m ay / j u n e 2 0 1 0 , V o l u m e X X x I , N u m b e r 3

44 From Towels to Napkins to Samples
—to You!

24 And the Winner Is . . .

The winning entries in Handwoven’s
not just for socks contest

28 Study Groups Rock!
by madelyn van der Hoogt

throw by deborah heyman

napkins by judith yamamoto

46 Twelve Months, Twelve Weaves,
Twelve Towels

by karen folland, with towels by ken allen
and nancy vaghy

30 Go on a Treasure Hunt in Your

50 Use Waffle Weave for a Thirsty,

towels and washcloths by sharon alderman

Weaving Library

pillows by kate-lange mckibben, placemats by
fran moore, and purses by martha tottenham

34 Exchange Napkins and Know-How
in a Study Group

54 Designing with M’s and O’s

Cushy, Crinkly Bath Set

52 Waffle Weave on a Rigid-Heddle
Loom? Yes, You Can!

56 A New Look at Threading M’s and O’s
baby blankets by kathleen farling

58 Go International: Join a Worldwide
Napkin Exchange

by su butler with napkins by natalie Furrey
and rebecca fox

60 Weave a Bear—or a Whole Zoo!
bear by amy preckshot

64 material matters

Mountain Colors Yarn

runner by kati meek

Napkins by Julie Hurd, Sandy Bragg,
Janice Cook, and Lucy Stolt


38 Color Play in Summer & Winter
samples by anne dixon
O n the C o v er

40 Samples Can Be Beautiful—Turn

Yours into Heirloom Accessories!

pillows by anita thompson

samples in
summer & winter
woven by Anne Dixon.
See pages 38–39.

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68 Calendar

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72 Reader’s Guide:

8 What’s Happening

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Yarns and Suppliers

12 Goods

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14 Media Picks

74 Classified Ads

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80 Endnotes: Jen Bervin

23 Tricks of the Trade

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