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Which Republic Act provides government assistance to students and teachers in private education?
a RA 7836
b. RA 7784
c. RA 6728
d. RA 6675
In the preamble of the CODE of ethics for Professional Teachers, which of the following teacher
descriptions is included in the Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers?
a With satisfactory teaching performance
c. Duly licensed professional
b Passed the licensure exams for teachers
d. Persons of dignity and reputation
Which stage according to Erickson is the stage of trust and mistrust?
a Young adulthood
b. Early childhood
c. Adolescence
d. Infancy
In the history of education system, including that of the Philippines, which system was first and last
remained a partner of other systems of education?
a Formal
b. Non-formal
c. Informal
d. Pre-school
Who among the following subscribe to the theory that the good, the true and the beautiful are universally
valid in all places at all times?
a Realists and idealists b. Realist and existentialists c. Pragmatists and idealists d. Pragmatists and
The 1987 Constitution mandates the state to encourage among others self-learning, independent and outof-school study programs particularly those that respond to community needs. Which is an off shoot of this
a Institutionalization of early childhood care and development c. Multi-grade teaching
b Principal empowerment program
d. Practices of community-based learning
Authors claim that education is given greater in the 1987 Philippine Constitution than in the past
Constitution. Which article provision on education is found only in the 1987 Constitution?
a Support to teacher education
c. The establishment of the integrated system of
b Provision on assigning the highest budget priority to education
d. The creation of CHED
According to Hurlock, studies of childrens play revealed that toy play reaches its peak during the:
a Middle childhood years
b. Early childhood years
c. Babyhood
In a DECS memorandum issued last 1998, the new name for multi-grade class is:
a Friendly school
b. School-of-the-future .
c.Paaralan ng bahay d.
The student-centered curriculum belongs to which group of educators?
a Reconstructionist-Essentialist b. Progressivist, Perennialist
c. Perennialist, Essentialist d.
Progressivist, Reconstructionist
Daniel Goleman talks about emotional intelligence. Which of the following characterize a student with a
high degree of emotional intelligence?
a Sensitive to points of view and feeling of others
c. Obsessed with achieving at any cost
b Prodded by others
d. Unable to delay gratification
The history of curriculum development includes the hidden curriculum approach. Which is the content
emphasis of the hidden curriculum?
a Students experiences and activities
c. Student needs and interest
b Implicit processes and social norms
d. Introspection and choice
Teacher T is concerned with conceptual matters since reality is mental teacher Ts thinking is quitea Realistic
b. Pragmatic
c. Existential
d. Idealistic
The authoritarian setting in the Filipino home is reinforced by a classroom teacher whoa Asks open ended questions
c. Prescribes what pupils should do
b Encourages pupils to ask questions
d. Is open to suggestions
A number of researches found that the effects of maternal employment on childrens achievement area Hardly established
b. Positive and negative
c. Fully established d. Negative
Which one correctly describes the phenomenon of latchkey children?
a They turn to empty homes after school either to sit by the television or to roam the streets
b They are truant school children
c They are engaged in child labor
d They are engaged in child labor
Teacher Q regards the student as a spiritual entity and as part of the larger spiritual universe. To what
philosophy does teacher Q subscribed?
a Idealism
b. Existentialism
c. Realism
d. Pragmatism
The 1987 Constitution mandates the state to assign the highest budgetary priority toa Health
b. Education
c. Social work]
d. Defense
Moral development in early childhood is characterized bya Questioning rules
c. Acting out of conviction
b Willful disobedience of rules
d. Acting without knowing why they do so
According to Piaget, by adolescence boys and girls must have reached what stage?
a Concrete operations Stage
c. Formal operations stage
b Sensorimotor stage
d. Pre-operational stage

21 Ruth dances well. She can figure out how something works or how to fix something that is broken, without
asking for help. Based on Gardens theory of multiple intelligence under what intelligence is she strong?
a Musical
b. Logical-mathematical
c. Spatial intelligence d.
22 Who among the following believes that learning requires disciplined attention regular homework, and
respect for legitimate authority?
a Reconstructionist
b. Perennialist
c. Essentialist
d. Progressivist
23 Which developmental task is expected of the adolescent according to Havinghurst?
a Achieving new and more mature relations with age-mates of both sexes
b Skilled games
c Getting started in an occupation
d Learning to get along with age-mates
24 Mr. Roy wants his pupils to be creative. Which of the following will he REFRAIN from doing?
a Heighten the students sense of unusual
b Develops students ability to recognize and analyze problems and relationships
c Encourage sustained attention in an area of interest
d Develop solely skill mastery
25 The creation of Students Loan Fund to give equal opportunity to all persons who desire to pursue higher
education is the essence of:
a RA 6014
b. RA 7836
c. RA 6655
d. RA 7784
26 In his/her teaching, Teacher D moves from particular instances to tentative generalizations that are
Subjected to further verification . Teacher D engages himself/herself in:
a Intuition
b. Inductive logic
c. Deductive logic
Philosophical analysis
27 Which of the correct statement of emotional intelligence based on Daniel Golemans theory?
a Emotional intelligence is feeling approximately and effectively
b Emotional intelligence id being nice to people
c Emotional intelligence is giving free rein to feeling
d Emotional intelligence changes less considerably than IQ through life.
28 Which of the following is not a subject-centered curriculum?
a Perennialist
b. Back-to-basics
c. Values-centered
d. Subject area
29 Which program is assisted financially by the World Bank and OECF and is meant for the improvement of
elementary education in the SRA provinces?
a Program for Decentralized Education
c. Kinesthetic intelligence
b First Elementary Education Project
d. Second Elementary Education Project
30 Mr. Z, A fifty-five year old American citizen, even though very educationally qualified to be president an
educational institution in third country cannot be appointed as President because:
a Does not belong to a religious group
c. Is not Filipino Citizen
b Is nearing retirement
d. Is not an official of a corporation
31 Which of the following is not a hazard to the mastery of developmental tasks?
a Unfavorable social judgment
b Bypassing of stage of development as a result of failure to master the tasks for that stage of
c Crisis when individuals pass from on stage to another
d Inappropriate or impossible expectations
32 Teacher U emphasizes to her students the importance of deep personal reflection on ones commitments
and choices. Teacher U subscribes to which Philosophy?
a Realism
b. Idealism
c. Existentialism
d. Pragmatism
33 The constitutional provision on language has the following aims, Except:
a To make Filipino the national language and medium of instruction and official communication
b To make the regional dialect as auxiliary media of instructions in regional schools
c To make Filipino the sole medium of instruction
d To maintain English as a second language
34 Which periods in the life span of an individual are characterized by growth spurt?
a Early childhood and adolescence
c. Early childhood
b Prenatal period and early childhood
d. Pre-natal and puberty
35 The introduction of non-formal education in line with the Constitutional Provision on:
a Protection of teachers
b Promoting the rights of all citizens to make quality education accessible to all
c Optional religious instructions
d Promoting the rights of all citizens to quality education at all levels
36 Teacher X is often times frustrated. The students in her class hardly volunteer to recite and to do other
learning-related task. This is a proof of the Filipinos:
a Sense of humor
b. Lack of resourcefulness
c. Lack of reflection d.Passivity
and lack of initiative
37 The tendency to emphasize so much on school beautification to the detriment of pupils performance
illustrated the:










