Tara Buc~ley

A Waterways Project Publication Richard Spiegel Barbara Fisher codirectors Thomas Perry adminstrative assistant

Jane Kreinik, teacher

Reina Siallos, paraprofessional

Sherry Zekowski, Principal Career Education Center

Stephen E. Phillips, Superintendent, Alternative High Schools & Programs

classes held at Gateway Job Corps

e 1995 Ten Penny Players with funding support from

the NY State Council on the Arts & Con Edison

Mind, Heart, and You

My mind is very strong My heart can feel your touch

I know you as love


He Is

He is sexy in a sensual way Attractive although older

His smile brightens my days He is truly an inspiration to me

with every spoken word

The strengths he has endowed upon me Help me to remember him always

He gives me insights on life, on writing,

and knowing differences I think of him frequently

as if we never parted ways I know him as 'friend'

I call him 'mentor',


Happy Birthday, Dearest Martin January 3, 1993

You came forward

in time of despair, You came forward,

When no one else would; You came forward,

Despite impossible odds; To that, I thank you

Happy Birthday, Dearest Martin, Happy Birthday!

1993 was the year

When first you received Your total recognition

In all of fifty states

Your precious words

Have not gone unheard

Your memory shall live on forever

Happy Birthday, Dearest Martin, Happy Birthday


Many generations have learned of your teachings Since you have come and gone

Although it is nearly three decades,

Your words still ring out joyously

For those who choose to listen

And have a dream as well,

Your words are branded in our hearts

Happy Birthday, Dearest Martin, Happy Birthday!

Tho you have lived Before my time, Your memory lies,

Deep within my innerself You had a dream,

A dream implanted in my soul You ARE a great man

Happy Birthday, Dearest Martin, Happy Birthday!



Success is defined by one's own ambitions in life To myself, success is setting goals for oneself and completing them.

Success does not need to be of dollars and cents. It does not mean one must be 'Chairperson of the Board' or 'Proprietor of an establishment.' It certainly does not mean how fast one has 'clawed' his or her way to the top by stepping on others, taking credit for others' works in the process.

To achieve success, one must set high, but reasonable, morals and standards. It can always be expected that a fall or two may occur. Before walking (success) may happen, crawling (that first fail), must! After falling, getting up and walking (or trying to) is the next step.

Not all success stories may have a happy ending, but all failures do. Learning from ones' mistakes, that is the key. Utilizing that, in itself, is a success.


A Poet Can

A Poet

can take an apple

and compare it to the universe in only three lines

A poet

can take a broken light bulb and make it shine

like only the sun can

A poet

can take polluted water and make it sparkle as if

it came from an underground spring

A poet

can take an uncertain love and replenish it

by writing 'I love you)"


A poet

can take a dying world and revive it

like it was a new born baby

A poet can!


Death to Us All

It is sad to live in a country

When wealth, knowledge and power Are second to none

And its people choose to remain ignorant Turning their heads away

To a fate that is not only worse than death It is its equivalent!

When asked the question, "Who can get AIDS?"

Most say, "Ignore it and it will go away!" I say, "Look in the mirror,"

When ignorance yells out,

"It's a gay man's disease!" or

"Only drug users can get it!"

My response is,

"It's a human being's disease."

When adults feel they are immune to the disease, They are choosing to sacrifice

Any change of future survival of our species. When the youth of today are destroying


The youth of tomorrow

Due to purposely proposed information Given by parental guidance,

Parents are therefore killing their legacies.

When teenage girls give it to their unborn fetus Because they were told by their friends or parents They could not get anything on the first time, They are being tortured for being curious.

When high schools are denied access

To give out condoms to students,

Due to the complaints of parents

Who choose to keep their children in the dark; The children of the future are being sacrificed! Most parents, although with good intentions,

Wish for their children to go further than themselves. They ask themselves what their children's future holds What they really should be asking themselves is, "With the sexual darkness I have kept my child in,

Do they have a future at all?" Be forewarned!

For the future will not exist

We as a people cannot continue to cohabitate In a life called Ignorance!


The Scent of July 28, 1993

With the slight scent of the Long Island Sound, The wind whispers through the trees

Breaking the day's heat

That leaves most breathless. This breeze, this cool breeze, Blows upon my body,

Alleviating the fever caused by a New York summer. A halo of light surrounds the three quarter moon

As it lays like a cradle in the sky.

The moon's mist

Encircles the few night stars, Without touching a one

Cars softly echo

From the nearby roadway, Competing with the crickets

As they sing their songs of love, Each has its own distinct melody

Sitting on this suburban rock, reflecting, I know, I would not trade this moment for the world


February and Spring February 9, 1993

Rocks are piled beneath me;

Along with what is left of the beach.

There are bits of snow here and there.

The warm sun falls gently upon my face, While the cool breeze blows against my body. Although it is winter,

It is a sweatshirt and jeans kind of day, On this wonderful day,

I see the bluest sky ever. Few birds fly overhead, Yet they make no sound.

I look into the water in front of me endlessly. To my right, the sun,

Reflecting off the water for miles.

Past the nearby sandy shores around me, Past the pieces on either side of me,

Past the canals and bordering houses. The water goes on forever!

It is nice to have Spring in January


Unconditional Love April 5, 1994

Deeply, our eyes cohabitate with each other Words are meaningless

As our eyes speak our hearts desire One another.

I am no longer frightened

Of the harsh world around me Emptiness and shattered dreams, Are filled with hope and promise.

I never minded being alone,

but the loneliness has had its price! With him,

I am no longer lonely,

Nor do I feel the need to be alone.

In my dreams, I see his face

Thoughts of him en captivate me, As I finally feel my heart, warm Heated by our love.

His kiss confirms what is in our hearts,



With passion

We excel in each other's company I feel safer with him

Than with anyone else in the universe Conversations are the basis

Of much of our time

Essentially we are meant for one another And his love making has proven that. Slow and soft

He expresses himself; Taking me to my limits, Mentally and physically!

I do not believe in the fairy tale "Mr. Right,"

But I do believe I have found the right mister for me.


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