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English for Specific Purposes

Special Interest Group of IATEFL

ESP on the Web

Below you will find just a short selection of sites related specifically to ESP. If
you know of more or have a favourite site, why not tell us about it?
ESP Associations ESP Resource Sites Discipline Specific Sites ESP Articles on the Web
ESP Associations

Official Website for TESOL's ESP Interest Section
Run by Thomas Orr, here you will find more links and some articles from back
copies of the TESOL Matters publication.
Thailand TESOL ESP and Computer SIG
This site offers a range of material including downloadable abstract from 1989
and 1999 national conferences.
A lot of information here including reviews of texts, materials and courses.

ESP Resource Sites

Resources for Teachers of English for Science and Technology

http://www.u-aizu-ac-jp/~t-orr/est1.html (for those in Europe)
Here you will find a long list of links on everything from professional
associations through to discussion lists, EST writing links and more.

Discipline Specific Sites

English for Academic Purposes

Tim Johns
From the originator of Data-driven learning. Lots on EAP.
English for Medical Purposes
Paul William Miller
A wide range of reading and vocabulary exercises related to medical texts - even
some listenings! Other sections focus on dealing with the medical literature and
patient-doctor communication.
Distance Engineering Program for English as a Foreign Language
Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology
This site provides engineering students and engineers with an intermediate level
of English with activities in listening, reading and vocabulary in six areas of
English (as a foreign language) for Engineering
Jean Claude Viel
A databank of teaching materials, hints, tips, links and much more!
Language Resource Site for Agronomy Students
David Rees
This site offers a range of links to resources for students of agronomy
English for Science and Technology
Robert Lombardi
This site offers a range of exercises in reading, writing and listening.
English Resources for Computer Science
Frederic Delaroche
The front pages are in French but they point to a wealth of resources in English.

English for Scientific Research

Guy Norman
A site designed specifically to help non.native speakers of English hone their
scientific writing skills

ESP Journals on the Web

English for Specific Purposes

The key ESP Journal from Elsevier
English for Specific Purposes World - Web-based Journal
ESP Articles
ESP Articles on the Web

Using the Lexical Approach for the Acquisition of ESP Vocabulary

Galina Kavaliauskien and Violeta Januleviien
The Internet TESL Journal March 2001
Key Issues in English for Specific Purposes (ESP) Curriculum Development
Kristen Gatehouse
The Internet TESL Journal October 2001
Technical Correspondence: What Professionals Need to Learn
Ted Knoy
The Internet TESL Journal May 2000
Developing an English for Specific PurposesCourse Using a Learner
Centered Approach: ARussian Experience
Pavel V. Sysoyev
The Internet TESL Journal March 2000
Do EAP Teachers require Knowledge of their Students' Specialist Academic
Timothy Bell
The Internet TESL Journal October 1999

English Writing Program for Engineering Students

Hui Mien Tan
The Internet TESL Journal May 1999
Developing an ESP Course Around Naturally-occurring Videotaped Medical
Joseph Dias
The Internet TESL Journal March 1999
'ESP - State of the Art'
Richard West
Richard's presentation from the September 98 Networking for ESP - an AntiConference held in Switzerland.