a Filipinos sense of humor

c. Filipinos love for Porma at the expense
of substance
b Filipinos lack of reflection
d. Filipinos lack of seriousness
A president body to study Philippines education created by virtue of Executive Order No. 46 during the
incumbency of DECS secretary Andrew Gonzales with an aim to study Philippine Education is the:
a Presidential Commission on Educational Reform
c. Survey to outcomes of elementary
b Philippine Commission to Survey Philippine Education
Which is a danger signal of adolescent mal-adjustment?
a Inappropriate body-build
b Irresponsibility as shown in neglect of studies in favor of having a good time
c Attraction to the opposite sex
d Prolonged treatment as children
To democratize access to secondary education, public secondary education was made free. In whose
presidency was this implemented?
a Ferdinand Marcos
b. Joseph Estrada
c. Corazon Aquino
Which is not a characteristic of democratic discipline?
a Child obeys blindly
c. Child is given punishment us related to
the misdeed
b Child understands the meaning of rules
d. Child has opportunity to express his/her
The three As of happiness according to Hurlock are:
a Adjustments, affection, altruism
c. Acceptance, affection, and achievement
b Attitude, ability, adjustment
d. Affection, ability, attitude
Babyhood is often referred to as a Critical period in the development of personality because:
a At this time the foundations are laid upon which the adult personality structure will be built
b Changes in the personality pattern take place
c The brain grows and develops at such an accelerated rate during babyhood
d At this time the baby is exposed to many hazards both physical and psychological
Who among the following stressed the processes of experiences and problem solving?
a Plato
b. Hegel
c. Dewey
d. Aristotle
Teacher L believes that creation of knowledge in by way of the learners interaction with their environment.
Teacher L is more of:
a An idealist
b. A pragmatist
c. An existentialist
d. A realist
To reach out clientele who cannot be in the classroom for one reason or another, which of the following was
a Non-formal education b. Informal education
c. Pre-school education
d. formal education
The encouragement of self-learning, independent, and out-of-school study programs as stated in the 1987
constitution has given rise to:
a The implementation of open universities and distance learning programs
c. The conduct of
b Institutionalization of early childhood care and development
d. The clamor for a Grade VII
Which of the following statement on developmental tasks is wrong?
a Failure to master developmental tasks at a certain developmental stage has far reaching consequences
in a persons development
b The mastery of development tasks is a result of physical maturation, societal pressure and individuals
c There are essential skills expected to be acquired and mastered in each developmental stage
d Retirees are not expected to work on mastering certain develop mental tasks
The 1987 Philippines Constitution states the following, Except:
a The official languages of the Philippines are Filipino and English
b The national language of the Philippines is Filipino
c Filipino is the Tagalog of the Tagalog speaking provinces
d The government shall initiate and sustain the use of Filipino as a medium of official communication and
as a language of instruction in the education system
Which among the following has been said to play an irreplaceable role in the education of the young?
a Community
b. School
c. Church
d. Home
For the drill method to be effective there should be:
a Much practice on a few skills
c. Much practice on many skills
b Little practices on few skills
d. Little practice on many skills
Which of the following classroom management practices runs counter to the reality therapy approach of
William Glasser?
a A. The teacher asks a misbehaving student what he or she is doing
b Teacher requires the students to prepare a plan in writing and sign it as means of increasing personal
motivation to maintain and fulfill the plan
c The teacher evaluates pupils behavior as good or bad

d Teacher assists the students in making realistic plans to change behavior

53 Which of the following does not apply to mastery learning?
a It makes use of varied instructional time for different groups of students
c. It is effective in teaching
basic skills
b It makes use of norm-reference tests
d. It requires the use of carefully crafted
instructional objective
54 The teachers role in problem solving methods is:
a To test the conclusions
c. To propose ways of obtaining the needed data
b To set up the problem
d. To help the learners what is it that is being solved
55 To nurture creativity in student, teacher should:
a Vary the length and difficulty of questions
c. Ask convergent questions
b Allow for one-minute wait-time
d. Emphasize the necessity of giving right answers
56 The content of a good lesson plan is self-sufficient. This means that:
a The content should match with students aptitude
c. The content should be broad and treated
b The content should help students learn how to learn
d. The content should be verifiable
57 Which one can NOT help individuals reduce their own fears about change?
a Reflect on the extent of change in ones life so far and how it has coped with
b Identify shortfalls in skills or knowledge and take action to remedy them
c Identify skills which will be useful in a new situation
d Keep feeling of anxiety to themselves
58 The following are generating thinking skills, Except:
a Connecting new ideas
b. Predicting
c. Classifying
d. Inferring
59 Mrs. Valdez wants to generates as many ideas as she can as the class is about to embark on a community
outreach program. Which of the following will she employ?
a role playing
b. brainstorming
c. brainwashing
d. simulation
60 Which teaching practice will most likely decrease learners attention?
a Questioning
c. Assessing learning as an integral part of
b Assessing learning as an external part of instruction
d. Teaching by telling
61 For efficiency, if in the process of teaching a teacher realizes that too little has been planned, which of the
following may she NOT do?
a Discuss possible problems of the new assignment.
c. Drill the students on the major
points of the lesson.
b Pose additional questions to explore various facets of the content d. Give a quiz
62 Correct practice makes perfect. This maxim is based on Thorndikes laws of exercise and the finding that
reinforcement of a response increases the likelihood its occurrence. Whose research finding is the
underlined statement?
a Skinner
b. Bruner
c. Palo
d. Lewin
63 Here is a lesson objective: Given a microscope and a slide, the students must be able to focus the
prepared slide. Applying Robert F. Magers principle, which does this lesson objective lack?
a Criterion measure
b. Condition
c. . Performance
d. time element
64 Which is a focusing thinking skill?
a Identifying key concepts
b. Summarizing
c. Obtaining information
through inquiry
65 In the use of television in the classroom, which of the following should be avoided?
a The TV program lasts the whole class period.
b There is a pre-viewing orientation
c Select programs that match the learners level of interest and maturity
d Life should be left on if students are to take notes
66 Based on Victor Lowenfields classification, which sequence in the developmental stages of children in art
is followed?
a Scribbling stage, pre-schematic stage, schematic stage, dawning realism stage, pseudo-realistic stage
b Scribbling stage, pre-schematic stage, schematic stage, pseudorealistic stage, dawning realism stage
c Pre-schematic stage, schematic stage, scribbling stage, pseudorealistic stage, dawning realism stage
d Pre-schematic, schematic stage, scribbling dawning realism stage, pseudo-realistic stage
67 In relation to teachers ratings research suggests the following, Except one:
a Teachers favor self-evaluation over all other forms of evaluation
b Peer and supervisory evaluation are not reliable
c Student raters of teachers are more reliable and valid than other raters
d Student work and test outcomes are supplementary sources for evaluating teachers
68 Suppose defined 3 levels of computer-assisted instruction: dialogue, tutoring, practice-drill. Which ones are
two higher levels in the correct order?
a Tutoring and dialogue b. Practices-drill and tutoring c. Dialogue and tutoring
d. Practice-drill and
69 In what condition is the use of the lecture method appropriate?
a Higher cognitive learning is sought
c. The subject matter is quite easy
b The information is not available
d. Long term learning is desired

