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| | By: Ryan Zentner || || Vol. 1 | |
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I dont know about you, but I spend a lot of time thinking about God and
the bible and how it all effects me in my life. I think God works in all our liv
es, even when we choose to deny Him. Before I write down thoughts I have on the
subject of God and The Bible and Whats to come when God chooses to end the world
and life as we know it. I think a lot of people agree that there will be an end
of this world, possibly in our time. Maybe they dont think it will be because o
f God, but just by random chance. The bible is filled with metaphors and a type
of "christian code" as it were. So to the average person looking from the outsid
e in would think of John's Revelation of the worlds end to be pure fiction. Only
someone whos brainwashed could believe in that. Thats what I used to think. I d
idnt grow up a Chistian like most christians today have. I was a sinner, and the
re were a great many. I have since gained a great deal of knowledge that I feel
would be a sin not to share it with others. Wasting a gift from God cant be good
, right? My only problem is that they go against what most people believe in abo
ut who or what God is and What he has planned for this earth. Ive learned that,
if you challenge someones idea, they might defend it but it wouldnt cause someon
e to be overly angry. But, challenge someones faith and what they grew up believ
ing in and KNOW it to be true...well, I think you would have been better off say
ing something bad about their mother than challenge what they think they know ab
out God. People have chose to close their minds when it comes to religion. Do yo
u ever wonder if Gods sitting in heaven looking down saying, "Man, how could the
y have got it so wrong?! I thought I made it clear and dry cut?" Who knows, but
what I do know is that its fine to ask questions. Dont you want to make sure wh
at you believe and tell others is right? How do you think God would feel if you
never asked questions, so you went your whole life teaching a lie, and from that
, hundreds of people went and taught your lie to hundreds of other people? Even
if you dont know it, words spread like wildfire. Do you see how asking questions
can help? Im not saying to question everything you think is true. Im saying tha
t this is why you should read and study the bible so you can know what your tell
ing others. Dont just tell the story of david and golieth from what you remember
in suday school when you were 10. I asked 5 people to tell me the story of davi
d and golieth and each gave me the same sunday school version, and when I asked
if they could tell me the real story thats in the bible, they had no idea there
was any difference! If your thinking right now that you dont know what im talkin
g about, maybe its time to refresh your brain and go read the story as an adult.

My whole point is this: Im going to share my opinion in this letter, and

I want you to question me and try to find the truth for yourself. Dont just get
angry that I might suggest that what you think is true might not be entierly tr
ue. Try to be opened minded. Read it, pray about it, and if at the end you still
feel im wrong, thats ok. I never wanted to force my religion or beliefs on anyo
ne. I only wish to learn the truth and share the message of love that Jesus had
for us all. I think we forget that somethimes. So, I got all that out of the way
. I would like to share my ideas with you and would love feedback on it. If I sa
y something you think offending or appauling, im very sorry. It is not my intent
to challenge anyones intellect or beliefs. If you think im way off on some thin
gs, share it with me and together, we might be able to dig out the truth of the
matter. Ill start out with 2 or 3 ideas Ive thought about, and if you think you
would like to hear more things, then Id love to share more with you. I dont want
to make it to long of a read, and im trying to put a limit on how many people I
will end up offending.I wonder why the truth makes people so angry? Jesus preac
hed the truth, but because it didnt "jive" with what the priest grew to know as
the "truth" about God and religion, The put him on the cross after a very long a
nd bloody day for Jesus.. Nobody likes to be told, "everything you think you kno
w about God is a lie" Tends to bring out the worst in people. But if what I say
makes you mad, does it make me wrong? Food for thought...
(NOTE: If what Ive said so far has offended you or made you angry in some way, i
ts best to stop here right now, because I havent even got to the offending part
yet (if thats even what you can call it) If not, then read on.)

