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Beginning 2015:

Risk of Nuclear War

Rising Daily!
By James Hanisch

A recent headline in the leftist British daily newspaper, The

Independent, reads: Risks of Nuclear War Rising. As the article
explains, citing a recent statement issued by the European Leadership
Network (a multi-national body of former defense chiefs including
John McColl, former NATO Deputy Supreme Allied Commander
Europe; and General James Cartwright, former Vice-Chairman of the
U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff), More than 120 senior military, political,
and diplomatic figures from across the world have warned [that] urgent
action is needed to minimize the risk of a nuclear war.1
How urgent? Many analysts agree that the danger of a major war
erupting now is greater than it was in the Cold War era.
The World is at a dangerous crossroads, writes another journalist.
There has been a breakdown in East-West diplomacy coupled with
extensive war propaganda. In turn the United Nations has turned
a blind eye to extensive war crimes committed by the Western
military alliance.2
This journalist continues:
America is on a war footing. We are not dealing with a Cold
War. None of the safeguards of the Cold War era prevail.
The World Stage Continues To Unravel
If you wonder, writes Robert Parry, how the world could stumble
into World War Three much as it did into World War One a century
ago all you need to do is look at the madness that has enveloped
virtually the entire US political/media structure over Ukraine, where
a false narrative of white hats vs. black hats took hold early and has
proved impervious to facts or reason.3

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


November 2014

At Strasbourg



Holy Father, Consecrate Russia as Requested by Our Lady

Now is the time to obey the request of Our Lady of Fatima to consecrate Russia to

Her Immaculate Heart. The ONLY way to STOP ALL WARS.

Make it known to the Holy Father that I still await the Consecration of Russia to My
Immaculate Heart. Without this Consecration, Russia cannot be converted, nor can the
world have peace. (Our Lady of Fatima to Sister Lucy)

Reported in the Italian Bishops Conferences publication, Il pellegrinaggio delle meraviglie, Rome, p. 440.

Father Gruner travelled to Strasbourg, France in November 2014, to explain to the

Members of the European Parliament (on the same day that Pope Francis also addressed
them) that the Consecration of Russia by the Pope and all the Catholic bishops of the world
is the ONLY way to avoid World War III. Pictured above is the cover of a special edition
of LOsservatore di Fatima printed by The Fatima Center for this historic occasion, and
distributed to the MPs, their staff, and attending journalists. In a war between Russia
and the U.S., Father stressed to the Members of the E.U. Parliament, Europe will be the
main battlefield.

Internationally acclaimed journalist John Pilger explains:

The suppression of the truth about Ukraine is one of the most
complete news blackouts I can remember. The biggest Western
military build-up in the Caucasus and Eastern Europe since World
War Two is blacked out. Washingtons secret aid to Kiev and its neoNazi brigades responsible for war crimes against the population
of eastern Ukraine is blacked out. Evidence that contradicts the
propaganda that Russia was responsible for the shooting down of a
Malaysian airliner is blacked out.
Many in the Western media have worked hard to present the
ethnic Russian population of Ukraine as outsiders in their own
country, almost never as Ukrainians seeking a federation within
Ukraine and as Ukrainian citizens resisting a foreign-orchestrated
coup against their elected government.4
Pilger concludes: The world is facing the prospect of major war,
perhaps nuclear war with the United States clearly determined to
isolate and provoke Russia and eventually China. In the meantime,
he adds, This truth is being turned upside down and inside out by
journalists, including those who promoted the lies that led to the
bloodbath in Iraq in 2003.
We are now, Pilger argues, in a new and dangerous Cold War,
complete with the same journalistic smear and scare campaign of the
kind I grew up with during the first Cold War. What the Russian
President has to say is of no consequence; he is a pantomime villain
who can be abused with impunity.
Further Encirclement and Intimidation of Russia
The United States Congress recently enacted a bill, the Ukraine
Freedom Support Act of 2014 (HR 5859 and S. 2828), authorizing
yet more sanctions against Russia, as well as additional overt lethal
military assistance to Ukraine. Signed into law by President Obama
on December 18, 2014, the new sanctions on Russian companies and
individuals went into effect in coordination with similar measures
by the European Union and Canada. At the same time, President
Obama also issued an Executive Order banning the export of goods,
technology, and services to the Crimea Peninsula.
The Ukraine Freedom Support Act authorizes sanctions on Russian
weapons exports and oil production imports, as well as on the financial
institutions which facilitate these transactions. Also targeted is the

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

Russian energy giant Gazprom if it is deemed to be withholding

significant gas supplies from specified states. The Act also authorizes
weapons transfers to Kiev.
The American business journal Forbes sees the new Act (passed
without debate on mere voice votes in both houses in a lame duck
session of Congress)5 as utterly dangerous to American interests,
encouraging only retaliation from Russia and making diplomatic
resolutions to the Ukraine crisis less feasible:
[O]n Thursday in the midst of negotiations to avoid another
government shut-down, both houses of Congress rammed through
new sanctions against Russia, the misnamed Ukraine Freedom
Support Act of 2014.
Indeed, the House version, H.R. 5859, was introduced earlier
the same day and approved by a sparse crowd late at night. The
Senate legislation, S. 2828, passed on a voice vote.
Congress appears determined to turn an adversary into a
forthright enemy, and to encourage retaliation against more
significant American interests. [T]he provisions in this bill will
make it all the more difficult to find a negotiated settlement to the
Ukraine crisis, or to find a way to salvage any form of productive
U.S.-Russia relationship. No wonder Congress didnt want to debate
it openly.6
A Declaration of Cold War
During the week before this legislation was enacted, the U.S.
House of Representatives also passed a Resolution (#758) strongly
condemning President Putin for his supposed policy of aggression
against neighboring countries, and accusing him of pursuing aims
of political and economic domination. The House Resolution also
indicts Russia with the deaths of the 298 civilians aboard Malaysian
Flight MH-17, as well as of the 4000 or more Ukrainians killed in
the countrys eastern-region conflicts, echoing the baseless and
discredited propagandistic Western media lies.
In the same vein, the Resolution brazenly referred to Chapter Five
of the NATO Treaty (which requires all NATO members to come to
the military assistance of all others), suggesting that U.S. leaders
intend to invoke the NATO collective security doctrine in initiating
a military confrontation with Russia.
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

It is precisely this provision of NATO alliances which threatens

to escalate any small skirmish in the region into an uncontrollable
World War, and yet Washington leaders such as Senator Bob Corker
(the chief sponsor of both the present Act and the earlier proposal
entitled The Russian Aggression Prevention Act of 2014) continue
to push for NATO partner and ally status for former Soviet states such
as Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia states which Russia cannot
possibly allow to be militarized by NATO forces.
Summarizing the intent of the Resolution (which passed almost
unanimously, at 411-10), Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says:
Washington wants to include the former Russian provinces of
Georgia and Ukraine in NATO, something that Russia cannot accept.
The House Resolution calls on Obama to arm Ukraine with US
weapons so that Ukraine can conquer the separatist provinces and
take back Crimea.7
Does Congress understand the dangers of inviting conflict with
nuclear-armed Russia, especially in this critical region not far from
Moscow? asks Jane Orient, M.D., President of Physicians for Civil
Defense.8 Truly, we can only wonder at the present course of events.
Daniel McAdams (executive director at the Ron Paul Institute) calls
the Resolution an effective declaration of Cold War against Russia
and truly, it reads like a declaration of war. A sample of the document
will give the reader an idea of the gravity of the present crisis:
Whereas the Russian Federation has subjected Ukraine to
a campaign of political, economic, and military aggression for
the purpose of establishing its domination over the country and
progressively erasing its independence;
Whereas Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, a civilian airliner, was
destroyed by a Russian-made missile provided by the Russian
Federation to separatist forces in eastern Ukraine, resulting in the
loss of 298 innocent lives;
Whereas the Russian Federation invaded the Republic of Georgia
in August 2008, [and] continues to subject the Republic of
Georgia to political and military intimidation, economic coercion,
and other forms of aggression in an effort to establish its control
of the country and to prevent Georgia from establishing closer
relations with the European Union and the United States; and
Continued on page 47

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

The Little Flower, St. Thrse,

teaches us that no little act
of charity or sacrifice for the
Glory of God is ever too small.
Before St. Thrse died she said: I will spend my
Heaven doing good on earth. She has brought
many souls to the Faith and strengthened
the Faith of the lukewarm and pious alike.
St. Thrse, pray for us and send us a rose!
I will send down a shower of Rose
Petals from Heaven....St. Thrse

You Too Can Send Roses From Heaven

You can help spread Our Lady of Fatimas Urgent
Message of Hope and Peace throughout the
world, even after God calls you to your eternal
reward. You know that Millions of souls will be
lost if Our Blessed Mothers requests are not
heeded and the Consecration of Russia is not
done as She requested.
For the sake of those souls, as well as your own,
we beg you to remember Our Ladys Apostolate
in your will.


For more information, call toll-free 1-800-845-3047

or write us at the address found on the inside back cover.
Or e-mail us at
There is no obligation!


Why FATIMA Is Absolutely

More Urgent TODAY!
Father Nicholas Gruner, B.Com., S.T.B., S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)

s Catholics faithful to
Jesus Christ and to the
Law of the Gospel the
first law of which is charity, which
rejoices in the truth we must
seek, we must believe, we must
promote, and we must defend
the truth.
Deceivers are all around us
today. In this deceitful age (which
could be the time predicted in
Sacred Scripture when even
the elect would be deceived,
if that were possible Matt.
24:24) we need to keep our
eyes on the Catholic Church
approved prophetic Message
of Fatima.
Even though the Fatima
prophecies were made in the
20th Century, we must still hold
them in high regard today. As Pope
Benedict XVI said on May 13, 2010,
He deceives himself who thinks
the prophetic mission of Fatima
is concluded.
Prophecys function is to remind
and to guide the faithful as to what
they must do, at the present time,

in order to save their souls. The

prophetic Fatima revelation is
the answer to the vast number of
souls being lost in our time (as
Our Lady of Fatima made known),
and to the looming threat of a
nuclear war.
If Only We Will All
Wake Up in Time!
If only we will wake up to the
dangers outlined in the book,
Only She Can Help Us! Evil Forces
Are Driving the World Toward
War and also in the article Risk
of Nuclear War Rising Daily!
beginning on page 2, we will
realize that no mere human efforts
can change our present course.
But Our Lady has made available
to us a supernatural means for
doing so. We must implement
the means which She has given us
which, as She promised, will save
many lives and souls and bring all
mankind a long period of peace.
We all need to step back and
look at the situation in the world
today in a larger context than the
daily news gives us. We all need
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

to realize that we are standing on

the verge of what could be the final
disaster for the vast majority of
mankind living today.
We are being led into a MAJOR
war tragically, a war that is
desired not only by the devil, but
even by the powerful men who
direct world affairs (to the extent
that God allows), and who, like the
devil, envision the enslavement
of mankind under a New
World Order.
It is no accident that the
worlds situation continues to
worsen. Clearly, crises continue
to arise and continue to escalate,
by the purposeful actions of
world powers.
Witness the recent (July
17, 2014) heartless murder
of 298 people, including 80
children, flying on the Malaysian
Airlines flight (MH-17) crossing
over Ukraine.
The civilian plane was
intentionally shot down by military
gunfire. Some nation or others
military was behind those terrible
murders. It becomes clearer every
day, as time passes and more
facts emerge, that some nation
or others government wants to
take the conflict between Russia
and the West over Crimea and the
ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine
to an open shooting war between
Russia and the U.S.A.
Recall the fact (which The
Fatima Crusader called attention

to in Issue 109, page 45) that in

the Maidan Square protests in Kiev
(in February 2014), snipers on the
building tops were shooting at both
parties police and protestors
alike purposely escalating the
conflict. We must also remember
that the protests, the shootings and
surrounding events resulted in the
coup detat against the legitimate
Ukrainian government.
We Are Being
Driven to War
The world is being intentionally
driven to more and greater
conflicts, more and greater wars.
It is not a matter of wild or
baseless theorizing to say this
it is an officially recognized and
acknowledged fact. In recent
decades, world leaders have
repeatedly made plans for war
and used the media to stir up a
popular appetite for war, and
deceived even the vast majority of
the public about the case for war,
knowing full well all the while that
they had no grounds for war at all.
As the reader will see in Part
I, Chapter 2 of the book, Only
She Can Help Us! (see Special
Report on page 12 of this issue),
many damning facts of this kind
(in our times) have now come to
light through the declassification
of various official United
States documents.
This is the shocking picture that
has emerged from the now-public
facts regarding the 1962 Operation

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

Northwoods and the Gulf of Tonkin

Incident of August 1964 (which
was used to precipitate direct
U.S. involvement in the Vietnam
War), as well as from the U.S.
Congressional Record (in 2007
House Resolution 625), in which
President Bush was censured
for his false charges against
Saddam Hussein (which led to the
Iraq War).
The next major war, which
clearly is very close, could well
be more devastating for the whole
world than anything the human
race has ever experienced as you
will read in the book, Only She
Can Help Us! and more terrible
than any of us can imagine.
More Unfolding Events
Since the time of the books
(Only She Can Help Us!) writing,
events have continued to unfold
in regard to the shooting down of
Malaysia Airlines flight MH-17.
Andrei Karaulov, a high-profile
Russian journalist, in an Autumn
2014 feature on the Moscow
Channel 5 Moment of Truth
program, has claimed to bring
even more details to light about
the perpetrators of this crime,
including the name of the man
who pulled the trigger on
those 298 innocent lives. Four
Ukrainian military jets with tail
numbers 06, 07, 08 and 33 of the
229th squadron, Karaulov claims,
intercepted the passenger plane.
Lt. Col. Dmitro Jakazuz, piloting

an SU-25 with tail number 08,

shot the Boeing 777 down and has
been in hiding in the United Arab
Emirates since that day.
Without a truly proper and
thorough investigation of the
disaster and a transparent
publication of the evidence
particularly all the black box
data, all the Kiev control tower
recordings on that day and all
the U.S. satellite images of flight
MH-17 we will hear only the
banter of accusations and counteraccusations. Yet, the Russian
government is the only nation so
far that has produced cold, hard
evidence to convincingly disprove
any accusations against it.
But, in the meantime, Russia is
demonized and punished by the
West as if it had been proven guilty
of this terrible war crime.
We need to use our voices to
speak up, and to insist upon an
impartial, thorough, complete
investigation into the most recent
casus belli (provocation for war)
the deliberate murder of 298
passengers and the destruction
of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. The public must be allowed
to know all the facts.
Another Western trend, as
described in the book (Only She
Can Help Us!), has been to steadily
increase the militarization of NATO
countries near Russias borders,
including the construction of antiballistic missile stations. While
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

supposedly defensive in nature,

these stations are in fact viewed
by Russia as an intolerable threat.
The same missiles housed in
these stations which might be used
as defensive interceptors can also
be used in a first-strike offensive
against Russia, delivering a
virtually unstoppable close-range
nuclear payload into the heart
of Russia.
I thank my friend James Hanisch
for drawing the facts together
for us in his recent book, Only
She Can Help Us! in a way that
allows us to see plainly what the
distortions and omissions of the
mainstream media have obscured.
I also thank him for his article
starting on page 2 of this issue,
which was written after his recent
book, and which brings us up to
the beginning of 2015.
Things cannot continue to go
on as they are, indefinitely. The
world is on the edge of something
momentous, whether for good or
ill either the promised Triumph
of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
or the final descent into World War
III. We are very near to the end of
our course, one way or the other.
The Real Point
We need to wake up to the
danger. We need to realize that
whoever started, whichever
country is most guilty, is not the
major point. The real point is that
if we do not by our prayers, our
penances and our petitions and

even our publicity bring about

the Consecration of Russia in time,
then we are doomed.
We must act now, and quickly,
to honor Our Lady of Fatimas
requests (see Part II of the book,
Only She Can Help Us!, as well as
the articles in this issue on page 12
and on page 16. Obedience to the
Message of Fatima is our only hope
and our only solution. Above all,
what is needed is the Popes and
the Catholic bishops obedience
to Gods command to consecrate
Russia to the Immaculate Heart
of Mary in the solemn and public
manner specified by Our Lady of
Fatima. Our time is running out.
We Are Expected
To Do Our Part!
Our Lord expects us to do our
part in acting for Our Ladys honor
and for our own preservation
by using the moral influence of
whatever station each of us has
in life, as well as our prayers, to
bring about the Popes obedience.
We must pray our Holy Rosary
every day, asking for Our Ladys
protection on our families, on our
neighborhoods and parishes, on
our friends and co-workers, on our
cities and our whole nations.
And we must also pray and insist
that the Pope and the bishops of
the Catholic Church obey Our
Lady of Fatima before it is too late
for all of us.|

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


Only She Can Help Us!