70 Which refers to the time when students learn at a maximum level?

a Wait time
b. Engaged time
c. Allocated time
d. Academic learning time
71 What is a sign of the underachiever in the classroom?
a Resist authority and carry on a power struggle with a teacher.
c. Frustrated about quality of work
b Holds back from class participant unless sure of self
d. Minimum work output.
72 If after calling on a number of students, a teacher is unable to obtain the desired response, what should
teacher do?
a Ask leading questions
c. Probe students answers
b Re-teach parts of the lesson that need re-teaching
d. Rephrase the questions
73 For global competitiveness, a school must embark on a proactive change. Which one is a characteristic of
proactive change?
a radical and inventive b. imitative of others
c. late in the game
d. problem-driven
74 Which guideline on the use of the chalkboard should a teacher AVOID?
a Establish routine uses for the chalkboard
c. Dont talk to the chalkboard while writing
on it
b While writing, proceed from right to left
d.Limit your board writing to major ideas
75 To teach the democratic process to the pupils, Mabuhay Elementary School decided that the election of
class and school officers shall be patterned after local election of the class and school officers shall be
patterned after local election process. There are qualifications set for candidates, limited period for
campaign and rules for posting campaign materials, etc. Which of the following did the school use?
a Simulation
b. Philips 66
c. Role playing
d. Symposium
76 Which is NOT a characteristic of preventive discipline.
a Proactive
b. Anticipatory
c. Inventive
d. Reactive.
77 One criterion that has been proposed in the selection and organization of content in the development
section of a lesson plan is balance. When does lesson content possess balance?
a The content should have practical application for the learners
b The content is not cluttered by masses of more trivial content
c The content should enable the learners to experience the broad sweep of content and give them the
opportunity to go deeper
d The content should help student learns how to learn
78 The burnout malady gets worse if a teacher doesnt intervene to change whatever areas he or she can
control. Which one can renew a teachers enthusiasm?
a Engage in self-pity
b. Stick to the job
c. Judge someone else as wrong
Initiate changes in job.
79 Although learning can take place anywhere and anytime, the more systematic the teacher, the greater the
probability for success. This points out the need for teachers to:
a Specify their objectives
b. Plan their lessons
c. Set their teaching priorities d.
instructional materials
80 Below are teachers effective classroom management practices, Except One.
a Teachers make sure students understand and follow rules and procedures
b Disruptive behavior is handled every weekend
c Teachers clearly establish consequences for not following rules
d Teachers spend more time in the beginning of the year explaining and reminding students of rules.
81 A teachers summary of a lesson serves the following functions:
a It links the parts of the less
b It makes provisions for full participation of the students
c It clinches the basic ideas or concepts of the lesson
d It brings together the information that has been discussed
82 Which ones are projected visuals?
a Graphs on a book
b. Models
c. Realias
d. Slides
83 The lesson is on the pros and cons of capital punishment. Mr. Milan wants to do high level thinking and to
develop a view of capital punishment from a different perspective. Which technique will be most
a Lecture
b. Simulation
c. Role playing
84 Which is used to emphasize individualized instruction?
a Tutorial group
b. Philips 66
c. Inquiry group
d. Task group
THE DATA. Under what type of question does this test item fall?
a Evaluate
b. Convergent
c. Divergent
d. Application
86 Ms. Estira cannot bring her pupils to the sea for a lesson on marine community. Which of the following will
be closest to an actual experience of marine community?
a Motion picture on marine community
c. Pictures of marine community
b Description of marine community
d. Taped lesson of marine community
87 Which can NOT help organizations reduces fears about change?
a By training people in new skills
c. By clandestine moves
b By keeping people informed about plans
d. By consultation

88 After a lesson in air pollution, teacher C gives each pupil mimeographed sheets, which contain statements
to which each is expected to react. Examples of these statements are. Do you in any way contribute to air
pollution? What solutions do you propose to minimize, if not eliminate, air pollution. Then the students are
grouped for sharing. In this case what does the teacher make use of
a Value sheet
b. Conflict story
c. Rank ordering
d. Contrived
89 Which orders consist of the goal-oriented instructional model?
a Pre-assessment, specification of objectives, pre-assessment, instruction, evaluation
b Specification of objectives, pre-assessment, instruction evaluation
c Pre-assessment, specification of objectives, instruction, evaluation
d Specification of objectives, evaluation, pre-assessment, instruction
90 Teacher Bs lesson was on abortion. She wanted to get her students maximum participation and reaction.
She showed slides on abortion accompanied by an audiotape that presented the reasons for and against
abortion. Teacher took a stand in favor of abortion and came up with all her justifications. At the end,
however, she made clear her stand on abortion. Which did the teacher use?
a She made use of value clarifying discussion
c. She made use of simulation
b She made use of contrived incident
d. She played the role of the devils advocate
91 In on of the pages of her reference material, Ms. Estrada finds the life cycle of a frog. Assuming that the
following are available to her, the quickest way to effectively present the life cycle of a frog to the class is by
way of
a An overhead projector b. An opaque projector
c. Describing the life cycle
d. A drawing
on the chalkboard
92 Below are questions that must be considered in developing appropriate learning activities/ experience,
Except one:
a Do the experiences encourage pupils to inquire further?
b Do the experiences save the pupils from learning difficulties?
c Can be experiences profit the pupils?
d Are the experiences in accordance with an increasing amount of learning?
93 Which order of the senses goes with an increasing amount of learning?
a Sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell
c. Taste and smell, touch, sight, hearing
b Taste and smell, sight , touch, hearing
d.Taste and smell, touch, hearing, sight
94 Which of the following statements on peer tutoring is true?
a Teacher has time with more severe learning problems
c. The social skills of pear tutors are
not enhanced
b The atmosphere is threatening
d. the peer tutors achievement goes down
95 A lesson in Philippine history was presented by Mrs. Palaroan by making her class view a videotape on
EDSA revolution. The videotape which Mrs. Palaroan used in class points to what property of instructional
a Manipulative
b. Multi-sensory
c. Fixative
d. Distributive
96 Read the following teacher-student- situation. Teacher, why is the process called photosynthesis? Student:
I dont know. Which questioning technique should the teacher use?
a Concept
b. Prompting
c. Clarification
97 Miss Lees objective is to focus students attention on and quickly create interest in a problem or concept.
She makes use of:
a Task group
b. Panel discussion
c. Tutorial group
d. Philips 66
98 The content of the lesson must be feasible. This means that:
a The lesson should be interesting to the student
b The lesson must be within the capacity of the students
c The teacher must considered the time needed and resources available
d The lesson must be useful
99 Which questioning behavior is appropriate:
a Not allowing a student to complete a long response
c. Allowing choral responses
b Repeating all students response
d. Asking varied questions
100 Research on teacher effective practices has shown the following:
a Planning has title impact on student learning
b Questioning strategies are ineffective monitoring technique
c Teaching procedures on classroom routines early in the school year are essential
d Directives should be few and best delivered in a casual manner
101 Teacher Y wants to measure students ability to organize thoughts and ideas. Which type of test is most
a Objectives test b. Limited response essay
c. Extended response essay d. Short answer type
of test
102 Which of the following refers to organized services specially designed to improve the adjustment of
a Group growth sessions
b. Test profiles
c. Cumulative records
d. Guidance
103 Which tests survey existing problems of academic progress?

