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Justice Department Announces Nationwide Settlement Agreement with Nation's Largest Pizza Hut Franchisee on Accessibility Issues
WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Justice Department today announced a settlement agreement under Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) with NPC International, Inc. (NPC), which will make NPC’s Pizza Hut restaurants accessible nationwide to people with disabilities. NPC, which operates approximately 800 Pizza Hut restaurants in 25 states, is the largest single franchisee of Pizza Hut restaurants in the United States. “Too often, the ease and enjoyment of restaurant dining is not a reality for individuals with disabilities,” said Wan J. Kim, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division. “I commend NPC for their commitment to take the steps necessary to make its Pizza Hut restaurants accessible. These improvements will allow more Americans to participate and enjoy everyday activities with their family and friends.” The agreement resolves alleged violations of the ADA. The Justice Department initially conducted a compliance review and based on architectural surveys of a number of NPC facilities, concluded that many of the spaces and elements of the facilities were not in compliance with the ADA. NPC, while asserting that its restaurants are in compliance with the ADA, has worked actively and cooperatively with the Department to reach a settlement agreement. The agreement covers parking lots, entrances, seating areas, toilet rooms, selfservice counters, and other spaces and elements. It requires NPC to: -complete access work to all existing NPC-owned Pizza Hut properties so that each restaurant will meet minimum, detailed criteria listed in the agreement; -survey and evaluate all NPC-owned facilities that are subject to the ADA’s more stringent new construction and alterations standards at the time of their construction or alteration and bring them into full compliance;

-work with the landlords at the 180 facilities not owned by NPC, which are dedicated only to delivery and carry-out, to ensure accessibility; and -complete ADA training of all personnel involved in the implementation of the agreement, including a designated compliance officer, and a separate training of all store managers. The agreement sets out a schedule for completion of the work and addresses accessibility for people with mobility impairments and vision impairments. Anyone interested in finding out more about the ADA or the agreement can call the Justice Department's toll-free ADA Information Line at 800-514-0301 or 800-5140383 (TTY), or access its ADA Web site at " ### 06-179