if the door is closed for me to return to Rhodesia, there will

be other doors opened.

Right now I just pray for patience in awaiting the Lord's

will in these matters.

Please let me express to each of you my deep appreciation for the concern you have
shown over the work in Rhodesia and let me urge you to continue praying for the

Missionaries still laboring there.

And please prav with me that nfiws-of_my^_re-

entry permit to Rhodesia will be coming through soon.


By Helen Steiner Rice_

Games can' won unless they are played

And prayers can't be apswered unless they are prayed,

So no matter how busy or crowded your day
Make it a practice to take time to pray.
And never start wondering if God heard your prayer
Or if He is able to take care of your care.

Just tell Him your problem and be not dismayed

If His answer is sometimes deferred and delayed,
For God never hurries, yet He's never too late
But He often tests us when He asks us to wait.

And there is no problem too great or too small

God has the wisdom to take care of them all.

Not always the way that we most want Him to

But always the way that will prove BEST for you.
We ask Him for pleasure, enjoyment and health
Laurels and honors and prestige and wealth.
But instead of a "crown" He sends us a "cross"

And Instead of rich gains we are made poor by loss

But great is our gladness and rich our reward

If we trust the judgment and will of the Lord.

God bless you, each one.

In Christ,

Miss Judy Pickett


Chidamoyo Christian Hospital

P. 0. Box 330

Karoif Rhodesia, Africa


Mrs. Fay Bockhahn

Financial Agent
P. 0. Box 2746



Napa, Calif. 94558

Mr. s Mrs. A1 Lyons

Public Relations Agents

P. 0. Box 2746


Napa, Calif. 94558

April 15t 1978





Yes, Dear Friends, prayers have been answered. The good news arrived Tuesday,

April 4th, via phone from Dr. Dwayne Illman. It was confirmed Wednesday via telegram
from Mr. Jack Pennington in Salisbury. His most welcome words were "Papers are in hand,'
bring chest x-ray and medical records. Wire arrival time". By Friday, April 7th, I had
made reservations for my flight back to Rhodesia.

This door, which I believed was closing, was flung wide open and I was reminded of
the Lord's words, "0 ye of little faith".

Indianapolis to New York via Allegheny Airlines Flight 5^199, leave April 28th,

arriving New York at 3:38 P.M. Depart New York via South African Airlines Flight
?^^210 at 7:00 P.M.

Arrive Johannesburg, South Africa, Saturday, April 29th at 5:55 P.M.

Remain in

Johannesburg overnight and leave Sunday at 1:00 P.M. via South African Airlines

Flight #036. Arrive in Salisbury, Rhodesia, at 2:30 P.M.

I continue to thank God for all of my faithful friends and supporters. These
months of waiting have sometimes been frustrating, but always I have felt the power
of the prayers of you, my friends in Christ. Though other doors were beginning to

I_feel confident that Rhodesia is where God wants me to serve Him.

The Missionaries at Chidamoyo assure me that the work there is still not, at this

time, threatened with any great danger. Some of their activities in the outlying areas
have, of necessity, been curtailed or at least slowed down, but the Lord's work does
continue, there.

The Old Chief Dandawa, who became a Christian at the approximate age of 107 years,
just went on to his great reward with our Lord.

Dr. Frasure wrote that the funeral was

held in the Church at Chidamoyo and was very dignified and fitting for a Chief. This
is a tremendous witness to his people.

Praise the Lord, I am truly looking forward to my return to Chidamoyo, and I ask
your continued prayers for my travel and for my adjustment to the Rhodesian situation.
God bless you, each one.
In Christian Love,
Miss Judy

Chidamoyo Christian Hospital
P. 0. Box 330

Karoi, Rhodesia, Africa


Mrs. Fay Bockhahn

Financial Agent
P. O. Box 2746


Napa, Calif. 94558

Mr, & Mrs. A1 Lyons

Public Relations Agents

P. 0. Box 2746

Napa, Calif. 94558

I WL/l_^lrAI

WAY 1978
Dear Christian Friends

The dream and prayers of returning to Rhodesia are now a reality.