a Achievement tests
b. Interest inventories
c. Problem checklist
104 Which of the following statements about guidance is NOT true?
a Guidance is a continuous process
b Guidance is concerned with Whole student, not only with his or her intellectual and academic aspect
c Guidance is telling a student what is best for him, and advising him about what he should do
d Guidance is primary concerned with prevention rather than cure
105 Which of the following is NOT a guidance service?
a Psychological testing
b. Counseling
c. Observation
106 Which of the following tests is given at the end of instruction?
a Summative
b. Placement test
c. formative test
d. diagnostic test
107 Special or exceptional students are such in certain aspects, Except for one:
a Sensory abilities
b. Gender orientation c. Mental characteristics
Communication abilities
108 Information from achievement tests can be used in the following, Except in:
a Grading a student
b. Labeling pupils
c. Establishing proficiency d. Giving feedback
regarding effectiveness of learning
109 Which of the following occurs when the teachers have a general tendency to rate all individuals
performance at approximately the same position on the rating scale?
a Personal bias error
b. Halo effect
c. Logical error
d. Severity error
110Read and analyze the matching type of test given below: Directions: Match column A with column. Write
only the letter of your answer at the left blank column.
Column A
Column B
_____1. Jose Rizal
A. Considered the 8Th wonder of the world
_____2. Ferdinand Marcos
B. The National hero of the Philippines
_____3. Corazon Aquino
C. National Heroes day
_____ 4. Manila
D. The only woman President of the Philippines
_____5. November 30
E. The capital of the Phil.
_____ 6. Banawe Rice Terraces F. The President of the Philippines who served the longest
What Does the Test Lack?
a Options
b. Distraction
c. Response
d. Premise
111When teachers, administrators and counselors come together to synthesize or coordinate in interpreting
data about a student for the purpose of a more intensive study, this is called:
a Longitudinal study
b. Case study
c. Case conference
d. Case analysis
112Which type of test can help teachers predict the probability of success of students in certain areas or
a Achievement
b. Intelligence
c. Aptitude
d. Personality
113Which of the following correctly describes dyslexia?
a It is a developmental expressive writing disorder
c. It is a developmental reading disorder
b It is a developmental arithmetic disorder
d. It is a developmental articulation disorder
114Here is a sample multiple choice type of test item: Man is to woman as boy is to:
a) Father
b) Mother
c) Girl
d) Boy
The above Test item makes use of
a A cause-effect relationship
b. A comparison
c. An analogy
d. Part-whole
115Readiness pretests is given at the beginning of an instructional unit is a:
a Summative tests
b. Formative test
c. Placement test
d. Diagnostic
116The distribution of the scores is negatively skewed. This means that:
a Most of the score are low
b Most of the scores are high
c The score are concentrated on the left of the distribution curve and most of the score are low
d The scores are concentrated on the left of the distribution curve
117Aside from professional competence, what other important qualification must a teacher have for guidance
a Similar cultural background with the students
professional group
b Personal qualities, such as warmth, open-mindedness, interest in people
d. Several year of
experience as teacher
118Which of the following is meant to determine student performance at that beginning of instruction?
a Diagnostic assessment
b. Placement assessment
c. Summative assessment
d. Summative assessment
119Mean is to central tendency as standard deviation is to:
a Discrimination
b. Level of difficulty
c. Correlation
d. Variability
120 The following characterize school guidance programs, Except one:
a A part of every school activity
c. A function sheared by all

b Separate from the general life of the school

d. Located in every part of the school
121 Which factor is most likely to make a schools guidance program succeed?
a Administrative support
c The favorable attitude of teachers toward
b The availability of the specialist
d. Located in every part of the school
122 The results if this type of test serve as basis for remedial instruction. What is the type of test referred to?
a Prognotic test
b. Speed test
c. Diagnostic test
d. Achievement test
123 The difficulty index of a test item is 1. This implies that:
a The test item must be moderate in difficulty because 50% got the item correctly and 50% got it wrongly
b The test item must be very difficult because nobody got the item correctly
c The test item must be neither difficult because nor easy because this depends on the ability of the
d The test item must be very easy because everybody got the item correctly
124 In his conduct of item analysis Mr. Milanes discovered that a significant greater number from the lower
group of the class that from the upper group got item number 10 correctly. This implies that:
a The test item is reliable
c. The item has a positive discrimination power
b The test item has a negative discriminating power
d. The tests item is valid
125 Guidance is concerned with
a All students, even if some seem not to have problems
c. Underachieving students only
b Students who manifests undesirable behavior only
d. Students with emotional problems only
126 Which statement explains the primary focus of the non-directive approach in counseling?
a It focuses in the persons responsibility and capacity to discover more appropriate behavior
b It places confidence in a persons ability to deal with his or her needs through a realistic process
c it helps confidence to develop a more rational to deal with his or her needs through a realistic process
d it modifies behavior by providing appropriate learning conditions and experiences
127 An algebra test was designed to measure what the students learned at the end of the course. It was also
to predict success in future mathematics subjects. This algebra test functioned asa Diagnostic and placement test
b. An aptitude test
c. An achievement test
d. An
aptitude and an achievement test
128 Giftedness is a form of exceptionality. Students who fall under this category demonstrate high
performance in special areas, such as those belowa Athletic prowess
b. Creative thinking c. General intellectual ability d.
performing arts
129 Which of the following is the least stable measure of central tendency?
a Median and mode
b. Mode
c. Median
d. Mean
130 Which assessment concerned with identifying learning difficulties during instruction
a Summative assessment
b. Placement assessment
c. Formative assessment
Visual and performing arts
131 These are significant information about a student, gathered through the use of various techniques,
assembled, summarized and organized in such a way that they may be used effectively:
a Cumulative records
b. Test profile
c. Personal inventories
d. Case studies
132 Research findings show that autism is
a Either more prevalent among girls or among boys depending on their nationality
b Equally prevalent among boys and girls
c More prevalent among boy than among girls
d More prevalent among girls than among boys
133 In interpreting test results which statements are true?
I A raw score itself is meaningless but becomes meaningful once it is interpreted
II An analysis of test results is useless without interpretation
III Test result interpretation is possible without analysis
IV The use of statistical techniques gives meaning to students scores
a I, II, IV
b. I, II, III
c. I, III, IV
d. II, III, IV
134 This guidance service to help students carry out their plans and act on their choices so that they become
adjusted to their chosen field or career is called:
a Counseling
b. Information
c. Placement
d. Follow-up
135 The tendency for the rather to use only the lower end of rating scale in rating performance is referred to as
a Personal bias error
b. Severity error
c. Generosity error
d. logical error
136 What must be employed to continuously strengthen a school guidance program
a Assignment of responsibilities
b. Research
c. Evaluation
d. Program Planning
137 Which tests are given before instruction?
a Placement
b. Formative
c. Summative
d. Achievement
138 Which tests are given choice type of test:
a Readiness and placement test
c. Formative and summative tests
b Diagnostic and achievement
d. Diagnostic and readiness tests
139 In this multiple choice of test item. US Grant was an
a. President
b. Man
c. alcoholic
d. General
The article AN is called:
a Foil
b. Premise
c. stem
d. specific determiner

