A new diabetic life style … Thanks to highly sophisticated MEMS technology (micro electro-mechanical systems), the JewelPUMP combines all features and benefits diabetes patients were looking for: • smallest patch pump ever conceived • highest content of insulin available • longest use on single fill • precision at nanoliter level • no air bubble nuisance • occlusion detetction without delay • flexibility to attach and detach a twill • fully waterproof • Bluetooth remote communication and programming • more environmentally friendly • more cost effective

Based on MEMS technology, the JewelPUMP™ offers unmet improvement in diabetes therapy. It was designed with the help and assistance of diabetic patients, nurses and endocrinologists with the objective of bringing a significant contribution to patient’s Quality of Life. Conceived as a patch pump without tubing, it gives more flexibility and freedom to the patient. Its extremely small size and weight allows wearing it completely hidden under the clothes, its ultra-precision permits an accurate delivery of insulin even at very low delivery rates and independently of external conditions, its built-in functional monitoring guarantees perfect safety during its use and its general conception makes it more affordable for patients. The JewelPUMP™ is made of two parts: one re-usable part (that contains the electronics, vibration alarm, buzzer, as well as remote communication for distant programming and control) and one disposable part (with the reservoir and the pumping mechanism, as well as batteries). Reservoir filling is done only once for 6 days and air bubbles don’t need to be evacuated as they are retained in the reservoir by a new type of filter. Once both parts are assembled together, the entirely waterproof unit is attached to the skin with an adhesive patch that contains an auto-inserted infusion cannula with no tubing which can be changed every 3 days. The unit can be removed and reattached at will to the existing adhesive patch, or to a new one at another location, enabling more freedom for the patient. With its small size (approx. 67 × 41 × 12.7 mm) and light weight 1.1 oz (31g), the JewelPUMP™ can be hidden under the clothes and makes the disease almost invisible. It is up to four times smaller than today’s pumps, while containing up twice the amount of insulin, and therefore represents a clear progress in patients’ daily life.

The MEMS technology used in the JewelPUMP™ allows a very tight control and precision of the pumping mechanism. Each pump actuation delivers only 200 nanoliters of drug (0.02 U), and reproducibility is better than 5%, bringing it very close to physiological delivery of insulin. Safety is guaranteed by several features: closed fluidic path at rest, anti-free-flow system, permanent functional monitoring and immediate occlusion detection. In addition to the safety features present on current insulin pumps, the JewelPUMP™ is preventing air from entering the fluidic path, while also being able to detect any malfunction or end of reservoir within few actuations, a long time ahead of existing pumps. The JewelPUMP™ is the latest generation of Debiotech's miniaturized drug delivery pumps based on MEMS chips. It is manufactured by ST Microelectronics, a global leader in silicon manufacturing. Building on several years of development, the JewelPUMP™ is a small, safe, reliable and accurate device. It combines Debiotech’s expertise in insulin delivery systems with ST Microelectronics’ strengths in manufacturing high-volume silicon-based microfluidic devices.

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