I am sitting at

the window of a 7^7 airliner, 35*000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean, near the coast of
southwest Africa.

The trauma of leaving home was made easier by twenty loving friends

and relatives, v;ho saw me off in Indianapolis, April 28th.

My sweet mother came through beautifully with the inner strength and beauty that
she possesses. We will miss each other terribly, but our love for Christ will bind us
closely in spite of the many miles between us.

Just two hours before leaving my home in Ladoga I received, by mail, a tape from
many of my dearest friends in Napa. A special thank you to Betsy Anderson, ray former
forwarding agent, for her sweet thoughtfulness in preparing and sending the tape in time
for me to receive this special blessing.

I thank God for all of you, my dear friends and supporters, and appreciate your
faith in me. Also I wish to thank everyone for the lovely birthday cards, vifts and
good wishes.

Now I am anticipating a night of rest in Johannesburg, South Africa, before con

tinuing on my journey to Rhodesia.

We have been in the air fourteen hours at this time.

Need I say that I have "butterflies" as I anticipate the sight of my beloved "adopted"
Country and ray loved ones in Christ.
I arrived safely in Salisbury and found seven Missionaries to meet me.

flies" have all flown away and left a beautiful homecoming.

The "butter

I was sorry that Dr. Frasure

was kept from coming at the last minute by a "C" section.

Being tired from.the long trip, my patience was a bit tried as I was the last to

leave the plane and the last to clear customs. An added confusion was to find that my
luggage had not yet arrived from Johannesburg, but at least I knev; it was in Africa, as
I had seen it off-loaded in Johannesburg. Praise the Lord, it arrived during the night
and I was able to pick it up Monday morning.

Tuesday, we started on our homeward way at 10:00 A.M.

Stopped in Sinoia to greet

the Ivan Martin family and then a quick stop at the Bill Delaghters home in Karoi. Also
a stop at the Police Station to inform them I v/as back in the country and enroute to
Chidamoyo Hospital.
It was certainly no secret when we pulled into the Mission at 5f30 P.M., with horns
honking. Then my dog, Saber, let all the world know by his loud yelps of delight that

I was home.

After being

greeted by all the Missionaries, I ran quickly down the path to

"my kids". My little family and I were overcome with joy at being together again. Little
Loy was a bit frightened, at first, by "Mbuya Judy", but began to v/arm up in a little while.



2659 First St.

Napa, Cal ifornia 9^558

Non-Profi t Organ i za11 on

Permit No. 28

Napa, Cal l f.


As I finish this letter at 7:00 A.M., Wednesday morning, I can look out of my

bedroom window and see Loy toddling about in her nightie outside of her parents home
She is a beautiful baby. Do I sound like a "doting grandmother"?
I now look forward to a day of settling in and greeting allncr friends. I bid you
a fond farewell for this time.

Please keep rae and our work in your prayers

As IsOLways, yoior Missionary at Chidamoyo,



Judith L. Pickett, Secretary

Chidamoyo Christian Hospital

P. O, Box 330

Karoi, Rhodesia


Mrs, Fay Bockhahn

Financial Agent

Mr, & Mrs. A1 Lyons

Publicity Agents

P, 0. Box 2746

P, 0, Box 2746

Napa, Calif. 94558

Napa, Calif. 94558

May 15, 1978


Box 177

Kempton, Indiana kSOkS

Dear Friends in Christ:

We enclose the announcement of Miss Judy PickBtt's

return to Rhodesia, and we would appreciate your

printing this in a future issue.

Our hearts are grateful to our Lord for His making
her return possible, as permits are difficult to
obtain at this time.

We also would like to send you a brochure on her

life history, as a Missionary if you would like to

publish it at a future date. Please let us know
if there would be a charge for this.

Bless you as you continue to spread the Word.

