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Helical Pile
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What are Helical Piles?

Helical Piles are steel shafts with a series of lowpitched circular steel helical plates welded at
strategic positions along the shaft. The plates give
the foundation both tension and compression
bearing capacity which enables them to be used for
a wide range of applications across many industries
and sectors.
The piles can be connected in groups using a steel
load transfer grillage and are screwed directly into
the ground by machine-mounted hydraulic or
electrically powered drilling equipment. Helical
Piles make the use of concrete for foundations a
thing of the past.

Helical Pile Benefits

Helical Piles are relatively inexpensive because they are very quick to install. They are
specifically designed to suit the ground conditions and the application requirements
and come in various lengths and thicknesses. The helical pile is a versatile,
environmentally friendly and cost-effective technology with many uses across civil
engineering industries such as buildings, transport and communications.
Other benefits include:
Cost effective, rapid installation
No concrete required, saving both curing time and money
Small base construction for use in restricted areas
Removable and reusable
Low noise and minimal vibration during installation

Where Can Helical Piles Be Installed?

Our engineers design helical piles to suit the ground conditions at every individual
site. This technology is one of the fastest foundation solutions in existence and this,
combined with reduced environmental impact and ease of installation in restricted
access sites, is the reason that this technology is so popular and so widely used
Depending on location and the solution designed, helical piles can be installed:
Raked at angles up to 45
Protruding from the ground or buried
In any soil
To support structures in compression and tension
At grade, on embankments, and in cuttings
In low temperatures unlike concrete
In bespoke situations to suit your requirements

March 2016

Screwfast is pleased to announce our

partnership with new company Tower
Safety Systems (TSS). This exciting and
innovative company is behind the
development of a large-scale, modular
scaffolding alternative with potential
for use in a variety of applications.
Designed to protect infrastructure
assets during...
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Piling Companies: Changing

Building & How We Treat the
January 2016

Changing the Landscape of Olympic

Wastelands The remains of Olympic
stadiums have received a lot of
negative press. In a 2014 Guardian
article, an abandoned 7 billion
Olympic venue in Athens is featured in
some sobering photographs.
Enormous single-use structures are
being built and...
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ScrewFast Team assists student

in gaining a 1st class
September 2015

ScrewFast were approached by an

enthusiastic student, hoping to write a
dissertation about The Benefits of
Screw Piling. Mark Howe, who is also a
Junior Engineer at Osborne
Construction joined the ScrewFast
Management Team for a day where he
learned about the methods and...
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Helical Piles | Pile Foundation Design | Screwfast Ltd

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