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The image and prosperity of a nation depend much on the health, both physical and mental of its

fellow countrymen. Good health is the basis of human lifes vitality and happiness. From the remote
past of human civilization alternative/complementary medicine has been considered to be more
effective and less expensive systems of treatment. It is for the best interest of providing sustainable
and cost effective health care services throughout the globe and to make improvement of the even
trusted Alternative/Complementary medicines our variant efforts are in the light
HOMOEOPATHY which has an age-old history in the treatment of ailing humanity can play an effective role in the life of
human being in Physical, mental and spiritual spheres.
the medical world is turning its face towards rediscovering the wealth of age-old Traditional Medicine rather than the
allopathic system. More and more people are turning towards this approach as they find it safe, secure and less
expensive. Homoeopathy is the most refined natural system of medicine which is founded and based on the Natural law
of 'Similia Similibus Curantur' means 'let likes be treated by likes' and the word Homoeopathy also advocates this where
'Homoeos' means 'Similar' (not same) and 'Pathos' means 'Suffering'. Came into existence in 18th century and founded
by Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, a famous German physician of allopathic medicine who was
disappointed by the uncertainty and lack of any fixed principal of healing.
it is the Holistic approach of the future! Holistic medical approach is catching more and more global attention each day
as people are finding it safe, secure and affordable in comparison with conventional ways of treatment. Homoeopathy is
most refined system of the nature, following points gives support to this statement1. Accepts the dynamic theory of life: that all living organisms are primarily governed by life force due to which all the
system of living organism takes place.
2. Holistic concept of disease: Homoeopathy accepts the concept of biological whole. So it tries to treat the patient as a
whole not the disease.
3. Dynamic causes of diseases: according to this system disease is nothing but the dynamic derangement. It treats
bacteria and viruses as secondary cause of diseases. Any derangement in the body immunity only allows the bacteria
and viruses to produce diseases.
4. Power of cure by Symptom Similarity and if symptoms are cured well in time no chance of disease to settle.
5. Uses only the Latent Energy or Curative Powers of drugs to treat the diseases avoiding the crudeness and bulk
quantities of drugs to go inside. Hence using only the goodness of nature to heal making it 100% safe without any side
6. Individualization: According to Homoeopathy following all Natural law states that no two individuals are exactly same
thus the difference of manifestation in symptoms and modalities always exist.

omeopathy is a safe, gentle, and natural system of healing that works with your body to
relieve symptoms, restore itself, and improve your overall health.