Yours in Christy
Mrs. A. W. Lyons

Miss Judy Pickett returned to Chidamoyo Hospital

in Rhodesia, Africa, on April 30th, As this is
her third term, she now considers Rhodesia her

The Missionaries to Africa do not wish to change

the customs of the people, or make them similar

to Americans; they just want to take Christ to
them, and then Christ changes the lives in Rhodesia.
We can not all go to Africa, but we can be there in
Spirit and by corresponding and supporting the
missionary work being done there.
Judy asks for your prayers that the Hospitsil at
Chidamoyo may be allowed to stay open in spite
of the turmoil that exists. If you are interested
in receiving her Newsletter, please contact her

Forwarding Agent, Mrs. Fay Bockhahn, P. 0. Box 27^6,

Napa, Calif. 9^558.
Judy's address is:

Chidamoyo Christian Hospital,

P. 0. Box 330, Karoi, Rhodesia, Africa.

JUDITH L. PICKET'^ecretary
^^laa^ioyv'"ClwliiLlan Hospital
P. O. Box 330

Karoi, Rhodesia, Africa


Mrs. Fay Bockhahn

Financial Agent
P. 0. Box 2746


Napa, Calif. 94558

Mr. & Mrs. A1 Lyons

Public Relations Agents

P. O. Box 2746

Napa, Calif. 94558

JUNE 1978
Dear Christian Friends:

One month has passed since I arrived in the Coxmtry of Rhodesia.

It has been a

month filled with joy, hard work, and the renewing of old acqiiaintances. I am slowly
getting back into the routine of my work and am truly grateful to be "Home".
It has been a busy and exciting month at the Hospital, filled with work, births,
and snakes.

In April there were forty births and about that same number in May.

One morning, as I sat working at my desk, I heard excited voices shouting "Miss
Plckett, come and see the big snake that Chanakira has killed". One of our workers
had been walking beside the Hospital Chapel, and to his surprise, a large snake raised
it.s_head_and^ould have struck him if he had not jumped quickly back out of its way.
As he watched, the snake slithered through the window into the staff tea room.
Chanak?ra entered the tea room and killed the snake with stones. This was a very
difficult and dangerous task, as the snake was a Black Mamba, over six feet long and

three inches thick.

The Mamba can kill a man very quickly and we do praise God that

Chanakira was not bitten.

That same evening, Mr. Hugh Fender saw another large snake as he drove along the
road between my house and his. He tried to hit the snake with the tires of his auto,
but thought that he had missed it, so we were all warned to be on the lookout. Sunday
morning I was told that a big snake was down by the road. I called Dr. Frasure and he

came prepared to kill the snake, but thankfully, it was already dead.

Evidently, Mr.

Fender had hit the snake and it managed to get into the bush before dying.

This one

was a five foot Fython, and needless to say we are all treading cautiously at night
around our homes.

This week, one of the patients called to me as I pajssed and said, "Miss Pickett,
do you remember me"? He is a Leper and had spent some time in the Hospital during my
first terra.

At that time, I had been asked by Dr. Nice to find some activity for him,

so I taught hira to-work a jig-saw puzzle. He said "Do you still have that puzzle thing
I work^ before?".

Yes, I remember, and I did have a new jig-saw puzzle, whi<^I gave to him. He spent
the next two days sitting on his floor pallet, working the new puzzle on a piece of
board. When he had finished it, I glued the puzzle together and covered it with a piece
of plastic. I wish you could have seen the joy on his face when I returned it to hira,
as he was so proud of his accomplishment.
I have also been introduced to "Zebbie".

She is beautiful female Zebra, who has

come up the river from one of the game reserves and she has adopted Chidamoyo as her
home. She has, however, some misplac^effections, for she follows our mowing tractor
around and seemingly thinks it is her mother. She even sleeps near the parked machine
at night.



2659 First St.

Non-Profit Organization

Nipa, California 9^558


Permit No. 28

Napa, Ca1 1 f.


Mission Services

Box 177

Kemptpn Ind, ii60it9

The work of the Church is progressing. We have a new minister since I left in
1977 and he seems to doing very nicely. Our Friday night English Bible Study is
coming along fine^ We had 22 in attendance last night, many of them teachers and
hospital workers* This is a time of good fellowship for the Missionaries and Africans*
Each Tuesday, the Missionary women meet for a time of Bible study and prayer. We
I returned just as they were ready for a new

take turns teaching a series of lessons.

series, so was elected to teach the next session.

