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Which of the following form a moral philosophy,

which associated with mutual interest among

men, constitutes the foundation of ethics?

A. 2LA

A. Honesty, Justice, and courtesy

C. 2kLA

B. Integrity, Justice and courage

D. LA (2 + k)

C. Courage, Justice and courtesy

A 2 F capacitor with initial charge q0 = 100

C, is connected across a 100 resistor at t =
0. Calculate the time in which the transient
voltage across the resistor drops from 40 to 10

D. Honesty, courage, and integrity

For a carbon composition resistor color coded
with yellow, violet, orange, and silver stripes,
from left to right, the resistance and tolerance
A. 740ohms @5%
B. 7400ohms @1%
C. 4700ohms @10%
D. 47,000ohms @10%

++B. 2LA (1+k)

fixed direction in space if no force is applied to

A. Selectivity
B. Precession
++C. Rigidity
D. Sensitivity

A. 2.77 s

What system in industrial electronics has the

ability to monitor certain variable in the
industrial processes, the same can perform
self-correcting action?

++B. 0.277 ms

A. Coal-slurry system

C. 2.77 ms

++B. Closed-loop system

C. 0.277 s

C. Open-loop system

What do you call a small D.C generator built

into alternators to provide excitation current to
field windings?

D. Feed forward control system

A. prime mover

In a series RLC circuit with R= 200 L= 0.1 H

and C= 5F, find the transient current after the
switch is closed at t=0 applying a 200V source.

A. 3.3kohms

++B. excitor

A. 2e-1000tsin 1000t

B. 33kohms

C. commutator

B. 2e-1000tcos 1000t

C. 330kohms

D. load

C. 2e-100tsin 100t

D. 3.03kohms

What is the condition of the diode in a parallellimiter when the output is developed?

++D. 2e-100tcos 100t

If 20V are applied across a resistor and there

are 6.06mA of current, the resistance is

According to our Code of Ethics, Engineers

should not injure the reputation of their fellow
engineers. However, if one has proof that a
professional colleague is involved in illegal
activities, ethically he should

B. Conducting

A dc current of 50 Amp flows through a long

straight conductor. Determine the force on a
magnetic pole of 50 unit pole strength placed 5
cm from the conductor

C. Cut-off

++A. 100 dynes

D. Shorted

B. 1000 dynes

Which of the following robot is primarily used

for machining processes?

C. 100pi dynes

C. 6.93 ms
D. 6.93 s

A. Cincinatti T1

What is the hysteresis loss at a frequency of 60

cycles per second of an audio transformer
magnetic core which has a maximum flux
density of 10,000 gausses? The volume of solid
iron of this core is 66.8 cubic cm and the
hysteresis coefficient (a constant that depends
upon grade and quality of iron) id 5.35 x 10-4.

++B. Cincinatti T3

A. blow the wistle

B. Inform in writing

A. 0.5386 W
B. 53.86 W
++C. 5.386 W
D. 5386 W
When two coils of equal inductances are
connected in series with coefficient of coupling
and their fields in phase, find the total
inductance of two coils.

++A. Shunted

D. 2000 dynes

C. Cincinatti T2

A solenoid has a magnetic reluctance of 2.2

x10-3. it has 300 turns and a core area of 5 sq.
cm. What is the flux density when the current
flowing is 1 Amp?

D. Cincinatti T4

A. 26,300 Gauss

The Kuka spot welding robot has how many

degrees of freedom?

B. 12,200 Gauss

A. 4
++B. 6
C. 5
What is the property of a gyro so that the axis
of rotation or spin axis tends to remain in a

++C. 34,200 Gauss

D. 21,200 Gauss