Evil Forces

Are Driving the

World Toward War
The following outline is a summary of a new book by James Hanisch published by
The Fatima Center, Only She Can Help Us! This 120-page book analyzes a wealth
of behind-the-scenes news overlooked by mainstream media outlets, pointing to
an imminent break-out of the Third World War. The book also explains in detail
(with new, original material by Father Gruner) Our Lady of Fatimas request for the
Consecration of Russia the only solution to this looming tragedy.
A Fatima Center Special Report

Part I
The Imminent Danger
of World War III
Chapter 1
The First Act of World War III?
The Murder of 298 People
It seems that the destruction
of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 on July 17, 2014 was intended
to provoke a war, or at least an
escalation of tension between
NATO powers and Russia
over Ukraine.
C o n t r a r y
unsubstantiated allegations of
recent months from U.S. and UK
leaders that the eastern Ukrainian
civilian militia destroyed MH-17
with a Russian-supplied BUK M1

surface-to-air missile, the only

real facts available indicate that
the plane was shot down by a
military aircraft (therefore not
by the Eastern Ukrainian citizens
militia who have been resisting
the foreign coup de etat and which
has no air force).
Russias well-reasoned,
detailed, evidence-based
response to the accusations of its
involvement and responsibility
in the disaster has been largely
ignored by Western leaders
and media.
Internationally respected
journalists including Robert
Parry, John Pilger, Paul Craig
Roberts, and Gabor Steingart
have publicly castigated their
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

It appears from the damage inflicted on the cockpit panels (see photo above as well
as photos on page 40) of the Malaysia Airlines flight 17 (MH17) that a military fighter
jet fired directly on the pilot of the Malaysia Airlines plane with a 0.30 caliber machine
gun. Reporter Alex Lantier of OpEdNews calls this discovery a powerful accusation,
not only against the Ukrainian government, but against Washington, Berlin, and their
European allies ... These forces now stand accused not only of stoking an explosive
political and military confrontation with Russia on its border with Ukraine over the MH17
crash, which threatenes to erupt into nuclear war, but of provoking the confrontation
through the cold-blooded murder of 298 people aboard MH17. (Photo credit: BULENT

peers in the Western media for

their reckless and unprofessional
reporting in the aftermath
of MH-17s destruction by
military forces.
Chapter 2
War Fever: Important
Historical Precedents
It is a demonstrated and
widely acknowledged fact that
governments of various nations
have gone to great lengths to
manage the public perception

of their nations foreign policies

and military actions. These
governments have gone so far as
to deceive and even murder (or
allow others to kill) their own
citizens in acts of war or falseflag acts of terrorism. They have
done this in order to provide to
their own citizens what seems at
the time to be a justification for
their governments own hidden
designs of aggression.
There seems to exist a pattern
in recent U.S. history in the

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


triggering events that have led

to war. In numerous instances,
these triggering events after
having served to galvanize public
opinion in favor of attacking other
nations have been discovered
to be embellished with lies or even
to have been entirely fabricated.
The undisputedly false
pretenses used by the U.S. to
justify its invasion of Iraq in
March 2003, claiming that there
was an imminent threat to the
U.S. and to the world at large
from active weapons-of-massdestruction programs in Iraq,
form a tragic exemplar of the
above pattern, and give solid
grounds for suspecting that the
U.S. government continues to the
present day to attempt to deceive
its own citizens and the world in
this manner, by manufacturing
occasions for war as often as these
wars are desired.
Chapter 3
Nuclear War:
A Growing Prospect
Modern society is endangered
not just by unprecedentedly
powerful weapons, but most of
all by an increasing abandonment
of sound principles of
international relations.
In our time, even in the
once-Christian West, the
deliberate killing of civilians
is now considered a legitimate

wartime strategy.
Since the year 2002, the U.S.
National Security Strategy (the
Bush Doctrine) has claimed to
exempt the United States from
the principles of international
law regarding non-interference
and non-aggression, and from
the necessity of demonstrating
conclusive proof (as distinct
from mere suspicion) of evil
designs by other nations and/
or their governments before
attacking them.
At the present juncture, U.S.
military policies are recklessly
provoking Russia itself to make a
pre-emptive military response to
the many indications that the U.S.
intends to carry out a first-strike
nuclear assault against Russia.
Chapter 4
What Will Nuclear War
Be Like?
There are now more than
17,000 strategic nuclear
warheads in the world, each of
which threatens to create a hell on
earth almost beyond our ability to
imagine or describe.
The burst or pulse of
electromagnetic radiation (EMP)
associated with thermonuclear
explosions presents, in itself, an
equally lethal threat.
There will be no winner
in any nuclear war, since the
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

ensuing effects on the earths

climate would cause a global
famine, bringing self-assured
destruction by starvation even
to the victorious nation.
More dangerous than nuclear
weapons themselves are the world
leaders who do not appreciate
these weapons potential lethality
for the whole human race.

Part II The One and

Only Solution
Chapter 1
In Essence
Knowledge of and obedience
to the whole Message of Fatima is
our only hope for avoiding war,
famine, and other punishments
from God which our sins are
bringing down upon us.
By the express words of Our
Lord and Our Lady, we know
without any doubt that our
preservation depends upon the
Consecration of Russia that
without the Consecration, we
cannot have peace, and that
if we do not have it in time,
we will suffer unprecedented
The Churchs response to
Heavens command for the
Consecration of Russia hinges on
the Popes decision, and therefore
also on our own efforts to move
him to obey.

Chapter 2
In Detail
The world is on the verge of
an historic change, of either great
tragedy, in a terrible disaster
for all mankind, or of great joy,
in unprecedented blessings of
world peace. The latter (joyful)
possibility will come about
only through the Consecration
of Russia by the Pope and
Catholic bishops.
With good reason, Our Lady
of Fatima has requested that
Russia specifically, and only
Russia, be consecrated to Her
Immaculate Heart.
The adequate widespread
promotion of the full Fatima
Message together with the
conversion and prayers of
sufficient people especially
the reparatory devotions to
the Immaculate Heart of Mary
recommended in the Message of
Fatima would infallibly move
Heaven even at this late hour to
preserve us from the coming war.
Our time is now very short.
If we continue our delay in
obeying Heavens command for
the Consecration of Russia, the
looming tragedies of world war,
the annihilation of nations,
and the survivors envying the
dead will overtake us and future
generations will make a proverb
of our generations folly.|

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


and ONLY

By James Hanisch and Father Nicholas Gruner

t almost defies comprehension

that any political leaders
could be nonchalant about
the risk of taking their country
into war or worse, that anyone
could desire to bring on a war
but in fact, war is at the heart of
the program planned by secret
societies to remake the world
according to a New World Order.
The wars of the past century
in particular have enabled
Freemasonry to accomplish
their goals very rapidly, to
overthrow the remnants of the
Christian social order and to set
up new (godless) programs and
institutions throughout much of
the world.
The hellish nightmare of a
World War has already twice been
purposely inflicted on mankind,1
and a third such war now faces us
as an imminent threat. Heaven


has provided us with a solution to

this threat, but at the same time,
God has laid down the conditions
of that one and only solution:
1: God will grant this grace
of world peace through the
Immaculate Heart of Mary Peace in the whole world will
come through the intervention
of the Immaculate Heart of
Mary, and particularly through
Her intervention on behalf of
Russia. Our Lord has especially
entrusted the salvation of Russia
and the peace of the world to the
Immaculate Heart of Mary, as He
told Sister Lucy in a revelation of
1936, and as Our Lady of Fatima
revealed to the children seers:
[Our Lord said to me,] The
Immaculate Heart of Mary
will save Russia. It has been
entrusted to Her.2

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

As Our Lady of Fatima explained to the

children seers, God wills to establish in
the world the devotion to My Immaculate
Heart. When the Pope and, at his order, all
the Catholic bishops of the world solemnly
consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart
of Mary, Our Ladys incomparable merits
will earn for the world two tremendous,
historic graces: conversion and peace.
When Sister Lucy asked Our Lord why
He would not grant these graces to the
world without the Consecration of Russia,
He answered: Because I want My whole
Church to acknowledge that Consecration as
a Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
so that it may extend Its cult later on and
place the devotion to this Immaculate Heart
beside the devotion to My Sacred Heart.

A little while before going to

the hospital, Jacinta [one of the
seers of Fatima] said to me: Tell
everybody that God grants us
graces through the Immaculate
Heart of Mary; that people are
to ask Her for them; and that
the Heart of Jesus wants the
Immaculate Heart of Mary to be
venerated at His side. Tell them
also to pray to the Immaculate
Heart of Mary for peace, since
God has entrusted it to Her.3

2. By Means of the Consecration

of Russia By Our Lords express command
to His Church, this intervention
is to be sought and obtained by a
solemn and public ceremony of
prayer and reparation, in which
the Holy Father, in union with all
the Catholic bishops of the world,
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


consecrates specifically Russia to

the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
as was revealed to Sister Lucy
in 1929:
Our Lady said, The moment
has come in which God asks of
the Holy Father to make, and
to order that in union with
him and at the same time, all
the bishops of the world make
the consecration of Russia
to My Immaculate Heart,
promising to convert it because
of this day of prayer and
worldwide reparation.4
3. By no other means than by
the Consecration of Russia There is absolutely no other
possibility for avoiding the coming
wars than obeying Heavens
command for the Consecration
of Russia, as Our Lord told Sister
Lucy in 1936, and as Our Lady
emphasized again to her in 1952:
Intimately I have spoken to
Our Lord about the subject, and
not too long ago I asked Him
why He would not convert Russia
without the Holy Father making
that consecration? Because
I want My whole Church to
acknowledge that Consecration
as a Triumph of the Immaculate
Heart of Mary, so that it may
extend Its cult later on, and
place the devotion to this
Immaculate Heart beside the
devotion to My Sacred Heart.5
Make it known to the Holy

Father that I still await the

consecration of Russia to My
Immaculate Heart. Without
this consecration Russia cannot
be converted, nor can the world
have peace.6

Moreover, we know without any

doubt that in the end (possibly
after great trials for the world,
including the annihilation of
various nations), the Pope and
the bishops will obey Heavens
command for the Consecration
of Russia, and that the graces of
conversion and world peace will
follow, as Our Lady promised to
the children seers in 1917, and
as Our Lord confirmed to Sister
Lucy in 1931 and again in 1936:
If My requests are heeded,
Russia will be converted, and
there will be peace; if not,
she will spread her errors
throughout the world, causing
wars and persecutions of the
Church. The good will be
martyred, the Holy Father will
have much to suffer, various
nations will be annihilated.
In the end, My Immaculate
Heart will triumph. The Holy
Father will consecrate Russia
to Me. Russia will be converted,
and a period of peace will be
given to the world.7
[B]y means of an interior
communication, Our Lord
complainingly said to me: They
did not want to heed My request.
Like the King of France they will
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

[Left] James Hanisch, author of Only She Can Help Us!, speaks to the media at our
Rome press conference for release of the Italian version.
[Right] Father Gruner also discussed and distributed copies of our Italian version of
LOsservatore di Fatima to the Press. See photo on page 3.

repent and do so, but it will be

late. Russia will already have
spread her errors throughout
the world, causing wars and
persecutions of the Church.
The Holy Father will have much
to suffer!8
But my God, the Holy
believe me, unless You
Yourself move him with a
special inspiration.
The Holy Father. Pray
very much for the Holy
Father. He will do it, but it
will be late! Nevertheless, the
Immaculate Heart of Mary will
save Russia.9

There is no contradiction in
these revelations, which warn
of possible disasters ahead
(including even the annihilation
of nations), while at the same
time promising the final triumph
of the Immaculate Heart. The
question is purely one of timing:
Our Ladys triumph is sure in
the end. Whether or not the
world suffers another global
war, further persecutions of the
Church, and the annihilation of
nations en route to Our Ladys
triumph depends on how long
the Pope and bishops continue to
delay their obedience to Heavens
command for the Consecration
of Russia.

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


If we do nothing, there is going

to be a war and it is going to be
nuclear. Do we want to stop the
coming war and the annihilation
of nations? There is one way, and
one way only: the Consecration
of Russia.
But were not the Pope. What
can we do?
We need to realize first of all
that our united voices have a great
deal of moral authority, even
if not de jure authority, within
the Church. As members of a
parish, members of a community,
Members of Parliament, etc.,
we can powerfully petition the
Holy Father to do what he needs
to do. The message needs to be
loud and clear: Holy Father,
were in danger! We want you to
consecrate Russia!
You can stop the Third World
War by signing such a petition
and by your prayers, especially
the Rosary, along with a sufficient
number of others. How many
others? God knows, but at some
point it will be enough to draw a
response from the Vatican. Our
Lord is expecting us to do at least
this much. |








1. Both Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (coauthors of the Communist Manifesto) wrote
explicitly in 1848 about instigating a world
war in order to further the progress of
history toward the goals of Communism,
and the highest ranking Mason, Albert
Pike (author of Morals and Dogma of the



Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite) in

1871, called for three world wars that he
estimated would be needed to completely
dissolve all national sovereignties into a
global collectivist state. (See Choosing
Trial, 2003 edition, Part Two, pp. 2223;
Freemasonry_on_trial.pdf) For a detailed
discussion of international bankers role in
the orchestration and deliberate instigation
of World War II, see Chapter 9 of Deirdre
Manifold, Towards World Government,
Canisius Books, Toronto, 2nd edition, 1993.
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Reported in the Italian bishops publication,
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Spoken by Our Lady on July 13, 1917,
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The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

Part III

FATIMA: Roadblocks
and Breakthroughs
This article is a continuation of Part II from Issue 110 of The Fatima Crusader.
The following is an edited transcript of part of Father Gruners opening-day
speech at the recent FATIMA: The Path to Peace! Conference in Niagara Falls,
Ontario. Fathers words have become more timely and urgent with each passing
day, with the growing threat of a terrible major war breaking out at any moment.
Will Catholics wake up to the truth of the worlds situation in time to prevent a
nuclear holocaust claiming billions of lives? Our Lord warned against following
highly placed religious leaders who are blind. Jesus tells us when the blind lead
the blind, they both fall into the pit. It is time to use our God-given intelligence to
see through the lies, half-truths, and misrepresentations used against the Message
of Fatima and to not be deceived by the slanders and detractions leveled against
its messengers. You need to know the whole truth about Fatima AND THEN TO
By Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)

Opposing the Truth

or Heavens sake, dont
underestimate the danger
and seriousness of this
silencing of the Message of
Fatima. And Heaven help the
people in authority in the
Church who have gone along
with this crime, whether out of
indifference or for the sake of
preserving their careers or even
worse, because they are Judases,
who are intentionally betraying
Jesus Christ, Mary Most Holy,

and each one of us.