We are studying the Book of Hebrews,

and as I had shared in special studies of Hebrews while back in the United States, I find

it most enjoyable to be able to !beach this class*

I pray for each of you and encourage you to pray for us at Chidaraoyo. The situation
is tense in the country, but we feel the doors are still wide open for the Qospel.
God bless you, each one*
Yours in Christ,


Chidarnoyo Christian Hospital

P. 0. Box 330

Karoi, Rhodesia, Africa


Mrs. Fay Bockhahn

Financial Agent
P. 0. Box 2746


Napa, Calif. 94558

Mr. & Mrs. A1 Lyons

Public Relations Agents

P. 0. Box 2746


Napa, Calif. 94558


JULY 1978
Dear Christian Friends:

Once again I find it is time to write my monthly letter. Time certainly flys.
It has been two full months and some few days since I axrived in Rhodesia, and several
times I have wished that I could stop the clock for a few hours and let myself catch

I have been very busy with the bookeeping. It was necessary for me to go over
the '77 books and I have been working long hours bringing things up to date. Now the
end is in sight and I am beginning to relax a bit.
I would like to share with you the good news of our work. Last month I told you
about the-Leper who was interested in working jigsaw puzzles. Well, I am overjoyed to
announce that he has become a Christian and a very dedicated one. He kept asking me
if I had anything he could do, so I asked him if he could read. He said yes he could,
so I had the Hospitsil Evangelist check his reading ability and we found that our new
Christian could read very well. So it was my pleasure to present him with a Shona
Bible, and now he can be seen reading his bible everyday. Praise the Lordi
We have had one or two baptism's every week at our Sunday morning services, and
our Friday evening Bible study in English is well attended. Some evenings we have as
many as thirty people in attendance.

We do Praise the Lord for this.

Miss Maryleah Fleenen is now making plans for her return to the States and she

will be leaving on the sixteenth of this month. I will miss her companionship and

We are anticipating the return of the William Harrison family about the First of
August, along with Miss Kathy McCarty. And in September Miss Margaret Dennis will be
back with us. So you can see that our Lord is providing and we do give Him the Praise
and Glory.

Our weather is most unusual, with rain continuing into May and June.

In the

eight years that I have been in Rhodesia, this is the first time I have seen rain

during the month of June.

The evenings are quite cool, but this gives me the

"opportunity to enjoy my lovely fireplace.

The situation is still very tense, here.

Everyone is looking for a possible

settlement and a Black Government by the end of the year.

I continue to coxet.your prayers, not only on behalf of ourselves, but for our

many African Christian friends. I especially ask your prayers for Chidarnoyo Hospital
and the staff. Many staff members are under conviction at this time and they need
Christ as well as your loving concern.
May the Lord bless you,




2659 First Street

Napa, Cal ifornia 9^558

U". S.


Permit No. 28

Napa, Cal if.

JCfL- 2) #976
Mission Services
Box 177

Kempton, Ind. U60li9




''South J^rita


(^j^DITH L. PICKET^ecretary
'Christian Hospital

P. O. Box 330

\ Karoi, Rhodesia, Africa


Mrs. Fay Bockhahn

Financial Agent

O. Box 2746

Napa, Calif. 94558


Mr. & Mrs. A1 Lyons

Public Relations Agents

P., O. Box 2746
Napa, Calif. 94558



/"t I- '1


..t r<'i \

i K"





Dear Christian Friends:

On Saturday, July 1, 1978j all Missionaries at Chidamoyo packed their house

hold belongings and medical equipment into vehicles, lorries (semi-trucks), and air
plane and left Chidamoyo with heavy hearts.
This difficult decision to move was made some two weeks before by Dr. Frasure
and the men of the Mission. The indiscriminate killing of other missionaries in

Rhodesia, near Chidamoyo, by terriosts, and the continued presence of terriosts in

our area made our departure urgent. In order to protect our friends as well as ourselves, it was necessary not to inform the local people of our plans until the very
day of departure.
Does this mean that the Church and Hospital at Chidamoyo are closed?


absolutely not. In the recent months we have seen the Church growing, not only in
numbers, but spiritualitras well. This is under the leadership of Mr. Mlambo, the
African Minister. We praise the Lord for this growth, and we ask that He will con
tinue to bless the people here.