140 The following are computed difficulty indices: 1, . 80, .50, .30 which one indicates the most difficulty item?
a 30
b. 50
c. 1
d. 80
141 What follows is a multiple-choice type of tests. Some test items:
a Are too difficult
b. Are poorly constructed
c. Are objective
multiple defensible answer
a The options are not parallel
c. The options are not grammatically
connected to the stem
b The stem fails to present a problem
d. There are grammatical clues
142 All are components of remedial guidance in the classroom, Except:
a Dealing with discipline problems
c. Dealing with poor study habits and skills
b Dealing with underachievement
d. Dealing with career choices or vocational
143 Which method provides a more or less objectives assessment of different aspects of an individual?
a Home visits
b. Counseling interview
c. Observations
Standardized testing
144 What follows is a multiple choice type of test: US Grant was an:
a President
b. Composer
c. Alcohol
d. General
a The article eliminates options A, B and D immediately
c. The item is quite short
b The options are not parallel
d. The content is nor Filipino
145 A school guidance program should arise mainly out of:
a The curriculum and other programs of the school
c. The students needs and the problems
b The school administrators directives from his/her perceptions
d. The availability
of guidance
resources in the schools
146 A test in which the options are dependent upon a foundation of some sort such as graphical
representation, paragraph, and pictures is:
a Contained-options test b. Setting-and-options test
c. Structured-response
d. Stem-andoptions test
147 In the scoring of essay tests, experts advise teachers to score all answer to an easy question before going
to the next question for which reason?
a It reduce the chances that ratings will be influenced by a halo effect
b It is more convenient
c It is easier to apply the criteria more uniformly when considering only a single task at a time when going
from task to task for each student
d Checking is faster this way
148 Whose performance does stanine of 5 represent?
a Performance of the upper 40%
c. Performance of the lower 20%
b Performance of the upper 20%
d. Performance of the middle 20%
149 In making and reporting observations of students behavior, which ones should be avoided?
a Descriptions of students gestures and expressions
b The names of other students with whom the one being observed interact
c Opinions and judgment about a students
d Direct quotations of students statements
150 All are basic functions of psychological tests EXCEPT ONE.
a For selection or admission
b Identification of students who need special attention
c For promotion or acceleration Integration of life experiences and future directions of students
151 Upon what shall a teacher base the evaluation of the learners scholarship
a Merit, learners scholarship
c. Merit, attendance
b Merit, quality of performance
d. Quality of performance, learners scholarship
152 The following are some of what a professional teachers may NOT do EXCEPT:
a Accept remuneration from tutorials other than what is authorized for such service
b Make deductions from students scholastic ratings as a punishment
c Base the evaluation of the learners work on merit and quality of academic performance
d Inflict corporal punishment an offending learners
153 The value of education, deference to authority, and filial piety in the Philippines in an influenced of:
a Taoist tradition
b. Confucianist tradition
c. Buddhist tradition
154 Which statement regarding teachers ethical behavior is wrong?
a A teacher may not fall in love with his/her students
b Teachers shall support one another at all times when the best interest of the learners, the school, or the
profession at stake
c A teachers may submit to the proper authorities any justifiable criticisms against an associate
d It is every teachers responsibility to seek correctives for any unprofessional and unethical conduct of
any associate
155 Which is the first and foremost concern of a teacher? The interest and welfare of:
a Learners
b. Colleagues
c. Parents
d. The teaching profession

156 The ideal society in the context of Plato is one where:

a There is hope
b. Love prevails
c. Justice reigns
d. Faith matters
157 The survivors of a shipwreck are now packed in a lifeboat which may capsize unless partly deloaded.
Which of the following acts will be morally justifiable?
a Pushing the young and old ones and leaving them behind to drown
b Trying to save everyone as much as possible
c Shooting some passengers and leaving them behind
d Doing nothing and waiting for the boat to capsize
158 For the advocates of value clarification, values are
a Universal
b. Personal
c. Objective
d. Unchanging
159 With regard to business, which does the Code of Ethics NOT say about teachers?
a A teacher shall maintain a good reputation with respect to debts loans and other financial matters
b No teachers shall be financially interested in any commercial venture involving textbooks and other
school commodities where he/she can exercise official influence
c No teacher shall act as agent of textbooks and other school commodities where he/she can exercise
official influence
d a teacher may not engage in any kind of business
160 The more consumeristics a person is, the more he/she gets attached to this material world, the father he is
from the universal self, the more miserable he/she becomes. This is a teaching of:
a Confucianism
b. Taoism
c. Hinduism
d. Buddhism
161 Who believed that there should be less reliance on the school, and the world of work?
a Paolo Freire
b. Ivan Illich
c. Paul Goodman
d. Jean Paul Sartre
162 Human dignity is inherent in every person. This means that
a The inner worth of a person depends on what he has
c. The inner worth of a person
depends on what he can do
b The inner worth of a person depends on how he/she looks d. The inner worth of a person is in him/her
she looks
163 Which of the following runs counter runs counter to the development of honesty and accountability?
a Being vigilant about weights and measures used in the markets
b Equal payment of government employees productivity pay
c Payment of just wages to workers and employees
d Transparent in operations of the barangay and other organizations through public reporting
164 Which are said to be our wellspring of excellence
a Third largest English-speaking nation, tiger economy, inventor of peoples power revolution
b Tiger economy, superior human resources
c Tiger largest English-speaking nation, superior human resources, inventor of peoples power revolution
d Tiger economy, the inventor of peoples power revolution, superior, human resources
165 Which among these goals for change was proposed by the moral Recovery Program?
a A sense of justice and outrage over its violation, a sense of national pride, a sense of seriousness
b A sense of national guide, a sense of seriousness, sense of common good
c A sense of national guide, a sense of seriousness, sense of national justice and outrage over its
d A sense of seriousness, a sense of the common good, a sense of justice and outrage over its violation
166 The code of ethics for teachers states that school officials shall encourage and attend to the professional
growth of all teachers. According to the Code school officials can do this by:
a Giving them due recognition for meritorious performance by allowing them to participate in conferences
and training programs recommending teachers for promotion
b Recommending teachers for promotion, organizing teachers in a professional organization
c Allowing them to participate in conferences and training programs
d Organizing teachers into a professional organization, giving them due recognition for meritorious
performance and recommending teachers for promotion
167 Which thrust on value formation is intended to help the students identify and be aware of their values?
a Analysis
b. Value clarification c. Value inculcation
168 The idea that there should be less reliance on the school and greater use of education potential of the
community and the world of work is the essence of:
a Community-based education b. Formal education c. Multi-grade teaching
d. Mobile teaching
169 It is said that the big drama development is played out in small scenes. Which one does not serve as a
further explanation of this statement?
a Ordinary things done by ordinary people are the solid building blocks on which a nation develops
b Details can make a significant difference
c Much of our personal development and progress of the nation depends on how extraordinary well we do
the ordinary things
d Let us give attention to major things because they are the ones that matter
170 Which of the following characteristics does not apply to Platos just society?
a The artists are creative
b. he leaders are wisec. The soldiers are courageous
d. The working
class are temperate
171 Martin Bubers dialogic principle requires as restructuring of society which can be achieved by:

a Communism which cannot tolerate multiplicity and freedom c. Democracy which requires centralistic
political set up
b Fascism which cannot allow dialogue
d. Democratic socialism which advocates a genuine
dialogue life
172 Which of the following statements about society is TRUE?
a Revolution produce the opposite of their goals
c. Social education leads to a
mature society
b Ethnic cleansing leads to social unanimity
d. Cooperative education is a means to
Social education?
173 Which of the following statements defines ethics?
a The science of correct thinking
c. The study of the nature of human
b The study of being a general
d. The study of rightness or wrongness of human
174 Which of the following dose not characterize fascism?
a A government of laws and not of men
c. Militarist, nationalist and dictatorial regime
b Rigid hierarchy and authority of single leader
d. It justifies any of its means by its end
175 Which of the following is not Anarchism?
a Freedom and responsibility
c. Extreme view of individual freedom
b Social organization without hierarchy
d. Destruction of the state and its supporting
176 In which of the following acts would you attribute responsibility?
a A barkeeper sells liquor to a minor not knowing he is an adult
b A barkeeper sells liquor to a minor not knowing it is illegal to do so
c A barkeeper sells liquor to a client not knowing it is contaminated with poison
d A barkeeper sells liquor not knowing it would cause the death of a diabetic person
177 The values of the people are revealed in the following approaches, Except One:
a When they are asked to choose freely among alternative
b When they act out what they choose but for a short while and not repeatedly
c When they act out what they choose
d When they are asked to choose among alternatives
178 To attain harmony in society people must rule their subjects with benevolence . whose teaching was this?
a Mohammad
b. Kung-fu-zu
c. Buddha
d. Lao Tzu
179 The concept that school failed to encourage positive learning and were opposed to the production of
independently-minded adults was popularized by:
a Paolo Freire
b. John Dewey
c. Paul Goodman
d. Ivan Illich
180 Which type of conscience is possessed by one who is extremely rigorous and is constantly afraid of
committing evil?
a Scrupulous
b. Lax conscience
c. Certain conscience d. Certain conscience
181 The following EXCEPT ONE are the strength of Filipino character
a Pakikipagkapwa-tao b. Family orientation c. Frankness
d. Joy of humor
182 Which of the following is the Aristotlelian definition of happiness?
a Ones ultimate achievements in life
c. The satisfaction of all desires and the
absence of pain
b A state made perfectly the aggregation of good things
d. The experience of the fulfillment
of possibilities
183 One of the following statements about passion is NOT TRUE?
a Passion does not affect voluntariness
c. Passion tends to blind the judgment of the
b Passion may completely destroy freedom
d. Passion cannot affect freedom
184 Which does not characterize a non-violent society?
a Solves problems in non-adversarial way
c. A passive society
b Prefers indigenous ways of solving problems
d. Solves problems in a non-confrontational
185 Which statement holds true of values clarification?
a Values are objective; no person has the right set of values to pass on to others
b It is meant to help students get at their own feelings, ideas, and beliefs; no person has the right set of
values to pass on to others
c No person has the right set of values to pass on to others; values are independent of time
d Values are independent of time, place, and persons; meant to help students get at their own feelings
and ideas
186 Based on the Code of Ethics for teachers, which of the following may teachers not do?
a Welcomes the opportunity to lead in barangay
b Studies and understands local customs and traditions
c Deducts points from students scholastic ratings as a from of punishment
d Attends church and worship of his choice joy and humor
187 Which type of justice implies the duty of one individual to give another what he is due?

a International justice
b. Distributive justice
c. Social justice
188 It is said that our level of achievement is always lower than our level of aspiration. This suggests that:
a We should aim high
c. We should think and act local
b We should not be over ambitious
d. We should set over aspirations because it is damaging if we
cannot realize them
189 John Dewey advocates which of the following?
a Something is true if it works
c. Everything in this world is tentative, a series of means and ends
b Morality is for persons
d. What is right or wrong depends on the situation
190 Which is NOT the goal of true authority?
a To bring out the best in others c. To coerce others to do what people in authority desire them to do
b To set the examples for others d. To help, from and guide others
191 In moral life, responsibility depends on ones knowingly and freely doing an act. In which of the following
situations would you attribute responsibility?
a A nurse administers a medicine despite strong doubts about it
c. A person unknowingly passes
counterfeit money
b A four year old fires a loaded gun killing his own father
d. An insane person strikes
someones head with a hammer
192 Life is what you make it. What you become is up to you. This thought comes from the:
a Existentialist
b. Realist
c. Idealist
193 According to Plato, the good from of government is
a Oligarchy
b. Aristocracy
c. Democracy
d. Monarchy
194 Which of the following ways of life refer to Taoism?
a Practice an all-embracing love b. Practice the golden rule c. Love one another
d. Be natural
195 Without a vision, a people perish. Says the Book of Proverbs. This shows how important a vision is.
What does a vision Not do to a persons life?
a It guides him/her to follow the most efficient route
c. It keeps him/her focused on one direction
b It dilutes his/her attention
d. It keeps him/her inspired
196 Which lie is the worst of all lies?
a An officious lie
b. A material lie
c. A malicious lie
jocose lie
197 Which of the following does not refer to existentialism?
a Each man shapes his own life and destiny
b Existence means self-choice and self-determination
c Existence means creativity and uniqueness
d Social existence means anarchy and violence
198 Which is ethical for a teacher to do in a situation where she/he falls in love with a student or when a
student falls in love with his/her teacher?
a The teacher avoids that learner
b The teacher exercise discretion to avoid scandal and gossip and preferential treatment of that learned
c The teacher resigns from his/her teaching job
d The teacher advises the student to discontinue with his/her studies
199 Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE of an ideal social principle?
a Restructure society to crates a union of communities
b Advocate direct life-relations between men and men
c De-emphasize centralization of power
d Advocate an ethics of manipulation
200 If a ruler wants to maintain himself in power he must govern by moral power. Upon whose teaching is this
a Kung-fu-zu
c. Buddha
b Lao Tzu
d. Mohammad
201 Who is likely to be more focused on the writing and why?
a Greta, because she is intrinsically motivated.
b Nita, because she is extrinsically motivated.
c Both, because they are both motivated anyway.
d It cannot be determined. Motivation fluctuates.
202 What is more likely to happen when a student gets intrinsically motivated?
I. Tackles assigned task willingly.
II. Eager to learn classroom material.
III. Engaged in meaningful learning.
a I, II and III
b I and III
c I and II
d II and III
203 Which apply/applies to extrinsically motivated learners?
I. Tend to process information superficially.
II. Tend to be content with meeting minimum requirements.