#1. The first thing ill bring up is about Revelation and the "End" of the wo
rld. Admittedly, this is a tough read for most. It is filled with so many hidden
meaning and metaphores that its hard for the brightest bible scholors to know f
or a fact what something means. Just like the story of the garden of eden, this
book in the bible is widly thought by non-christians as a fairy tale. As it was
put to me, "it was written long ago by old men to teach morals and scare little
children into going to bed at night. " I admitt, this is how I felt at one time
years ago. But I realize now that the people who think that have never picked u
p the bible and just read it, and studied what is ment to be said. They go off
of what they heard from someone, like a rumor, or what they remember from sunday
school (which anytime The end of the world is taught to kids in sunday school,
is what I would call a "watered down" version. They dont want to teach kids abou
t the sea of blood and loved ones dying a horrible death at the hands of demons
marching out of Hell.) These people, like I was, were terribly mis informed. No
w, It is widely accepted that before the great time of tribulation, Jesus will c
ome in the air and "catch all the Good christian into the air to save us from th
e pain and suffering the wicked shall face" Christians, since the beginning of
time had to die first to get to heaven. That is our punishment for sin in the wo
rld. Death. So why is it that before the End comes, God will just come down from
heaven and pick out the christians, and we all just dissapear leaving our cloth
es laying where we stood when Jesus came back. Strangely, this is the most accep
ted version of the bible people choose to believe. Ill admit, that does sound ni
ce, but I think that the truth sometimes isnt NICE. We are humans...and just lik
e the humans before us, we will all pay the ultimate price for sins. Death. I do
think most christians will be the first in heaven before the great tribulation,
leaving non believers here to suffer great devestation. And some will come to G
od in that time, But reality is, the way all christians will be "caught up" to G
od is, we will Die. Possibly we will be killed first by war, or natural disaster
. All I know is, none of us can escape the fate of having to die. Its sounds nic
e to think Jesus will come to take us home, and we just float to heaven, just wa
ving to all the sinners we leave behind. Im sorry it wont be so nice. When God g
ave John this vision, for him it was like looking down a long tunnel at a small
part of a future he doesnt understand. He might have saw our end, but he wrote d
own what he saw in ways he understood. If he saw a nuclear war, for instance, he
wouldnt have any idea what he is seeing. A bomb would make a huge hole, coverin
g the sky with clouds causing parts of the earth to rain down on fire. How whoul
d he describe something he has no understanding of? He might say something like
" God turned day into night only in the city of jaruselem for 40 days at which t
ime the anti christ commanded the heavens to rain fire down on all who opped him
." Thats no a direct quote from the bible. Im just giving you an idea of how Jo
hn might have saw the future. He wrote it out in terms he understood.
He also wrote it in a type of "code" because christians were being perse
cuted and how do you send a letter to other christians without non christians kn
owing what your saying. Something only other christians would know. Thats why it
s so hard to follow and understand. Christians of his day would understand, but
our world has changed to much that we would understand their culture back then t
he way John understood our culture today. We, for the most part, have no clue. F
or instance, He wrote that Jesus will come in fire and he will have a sword comm
ing out of his mouth. Now thats really strange, but if you think of what is call
ed, the "armor of God", where each part of armor represented something about God
, like these here:
Belt = Truth / Find it: Isaiah 11:5
Body armor = Gods righteousness / Find it: Isaiah 59:17
Shoes = Peace from the good news / Find it: Isaiah 52:7
Shield = Faith / Find it: 2 Samuel 22:3
Helmet = Salvation / Find it: Isaiah 59:17
Sword = Word of God / Find it: Isaiah 49:1-2
In this case, the fire is the Judgment of God and you see here the sword is the
Word of God. So a passage that seems very strange and hard to believe, really is
saying, simply "Jesus is sent in Gods Judgement and speak the word of God so th
at all can be judged." Now that sounds much more realistic to me. If you read an
d study the bible, things that sound impossible might just become quite believab
le. Now that I got that little bible lesson out of the way, its on to my next s
candilous subject.
This is something people never know what to expect. No matter who you ar
e, you have your own idea of what Hell is like. Ive done a lot of thought on thi
s. Ive heard many say, "How can a loving God condem someone to burn in Hell fore
ver. Well first off, I think people have it wrong. God doesnt send you anywhere.