The hospital will remain open even with a reduced work load. All of the staff
expressed a desire to stay on the job, but because of the lesser work now it was
necessary to let several go. They did not resent this and they were very under
standing. The doctors fly out twice a week and I go once a week to oversee the
administrative work.

Many of our friends expressed their happiness in our decision to leave, as they
were beginning to fear for our safety. We also learned of other missionaries in the
Country praying specifically for us and for our safety and that many European
Christians were urging them to get us out of the bush. We were the last of Church of
Christ, Christian Churches Missions left open.

A number of Missions have had to close suddenly because of the killing of white
missioh^ies, but'^ihce we made a^ planned and orderly move, we are able to keep the
hospital open. When we fly in on the scheduled days of the week, the Security Forces
are waiting at the Mission landing strip for us and they stay on guard during the
time we are there.

Perhaps you are asking, "Where does this leave Miss Judy?" I can assure you
that she is still a very busy secretary for the Lord.

All of the Chidamoyo KisBionaries have settled in SINOIA, a medium sized town
110 miles from the Mission. Dr. Gloria Cobb and I are renting a house at 56 High

way St. Dr. Frasure and I have set up a temporary office in the Good News Center

Studio building.

Here I will do all the bookeeping for the Hospital, the Govern

ment reports, and my correspondence informing our supporters of our work as it




Non-Profit Organiz.







Napa, Calif. 9^558

The Good News Center Bookstore has been in need of someone to do their book

keeping and ordering of supplies for the sto:ie. I will be helping after I get set up
with my work at the hospitail. This is a Bip e Book Store serving the community of
I will have excellent opportunity to
Sinoia, both Blacks and Whites,

Xu* this wox|l

witness for our Lord.

I ask for your constant prayers as we m$ke this adjustment. The financial burden
will be increased as we now have to pay rent water and lights. I will not be receiv-

ing any pay from the bookstore, sls it is a


enterprise and I will be working as

a Missionary.

At the present time, I am having to use Dr. Frasures diesel Puegot station wagon
as my old Landrover was left at the Mission to be used as an ambulance and supply
vehicle for the hospital.

Again, I covet your prayers for two ver^ important members of the staff, Mr.

Vision Timothy and Mr. Smith Kwachenera (my ion in the Lord). These two fine young
men will be sharing the job of driving the L^drover to Karoi for supplies. This is
a very dangerous job, as they never know wha to expect in regard to either the
terrorist or the Security Forces. These arb two very dedicated young men who have
graciously accepted this great responsibili . Rotating every other week, one will
drive to Karoi while the other stays at the ibission doing the duties in the drug and
supply rooms.

As we are closing the kitchen as of thii^ week, the patients will have to supply
their own food. This is really not a burden on them, as they usually have a member
of their family with them to prepare the fo : for them.
I have much concern for my little fami!i.;r, "The


July 9th was little

Loy's birthday and I took her a cake on Fric^i;y. These dear ones are in a precarious
position, as it is well known that they are iood friends of all the missionaries. This
:o badger and even persecute their own
This applies not only to the Kwach peras, but to all of our dear friends.

seems to be an incentive for the terrorists


It was very difficult for me to leave l ie Mission, knowing my little family had
to be left behind. However, it is their onl home and if they left it would be next
to impossible for them to return.

Please pray for all of the African Chr:.^tians. Somehow when we sit so far away
very hard to imagine the persecution and agony that
many Christians all over the world are going through because of their faith.

in our homes in the U.S.A., it is

I pray you will remain my faithful fri^iids and prayer partners as we try to carry
on the Lords work in this Place.

May God bless you, each one.

Yours in Christ,

Chidamoyo Christian Hospital
p, 0. Box 330


MG. 1

Karoi, Rhodesia


Mrs. Fay Bockhahn

Mr. & Mrs. Al Lyons

Financial Agent

Publicity Agents

P. 0. Box 2746

P. 0. Box 2746

Napa, Calif, 94558

Napa, Calif. 94558


August 1^, 1978

Editorial Office
Box 177

Kempton, IN. ^6o49

Dear Sir:

Would appreciate your using any or all of the following information

concerning the Chidamoyo Hospital in Rhodesia.