III. Achieve at high level.

a I and II
b II only
c I and III
d I only
Read the following then answer questions 204, 205, 206, 207 and 208.
Ask to do a learning task, Joe hesitates and says,Mahirap. Ayaw ko. Di ko magaw! (Its difficult. I
dont like it. I cant do it.)
204 Which statement about Joe is correct?
a Has a low sense of self-efficacy
b Has a high sense of self-efficacy
c Has no sense of self-efficacy
d Wants to be sure of his self-efficacy
205 Which drive can motivate him to perform the learning task? The drive to
a Achieve
b Have power
c Affiliate
d To be free
206 To which factor you can attribute his perceived inability to perform the task? To a factor _____.
I. Within him
II. Outside his control
III. Which is stable
IV.Within his control
a I and IV
b II and III
c I only
d IV only
207 Is it possible to motivate this type of student?
a Yes, he can do something with his ability.
b Yes, he can change the nature of his job.
c No, it is impossible to motivate a student who himself is not motivated.
d No, motivation is totally dependent on the student. No person outside him can influence him.
208 To which problem does the case of the student allude?
Unmotivated students
Uncaring teachers
Extremely difficult learning tasks
Incompetent teachers
a I and III
b I and II
c II and III
d I, II and III
Read and answer #s 209 213.
Principal A wants her teachers to be constructivists in their teaching orientation.
209 Which does he/she want his/her teachers to do?
a Make her students derive meaning from what is presented.
b Give the meaning of what she presents.
c Let her students construct meaningful sentences based on the lessons.
d Require her students to come up with a construct of the lesson.
210 Which one should teachers then avoid? Students ___________________.
a Reflection
b Memorization
c Inquiry
d Self-directed learning
211Which material will teachers most likely use?
a Facts
b Laws
c Time-tested principles
d hypothesis
212 Which material will teachers most likely avoid?
a Controversial issues
b Unquestionable laws
c Open-ended topics

d Problems or cases
213 On which assumption/s is the principals action anchored?
I. Students learn by personally constructing meaning of what is taught.
II. Students construct and reconstruct meanings based on experiences.
III. Students derive meaning from the meaning that teachers give.
a I and III
b I only
c I and II
d II only
214 What do the school campus expressions promdi and barriotic indicate?
a The powerlessness of the poor
b Low literacy rate of the country
c The power of the rich
d The prevalence of ethnocentrism
215 Between pursuing a college course where there is no demand and a vocational course which is highly in
demand, the students usually opt for the college course. Which Filipino value is demonstrated?
a Importance of education
b Penchant for a college diploma
c Desire for entrepreneurship
d Interest to obtain a skill
216 Lecturer C narrates; I observe that when there is an English speaking foreigner in class, more often than
not, his classmates perceive him to be superior. To which Filipino trait does this point?
a Hospitality
b Friendliness
c Colonial mentality
d Lack of confidence
217 To ensure that all Filipino children are functionally literate, which mechanism is meant to reach out to
children who come from a barangay without a school?
a Mobile teacher
b Multi-level classroom
c Multi-grade classroom
d Sine eskwela
218 Which program of the Department of Education is an offshoot of the Filipino bayanihan spirit?
a Every child a reader program (ECARP)
b Brigada eskwela
c Child-Friendly School System
d The basic Education Curriculum
219 Which developmental principle is not true?
a Childrens development is a function of environment and heredity.
b Children develop at different rates.
c Children develop in a predictable manner.
d Children develop skills and abilities in an unpredictable manner.
220 Which type of parenting styles is most beneficial to the development of children, according to research?
a Authoritarian
b Permissive
c Authoritative
d uninvolved
221 According to Erikson, what years are critical for the development of self-confidence?
a High school years
b Elementary school years
c Preschool years
d College years
222 At the high school level, Kohlbergs advice to teachers is for them to begin discussing with students about
abstract principles such as justice and human rights. On the average, in which moral developmental stage
are high school students supposed to be?
a Post conventional stage
b Conventional stage
c In between conventional and post conventional stage
d That depends on the school culture
223 Which is the ideal stage of moral development?
a Social contract
b Universal ethical principle
c Law and order
d Good boy/good girl
224 Based on Freuds theory, which operate/s when a student strikes a classmate at the height of anger?
a Ego
b Superego
c Id

d Id and ego interact

225 What is referred to as the looking glass self of Cooley?
a It is how I look at myself through the eyes of others.
b It is how others look at myself.
c It is how others affect me.
d It is how I influence others.
226 When asked about her order, a little girl tells the waiter yong kagaya kahapon. With Piagets theory in
mind, what is the little girls behavior called?
a Pre-operational egocentrism
b Conservation
c Reversibility
d Transductive reasoning
227 In the context of Piagets theory, answer this analogy:
Preoperational stage : Transductive reasoning
Concrete operational stage : ___________________________
a Proportional reasoning
b Deductive reasoning
c Inductive reasoning
d Logical reasoning
228 In which order does cognitive development proceed, according to Piaget?
I. Formal operations stage
II. Sensorimotor stage
III. Preoperational stage
IV.Concrete operations stage
a II, III, IV, I
b II, III, I, IV
c II, I, III, IV
d II, I, IV, III
229 Teacher H begins a lesson on tumbling by demonstrating front and back somersaults in slow motion and
physically guiding his students through the correct movements. As his students become more skillful, he
stands back from the mat and gives verbal feedback about how to improve. With Vygotskys theory in mind,
what did Teacher H do?
a Guided participation
b Peer interaction
c Apprenticeship
d scaffolding
230 Which is essential in the cognitive development of persons according to Vygotsky?
a Independent thinking
b Social interaction
c Individual mental work
d Scientific thinking
231 Teacher X asked her students to describe how their families celebrate holidays. Students can discover
that people celebrate holidays differently. Which principle in cognitive development governs Teacher Xs
teaching activity?
a Social interaction is essential for cognitive development.
b Children often think in different ways at different stages.
c Cognitive development involves relating new information to prior knowledge.
d Children actively construct their knowledge.
232 Social exposure to various cultures expands a childs pool of knowledge. Which statement go/goes with
this sentence?
The less experiences a child has, the more disciplined he/she becomes.
The more experiences a child has, the richer his/her world becomes.
The more selective parents in the exposure of their child, the more challenged the
child becomes.
a I only
b II only
c I and II
d III only
233 Robert gave a wrong answer. Teacher said Wrong! You are way off. As a consequence other students in
the class were afraid to answer questions. Which of the following is illustrated by the event?
a Ripple effect
b Halo effect
c Severity error
d Central tendency error
234 A Grade 6 twelve-year-old boy comes from a dysfunctional family and has been abused and neglected.
He has been to orphanages and three different elementary schools. He can decode at the second grade
level, but he can comprehend orally materials at the fourth or fifth grade level. The most probable cause/s
of this students reading problem is/are ______________________.