One way to oppose the truth is
simply not to speak about it. And
in the hands of ill-informed or
bad-willed priests and bishops,
this can be a very powerful
opposition to the truth. These
very men, who are established as
the public teachers in the Church,
are (many of them) engaged in
a program of criminal silence in
regard to the Message of Fatima.
And as I said, this has been part
of the picture since 1960, when

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


by the Blessed Virgins express

order the Third Secret was to be
released. At that time, instead of
being given Our Ladys words,
what we got was an anonymous
press release from the Vatican
saying that the Secret would
probably never be released. The
source of the press release went
on even to cast doubt on the
truthfulness of the seers.
This insult to Our Lady will not
be expiated until the Pope does
a mea culpa, and publishes
the entire Secret which at this
point will be a very painful affair
for many of todays churchmen,
whose lifes work in the postConciliar Church is broadly
condemned by Our Ladys words
in the Fatima Message in general,
and especially in the Third Secret.
Shooting the Messenger
The Message of Fatima has gone
through very bad times since 1960
with some respite beginning
in 1981, when John Paul II was
shot on May 13th, the feast of
Our Lady of Fatima. I started
promoting Our Ladys Message
full-time in August of 1977,
thirty-seven years ago now. I can
tell you that I have experienced
first-hand such roadblocks as I
couldnt have imagined, and that
I wouldnt have believed possible
in the Catholic Church.

I guess the higher-ups who

oppose Our Ladys Message
realized that I knew enough
theology to see my way through
some of the more obvious ploys
that theyve used with others.
No superior has ever given me
a direct order to stop promoting
the Message of Fatima. Theyve
often made it pretty clear that this
is what they want, but they dont
dare give such an order.
The Message of Fatima has been
officially approved and endorsed
by Church authority. No one can
forbid me to promote it or if
someone were to try, I would ask
him to put his order in writing,
and then I would publish it along
with my response. No ones going
to do that.
Cardinal Sodano, as the
Vaticans Secretary of State, tried
very hard to get rid of me and Our
Ladys Apostolate back in 1995.
He used his influence over the
Congregation for the Clergy to
make things extremely difficult
for me. One ruse which they
attempted in order to stop me
from speaking was to pressure my
bishop (at that time, in Avellino,
Italy) to order me to either be
incardinated in another diocese,
or to come back to live in Avellino.
Of course, the bishop didnt really
want me there. My Italian wasnt
good enough for me to be useful
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

to him, and he would have been

burdened with supporting me in
their diocese for the rest of my life.
It was the last thing he wanted, but
he went along with those powerful
Vatican bureaucrats who were
pressuring him.
So I found a number of bishops
who were willing to incardinate
me. As on a previous occasion,
one bishop told me in person of
his willingness to incardinate me.
Two more bishops went so far as
to give me written assurances of
their intentions. But each of these
three bishops started receiving
the same signals from Cardinal
Sodano and Cardinal Sanchez (at
that time the Cardinal Prefect of
the Congregation for the Clergy)
Dont take him. Dont incardinate
him. Thus two of these bishops
withdrew their offers.
A Diabolical Trap
It was a clever trap diabolical,
really. It was a complete inversion
of the responsibility they had and
a total abuse of the authority that
they held in the Church. Just
think about it: first they gave me
a formal order, and then behind
my back they did everything they
could to prevent me from being
able to obey it. Then they accused
me of disobedience.
I found a heroic bishop of
a diocese in northern India,
Bishop Rego. He wrote to the

Bishop of Avellino to initiate

the incardination process,
but the Bishop of Avellino
(still under pressure from the
Vatican) wouldnt allow my excardination! It was incredible.
There he was giving me an order
to transfer into another diocese,
and then refusing to give me the
documents to be able to carry it
out. Such hypocrisy.
Ill tell you, the hypocrisy of the
whole thing was really beyond
anything Id ever seen before. It
forced me to undertake difficult
and expensive legal wrangling in
the ecclesiastical courts for years.
You might think that things would
be different in the Church than
in civil courts, but in our days
(when the great apostasy in the
[Catholic] Church will begin at
the top, as Cardinal Ciappi tells
us is foretold in the Third Secret),
ugly things can and do happen in
the Vatican.
I wont mention here the names
of any of the people directly
behind these dishonest tactics
used against me, but I think its
important that you know what
youre up against if youre on Our
Ladys side. And let me emphasize
that all this resistance to my
desire to promote the Message
of Fatima was generated from
the rather meager beginnings of
Our Ladys Apostolate pretty
tame material, as I look back

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


on it now. My troubles did not

begin in 1995 they began in
1980-81, when my Apostolate
had only been in existence for
five or so years, and had only a
few thousand supporters.
The point is that I didnt start
talking about the Consecration of
Russia until the summer of 1982,
after John Paul II made his first
very public consecration of the
world to the Immaculate Heart in
May 1982, and I didnt take on the
Third Secret until after meeting
Frre Michel in November
of 1985.
Before that time, I was just
talking about the Message in
its simplest terms: pray the
Rosary, wear the Scapular, do
your daily duty; Communism is
evil, and the errors of Russia are
spreading all around us. Even
these more widely known parts
of the Message were being fought
against even then by high-placed
Vatican officials not by the Pope,
but by people in his inner circle
of advisors.
Powerful Churchmen
Oppose Our Ladys Message
We know that the Message of
Fatima has been opposed from
the very beginning from Lucias
mother (until the Miracle of the
Sun), God bless her, the good
woman, to the Masonic mayor
of Ourem and the anti-clerical

press, as well as the Portuguese

army. For many years, too, it
has been opposed within the
Church. I hope that you will all
take an opportunity to read Chris
Ferraras recent important book,
False Friends of Fatima. It will
open your eyes to the opposition
to Fatima that exists to this day
among the Catholic clergy, and
even among lay people who
falsely claim to be devoted to Our
Lady of Fatima.
Secretary of State
Exercises Vast Power
Within the Church
Cardinal Bertone, the present
Vatican Secretary of State, 1
figures prominently in Chris
book. Many people dont realize
how much power the Vatican
Secretary of State has within
the Church, especially in terms
of the day-to-day operations of
all the various Congregations of
the Roman Curia.
Ever since the reorganization
of the Vatican that took place in
1967, the Secretary of State has
basically run the Church on a dayto-day basis. Everyone answers
more or less directly to him, not
to the Pope or to the Prefect of
what used to be the Holy Office
(now called the Congregation
for the Doctrine of the Faith).
The Secretary of State is in some
ways today more powerful than
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

Pictured above is an example of what one person can do. Refusing to be daunted, Michael
Lucci, five different times, maneuvered himself to an advantageous position near the Pope,
speaking to him on two different occasions. He handed Pope Francis a leaflet which asked
for the Consecration of Russia. As you can see, the Pope stopped to read it attentively. Faith
the size of a mustard seed can do great wonders.

the Pope himself.

I remember writing to Pope
John Paul II just after he was
shot, in May 1981. I sent him
a fifteen-page letter asking for
his intervention against those
Vatican bureaucrats who were
persecuting me then. I sent it to
a friend of mine, a Father McGee,
who was serving as the Popes
private secretary, and asked him
to present it to the Holy Father.
Well, I went to see Father McGee
a few months later, in August,
and I asked him, Did you get my
letter? He said, Yes. And I said,
Did you read it to the Pope? He
answered: Well, I read a good
part of it. It was a long letter!
I was delighted at first, when he
told me he had read it to the Pope.

But then I asked him, Where is

the letter now? And he said,
Well, I gave it to the Secretary
of State. I said, Why did you do
that?! His answer amazed me.
That was when I finally began
to understand. He said, Hes
my boss!
Thats how it stands now in
the Vatican. Even the Popes
private secretary answers to the
Secretary of State. The Secretary
of States power is enormous.
The Nuncios
Are Terrible!
I once asked a bishop in Brazil
if he would help me out with my
situation. He expressed a desire to
help me, but he felt powerless to
do so. He said to me, You know,
the nuncios are terrible! Thats
what he said to me meaning, of

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


course, that the apostolic nuncios

would block anything he might
try to do for me, and might even
bring his own position in the
Church to a premature end. He
wished me luck, and told me that
he couldnt do anything for me.
The nuncios, of course, work
directly under the Secretary
of State.
The Ongoing Disaster
of June 26, 2000
Well, the good news is that
Cardinal Bertone will be retiring,
as of October 15th (2013). He has
been the enforcer, so to speak,
for the past 13 years, of the
Party Line advanced by Cardinal
Sodano on June 26, 2000, in the
booklet The Message of Fatima
(TMF a hornets nest of halftruths and outright falsehoods).
Then-Archbishop Bertone, as
Secretary of the Congregation
for the Doctrine of the Faith,
went on record in the same
document claiming that there
is only one manuscript of the
Third Secret (that being the 64line text describing the Vision of a
Bishop dressed in White); that
the Consecration of Russia is over
and done with, saying that John
Paul IIs 1984 consecration of the
world corresponded to what
Our Lady wished; and therefore
that any further discussion or
request [for the Consecration of

Russia] is without basis.2

Fraudulent Letters
He cited, as proof of this
nonsense, a letter supposedly
written by Sister Lucy. Except
that he doesnt give us a copy of
the letter neither its full text,
nor a photo image of any part of
it. Nor does he tell us to whom
the letter was addressed. All he
tells us is that in a letter of 8
November 1989, Sister Lucy
personally confirmed that this
solemn and universal act of
consecration corresponded to
what Our Lady wished: Yes it
has been done just as Our Lady
asked, on 25 March 1984.
We dont need to see the
letter, however, because we
already know it to be a fraud.
That letter was sent by someone
purporting to be Sister Lucy to a
Mr. Walter Noelker. It was one of
five notorious forgeries produced
between August 1989 and July
1990, which had been debunked
by the French religious of the CRC
(La Contre-Rforme Catholique)
under the Abb Georges de
Nantes, almost as quickly as they
were produced.3
That Archbishop Bertone had
the temerity to trot out one of
these long-since-discredited
fraudulent letters is as amazing
as it is inexcusable. It speaks
volumes that this was the only
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

scrap of evidence he could

muster to substantiate his
position especially given that
Sister Lucy was still alive at
the time, and could have been
present to personally confirm
all of the Archbishops claims, if
they were indeed true!
Those five letters were all clumsy
frauds, each containing factual
errors that Sr. Lucia would never
have made. In this Noelker letter,
for instance, the author refers to
Paul VIs visit to Fatima on May 13,
1967, saying that he performed
a consecration of the world at
that time. He did no such thing,
beyond blessing some Pilgrim
Virgin statues, and the real Sister
Lucy was present at that visit.
She would not have made that
gross error.

both in his writings5 and in

personal confrontations with
the persons churchmen, in fact
whom he publicly accused of
producing these forgeries, or of
publishing them as if authentic.
They never denied his face-toface accusations.6
The Bishop of Leiria-Fatima,
Msgr. Alberto Cosme do Amaral,
organized an International
Pastoral Conference to take
place in the Paul VI Center in
Fatima on the days preceding
the October 13th anniversary
pilgrimage in 1992. On Sunday,
October 11th, the second-to-last
day of the conference, Father Luis
Kondor (then Vice-Postulator
for the beatification of Blesseds
Francisco and Jacinta) presided
over a session in the main
amphitheater in which Father
Forensic Experts
Robert Fox (then publisher of
Prove the Letters Are Forged
The Immaculate Heart Messenger)
One of these five original gave a presentation about his
fraudulent letters had been work in the so-called Fatima
sent to Father Kramer (who has Family Apostolate.
often collaborated with me at the
False Fables of
Fatima Center), and we submitted
Father Fox
this letter to a forensic expert. He
formally examined the signature
A discussion-session followed
on the letter, comparing it to the presentation, during which
Sister Lucys known writing, and a man in the audience said:
he pronounced it to be a forgery.4
I know that you, Reverend
Father Fox, have announced in
Frre Franois de Marie des
the U.S.A. that the Consecration
Anges of the Contre-Rforme
of Russia was accomplished
Catholique publicly challenged
on March 25, 1984, and in so
the authenticity of these letters,
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


doing you have appealed to

the alleged testimony of Sister
Lucy. Now Fatima experts,
such as Brother Franois of
St. Mary of the Angels, have
demonstrated that the alleged
oral declarations of Lucy
which you have reported, were
nothing more than fables. Five
letters of Sister Lucy in which it
is said that the Consecration was
done, have been propagated
since August 1989. Now these
letters have been denounced
as fakes. They are apocryphal.
Brother Franois has published
proof of this and no one has
contradicted him.7

Father Fox made no reply to

this! Instead, Father Kondor made
a brief statement regarding some
historical details concerning the
Third Secret.
Then Frre Franois went to
the microphone and addressed
both priests:
Allow me to introduce
myself: Brother Franois of St.
Mary of the Angels. It seems
to me, Reverend Father, that
there are some inaccuracies
in your account of the
Third Secret.
As for the accusations
concerning the apocryphal
[fake] letters of Lucy, I am
prepared to justify them or if
need be, to retract them if my
criticisms of those letters are
refuted in a decisive manner.

No Answers
to the Accusation
Neither priest had a word
to say. They had just been
publicly accused of propagating
fraudulent, lying letters attributed
to the seer of Fatima, and they
could not utter a single word in
their own defense. The session
was hastily closed, as though
nothing had been said!8
Father Ren Laurentin, the
world-famous Professor of
Mariology, attended the closing
session of the conference on
Monday morning, October
12th. After the session, as the
amphitheater was emptying,
he saw Frre Franois, and
asked him:
Father Rene Laurentin [FrL]:
What are you doing here? Did
they allow you to participate?
Frre Franois [FF]: Yes,
and yesterday in the presence
of Fathers Fox and Kondor, I
was able to denounce publicly
the apocryphal [fake] letters of
[FrL]: What did they
answer you?
[FF]: Nothing.
Fat her Laurentin was
Then, with Father Laurentin
still present, Frre Franois
approached Msgr. Luciano Guerra
[M.L.G.], the rector of the Fatima
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

What is the secret of Father Gruners perseverance through the obstacles thrown
against him for spreading Our Lady of Fatimas urgent Message? Very simply, he does
as the Blessed Mother asked. Pictured on the left, he attentively takes care of Her
Image and to the right, in return, Our Lady attentively watches over his shoulder. If only
the Holy Father would just trust in Our Lady and be attentive to Her requests of him.