Due to the indiscriminate killing of missionaries near

Chidamoyo by the terriosts, our missionaries were advised to

leave. So, on July 1st, a planned and orderly move was made
to Sinoia, some 100 miles from Chidamoyo.
Dr, Jim Frasure and Dr. Gloria Cobb flew into the Mission

twice a week and Miss Judy Pickett, secretary, went with them
on Friday to attend to the administrative work.

By July 20th, this was no longer possible as two of the

most trusted employees had to flee for their lives from the
terriorist. Dr. Frasure was also informed that the terriosts
had him marked as a target. So, after talking things over with

the Security Forces, Dr. Frasure was advised to close the mission
down to just a maternity wing. This left just two medical
assistants in charge with a minimum staff to help them and to
look after the buildings in general.

Miss Judy Pickett will go to Karoi once a month to pay the

remaining staff, and to review the work that they have done during
that period.

Chidamoyo Hospital, Rhodesia

Page (2)


hospital books, government

hospital, she will start
reports and other records relatin/^ tb
working in the Good News Book Store in Sinoia. This book store is
a mission endeavor founded by Zion Mju tt, and here Miss Judy will
As soon as Miss Judy completes

have opportunities to witness to bc^t^ Blacks and Whites. As

is a mission project, she will not reiceive any pay for this.


Much prayer is requested for thqse Christians remaining at

Chidamoyo. The church is growing botlh spiritually and in number
under the able leadership of the African minister, Mr. Mlambo.

We also aslc your prayers for the missionaries v;ho have had
to move to Sinoia. Their expenses have soared as they now have

to pay rent and utilities in additionj to general expenses.

It is with gratitude and love thjat we thanlc our prayer partners

and supporters for being so faithful lin these difficult times. There

is much aork to be done for our Lord iin Sinoia and the challenge will

be met witli prayer, love and hard worjk.

For further information you can write to Mrs. Fay Bockhahn,

(fonifarding agent for Miss Judy Picktqtt), P. 0. Box 27^6, Napa,

California 9^558*
Plesise feel free to use any of the above ijnformation as you see fit. We
do thank you for getting this in to print, so that our many friends and
readers are advised of the situation at Chi
Xours in Christ,

Are* A. W. Lyons

Cbidamoyo Christian Hospital
P, 0. Box 330

Karoi, Rhodesia, Africa


Mrs. Fay Bockhahn

Financial Agent
P. O. Box 2746


Napa, Calif. 94558

Mr. s Mrs. A1 Lyons

Public Relations Agents

P. 0. Box 2746

Napa, Calif. 94558



Dear Christian Friends;

Tv/o !;ionths have passed since leaving Chidamoyo and many things have happened. I
ajn beginning to settle down as the manager of "Good News Center" and am enjoying it,
although I miss the "bush" very much.
The month of August has been a busy time and I find it is a very pleasant change
to be involved in the European Church here in Sinoia. Mr. Dale Marshall of the Sinoia
Christian Mission is the Minister, and Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Martin are serving, too.


have been v;elcomed into the congregation and community very graciously. I am singing in
the choir and am available whenever needed to substitute in the Bible School teaching


This is a fine diligent church and we Missionaries feel it a privilege to

serve and encourage v/hile in this area.

Sinoia has a very fine High School and many students from the farm areas around
Sinoia and Karoi attend as boarders at the school.

The Sunday evening programs at

Hillside Chapel (Sinoia Christian Church) are designed towards these fine young people.
X often help with the transportation of the young people back to the school after
evening services, and have learned to love these kids.