You choose your own fate. Thats why God gave us free will. We get to choose. We
CHOOSE to do right or wrong; we CHOOSE to love God or simply not believe in Him
; we CHOOSE the road in life to take. Ive noticed that when people make a bad de
cision in life, their always ready to blame someone else for it. You live a life
of sin all your life, and you blame God for sending you to Hell?? God doesnt ma
ke you kill someone, or beat their children, or even steal from the store. No, Y
ou did. So you ask, why give us free will then? God has the power to make us lov
e him. Why let use do bad things? Well, to start, If you could make someone love
you, would that relationship mean anything at all to you? They only love you be
cause you tell them they have to. Then you wonder, "If I let THEM choose, would
they Choose to love me? Take me for example. Until 3 years ago, I hated God and
I thought he hated me to. I have had many problems with my body. Ive been throu
gh more pain in my life by the time I turned 21 then most people have there whol
e life. I had my 1st kidney transplant at 15. It kinda ruins the whole growing u
p thing. So I thought God hated me, and I knew that if he even existed, that I h
ated Him to. Looking back, I can see how God was with me in times of need, even
when I cursed Him. He let me choose to hate Him, because when I finally Chose to
love Him, It means all that much more. I learned to thank God for all he has bl
essed me with not only in the good times, But also in times of great pain. Free
will may be the greatest gift he has ever given us. He has given us the chance t
o choose our own fate. So to bring all this together in an answer to what hell i
s like, I do not think is Hell is a place of suffering in the sense of demons ri
pping your skin off over and over forever. It is said that God see's all sin the
same. I know many many people dissagree, but God see's the sin of murder, and t
he sin of lying as the same. If God were to see sins as separate sins on a scale
of how bad they are, there would need to be a scale of judgement. Your sin is a
n 8 on Gods scale, so your in the lake of fire forever...and this persons sin is
a 4 on Gods scale, so you get strapped to a rock and birds will peck your flesh
off forever. This is not how sin works. I know to us, you think of a child murd
erer much much worse than say, someone who steals from a store. But if you think
about it as God might, you might be suprised to see the child murder in heaven
and the thief in hell. I know it doesnt sound fair to us, but God is filled with
love and mercy. If the child killer, before being put to death, asked God with
all his heart to forgive him of the horrible sin. If in his heart he means it an
d truely asked forgiveness, He can be saved through Jesus. But the thief never f
eel guilt for his sins and never even wants to be forgiven, he is choosing his f
ate. God see's all sin the same, so through Jesus, all sinners can be saved. So
what would someone expect in a hell created by a loving God? I think many people
in hell dont know they are even dead. When we sin, we are only looking in on ou
rselves. We are being selfish. Looking to God is a selfless act. I think in heav
en, we shed our human bodys and what i would call "comming out of ourselves" Un
selfish. When we go to heaven, we leave our "selfves" behind, so when we go to h
ell, we go inside our own selfishness. In hell you can only look within ourselve
s and relive all our depression, self doubt and any other selfish or depressing
feeling forever. I would see it like being so depressed that on earth you would
have gone insane long ago, but in hell you are always at the point of insanity b
ut are incapable of truely being insane, because being insane would be a welcome
relief from what you feel. In a sense, God doesnt condem you to hell, you put y
ourself in hell and you can never think of anyone or anything but yourself for a
ll eternity. You cannot think of God so you cannot asked to be saved. Its just y
ou and you alone with all your insecurities and lonelyness and depression multip
lied 1,000,000x over forever and ever. When you think of it like that, Hell stil
l looks like a place you would never want to go, but doesnt make God look like h
es taking all of his wrath on you. It makes sense to me but You might dissagree
with me.
Now I come to the hardest one to talk about. Its the one that almost eve
ryone gets angry the second I bring it up. You hear people say the Bible IS GOD'
s WORD. Well, God didnt write it, so its not HIS words. I believe it was inspire
d by God, yes thats true. But have you ever heard someone say, "The bible IS god
s word. The creation story happened just like that. Its not just a story. It is
the final word of God" That doesnt make it true. In fact, This letter is inspire
d by God. I prayed and thought about it and I feel God would want me to seek out
the truth. Does that mean that you should accept everything I wrote as devine t
ruth and blindly teach others what I said because it IS GOD's WORD!!! If somethi
ng is inspired, that doesnt make it truth (Even if it was inspired by God) Dont
get me wrong, I do believe thatmost of the books in the bible are true accounts
of events in history. I believe in Jesus and all the good deeds he did and the m
iracles he performed. I believe he died for our sins and rose from the dead 3 da
ys later. BUT, the creation story and the story of Job are 2 stories I do not fe
el were true events in history. I know many people feel different about that and
people have that right. I just know that things that are inspired are not alway
s the true facts. You cannot say in the same sentance that the bible IS the word
of God and that it was written by men and women who were inspired by God. Its n
ot the same thing. It can be only one. And we know God didnt write the bible him
self. Obviously. But for some reason, if you say in church that any small part o
f the bible might not be pure facts, well it sure gets a reaction doesnt it? As
it were, if you were to get mad at someone saying that, isnt that another form o
f judgement?? All im saying is, listen and have and open mind and an open heart,
and if in the end, you still dont believe anything different than you have befo
re...GREAT! At least you feel good knowing you looked at all the facts, good or
bad, and you came up with a good answer. Thats all God really wants. He wants us
to seek out the truth and not blindly accept what someone else says. They could
be wrong, so wont that make you wrong too? Just think about it. If you read all
this and you choose to not believe anything Ive said, thats ok. Just remember t
hat God gave to the blessing to make that desicion and choose your own fate. Als
o, Sorry for all the spelling errors. Im sure there is a great many.