Shrine (whom Frre Franois

had accused in his writings of
being the actual author of the
five fraudulent letters), and
challenged him:
Frre Franois [FF]: Can
you swear to me on the Gospel
that you did not draft the
of Lucy?
Msgr. Guerra [M.L.G.]:
No, I dont wish to, I
cannot now, not under
these conditions.
[FF]: Internal criticism of
those letters proves that they
could not have been written by
Sister Lucy.
[M.L.G.]: I will not discuss it

with you. You have no heart!

[FF]: If you show me my
errors, I will retract them.
[M.L.G.]: You have no heart!

Father Kondor [FrK] joined the

group, and Frre Franois [FF]
addressed him as well, extending
to him a copy of his latest
CRC article:
[FF]: Do you know that I
accuse you of being implicated
in the fabrication of the
apocryphal [fake] letters of
Sister Lucy?
[FrK]: What letters? (he
said, laughing. )
Frre Franois showed them to
him, and Father Kondor began

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


to read them. Frre Franois

interrupted him:
[FF]: But you are very well
acquainted with them since you
have fabricated them.
Father Kondor made no attempt
to deny the charge. Finally, as they
were leaving the Paul VI Center,
they met Father Fox [FOX], who
greeted Frre Franois:
[FOX]: I love you in
the Lord.
Frre Franois answered:
[FF]: They delivered my
articles to you this morning?
[FOX]: Yes, I know Father
de Nantes.
[FF]: I am talking to you
about the articles denouncing
the fabrications and apocryphal
[fake] character of the letters
you have published. I am
awaiting your retraction.9
Silence Says
No response. Nothing. Not from
Msgr. Guerra, nor Father Kondor,
nor Father Fox. Their silence
says everything.
Those typewritten, computergenerated letters had already
been publicly and utterly
discredited for ten years when
Bertone wrote his Introduction
to TMF, citing the fake Noelker
letter as evidence of his claims.
They had even been discussed as

forgeries in editorials published in

the daily newspaper of Coimbra,
Diario de Coimbra.10 They were
a public laughing-stock, an
embarrassment, exposed both in
print and in person, in the face
of their real authors, at a public
conference put on by the Bishop of
Fatima. These were public events
with an abundance of witnesses,
matters of public record that took
place at their own conference.
We ourselves, at Our Ladys
Apostolate, had also published
the evidence that the letters
were frauds, as early as 1989,
and we continued to publish
that evidence many times in the
interim before June 26, 2000.11
No Denial,
No Refutation!
We published these facts again
and again, while Father Fox and
Father Kondor were both still
alive, and not once did they ever
try to challenge us, either to deny
or refute what we had said. They
had every opportunity to do so if
they had wanted to.
So its no wonder that
Archbishop Bertone was not
willing to give us all the details
about this letter of 8 November
1989. He could not cite the
entire letter or venture to name
its recipient, because that letter
was known throughout the
world to have been a hoax a
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

shameless deception.
Neither did he dare to bring
Sister Lucy out of her prison of
formal silencing to personally and
publicly either vouch for what he
was claiming, or to acknowledge
herself as the author of that
disputed letter.
(As Chris Ferrara points out
in his book The Secret Still
Hidden, Bertone had another
opportunity to settle this obvious
and burning question of the
authenticity of the Noelker letter,
when he went to see Sister Lucy
in Coimbra again on November
17, 2001. The whole purpose
of his second interview was to
bolster the sagging credibility of
TMF, but again for some reason,
he neglected to ask her to verify
that she had indeed written that
letter. Or if he did ask her, he must
not have gotten the answer that
he wanted.)
When Cardinals Sodano
and Ratzinger and Archbishop
Bertone published their booklet,
The Message of Fatima (TMF), on
June 26, 2000, they included
fully a dozen photo-reproductions
of original sources cited, but
they give us no glimpse of
this crucial document, which
Bertone advanced as his sole
piece of evidence for a ludicrous
contention that puts all of our
lives and souls at risk.

Thirteen Years
of Lies
Honestly, it was all so clumsy
and obvious to anyone who
bothered to verify Bertones
sources, but he pursued these lies
for the next thirteen years. He is
finally leaving his public office
now without a scrap of personal
credibility. It is sad, really, for
him and for Our Lady, and for all
mankind. This has been another
major roadblock facing Her
Message for years on end the
intentional hiding of facts and
documents from the faithful by
high-ranking Vatican bureaucrats,
who carry out their schemes with
mental reservations, half-truths,
and downright falsehoods. These
men are leading whole nations to
annihilation, and millions of souls
to eternal ruin.
We Need the
Consecration of Russia
We have published proofs
of our position about the
Consecration of Russia time
and again, but you dont need
to read The Fatima Crusader
to know that Our Lady is still
awaiting this Consecration. You
can look anywhere in the world
and see that we do not have
peace. Yet Our Lady promised
that the whole world would have
peace if Russia were properly
consecrated to Her Immaculate

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


Heart. The U.S. Congress is being

asked today [September 9, 2013]
to authorize President Obama to
start bombing Syria. Syria has
made no attacks against the
United States it is in no way a
threat to the United States and
yet they are debating and voting
on deploying their tremendously
destructive ships and planes and
bombs against Syria.

or in Tuy (where the formal

request for the Consecration
of Russia was given to Sister
Lucy), or wherever the Holy
Father chooses to perform
the Consecration. Or, if some
bishops prefer (and the Pope
allows it), they could organize
public and formal ceremonies
of their own to take place on the
same day and at the same hour
in their own cathedrals.

The Worlds Descent

Into Barbarism
Its hard to believe that these
things are happening, that
anyone would consider doing
such things, but its true. This
is the stage we have come to
in the worlds descent into
barbarism. There are so many
people who are hoping and
pushing for war. I just hope
and pray that finally someone
maybe someone in this room
whom Our Lady has brought here
can reach the leaders of the
world and of the Church with
this very simple Message from
Our Lady:
The Holy Father simply has to
command the bishops to join him
in consecrating not the world,
but Russia, to the Immaculate
Heart of Mary, on the same
day and at the same hour as
the Popes own Consecration
ceremony. The bishops could
come and personally join
the Holy Father in Rome,

If there were some few bishops

who refuse to participate and I
believe that there would be very
few, if any, who would refuse
they would not present any
problem to the fulfillment of
Our Ladys request. She specified
that all the Catholic bishops of
the world are to perform the
Consecration in union with
the Pope.


The Pope Can Command

the Bishops To Join Him
The Holy Father could decree
in the same order in which he
announces the Consecration, that
any bishop who neglects to join
him would be immediately and
automatically excommunicated
for his disobedience. Any such
men would then no longer be
members of the Catholic Church
at the time of the Consecration,
and Our Ladys request would
have been fulfilled to the letter.
All the Catholic bishops would
have participated.
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

We must also remember,

as Sister Lucy explained in a
March 21, 1982 interview with
Archbishop Portalupi (the Papal
Nuncio to Lisbon) and Bishop do
Amaral of Leira-Fatima, if some
bishops were truly prevented by
illness or imprisonment from
joining in the act of Consecration,
this would not compromise the
moral unanimity of the Catholic
bishops participation.12
Now some people might find
such a thing difficult to imagine.
Its not, really. This afternoon
well hear Dr. Bruce Walters
presentation about his book,
Russian Sunrise. Its a book written
about the future. As such, it is a
story of how the Consecration of
Russia could possibly take place.
The details of its fulfillment may
be different from how it actually
takes place. But we do know that
in just one day in the future this
act of obedience this act of
consecration will take place.
This book demonstrates very
well what has to be done and
how easily it could be done how
realistic Our Ladys request is.

Me. Russia will be converted, and

a period of peace will be given to
the world.

Notice Our Ladys words: In

the end that is, after some
delay My Immaculate Heart
will triumph. This triumph has
three stages. The first stage is
Our Ladys triumph over the Holy
Father himself, who will finally
render his overdue obedience to
Her command: The Holy Father
will consecrate Russia to Me.
The second stage will follow as
a direct result, a recognizable
effect of the first stage, when
Our Ladys Immaculate Heart has
been fittingly honored: Russia
will be converted.

Finally, the third stage follows

again, as a manifest result of
the prior stage, when Russia
will have ceased spreading her
errors and fomenting wars and
persecutions of the Church and of
the Holy Father, and will instead
be a positive force for Jesus and
Mary and for spreading the true
Faith throughout the world.
Like St. Paul,13 who had been
the greatest persecutor of the
Church, but became (as a vessel
Our Ladys
of election) the greatest of all
Personal Guarantee
the Apostles, so too will Russias
We have Our Ladys guarantee
conversion be instrumental in
that it will happen:
bringing about the third stage:
In the end, My Immaculate A period of peace will be given
Heart will triumph. The Holy to the world. |
Father will consecrate Russia to

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


1. Cardinal Bertones forced retirement
took effect on October 15, 2013
(approximately one month after this
speech was delivered), at which time
Archbishop Pietro Parolin succeeded
him as Vatican Secretary of State.
2. Congregation for the Doctrine of the
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3. The first, dated August 29, 1989,
addressed to Maria de Belm was
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was debunked in May 1990 (cf. CRC
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same time period, The Fatima Center
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the courts of law in Canada. His verdict
was that the typewritten letter was not
signed by the same person who signed
the documents in Sr. Lucys memoirs.
5. Frre Franois denunciations of these
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What The Wall Street Journal Didnt
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The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

Father Gruner with some of the keynote speakers at FATIMA: The Path to Peace!
Conference. From left, Michael Matt (Will There Soon be Martyrs?); Father Gruner;
Christopher Ferrara (True Friends, False Friends The Secret Still Hidden.); John Salza
(The EMP Threat as Revealed in the Third Secret.); Robert Sungenis (1981-2005: The
Worst Period of War.). You can view their speeches on or buy your own DVDs of
these and more of the vital talks. To order, see contact information on page 79.
Wall Street Journal), The Fatima
Crusader, Issue 38, pp. 5 ff, http://www.
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13. It is not for nothing that God gave the
Great Sign promised by Our Lady
of Fatima, a night illumined by an
unknown light, on January 25, 1938
the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul!

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


Will Catholics
Wake Up

In Time?

by James Hanisch

n June 2000, the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the

Faith published a booklet (misleadingly) titled The Message of
Fatima [TMF], in which the Third Secret of Fatima was supposedly
being disclosed in its entirety. There is only one manuscript, the
Congregations Secretary, then-Archbishop Bertone, assured us,
which is here reproduced photostatically.1
Archbishop Bertones claim that the Third Secret consists of only
the portion which he published in The Message of Fatima [TMF] was
a direct contradiction of the prior well-known admission by Father
Joseph Schweigl (whom Pope Pius XII had sent to interview Sister
Lucy about the Third Secret in September 1952) that the Third Secret
has two parts, the most important being in Our Ladys own words:
I cannot reveal anything of what I learned at Fatima concerning
the Third Secret, but I can say that it has two parts: One concerns
the Pope. The other, logically although I must say nothing
would have to be the continuation of the words: In Portugal, the
dogma of the Faith will always be preserved.2
The manuscript published in June 2000 could well be said to
concern the Pope. It was a description of a Vision given to the childrenseers, of a Bishop dressed in White who gave them the impression
that he was the Holy Father; a Vision in which, too, the true Holy
Father was seen fleeing past corpses through a half-ruined city and
up a steep mountain, where (along with other bishops, priests,
religious, and even laymen) he is killed by soldiers who fire a hail of
bullets and arrows at him.

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

This Vision (which includes not a single word from Our Lady),
we were told by Archbishop Bertone, depicted the tragic and cruel
events of the 20th Century, particularly the attempted assassination
of Pope John Paul II in 1981. Thus (as we were conveniently assured
in the same booklet (TMF), in a portion quoting Cardinal Sodano,
then the Vaticans Secretary of State) the events to which the third
part of the secret of Fatima refers now seem part of the past.
Better still (as Archbishop Bertone observed in TMF), this
publication of the Secret in the year 2000 had brought to an end
that unfortunate period of history marked by tragic human lust for
power and evil! How so? Pope John Paul IIs 1984 Consecration of
the world corresponded to what Our Lady of Fatima requested.
Demonstration of this, and of Archbishop Bertones assertion that
any further discussion or request [for the Consecration of Russia] is
without basis, was (according to Cardinal Sodano) the successive
events of 1989 which had led to the fall of various Communist
regimes in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.
The Cold War was over at last, and with it ended the threat of
another World War. The only part of Our Lady of Fatimas Message
which remains timely and urgent today, Cardinal Sodano added,
was not any prophetic warning contained in the Secret, but rather
merely the perennial summons to conversion and penance.
The Argument from Authority
Many Catholics have accepted these claims, possibly because they
feel that an implicit trust toward our Church leaders is an expression of
loyalty to the Faith. Whatever their motives may be, it seems unlikely
that these Catholics could have been persuaded by the documents
reasoning itself. Bertone and Sodanos less-than-compelling argument
might be summarized in this way:
1. Our Lady of Fatima promised that if Her requests were
heeded, Russia would be converted and there would be peace.
2. A few high-ranking churchmen have declared that Our Lady
of Fatimas requests have been satisfied by John Paul IIs
1984 consecration of the world.
3. Therefore the events of the subsequent years (namely the
fall of the Iron Curtain and the end of the Cold War, c.1991)
represent the conversion and peace promised by Our Lady.
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


One has to wonder, will there ever come a point at which Catholics
at large will begin to question this conclusion and to turn again to Our
Lady of Fatima for Her proffered help, if they have not felt compelled
to do so already?
There are plenty of non-Catholics who are not afraid to admit that
there is tremendous urgency in the world situation today (January
2015), with every human life on earth in the balance a far different
picture than that which Cardinals Bertone and Sodano would have
us see.
We are on the Path to Annihilation
Thus in spite of Bertone and Sodanos specious reasoning and
Pope John Paul IIs 1984 consecration of the world, we remain on
the path to the annihilation of nations, as Our Lady of Fatima has
been warning us since 1917!
It is as if Groucho Marx were to put on a Cardinal Bertone mask
and demand, Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?!
Certainly, the facts are entirely against the fantasies (or willful
deceptions) published by Archbishop Bertone in The Message
of Fatima (TMF). But Catholics should never have allowed that
scandalous booklet to turn their minds away from the truth of Our
Ladys Message.
In some matters, the argument from authority can be a sufficient
basis for decision, but in itself it is truly not a logical demonstration
of anything. Saint Thomas Aquinas describes the argument from
authority as the weakest form of argument.3 In fact, it is often
merely an invitation to trust someone else to do our thinking for
us a dangerous concession in any circumstances, but especially
questionable in light of recent events, both on the world stage and
within the Church.
In any case, Cardinal Sodano in particular (who was discovered
to have been covering up the scandals surrounding the disgraced
founder of the Legionaries of Christ, the late Father Marcial Maciel,
for decades until Pope Benedict overruled the Cardinals machinations
and removed him from office)4 and Cardinal Bertone (who was
publicly caught in a series of lies regarding the Third Secret of Fatima,5
and who is currently under investigation for financial misdealings,6
having also been removed from his administrative position in the

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

Vatican bank after less than a year of his five-year term) are public
figures who simply no longer inspire anyones trust.
Moreover, in 2010, Pope Benedict stepped forward to publicly
reverse and correct Bertone and Sodanos false claims that the Third
Secret of Fatima is irrelevant to our future.
While en route to Fatima for the May 13th anniversary celebration,
the Pope offered this comment to the press regarding the Third
Secret of Fatima:
Beyond this great vision of the suffering of the Pope ... are
indicated future realities of the Church which are little by little
developing and revealing themselves.7 far as the novelty that we can now discover in this message,
it is that: not only from the outside come the attacks to the Pope
and the Church, but the sufferings of the Church comes right from
the inside of the Church, by the sins committed inside the Church
We knew this already, but today we see this in the most horrifying
way: that the greatest persecution against the Church doesnt come
from its enemies outside, but from the sins within.
Two days later, in his homily at the Mass in Fatima (addressing the
500,000 pilgrims in attendance as well as millions of live television
viewers), Pope Benedict XVI affirmed even more strongly:
He deceives himself, who thinks that the prophetic mission of
Fatima is concluded.8
The next days headline in Il Corriere della Sera read:
The Fatima Prophecy Is Not Accomplished: There will be wars
and terrors.