Last week I was privileged to serve as an advisor on the Bible Bowl contests and
as Team Sponsor at our High School Camp held at the Rhodesian Christian College in
Salisbury. This turned out to be one of the most outstanding weeks of camp I have ever

experienced. The whole program was geared toward Bible dtudy, preaching, and teaching
techniques for the young people. There were four teams v/hich daily studied for three
hours the book of Mark, in preparation for a Bible Bowl contest in the afternoon. On
Friday the entire afternoon was spent in a round-robin competition elimination. Then,
Friday evening, the top two teams competed for the championship award. We covered the
entire book of Mark and now have 25 European young people who can tell you more about
the book of Mark than most preachers can. Praise the Lordl

Along with the Bible study, Mrs- Peggy Pennington taught the girls practical teach
ing methods for children. She then had a demonstration of the knowledge they had ob
tained on Friday by bringing in neighborhood children for a Friday "Sunday School". The

girls taught by using puppets, flannelgraph, choruses, etc. It was truly aHessing to
see the response.

Mr. Jack Pennington held a preaching class for the boys and on Friday evening four
of the young men presented their trial sermons. Again, Praise the Lord!
Camp was not all work for we did have much fun playing volley ball and other sports.
Mrs. Bruce Ammerraan supervised .the food and we all thought it superb.

On Saturday I remained at the College and had a good visit with Miss Marsha Kay
Thompson, as we had not seen each other in some time.

Sunday morning we welcomed Mr. and Mrs. William Harrison and their children,
Julie and David, on their arrival from the States- A large crowd of missionaries

greeted them with a tea held at the College- Dr- Frasure flew in from Sinoia to meet
them and I returned with Dr. Frasure to Sinoia in time for work on Monday morning.










vS/Lh^O'Cc.g^ I


It has been a demanding week, but very inspirational for me. I would even say
it v;as a mountain top experience.
Tomorrow I will travel to Karoi to pay the Hospital staff, those who are running
the maternity clinic, drug room, linen room and general work. Activities in the
Urungwe Tribal trust land where Chidamoyo i$ located has been accelerated in the past
month by the terrorist, but prsdse God, the people remaining at Chidamoyo have not
been harassed at all.

Many schools in the Tribal Trust land


ijiave closed because of intimidation by

how they can call themselves "freedom

It is hard for us to imderstand

fighters" when they are taking many freedom^ away from their own people... freedom
of education, freedom of religion, and just freedom of living their own lives.
All of us in Rhodesia are praying for

^d anxiously awaiting the month of

December, when free election is to be estab ished.

The interim Government, we

feel, is doing the best they can under the present situation. It is frightening
when one thinks what could happen here in Rliodesia, but we know God is in command
and we can see His guidance and support evei'y day as more and more people are turning

to Iiim for the peace they cannot find elsewhere.

Dr. Frasure is returning to the States in late September. Dr. Cobb and I will
remain here in anticipation of re-opening the Hospital after the first of the'year,
the lord v/illing.
Dr. Cobb and Dr. Frasure are doing volunteer work at the Sinoia Government

Hospital. Although we had to leave Chidamoyo, we have found a new area of service

for our Lord and a new place to witness for!Him.



Baby layettes are desperately needed for the

maternity ward at Chidamoyo. We particularly need blankets, sacques, and nappies

(diapers to you). Please send them labeled!"used clothing" to Chidamoyo Hospital,
Box 330, Karoi, Rhodesia, Africa, or to me ^t either address. Thank you for caring
and may God bless you.

I can receive mail at either Box 330j Karoi, or Box 92, Sinoia, Rhodesia, Africa,
Please continue to pray for us and the v;ork here in Rhodesia.
In His Name,

Chidamoyo Christian Hospital
P. O. Box 330

Karoi, Rhodesia, Africa


Mrs. Fay Bockhahn

Financial Agent
P. O. Box 2746


Napa, Calif. 94558


Mr. & Mrs. Al Lyons

Public Relations Agents

P. O. Box 2746

Napa, Calif. 94558


'o ;



Dear Christian Friends:

NOV. 27 \97e

As I skipped a month in writing to you, I have quite a bit of news to tell.

The^asure^ ffjnlly

Rhodesia on Se^terah^ leaving Dr. Gloria Cobb and

myself responsible for the Hospital. At the present time it is still open only as a
maternity wing and out-patient department. The Staff still drive into Karoi twice a
month for pay and reporting on conditions to Dr. Cobb and myself. Mr. Franklin
Martin goes with us to Karoi to take care of General Mission business and this week
Mr. Hugh Fender went to meet with the Church leaders.

