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Applied Physics Graduate Orientation

Gregory D. Fuchs
Director of Graduate Studies
228 Clark Hall

DGS Office Hours:

W, R 3-4 pm

Important Dates
Tuesday, August 25
Instruction Begins

Thursday, August 27
Faculty/Students/Staff Bowling Party Get Together
Helen Newman Bowling Center 4:30-6:30pm

Monday, September 07
Labor Day/Holiday/No Classes

Tuesday, September 08
Last day to ADD a course or change Credit Hours

Saturday, October 10 Fall Break Begins

Wednesday, October 14 - Classes Resume
Tuesday, October 20
Last day to DROP a course w/out W appearing on transcript
Last day to CHANGE Grade Options (from S/U to Letter or Letter to S/U)

Temporary Advisors
Lena Kourkoutis
Bruce Kusse

Manfred Lindau

Make appointment to see advisor during first week of

Give advisor your diagnostic exam before you meet

Diagnostic Exam

- Guide for advising courses

- Not part of your permanent record
Qualifying Exam (written)

- Core curriculum
- Taken in May of the first year
A Exam (oral)

- Broad range of physics, research project

- Must be taken before beginning 7th semester

- Thesis defence

Core Curriculum for Graduate Students in

Applied Physics
All graduate students in the Field of Applied Physics are expected to
achieve competence in:
Applied Mathematics - AEP 4210 & AEP 4220
Classical Mechanics - AEP/PHY 3330
Electrodynamics - AEP 5570 or PHY 6561 (AEP 3550/3560 is close)
Statistical Mechanics PHY6562 or CH 7950 (AEP 4230 is close)
Quantum Mechanics PHY 6572 (AEP 3610/3620 is close)
Experimental Physics PHY 6510 (required)

Minor Subject Courses

(not AEP or Physics)

Typically 2 3 courses
(starts after you have decided on your minor committee member)

Research Courses
First Year Course Load
2 3 courses per/semester + TA or GRA assignment

Advice: shop for courses for the first week or two of semester

Special Committee
Start with a temporary advisor
- Choose classes for first year
Find your research advisor by ~ March/April 2016
- Does not have to be in Field of Applied Physics
- Be explicit in your discussions with advisors you
have not joined a group until the faculty tells you they
will support you with a GRA starting a particular time

Pick your minor subject and minor advisor

- Finish your minor requirement by the A-exam

Form your Special Committee

- No later than the end of the 3rd semester

External Fellowships
Flexibility, $$$, prestige
Database of fellowship programs on Graduate School website
NSF, NDSEG, Hertz,
Primarily for domestic students
Application includes (general) research proposal/essay
Deadlines in November

- identify research area soon

- faculty in that area can provide guidance
- recipients can provide guidance
External Fellowship Application Info (on-line video)

Soft Skills are important



Please see Cynthia Clark 261

(Must complete to receive pay/stipend)

Pay Dates:
Fellowship- August 17 One check for the semester
TA 15th & 31st of each month
(1st check on 31st)
See Donna Mazza (Clark 262) with any questions

Students mailbox:
Clark 271B (next to Cynthias Office)

See Renee for work-related supplies & copy machine access
(Clark 271)

PhD Study Room:

(Clark 245)
If your ID card does not work today, please see Renee