Another Approach
In Logic and Mathematics, there is a method of inquiry called
proof by contradiction, which establishes the truth of a proposition
indirectly by demonstrating that it is impossible for the proposition
to be false.
In a proof of this kind, we begin with two assertions, one being the
negation of the other. Properly phrased, only one of the two statements
can be true, and one of them must be true. In a classic example dating
Continued on page 42
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


The Truth
Shall Make You Free
Your happiness, your freedom, even your very life may depend upon
your knowing and acting on the contents of this book.
We all need to know the truth about our situation. This book takes a
bold look at the facts as they stand, without regard for what our fears and
prejudices might lead us to prefer to believe.
The thoroughly researched and documented presentation in this book
will challenge many peoples most cherished illusions illusions only
recently formed through day-by-day media lies, as well as deep-seated
illusions which have been nurtured from early youth as urban legends
reinforced in our education systems.
Your reaction to the facts may be anger, frustration, disbelief but
dont set this book aside until you have read it all and checked into the
references to any claims which you may dispute.
It is clear from the little-known facts presented in this book that we are
standing on the edge of World War III. A major war is very close, unless
mankind changes its course.
There is a solution to the threat of nuclear war, but there is only ONE
solution. This solution is real. It costs nothing in money or in lives, and yet
it is guaranteed to work.
We all need to wake up NOW before it is too late. You MUST read this
book and be part of the solution.

Nothing Else Will Work We Must Act Soon!


She Can
Help Us!
Evil Forces Are
Driving the World
Toward War


includes S&H


Price includes shipping & handling
anywhere in North America.

Valid until April 30, 2015

The facts in this book have been hidden from you.

Read it now for your freedom, your life and your salvation.
This book is dedicated to:

The Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Whose promise of

world peace gives us such great hope: In the end My Immaculate Heart
will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, Russia will
be converted, and a period of peace will be given to mankind.

All men of good will who are willing to defend, embrace, and promote
the truth of Our Lady of Fatimas Message, and who are willing to think
outside of the box provided by the mainstream media regarding the
present geo-political situation.

Those brave souls who are willing not only to face the truth of our situation,
but also to work, to pray, and to sacrifice for the accomplishment of the
peace promised and predicted by Our Lady of Fatima for all mankind, by
doing all they can to implement Her plan for peace the only plan that
will stop all wars, and the only plan that will stop the otherwise certain
and obviously ever closer Fatima prophecy that various nations will
be annihilated.

To Order Your Copy Now See Page 80

Will Catholics Wake Up In Time?

Continued from page 39

back to the ancient Greeks, Euclid began with the following pair of
opposite assertions: Either there are infinitely many prime numbers,
or there are not infinitely many prime numbers. For our present
purpose, we could begin with the following pair of statements: Either
Our Lady of Fatimas request for the Consecration of Russia has been
satisfactorily heeded, or it has not been satisfactorily heeded.
The argument proceeds by first assuming the truth of either
assertion. If this assumption leads to an absurdity or to a contradiction,
then the other assertion is known to be true (since we found that we
were wrong to assume that it was false).
Lets assume that the first statement is true, and see where
this leads.
1. Our Lady of Fatimas request for the Consecration of Russia has
been satisfactorily heeded.
2. Our Lady of Fatima promised that when Russia is consecrated
in the manner requested, a period of peace will be given to the
3. But at no time since 1929 when Our Lady made Her request
including the 30 years (!) since John Paul IIs consecration of
the world in 1984 has there been peace throughout the world,
and in no sense do we have today any security from the threat of
a nuclear Armageddon.
4. Therefore Our Lady of Fatima has not kept Her promise.
WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE! Therefore our assumption was false, and
the opposite assertion must be true: Our Lady of Fatimas request
for the Consecration of Russia has not been satisfactorily heeded!
Thus we remain today on a crash course with Our Ladys dire
prophetic warning: If My requests are heeded, Russia will be converted,
and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout
the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will
be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various
nations will be annihilated.9


The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

WILL Catholics Wake Up IN TIME?

The sins of the world are very great today, and these sins are
drawing down upon us all a terrible punishment from God. This
punishment is certain to continue along the lines indicated by
Our Lady of Fatima until Her requests are heeded. But are we
doomed to suffer these disasters? Is there nothing that we can do to
prevent them?
On the contrary, there is much that we can do, but our time is
clearly now very short.
God does not ask the impossible. Truly, the whole world is in need
of conversion today (as Our Lord indicated when He taught Sister
Lucy to pray for the conversion not only of Russia, but also of Europe
and the whole world),10 but God does not require us to convert the
world in order to prevent the terrible punishments spoken of by Our
Lady. Our remedy is within our reach! Our Lady said:
[I]f people do not cease offending God, a worse war [than
the then-present First World War] will break out during the
reign of Pius XI. When you see a night illumined by an unknown
light, know that this is the great sign given you by God that He
is about to punish the world for its crimes, by means of war,
famine, and persecutions of the Church and of the Holy Father.
To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the consecration of
Russia to My Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of
Reparation on the First Saturdays.11

Our Lord has told His little flock12 that, small as they are
numerically, they are the salt of the earth,13 capable of preserving
the whole of society from destruction in the same way that brine can
preserve meat from decomposition.
Given enough good14 salt, the meat is preserved. Similarly, given
enough good Catholics who are willing to respond generously
to Our Ladys requests for prayers, sacrifices and reparation the
world will be preserved.
Our Lady did not say that it would be necessary to put an end to all
of the crimes of the world in order to forestall the punishments that
God was about to send. She said that it would be enough to prevent
these punishments if some unstipulated but reasonable number of
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


the Catholic faithful would undertake to console the Immaculate

Heart of Mary by the specific reparatory devotions which She named.
There is nothing in this world more urgent for the physical
preservation of our lives and the eternal salvation of countless souls
(possibly including our own!) than applying ourselves to these two
requests of Our Lady of Fatima, and urging and leading our fellow
Catholics also to attend to these requests.
We need to attach great importance to making the First Saturday
Communion of Reparation on every First Saturday of the month,
without fail. This devotion is more important than anything else that
might come up in our schedules. We should also perform the full Five
(consecutive) First Saturdays devotion at least once (consisting of
Confession, Holy Communion, a 15-minute meditation on the 15
mysteries of the Rosary, and also praying a five-decade Rosary, each
of these acts being performed with the special intention of making
reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary).
The other request the Consecration of Russia by the Pope in
union with all the Catholic bishops of the world is not directly
within our power to bring about, but by our prayers and petitioning
we can bring about this great act of reparation to the Immaculate
Heart of Mary as well. Sister Lucy has told us that the power of our
daily Rosaries is such that there is no problem whatsoever that cannot
be remedied by this devotion:
The Most Holy Virgin in these last times in which we
live has given a new efficacy to the recitation of the Rosary
to such an extent that there is no problem, no matter how
difficult it is, whether temporal or above all, spiritual, in the
personal life of each one of us, of our families, of the families
of the world, or of the religious communities, or even of the
life of peoples and nations, that cannot be solved by the Rosary.
There is no problem, I tell you, no matter how difficult it is,
that we cannot resolve by the prayer of the Holy Rosary. With
the Holy Rosary, we will save ourselves. We will sanctify
ourselves. We will console Our Lord and obtain the salvation
of many souls.15
In this same interview, Sister Lucy laid out very clearly what is
at stake for us:

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

Fatima Priest Proves

Beyond Doubt...


Father Gruners latest book release, Crucial Truths to Save Your Soul,
is truly a great light in the darkness. Simply put, Father points the way to
the truth about dogma, the papacy, infallibility and the Second Vatican
Council. As Father notes: Truth does not change! After reading this
book, one will not fall into the eternally deadly error of rejecting the light
for the darkness. See page 80 to order your copy today!

Tell them, Father [Fuentes], that many times the Most

Holy Virgin told my cousins Francisco and Jacinta, as well
as myself, that many nations will disappear from the face
of the earth. She said that Russia will be the instrument of
chastisement chosen by Heaven to punish the whole world
if we do not beforehand obtain the conversion of that
poor nation.16

But the only way to convert Russia is to have it consecrated to the

Immaculate Heart of Mary in the manner specified in the Fatima
Message, in time.
And in another place, concerning the First Saturday Communion
of Reparation, Sister Lucy wrote:
Whether the world has war or peace depends on the practice
of this devotion, along with the Consecration [of Russia] to
the Immaculate Heart of Mary.17
War or peace. Its up to us to choose our future and our
childrens future according to the clear terms of the definitive and
prophetic revelation given by God for our time: the authentic Message
of Fatima. |
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


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The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

Risk of Nuclear War Rising Daily

Continued from page 6

Whereas Vladimir Putin has established an increasingly

authoritarian regime in the Russian Federation through fraudulent
elections, the persecution and jailing of political opponents, the
elimination of independent media, the seizure of key sectors of the
economy and enabling supporters to enrich themselves through
widespread corruption, and implementing a strident propaganda
campaign to justify Russian aggression against other countries and
repression in Russia, among other actions:
Now, therefore, be it resolved that the House of Representatives

Condemns the continuing political, economic, and military

aggression by the Russian Federation against Ukraine, Georgia,
and Moldova and the continuing violation of their sovereignty,
independence, and territorial integrity;
Calls on the Russian Federation to reverse its illegal annexation
of the Crimean peninsula,
Calls on the President to cooperate with United States allies
and partners in Europe and other countries around the world to
refuse to recognize the illegal annexation of Crimea by the Russian
Federation, [and] to impose visa bans, targeted asset freezes,
sectoral sanctions, and other measures on the Russian Federation
and its leadership with the goal of compelling it to end its violation
of Ukraines sovereignty and territorial integrity, to remove its
military forces and equipment from Ukrainian territory, and to end
its support of separatist and paramilitary forces;
Calls on the President to provide the Government of Ukraine
with defense articles, services, and training required to effectively
defend its territory and sovereignty;
Calls on North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies and
United States partners in Europe and other nations around the
world to suspend all military cooperation with Russia, including
prohibiting the sale to the Russian Government of lethal and nonlethal military equipment; [and]
Reaffirms the commitment of the United States to its obligations
under the North Atlantic Treaty, especially Article 5, which states
that an armed attack against one or more of the treaty signatories
shall be considered an attack against them all, and calls on all
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


Alliance member states to provide their full share of the resources

needed to ensure their collective defense.9

The Path to Armageddon

The sum of December 2014s legislation (both the Ukraine Freedom
Support Act and H.R. 758) has been chilling. As one Russian journalist
put it, the United States has taken a large step closer to all-out war
with Russia:
Future historians that is, assuming there are humans still
around to contemplate history may one day point to House
Resolution 758 as the single piece of legislation that sparked a
global conflagration between two leading nuclear powers.10
Especially galling are the factual misrepresentations of the
Resolution. Robert Bridge continues:
The opening paragraph of HR 758 accuses Russia of conducting
an invasion of Ukraine and violating its territorial sovereignty.
[Ron Paul has answered this charge:] Surely with our sophisticated
satellites that can read a license plate from space we should
have video and pictures of this Russian invasion, Paul argued.
None have been offered. As to Russias violation of Ukrainian
sovereignty, why isnt it a violation of Ukraines sovereignty for
the US to participate in the overthrow of that countrys elected
government as it did in February?
Indeed, as Ukraine was approaching open rebellion, US Assistant
Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador to
Ukraine were overheard in taped conversations bragging that
the US spent $5 billion on regime change in Ukraine. They even
mentioned the names of the individuals the US wants to see in
leadership positions.
Paragraph 13 of the document demands the withdrawal of
Russia forces from Ukraine even though not a shred of evidence
has been produced to prove that the Russian army ever set foot
in Ukraine. Further on, HR 758 urges Kiev to resume military
operations against the eastern regions seeking independence, a
move that will certainly exasperate East-West relations if it goes
Paragraph 14 states that Malaysia Airlines flight 17, which went
down in murky circumstances in eastern Ukraine, was brought
down by a missile fired by Russian-backed separatist forces in

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015




You can help educate those who are afraid, or
reluctant, or unaware of the need to sacrifice and
pray, not realizing that their freedom, homes,
financial assets and even their lives may well be
lost if Our Lady of Fatimas Message is not heard
and obeyed.
Through your prayers and monthly offerings to the
Apostles of the Rosary, you can assist our mission of
promoting the holy devotion of the Rosary to all Catholics
and others of good will through new programs aimed at
bringing the power and protection of the Rosary to both
children and adults.