Conditions in the surrounding area of the Hospital are very bad, but praise the

Lord, the Hospital staff still seem to be safe. The army removed the Chief of the
area, Chief Dandawa, and his entire family to the safety of Karoi, as several chiefs
have recently suffered atrocities and even death at the hands of theTerrorists. One
chief, whose area Joined that of Chief Dandawa, was forced into his hut with one of
his wives and two sons and burned alive.

One can only wonder where it will end.

At this writing, our Prime Minister and his executive counsel are in America.
There are mixed feelings here in Rhodesia about this visit, but most are hopeful that
it will lead to the lifting of sanctions against us and better support of the western

Please pray with me to that end.

-''Dr. Cobb is presently in Salisbury le^ning^^^^^f^ so that she can pilot the

^''Mission airplane should we be allowed to return to tlie mission at a future date.

When she returns to Sinoia we will be shifting our residence to the house where
the Frasures lived in order to keep and store the equipment needed for the hospital,
when and if we are allowed to resume our work there.
hospital equipment at our present house.

We do not have room for the

Last week I had a yery nnfQrt.unate acc-i-dent in my home. I was enjoying an after

noon off from my Job at the Book Store and trying to do some sewing. I got up to
answer the phone and when I returned and sat down again tl^e .chaix>^apsed with me
and I sat on the floor very hard. Needless to say, I did some damage to my back and

had to visit the doctor and have x-rays.

Thankfully no bones were broken, however

bruises can be more painful and take longer to recover from. So, I am presently sit
ting down very carefully and sitting on a circular foam rubber pillow- Although I was
unable to work for four days, I was able to make the trip to Karoi.

The pain was relieved with a bit of Joy when my little "African Daughter' and
her daughter, Loy, came for a visit. They came on Sunday and stayed imtil yesterday
when we returned them to Karoi for their ride back to the Mission with her husband.

This adopted Grandmother certainly enjoyed spoiling her grandchild, Loy, for three
days- She is a precious 2 year old and of course I think a very bright one. She can
now count to ten in both Shona and English.










Mission Servipes
Box 177

Kerapton, In^

The work here in Sinoia is going well.


I enjoy my work with the Good News

Center and we are instituting some new way^ of witnessing to the community which I
believe v/ill reach many people. I hope to start a devotional once a month for Christ
ian v/orkers on Monday morning before we go to our separate jobs. This will be held at
the Good News Center, so hope to witness in this way, as it will be open to all who
wish to attend.

I do look forward to new ways to put forth our witness for Christ to

the community.

I did my first window display this week and we have had many comments on it. An
other lady has been doing this until I learned the ropes. As we had just received a
shipment of beautiful new Bibles and childrens books, I made a display using the theme

"Suffer The Little Children To Come Unto Me" (Luke l8:l6) with pictures of Christ and
the children and then a complete display of our Bibles and childrens story books.
Before I left the States, the Mission Committee of the First Christian Church of
Napa purchased a set of beautiful flannel-graph material for me to use at the Mission.
With conditions as they are I felt some disappointment that I would not be able to use


But the Lord once again took things into His hands.

The lady who is my replace

ment accTie" store, when I have to "be absent, is-in chai-ge of an ititeru^riominatiorifiQ.
-Native Sunday School held each Sunday afternoon. When she learned that I have this
beautiful flannel-graph set, she invited me to come and give a lesson with it to the

Sunday School group. It was a smashing success ^d I have been invited to come twice
a month to do this.

I also gave a lesson for the women's group at our Church, Hillside Chapel, and
in closing I displayed the Lord's Supper scene with the flannel-graph. They V'/ere so
thrilled that I have been invited to incorporate the flannel-graph in their Christmas
program at the church. I will show the nativity scenes as the story is told in song
and scripture by the childreii Praise the ^rd for opening doors for me to witness for



I am really excited about all the opportunities coming my way to tell "The Good
News" and I covet your prayers that I will be able to do this for His Glory.
"God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform..."
Miss Judy