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eastern Ukraine.
How can the House make such a reckless conclusion when the
final report on the investigation of this tragedy is not scheduled to
be released until next year? Moreover, the preliminary report never
says that a missile was responsible for bringing down MH17.
Paragraph 22 states that Russia invaded the Republic of Georgia
in 2008. This is a blatant misrepresentation of the historical record
since it is well known that Georgian forces launched a crack-ofdawn military offensive against South Ossetia, killing hundreds
of civilians, as well as a dozen Russian peacekeepers. Yes, Russia
chased the Georgian army back to the outskirts of Tbilisi before
turning back, but what country would have done differently under
similar circumstances?
HR 758 also calls on Russia to reverse its illegal annexation of
the Crimean peninsula, to end its support of the separatist forces
in Crimea, and to remove its military forces from that region other
than those operating in strict accordance with its 1997 agreement
on the Status and Conditions of the Black Sea Fleet Stationing on
the Territory of Ukraine.
This statement represents the falsification of history in an
effort to pursue a political agenda. The people of the Crimean
peninsula, under the threat of violence from government forces,
independently called for a referendum to decide their sovereign
status. Only after Crimea voted overwhelmingly to join
the Russian Federation did the Russian Duma hold a vote on the
issue. The entire process was done according to the dictates of
international law.
There are many more such preposterous claims and dangerous
demands in HR 758, yet the document has been greeted with a
deafening silence in the United States by the corporate-owned

Paul Craig Roberts describes the new Resolution as a dangerous

packet of lies reflecting an ideology of hegemony in Washington,
the almost certain outcome of which will be war:
Its just more propaganda. Its no different from the lies they
told about Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein and Assad and Iran. Its
the same lies they told when Georgia (provoked by Washington)
attacked South Ossetia, and the Russians came in and pushed them
back out. That was also said to be an invasion by Russia. Facts dont

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

matter to propaganda.11
No one should be surprised to see Washington using the same
propagandistic lies against Russia and Putin as were used against
Iraq and Saddam Hussein, Libya and Gaddafi, Syria and Assad,
Afghanistan and the Taliban, and Iran. Washington knew that
Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction and no al
Qaeda connections. Washington knew Assad did not use chemical
weapons. Washington knew that Gaddafi was being set up with lies.
Washington knows that Iran has no nuclear weapons. What was
important to Washington was not the truth but the overthrow of
these governments.
Washington has made it completely clear that Russia can be part
of the West only as a vassal state and not as a sovereign country
with its own interests and an independent policy. Washingtons
demand for hegemony does not permit the existence of other
sovereign countries sufficiently strong to resist Washingtons will.
As the ideology of hegemony has a powerful hold on Washington
and is institutionalized in the neoconservative control of critical
government offices and media, war is the almost certain outcome.
Washington is placing the world on the path to Armageddon.12

Chilling International Relations

President Putin has denounced the U.S.-led sanctions against
Russia as illegitimate and illegal. Washingtons disregard for its own
and international law, he adds, has made the United States into a
lawless state that is a danger to the world.13
Commentators see indications in President Putins Address to the
Russian Federal Assembly on December 4th that Russia is fed up with
trying to reason with the West:
[T]he Kremlin has given up any hope of achieving anything
through any kind of dialogue. From now on, Russia will mostly
rely on unilateral actions. And since Russians never threaten, these
actions will always come as a shock and a surprise to the Western
Responding to the passing of the Ukraine Freedom Support
Act, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich
castigated U.S. legislators for recklessly destroying the very
foundation of partnership, as if anxious to turn back the clock to
a previous era in which bilateral relations had been torpedoed by
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


the notorious Jackson-Vanik amendment (endorsed in 1974):

Both houses of the US Congress have approved the Ukraine
Freedom Support Act, bypassing debates and proper voting. The
overtly confrontational message of the new law cannot but evoke
profound regret. Russia will not be intimidated into giving up its
interests and tolerating interference in its internal affairs.15
Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov echoed the sentiment that
the overtly hostile legislation could destroy chances for cooperation.
Russia will not be able to leave this without a response, he said. The
U.S. is trying to dictate decisions to us that for us are categorically
Member of Parliament Mikhail Emelyanov called the Act extremely
dangerous, and spoke of the need to protect Russia by a forthcoming
authorization by the Russian State Duma for the deployment of
Russian troops in Ukraine. Russia cannot calmly watch as the U.S.
arms Ukraine with the most modern lethal weapons, he said. The
situation is very alarming. They want to turn Ukraine into a fighting
platform against Russia.
Emelyanov stressed that the U.S. policy demonstrates not only
that Washington is the most ruthless of all hegemons, but also that
President Obama wants war, not peace perhaps even a nuclear
war directly targeting Moscow, which Emelyanov called madness
by any standard if launched, bringing potential Armageddon. But
the lunatics in Washington make anything possible, he lamented,
including the ending of life on earth.17
The Wrong Road
The economic sanctions which have been placed against Russia
since March 2014 have brought hardship not only to the Russian
economy, but to the Eurozone (and particularly to Germany) as
well. Most devastating for Russia has been the widespread reaction
of investors to sell off Russian assets, causing the Russian currency to
plunge in the international market. By the end of 2014, the ruble had
lost almost 50% of its value compared to the U.S. dollar, destroying
personal and corporate savings and at the same time making it
virtually impossible for Russian firms to do business with international


The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speaks with Prince Saud al Faisal (foreign minister of
Saudi Arabia) upon his arrival in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on September 11, 2014, on his way
to a meeting with King Abdullah in the kings summer palace on the Red Sea. Saudi Arabia,
which holds as a top priority the demise of President Assad in Syria, has become a willing
partner with the United States in punishing Russian President Putin (the great ally of Syria).
Keeping Saudi Arabian oil production high despite the worldwide deflated oil economy,
Saudi Arabia has deliberately brought turmoil to the oil export-driven Russian economy by
driving prices below Russias break-even threshold. As of January 13, 2015, oil prices
had plunged to $45 per barrel less than half of the June 2014 price of $115 per barrel, and
far below Russias fiscal break-even price for 2015 of $80 per barrel.

The ramifications of this extend far beyond the borders of Russia,

as Michael Mross, a business journalist in Cologne, explains:
Almost every big company in Germany has economic relations
with Russia. If the ruble is devalued by about 45-50 percent,
then the income of these companies will be reduced by this amount.

If you want to make trouble with Russia, you make problems for
yourself. This is exactly what everybody here in Germany knows,
but nobody dares to say it officially. When you speak behind closed
doors with the bosses of the big companies in Germany, they are
all very afraid of what is going on with Russia and they do not
stand behind these sanctions. They say that we have to solve these
problems some other way, with political means, for example. But
officially they say its OK, sanctions must be implemented. They
are shooting themselves in their own feet and they know it.
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


Its not only the big companies that will face problems with this
ruble depreciation and the sanctions that we have implemented.
The whole monetary system will suffer. All the European banks
have huge loans in Russia, or have extended huge amounts of credit
to Russian companies. For example, Austrian and French banks are
very deeply involved with credit to Russian companies and also to
the Russian government. If the ruble continues to be devalued, then
those companies will have enormous difficulty paying back these
debts in dollars or euros. You dont read anything about this in
the press right now but this will come to the surface very soon when
we have another banking crisis triggered by the sanctions and by
the ruble devaluation.
There will be no winner in this situation. If Russia goes down,
everyone else, including the West, will also go under. I predict
this. And it will be a very hard future.18

On top of all this, Saudi Arabia (apparently acting on a secret

agreement brokered by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry)19 has
joined the campaign to break President Putin. Throughout a price
slide beginning in June 2014, Saudi Arabia has kept OPECs policy
fixed against cutting back on oil production (which would drive prices
back up). The effect has been to deepen the falling price of oil, from
more than $100 per barrel in June (roughly where it has been for the
past two years) down to less than $55 per barrel in late December.
While the Gulf states can easily tolerate this reduction in profits, the
falling prices have been devastating to the Russian economy, which
depends heavily on revenues from petroleum exports.
I am sure that the oil prices plunge was provoked by the US to
undermine the Russian and Venezuelan economies, said Bolivian
President Evo Morales.20
How Russia Might Respond
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (former Assistant Secretary of the U.S.
Treasury and Reagan Administration Cabinet Member and Economic
Advisor, and former Associate Editor and columnist for the Wall Street
Journal) gives us an idea of some of the very powerful ways Russia
could respond to Washingtons aggression:
We may see the Russians bring down the Western house
of cards. There are multiple Black Swans that Russia could
unleash to bring down the West. One would be to buy up all of

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

the naked shorts that the bullion banks dump into the COMEX
[Commodity Exchange] market every time they drive down the
gold and silver price.21 The Russians could just buy up all these
contracts representing tons and tons and tons of gold and then
(instead of settling in cash, which is how the COMEX usually
settles) say, OK, we want the gold. Where would it come from?
Another thing would be to just let the ruble fall, as it goes
down and down and down. The Russians have a very large stock
of dollars. [At some point] they can buy up the rubles at a very
cheap price and withdraw them from the Western markets so that
there is no longer any vulnerability. [Then] if the Russians say,
We wont sell our energy except in rubles, and the Russians have
withdrawn all the rubles from the market, [the ruble will again
become very strong and bring any] price the Russians ask for.
Suppose the Russian government were to say [to the European
banks], Since you guys are attacking the ruble, were not going
to pay off the next installment of our debt that comes due early in
2015. What would most likely happen is that the European banking
system would collapse, because those banks are terribly undercapitalized. Some of them have loans to Russia that absorb almost
their entire capital base. The Russians dont even have to default.
If they were just to say: Were not going to pay this year. Well pay
it later, when the ruble stabilizes, [and then] simply dont pay
off the loans that are coming due, the European banking system
would probably collapse, and what would come from that? Who
knows? There are all kinds of derivatives and Credit Default Swaps
everywhere. We know these derivatives are now [valued at] some
multiple of the worlds gross domestic product, and nobody really
knows who all the counter-parties are and what the interrelations
are. If the European banks start going down, who knows what the
impact would be [throughout the West]?
The whole Western system is a house of cards its not based on
anything other than market manipulation, so it wouldnt take much
of a push to knock it down. There are no economic fundamentals
that support the Dow Jones stock prices. There are no economic
fundamentals that support the strong dollar. To have a bond market
in which the purchasers of bonds have to pay a fee in order to have
a negative real interest rate makes no sense. When you buy a [U.S.
Treasury] bond, you are automatically getting back less than you
paid for it, because you first of all have to pay a premium to get the
bond a premium over its face value and the interest rate you
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


get is less than the inflation rate. So what sense does that make,
when the United States debt is exploding, and the money supply is
exploding? It makes no sense at all. None of the American markets
make any sense. Theyre rigged.
The biggest Black Swan of all, as I see it, is that if the Russians
get thoroughly angry, all they have to do is to call up the European
governments and say, We no longer sell natural gas or any form of
energy to members of NATO. The consequence would be the utter,
total collapse of NATO. Not even a puppet state like Germany is
going to let their people freeze to death, or to let their factories be
closed down, and to let the unemployment rate hit 40%. Its just not
going to happen. Whenever the Russians want to destroy NATO,
thats all they have to do.
All of the cards are in Putins hand. None of them are in
Washingtons hand.22

Back to the Drawing Board

The facts of our situation are clear, even if too little discussed in
the mainstream media. In the words of John Pilger, the West may
be lying its way into a nuclear war:
In my career as a journalist, I have never known the truth to be
so inverted on one issue an issue that is extremely dangerous. We
are in the midst of a Cold War that I think is more dangerous than
the Cold War I grew up with. And I grew up with the kind of raw
propaganda that were now seeing here. Were seeing demonizing
by media, were seeing the turning inside out of facts by media, and
if were not careful, were going to end up with a major war, and
even the real possibility of a nuclear war, and much of it drumbeaten by media in the same way that the invasion of Iraq was in
2003. There are great similarities between them because [like the
Bush administrations lies which propelled the Iraq war, the present
case likewise] involves fiction the idea that Russia is somehow
attacking the West.
The actual story behind this should have been obvious recently,
when oil prices were driven down, clearly with the agreement
between the United States and the Saudis. The reason for doing
that was to wreck the Russian economy. The reason for moving into
Ukraine and it was that way, not the Russian way. The United
States and its proxies have taken over Ukraine. Ill give you one
example. Vice-President Joe Bidens son, L. Hunter Biden, is on the

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

In May 2010, Pope Benedict XVI traveled to Fatima to officiate at the anniversary
pilgrimage celebrations. Publicly reversing the scandalous claims of Cardinal Bertone, the
Pope affirmed that the Third Secret of Fatima involves much more than the open assaults
against the Church made by Her external enemies (such as those described in the Vision
published in June 2000). In addition to this great Vision, Pope Benedict said, there
are also spoken warnings from Our Lady of Fatima of a passion of the Church yet
to be suffered in a terrifying future. This greatest persecution of the Church will be
occasioned, the Pope said, by attacks not from the outside, but precisely from within the
Church. In his televised homily before the 500,000 pilgrims at the May 13 anniversary
Mass, Pope Benedict added even more strongly, He deceives himself, who thinks that the
prophetic mission of Fatima is concluded.

board of one of the fracking companies. There was a very important

conference in Yalta in September 2013 attended by all the main
players, in which the takeover of Ukraine was planned. People
like the Clintons and members of the [Obama] administration,
the fracking companies, the great agricultural multinationals like
Cargill which are now in Ukraine. It was a takeover of Ukraine, and
this could only have been done by a coup, and that coup was stagemanaged by the Obama administration.
The blame has been shifted directly to Russia. Every move that
Russia has made has been defensive. The annexation of Crimea was
entirely defensive. It would otherwise have ended up as a NATO
base. There is no question about that. But the way this has been
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


portrayed in the West, [as if] Russia is being led by another Stalin
or as Hillary Clinton called Putin, another Hitler (how perverse!)
[is giving rise to] a real prospect of war. But Russia is not Iraq.
Russia is a nuclear power with an extremely powerful conventional
military force. Putin himself has stopped talking diplomatically
(as he has been speaking right through most of this Ukrainian
situation, in order to diffuse it, as clearly the Russians are worried)
and has started talking red-lines himself. It is so dangerous, and it
is being promoted by extraordinary propaganda in what is meant to
be a free media (those who are meant to keep the record straight),
practicing a whole demonizing of Russia. And in fact it may end up
being self-fulfilling, it is such a danger.23
Paul Craig Roberts sums up our present situation similarly:
[M]ilitary undertakings are closely coordinated with a process
of economic warfare which consists not only in imposing sanctions
on sovereign countries but also in deliberate acts of destabilization
of financial and currency markets, with a view to undermining the
enemies national economies.
Clearly, the neoconservative formula is a formula for the final
war. All of humanity is endangered by a handful of evil men and
women ensconced in positions of power in Washington.24 |
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The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

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The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015



Prelude to Promised World Peace

The following is a transcript of a speech given by Dr. Bruce Walters at the
FATIMA: The Path to Peace! Conference held in Niagara Falls, Ontario,
Canada on September 8, 2013.
By Bruce W. Walters, M.D.

Reverend Fathers and
Religious, Honorable
D i st i n g u i s h e d
Conference Speakers, and
Brothers and Sisters in Christ:
We have come to this
international conference because
we see that the contemporary
world is not on a trajectory
toward peace.
In the course of this week, we
will hear various analyses of
what is wrong with the world
of what needs to be repaired. The
late Catholic scholar and notable
writer G.K. Chesterton, when
asked by The Times of London to
write on the topic What is wrong
with the world?, submitted a
very brief response:
Dear Sirs, I am.
Each and every one of us,
because of our tendency to sin,
is a contributor to the disorder
in the world. No matter how
carefully world leaders may
plan according to human
wisdom, they can never arrive

at a workable solution for world

peace. The current plan to forge
a New World Order, without
Christ as King, can only help to
prepare the way for the eventual
appearance of the ultimate
tyrant, the antichrist.
Only the Immaculate Heart
can offer a true solution to the
worlds problems.
And that true solution to
world peace was made known to
mankind by Our Lady of Fatima,
beginning in 1917.
On July 13, 1917, Our Lady
told Sister Lucy that She would
come back someday to ask for
the consecration of Russia. She
promised that when Her request
was obeyed, Russia would be
converted, and the world would
be granted a period of peace.
On June 13, 1929, as
promised, Our Lady again
appeared to Sister Lucy, in Tuy,
Spain. She announced that the
time had come for the Pope,
in union with all the Catholic
bishops in the world, on one
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

Jesus, Himself, through His blessed Mother at Fatima, commands the Pope, together
with the Catholic bishops of the world to consecrate RUSSIA to the Immaculate Heart
of Mary so that devotion to Her Immaculate Heart will be placed beside devotion to
His Sacred Heart. It is only by this means that we will have true peace worldwide.
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


single day at the same time, to

formally consecrate Russia to
Her Immaculate Heart. But it
was not done.
In August 1931, at Rianjo,
Spain, Our Lord Himself
appeared to Sister Lucy and
confided: They did not heed
My request! ... Like the King of
France, they will repent of it,
and they will do it, but it will
be late. Russia will already have
spread her errors throughout the
world ...
What Does Russias
Conversion Mean?
We know from impeccable
sources Our Lady of Fatima, and
Our Lord Jesus Christ that, at
some point in the future, Russia
will be properly consecrated,
and that it will be converted.
But what, specifically, can this
conversion mean? What could we
expect to happen in a converted
Russia? And, how might Russian
society be re-organized after
such a true conversion?
To explore these questions,
several years ago I began
drafting a future fiction novel
entitled Russian Sunrise, which
was published in 2011 by Good
Counsel Publications. Drawing
on Catholic social teaching, the
story is an attempt to imagine
how a converted nation, in the
contemporary world, would

reorganize itself. In the words

of Our Lady, conversion could
only mean turning toward and
embracing the Truth the one
religion which is true, the Roman
Catholic Faith, as handed down
to us from the Blessed Apostles
and the Fathers and Doctors of
the Church.
In our modernist, postrevolutionary world, people have
been programmed to assume that
religion is a private matter, and
that governments cannot undergo
religious conversions in the
same way that individuals can.
But history shows that societies
have prospered, both materially
and spiritually, precisely when
governments have officially
confessed the one religion which
is true, the Roman Catholic Faith.
James Bemis, a columnist in Latin
Mass Magazine, has written a
series of delightful historical
articles entitled Best When
Catholic. Each article explores a
specific nation, detailing what life
was like when that nation was a
Catholic Confessional State. If you
doubt that nations have converted
in the past, read those articles.
Also, review what happened after
Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness
of the Americas, appeared to Juan
Diego in Mexico. Nine million
conversions took place within
the short span of ten years. The
people rejected their demonic
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


Our Lady at the EU Parliament Strasbourg

Ora et labora, Pray and work. In this Associated Press photo (which appeared in
major print and online news sources on the morning of the Popes and Father Gruners
visit to the European Union Parliament headquarters in Strasbourg), we see an example
of St. Benedicts admonition in action. Our Lady worked wonders through this apostolates
Pilgrim Virgin statue in response to the prayers of our crew members (including our
volunteer, Brother Bernard, pictured here). It was during the long, cold wait outside of
the Parliament building after Mondays Rosary procession that Our Lady answered our
prayers that She open the doors of Parliament to Her statue on the following morning.

pagan religion that utilized

human sacrifice on a massive
scale. Instead, they embraced the
one true Religion in which men
are commanded to love God with
all their hearts, and to love their

neighbors as themselves. Catholic

Confessional States eventually
arose throughout Latin America,
building a civilization of faith and
dignity that helped to change
the world.

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


Can a Modern Nation Convert?

Certainly individuals can
convert. But can a modern
nation convert? We know it can,
because Our Lady has told us it
will happen to Russia. Father
Joaquin Alonso, who had many
interviews with Sister Lucy,
wrote in 1976 as follows:
... we should affirm that
Lucia always thought that the
conversion of Russia is not to
be limited to the return of the
Russian people to the Orthodox
Christian religion, rejecting the
Marxist atheism of the Soviets,
but rather, it refers purely,
plainly and simply to the total,
integral conversion of Russia to
the one true Church of Christ,
the Roman Catholic Church.1
In the novel Russian Sunrise,
the vast majority of individual
souls in Russia undergo a
miraculous conversion of heart
shortly after their nation is
properly consecrated to the
Immaculate Heart. Countless
converted individuals first
become focused on how to reorder their own lives to bring
them into conformity with the
teachings of Christ the lawgiver
as taught by the One, Holy,
Catholic, and Apostolic Church
which He founded upon the
rock of Peter. But soon, such
converted individuals realize

that the collective organizations

they form such as local, state,
and national governments also
need to be bound and guided by
the same law of Christ.
A Catholic Confessional State
A Ministry of Catholic Social
Reorganization is established,
utilizing the collective wisdom
of bishops, political leaders, and
academic experts. The Ministry
sets forth a series of policy
recommendations, making a
first attempt at establishing
a contemporary Catholic
Confessional State. As noted
in the bulletin announcing
this conference: The aim of
government is the good of the
governed. And what higher
good is there than the salvation
of souls?
But seek ye first the kingdom
of God and His justice, and all
these things shall be added
unto you. [Luke 12:31.]
What is the proper relationship
of the state to the Church? We
can find the answer in Immortale
Dei, the 1885 encyclical of
Pope Leo XIII, On the Christian
Constitution of States.2 In that
encyclical we are instructed
as follows:
The Catholic Church ... has
for her immediate ... purpose
the saving of souls and securing
our happiness in Heaven. Yet,
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

in regards to things temporal,

she is the source of benefits as
manifold and great as if the
chief end of her existence were
to ensure the prospering of
our earthly life ... All nations
which have yielded to her
sway have become eminent by
their gentleness, their sense of
justice, and the glory of their
high deeds.
It is not difficult to determine
... the form and character of
the State ... God alone is the
true and supreme Lord of the
world. Everything, without
exception, must be subject to
Him, and must serve Him, so
that whoever holds the right
to govern holds it from ... God,
the sovereign Ruler of all.
The ... mode of government
... may take this or that form,
provided only that it be of a
nature to insure the general
welfare. But ... rulers must
bear in mind that God is the
paramount Ruler of the world,
and must set Him before
themselves as their exemplar
and law in the administration
of the State.
They, therefore, who rule
should rule with even-handed
justice, not as masters, but
rather as fathers, for the rule
of God over man is most just,
and is tempered always with
a fathers kindness. ... the civil
power must not be subservient
to the advantage of any one

individual or of some few

persons, inasmuch as it was
established for the common
good of all.
... the State ... is clearly
bound to ... the public
profession of religion. ... For
men living together in society
are under the power of God
no less than individuals are
... it is a sin for the State not
to have care for religion, as a
something beyond its scope,
or as of no practical benefit; or
out of many forms of religion
to adopt that one which chimes
with the fancy; for we are
bound absolutely to worship
God in that way which He has
shown to be His will.
All who rule, therefore,
should hold in honor the holy
name of God, and one of their
chief duties must be to favor
religion, to protect it, to shield
it under the credit and sanction
of the laws, and neither
to organize nor enact any
measure that may compromise
its safety.
This is the bounden duty of
rulers to the people over whom
they rule. For one and all are
we destined by our birth and
adoption to enjoy, when this
frail and fleeting life is ended,
a supreme and final good in
Heaven, and to the attainment
of this every endeavor should
be directed. ... Hence civil
society ... should ... in every

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


manner ... render as easy as

may be, the possession of that
highest and unchangeable
good for which all should
seek. Wherefore ... care must
especially be taken to preserve
unharmed and unimpeded the
religion whereof the practice
is the link connecting man
with God.

In Russian Sunrise, the

newly-converted Russian State
reorganizes itself according to
the foregoing principles from
Immortale Dei. Let us now review
how the future structure of
Russia as a Catholic Confessional
State is envisioned:

1. The Conversion of the

Russian Orthodox Church
After the conversion of
Russia, what becomes of the
Russian Orthodox Church,
which comprises ninety-five
percent of the worlds Orthodox
Christians? The story notes that,
theologically, the Orthodox are
very close to the Catholic Church,
and that they could easily return
to the Catholic fold much like the
Anglican Use Catholics, while
retaining their ancient liturgy.
At one time, Pope St. Pius X
had approved the use of the
Russian Orthodox liturgy by
Catholic priests in Russia. The
Russian Orthodox Church
simply becomes an Orthodox

Rite within the Roman Catholic

Church, with its bishops
subject to the Roman Pontiff,
and with a few theological
errors, such as the omission
of the filioque clause in the
Creed, corrected.

2. Form of Government
The newly-Catholic Russians
note that Heaven itself is a
monarchy, and that in the Church
the Pope is a monarch, with
Cardinals as princes overseeing a
hierarchy of subordinate officials.
Russia, a modern republic for the
past century, has a prior history of
Christian monarchy dating back
a millennium. So, after Russias
conversion, a public referendum
is held to determine whether the
majority of the Russian people
desire to re-establish their
Christian monarchy. The voters
are given three choices:
(1) a Catholic autocrat bound
only by the law of Christ and His
(2) a monarch bound by an
imperfect Constitution crafted
by the minds of men; or
(3) an elected legislature
that makes the laws, with a
ceremonial monarch having no
real power.
Now, being miraculously
conver ted, a major ity
of the voters choose the
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

Catholic autocrat.
Furthermore, the Russians opt
for a restoration of the Romanov
Orthodox Christian dynasty,
which ruled Russia for 350 years
prior to the 1917 anti-Christian
Successive kings, called Tsars,
are to be chosen by God through
male primogeniture, thus placing
them above politics and the
influence of big money.
The new Tsar restores St.
Petersburg as the future capital,
and governs from the Alexander
Palace where the last Tsar resided
until 1917.
The nations 83 principalities
comparable to states or provinces
are to be ruled by princes called
Dukes, appointed by the Tsar.
Local areas called counties
are ruled by local princes called
Counts, appointed by the
Cities, towns, and villages
the most local governments
operate under a democratic
system of elected officials.
True Democracy Can Only
Function at the Local Level
This reflects the obvious reality
that true democracy can only
function at the local level. A
national parliament is established
to provide advice to the Tsar that
is truly representative of local

small business and local cultural

concerns. The parliament will
meet twice a year in the capital
for a maximum of one month per
session. Its members must spend
the other ten months each year
earning a living back home.
Qualifications for Members
of Parliament include being
certified by ones local bishop
as a Roman Rite or Orthodox
Rite Catholic in good standing;
and being the owner-operator
of a local business in the home
district that employs between
20 and 100 people. In this way,
the Tsar will receive advice
not from giant corporations or
paid lobbyists, but from local
businessmen who must live and
work under the laws they have
But note well: the parliament
is an advisory body, not a
legislature. The autocrat alone
makes and changes the laws, so
that politics do not compromise
his wisdom, or his mandate to
answer first to Christ and His
Church. Political deals, or votebuying through compromises,
have no place in such a Catholic
system of government. A
religious test for public office is
both appropriate and necessary
in a Catholic State. It does not
constitute unjust discrimination,
since all persons are equally free
and eligible to embrace the one

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


true Faith, which is everyones

duty before God.

3. Restoration of the Nobility

4. Honest Money
A Catholic State is subject to
the biblical command to have
honest weights and measures.
Money properly serves both as
a standard of value, and as a
convenient medium of exchange.
Honest money facilitates the
fair and transparent exchange
of goods. Sacred Scripture takes
for granted that gold and silver
are the usual forms of money;
and several millennia of recorded
history provide evidence that
this was true from the dawn of
history right up until 1971, when
U.S. President Nixon finally
severed any connection between
modern fiat currencies and
precious metals.
In Russian Sunrise, the Catholic
government immediately
reinstates precious metal coins
as the circulating currency. Paper
notes, representing gold on
deposit in the federal treasury,
serve as a convenient alternative
for handling larger sums. There
would be no need for a central
bank in such a system, only
a treasury for the deposit of
precious metals reserves, which
would be publicly audited on an
annual basis.

In a Catholic Confessional
State, the nobility comprises a
class of men and women, mainly
selected by conception and
birth, who carry the mandate
to serve the people as leaders.
They are expected to publicly
model Catholic virtues in both
their personal lives and their
public endeavors.
Outstanding common citizens
deemed worthy of noble status
can be elevated to the nobility by
the Tsar, and those nobles whose
behavior renders them unworthy
can be demoted by the Tsar to
the status of commoners. In a
Catholic State, nobility is not
a vehicle for dissipated living
funded by inherited wealth. It is
rather a public acknowledgement
that various hierarchies are
part of the beauty of creation
and that the enforced radical
equality typical of modern socalled democracies is an aspect of
the modernist revolution against
God. The traditional system of
selecting monarchs and the ruling
nobility by conception and birth
constitutes a public confession
that both contraception and
5. Subsidiarity
abortion supplant Gods
A Catholic State will be
prerogative to select the leaders structured according to the
for the next generation.
principle of subsidiarity, which

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

teaches us that centralization

and bureaucratization tend
toward evil, and that all decisionmaking should be done at the
most local level possible.
Villages, towns, and cities can
operate on a democratic basis,
and the majority of rules should
be implemented at that level so
that they can be easily amended
according to local needs and
circumstances. Only a limited
amount of regulation is necessary
at the state or national level,
so that the Duke ruling states
and the Tsar ruling the nation
would normally intervene in
local matters only in rare cases.
Such subsidiarity was typical
of the Catholic monarchies
that built Western civilization,
and it was even typical of the
secular U.S. government as
originally conceived.

6. Brotherhood Supersedes
The concept of the brotherhood
of man is uniquely Christian.
Prior to the coming of Christ into
this world, men believed in the
virtue of defending and favoring
ones own clan or nation (if need
be) at the expense and peril of
other men and nations.
It was Our Lord Jesus Christ
Who changed this. He came
unto His own, and His own
received Him not, St. John tells

us. First, He sent disciples twoby-two throughout the nation of

Israel, to announce the arrival
of their Messiah-King. But only
a few accepted His message.
Ultimately, their leaders induced
the Romans to crucify their
King, thus demonstrating their
unworthiness as a nation to any
longer be considered special.
St. Peter, the first Pope, was
granted a vision showing him
that the Gospel was to be shared
also with the Gentiles that is,
with all nations, Jew and Gentile
alike. The Church founded by
Christ was thus the means of
overcoming tribalism, and
establishing the true universal
brotherhood of man. Everyone
was to be his brothers keeper
and all nations were called
to help raise their neighbors
up into the blessings of
Christian civilization.
But the practice of such
brotherhood begins at home. In
the Russian Kingdom, the Church
hierarchy reverts to the model
of monarchy and brotherhood
that characterized the Church
until after 1960. The bishops
must be as fathers to their
beloved priests, and must relate
to them as family rather than as
corporate employees.
No lay boards or diocesan
human resources departments

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


should intervene between a

bishop and his brother priests.
Priests must once again expect, in
most cases, to become the father
of a single parish for their entire
career, so that true fatherhood
and brotherhood can once again
flourish in the Church.3 Similarly,
the Tsar must behave as a loving
father toward his nation. He must
find ways to regularly meet with
and listen to the common people.
Like a good parent, he must be
a model of righteous behavior
and orthodox belief, which all
his family the nation can
safely emulate.

7. Education
Education in a Catholic State
is the primary responsibility
of parents, who will answer
to God for the formation of
their offspring. The Church is
responsible to guide and instruct
parents, and to assist them in
every way possible. While
parents have an absolute right
to home school, locally-funded
cooperative schools, limited to
a neighborhood or village, and
controlled by local parents,
can be superior. Curriculum
recommendations could be
promulgated by the Church, but
not by the government, which
has no competence to regulate
education. In a Catholic State,
religious minorities would be

tolerated but not encouraged,

and would have to form and fund
their own local schools if they did
not wish their children to receive
the usual Catholic education.

8. Universities
A university is a collection of
colleges which bring together
groups of scholars specialized
in each major branch of study,
for the purpose of promoting
the advancement of human
knowledge and achievement in
the various arts and sciences.
In a Catholic State, Catholic
universities receive funding
through the tax system. But in
return, universities must work
to improve the happiness and
prosperity of Christian society
in the practical, moral, and
artistic spheres. The king
and local princes, under the
guidance of the Church, oversee
the quality of those holding
positions in universities. An
annual public Oath of Fidelity
to the Magisterium of the
Catholic Church is required of
all faculty . . . By definition,
those who refuse to take such an
oath are opposed to Truth (and
are in league with error) and
therefore cannot be trusted to
help form the minds and hearts of
[Christian] youth . . .
Since ultimate Truth has
been revealed to man by God,
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

Frantisek Zvardon, Ville et CUS

Strasbourg Cathedral

and has been entrusted to His

Church as the Deposit of Faith,
Catholic theology is the Queen of
Arts and Sciences, and Thomistic
philosophy is the most highly
developed method of analyzing
the Truth with precision of
thought. Therefore, the natural
arts and sciences must build upon
the sure foundation of Catholic
Truth in order to truly advance
and not make shipwreck. A
case in point would be the

Pope Francis at Strasbourg

On Tuesday, November 25,
2014, Pope Francis addressed
the plenar y session of the
European Union Parliament in
Strasbourg, France, about a
variety of subjects ecology,
unemployment, immigration.
Father Gruner also addressed
the European Union Parliament
on the same day, but with a
different and far more important
message. If the Pope is not
moved very soon to consecrate
Russia to the Immaculate Heart
of Mary in the manner specified
by Our Lady of Fatima, the world
(including all of the European
Union nations) will suffer
terrible consequences foretold
by Our Lady. Father Gruner noted
that if enough Members of the
European Union Parliament
will sign the formal petition
initiated by The Fatima Center
in 2012 and already formally
accepted by the Parliamentary
Petitions Committee, such a
public gesture might finally
move Pope Francis to obey Our
Lady of Fatimas request for
the Consecration of Russia and
save Europe from annihilation!

Galileo matter.
Catholic apologist and science
scholar Dr. Robert Sungenis has
shown definitively in his 2013
book, Galileo Was Wrong: The
Church was Right, that modern
science has in fact made
shipwreck by promoting the
erroneous heliocentric theory
for the past 500 years. I would
refer you to the forthcoming
documentary film The Principle
for introductory details about

this fascinating subject. A more

widely understood example
of secular science making
shipwreck is the theory of the
evolution of species, which
remains completely unproven
to this day, since not even one
credible transitional species
has been found, even after
one hundred and fifty years
of searching.

9. Healthcare
The treatment and prevention
of disease is a Corporal Work
of Mercy and is therefore
inseparable from the Catholic
religion ...
[Almost] all
healthcare is made necessary
by falling into the misfortune of
illness or disease. To be paid fair
compensation for the products
one supplies, or just wages for
the work one performs, in caring
for others, is just and proper;
but to make a profit on others
misfortune is immoral.
In a Catholic State, healthcare
would be operated as a
private, local business, with
large establishments such as
hospitals or nursing homes
being non-profit, and owned
and operated by the Church or
by municipalities. Regulation
of healthcare entities would be
done at the county level, and
multi-county healthcare chains
would not be permitted because

their management becomes

too far removed from the local
people. Firms which develop
medical products, including
phar maceuticals, would
pursue safety certifications not
through government, but rather
through private independent
testing laboratories, or
through private contracts with
research universities.
Each local healthcare facility
would determine what safety
standards it would require,
weighing costs versus risks
versus benefits in light of the
local situation. It would not be
the prerogative of government
to intervene in the learned
profession of medicine.
The licensing of healthcare
professionals could be handled
by boards of experienced
professionals at the state level.
All healthcare practices would
be regulated by the moral law, as
made clear by the Church.

10. Banking
In a Catholic State, with gold
and silver as money, fractional
reserve banking would not be
allowed, and usury would be
illegal. Even though the entire
modern worlds economy
operates on usury, it remains
condemned by the Church. Atrisk investment, in which the
lender prospers or fails along
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

with the borrower, is allowed

by the Church. But usury is the
charging of interest on loans,
requiring the repayment of the
principle plus an additional
amount, regardless of whether
the borrower prospers or fails.
Usury requires an endless
expansion of the money supply,
since more money must always
be paid back than was originally
borrowed. This endless inflation
of the money supply in turn
causes a continual increase in
prices so that the prudence of
living within ones means and
saving is punished; instead,
due to the perverse incentive
of inflation, living beyond ones
means and incurring debt is
rewarded. In a Catholic State,
banks would be limited to the
local level, serving no greater a
market area than the county in
which they are founded.
Such limited banks would
prosper only as the local economy
prospered. They could earn
profits only by investing in and
promoting the success of local
businesses. Their profits would be
honestly earned through helping
to increase the general local
prosperity never extracted as
interest from helpless borrowers,
or by the rigging of gambling
bets in vast rigged markets
based on futures contracts or
so-called derivatives. The anti-

Catholic practice of usury is the

fundamental cause of the debt
crisis now spiraling out of control
throughout Western nations.
Usury remains condemned by
the Catholic Church, and cannot
be permitted in a Catholic State.
11. Commerce
In a Catholic State, workers
who are productive and reliable
would be paid a living wage, so
that a married man employed
full-time could adequately (not
luxuriously) support a wife and
as many children as God may
see fit to send them. This would
necessarily entail some limits on
business profits, as wealth would
need to be widely distributed and
not excessively concentrated in
the hands of a few.
Corporations would either be
forbidden, or be strictly limited
in size. The large corporation,
a colossal fictional person
that never dies, and that lacks
an immortal soul answerable to
God, is a moral abomination.
Business enterprises should be
owned and operated personally
at the local level, and in most
cases should not be allowed to
expand beyond the boundaries
of the county in which they are
founded. Most people ought
to invest only at the local level
where management people and
their personal reputation and

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


business practices can be known

and observed.
12. Agriculture
Catholic social policy should
encourage a return to the land,
where both manufacturing and
agriculture should be pursued
on the scale of local businesses.
Corporatized agribusiness
deprives a large percentage of the
population from the opportunity
to live in close proximity to the
land in closely-knit human-sized
13. Risk Management
For-profit insurance is unethical
and would not be permitted in a
Catholic State. Rather, locallyoperated cooperatives could
pool risks, and determine on an
annual basis the actual just cost
of covering approved damages.
In general, risk pools would not
operate over a wider region than
a county, so that leadership and
participants could have personal
familiarity with local customs,
risks, and claims. Governments
at the state and national level
could set aside pools of revenue
to offset disaster losses. Workers
who administer risk pools would
be paid fair wages, but the risk
pools would be not-for-profit
and would have completely
transparent books supporting
the annual adjustment in rates.

14. Consumer Financing

In a Catholic State with honest
money, no usury, and a distributist
economy in which living wages
are the norm, citizens would
be encouraged to avoid debt
and to practice frugality and
saving. The modernist alchemy
of consumer debt as a vehicle
to expanding economic wealth
is contrary to Truth. Deferring
gratification until one has
worked and saved, to afford
desired goods, tends toward
true wealth and prosperity over
time. Without the modernist
scourges of usury and resultant
inflation, the virtue of frugality
is easily able to produce its
inevitable rewards.

15. Taxes
Taxes, a necessary evil, must be
uniform, transparent, and strictly
limited in a Catholic State. Social
engineering through complex tax
codes is contrary to social justice,
except for some exemptions to aid
and encourage larger families.
Given the excellent ancient
custom of donating ten percent
of ones income to the Church
or to Christian charities, any
government which would dare
to ask as much as ten percent in
taxes would seek to place itself
above the Church.
The family is the basic unit
of the economy, and should be
The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

The Fatima Center never misses an opportunity to remind Our Lords ministers of the urgent
Message of Fatima whenever possible, even on the doorstep of the Vatican! Our Pilgrim
Virgin statue (photo above) was carried in procession daily through St. Peters Square in full
view of the Pope and the hundreds of bishops gathered for last Octobers Synod on the Family.
It was Our Lady of Fatimas intervention, due in part to our daily Rosary processions, that
reversed the disastrous course announced in the Synods Interim Report. Our Ladys image is
itself a powerful emblem of Grace and Purity, banishing the shameful influence of demons.

left free to retain most of its

income, and to make decisions
on how to spend that income
according to personal and
local circumstances. In Russian
Sunrise, the Tsar recommended
a flat income tax of four percent
to ones county, three percent
to ones state, and two percent
to the federal government, for a
total of nine percent. But this was
to be reduced by a one percent tax
credit for every dependent child
under age 18, or for dependent
adult relatives living in the home.
Thus, a family with nine children
under age 18 would pay no taxes.

of Mercy best supervised

by individual families; or, if
necessary, with assistance
through the Church. The proper
role of government is to protect
families and to foster a social
and economic environment in
which families and individuals
can flourish through responsible
and moral behavior.
Those who are rendered
destitute through no fault of
their own should be able to rely
on charity administered through
the Church. The Church at the
local level can best administer
institutions such as orphanages;
16. Social Welfare and Rights shelters for the destitute, abused,
and homeless; retirement
In a Catholic State, caring communities; and assisted living
for the poor, the widow, and and nursing home facilities.
the orphan is a Corporal Work

Social policies that encourage

married couples to be generous
in procreation tend to result in
larger numbers of young people
answering their vocation to the
religious life. The missionary
spirit of the Church Militant on
earth includes a tradition of many
religious Brothers and Sisters
serving as teachers in schools,
and as caregivers in institutions
dedicated to caring for those
in need.
Thus, in a vibrant Catholic
State, the costs of operating
appropriate social services
becomes markedly reduced,
even while the quality of
service improves.

17. Law
In the Russian Catholic
Confessional State, the crown
officially declares that there is
one religion which is true, the
Roman Catholic Faith, including
among its various rites the Roman
Rite and the Orthodox Rite. All
other religions therefore contain
at least some error, and will be
tolerated but not supported by
the Russian Kingdom.
The Law of Christ, as taught and
explained by the Magisterium
of the Catholic Church, is the
law of the Russian Kingdom
... The Tsar is an autocrat with
respect to men, but is an obedient

servant with respect to Almighty

God. The Tsars mandate is
to enforce, encourage, and
exemplify obedience to the Law
of Christ within the borders
of the Russian Kingdom; and,
insofar as possible, with all men
everywhere. The Tsar has no
power to make any law contrary
to the Law of Christ or the rules
of Christs Church, nor does
the Tsar possess any power to
dispense from obedience to the
aforesaid Law or rules.
The rights of God take
precedence over the rights of
man. Men have a right to life from
conception to natural death, and
God has the right to determine
when men shall be conceived and
when they shall die ... Men have
a right to that true liberty which
is to do the will of God, but men
are not at liberty to break Gods
Law with impunity.
Therefore, men have a right to
freely speak the truth, but they
do not have an equal right to
proclaim error. Men have a right
and a duty to believe and obey
the one religion which is true,
the Roman Catholic religion, but
cannot be forced by the state or
the Church to do so. Therefore,
the state will promote the true
religion but will only tolerate
false religions.

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

God calls all men on earth

to become one family in the
Body of Christ, which is the
Catholic Church. Therefore,
discrimination on the basis of
religion is not only legal, but is
a requirement of Charity; for it
can never be charitable to leave
a brother groping in the darkness
of error rather than to lovingly
invite him to come into the light
of Truth. A Catholic State may
and in most cases must impose
a religious test for high office,
because those who are unable
to publicly acknowledge the
Truth cannot reliably be trusted
with the stewardship of the
public good.
A working man must be paid
a just wage which enables him
to support a wife and large
family in an adequate but not
luxurious manner. Social justice
may therefore require that men
with larger families be paid a
higher wage for the same work
than a single man or a man with a
small family ... As a general rule,
the highest paid workers in a
company or in a society should
not be paid more than about ten
times the lowest paid workers.
This provides adequate incentive
to work hard, without unduly
enriching the few at the expense
of the many.
Holy Days of Obligation
should be legal holidays. Most

businesses, except for those

essential to the preservation of
life, should be closed on holy
days and Sundays.

We have discussed a few salient
points about the probable nature
of a future Catholic Confessional
State, a nation that by its shining
example of justice and godliness
would be the catalyst for the
period of world peace promised
by Heaven.
The story in Russian Sunrise
predicts that after one powerful
Catholic Confessional State
emerges on the modern world
stage, people in many other
nations will observe the peace,
true liberty, and prosperity
characteristic of the Russian
Catholic State, and will clamor
to emulate Russias Catholic
virtues within their own
borders. It is also expected that
a Catholic Confessional State
would produce an abundance of
religious vocations, which would
spread out across the world as a
zealous new missionary force to
rebuild Catholic Christendom.
By this means, world peace
will unfold: one by one, nations
will turn aside from serving
the prince of this world and his
kingdom of mammon. Instead,
nations will adopt Russias
example in implementing the

The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015


Social Kingship of Our Lord

Jesus Christ.
The solution to world peace is
the conversion of most men and
nations to the one religion which
is true and the consequent
submission of governments to
the Law of Christ and to the
benevolent guidance of His
Church. Our Lady of Fatima has
told us that world peace will
follow from the Consecration of
Russia, by the Pope and all the
Catholic bishops in the world,
on the same day and at the same
time, to Her Immaculate Heart.
A simple five-minute prayer will
one day bring peace to the world.
Jesus told Sister Lucy that the
Holy Father will do it, but he will
do it late.
For Corpus Christi 2013, the
Holy Father requested all the
worlds cathedrals to synchronize
with the Pope in Rome, so that
all might adore the Blessed
Sacrament during the same hour.
Even more recently, Pope Francis
announced a plan to bring the
statue of Our Lady of Fatima,
from the shrine in Portugal, to
Rome for October 13, 2013
when the Pope plans to make
yet another consecration of the
world to Our Lady of Fatima.
Brothers and sisters, let us
pray, beginning today, that our
dear Holy Father will obtain the

grace to understand how very

close he is to complete obedience
to Our Lady of Fatima: He needs
only to order (not request) all
the bishops to synchronize with
him once again, to consecrate
not the world, but Russia by
name, to the Immaculate Heart
of Mary and then Heaven will
make good on the 96-year-old
promise to grant the world a
miraculous period of peace.
Brothers and sisters, it is now
late very late. It is 96 years
since Our Lady first appeared to
Sister Lucy at Fatima. May this
Conference produce a worldwide
groundswell of fervent prayers
for the Holy Father, so that he
may obtain the grace needed to
finally obey Our Lady of Fatima
in every detail and bring our
war-torn world the promised
period of peace.
Pray! Pray very much for the
Holy Father.
Thank you.
See page 80 to order your copy
1. Cited in The Devils Final Battle, Second
Edition, Edited and Compiled by Father
Paul Kramer, 2010, page 271.
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2013 issue, pages 41-42.
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Reason for the Vocations Crisis, posted
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The Fatima Crusader | Winter 2015

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