a Immaturity
b Emotional factors
c Neurological factors
d Poor teaching
235 The role of play in the pre-school and early childhood years is that it _____________________.
a Develops competitive spirit
b Separates reality from fantasy
c Develops the upper and lower limbs
d Increases imagination due to expanding knowledge and emotional range
236 Who of the following authors would most help Teacher Lito to understand the underlying effects of poverty
on academic achievement?
a Maslow
b Dewey
c Piaget
d Kohlberg
237 In a well-known experiment, psychologists frustrate young children by placing a wire fence between the
children and a pile of toys. When finally allowed to play with the toys, the children smashed and destroyed
them. Which reaction was demonstrated?
a Rational aggression
b Displaced aggression
c Dormant aggression
d Sustained aggression
238 In a social studies class, Teacher P presents a morally ambiguous situation and asks students what they
would do. On whose theory is Teacher Ps technique based?
a Bruner
b Piaget
c Kohlberg
d Bandura
239 Which educational issue can be clarified by understanding Maslows Needs Theory?
a Sex education issues in school
b Delinquency in the public schools
c The effects of different classroom structures
d The effect of poverty on academic achievement
240 You are convinced that whenever a student performs a desired behavior, provide reinforcement and soon
the student learns to perform the behavior on her own. On which principle is your conviction based?
a Cognitivism
b Behaviorism
c Constructivism
d Environmentalism
241 William Glassers control theory states that behavior is inspired by what satisfies persons want at any
given time. What then must a teacher do to motivate students to learn?
a Make schoolwork relevant to students basic human needs.
b Avoid giving assignments
c Make teaching-learning interactive
d Organize a curriculum in a spiral manner
242 Which psychological theory states that the mind insists on finding patterns of things that contribute to the
development of insight?
a Piagets psychology
b Kohlbergs psychology
c Gestalt psychology
d Bruners theory
243 When small children call all animals dogs, what process is illustrated based on Piagets cognitive
development theory?
a Conservation
b Assimilation
c Accommodation
d Reversion
244 Which teaching activity is founded on Banduras social learning theory?
a Modeling
b Lecturing
c Questioning
d Inductive reasoning
245 What is an application of B.F. Skinners operant conditioning theory?
a Use of ICT in the classroom
b Constructivist teaching
c Computer-based self-instruction
d Action research

246 A person who has had painful experiences at the dentists office may become fearful at the mere sight of
the dentists office. Which theory can explain this?
a Generalization
b Classical conditioning
c Operant conditioning
d Attribution theory
247 Rene exhibits fear response to freely roaming dogs but does not show fear when a dog is on leash or
confined to a pen. Which conditioning process is illustrated?
a Discrimination
b Extinction
c Generalization
d Acquisition
248 Bernadette enjoyed the roller coaster when they went to Enchanted Kingdom. Just at the sight of a roller
coaster, she gets excited. Which theory explains Bernadettes behavior?
a Operant conditioning
b Attribution theory
c Pavlovian conditioning
d Social learning theory
249 In a treatment for alcoholism, Ramil was made to drink an alcohol beverage and then made to ingest a
drug that produces nausea. Eventually, he was nauseated at the sight of smell of alcohol and stopped
drinking alcohol. Which theory explains this?
a Operant conditioning
b Social learning theory
c Associative learning
d Attribution theory
250 A mother gives her son his favorite snack every time the boy cleans up his room. Afterwards, the boy
cleans his room everyday in anticipation of the snack. Which theory is illustrated?
a Operant conditioning
b Classical conditioning
c Associative learning
d Pavlovian conditioning
251 Based on Banduras social learning theory, whom do children often imitate? Those who ____________.
Have substantial influence over their lives
Belong to their peer group
Belong to other races
Are successful and seem admired
a I and IV
b II and IV
c I and II
d IV only
252 If you have to develop in the students a correct sense of right and wrong, with which should you be
concerned according to Freud?
a Super-ego
b Ego
c Id
d Super-ego and ego
253 If a student is encouraged to develop himself to the fullest and must satisfy his hierarchy of needs, the
highest need to satisfy according to Maslow is __________.
a Belongingness
b Safety needs
c Psychological needs
d Self-actualization
254 Which is/are the basic assumption/s of behaviorists?
The mind of a newborn child is a blank slate.
All behaviors are determined by environmental events.
The child has a certain degree of freedom not to allow himself to be shaped
by his environment.
a III only
b I and II
c I and III
d II only
255 What does Gagnes hierarchical theory propose for effective instruction?
a Sequence instruction
b Reward good behavior
c Be concerned with the socio-emotional climate in the classroom
d Teach beginning with the concrete
256 Would it be easier to understand and retain the concept of fractions if Mrs. Dela Cruz began the lesson on
fractions with the meaning of , 1/3, , etc.?

a No, for better learning the teacher proceeds from the concrete to the abstract.
b Yes, provided the teacher proceeds to the concrete.
c Yes, provided the teacher includes a concrete application of the abstract.
d It depends on the teaching skills of the teacher.
Read the following and answer 3s 69-70.
After reading and paraphrasing Robert Frosts Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening, Mr. Marquez
asked the class to share any insight derived from the poem.
257 On which assumption about the learner is Mr. Marquezs act of asking the class to share their insight
a Learners are producers of knowledge not only passive recipients of information.
b Learners are meant to interact with one another.
c Learners are like empty receptacles waiting to be filled up.
d Learners have multiple intelligences and varied learning styles.
258 The class was asked to share their insights about the poem. The ability to come up with an insight stems
from the ability to _______________.
a Comprehend the subject that is being studied
b Analyze the parts of a whole
c Evaluate the worthiness of a thing
d Relate and organize things and ideas
259 Visual imagery helps people store information in their memory more effectively. Which is one teaching
implication of this principle?
a You will not object when your students daydream in the class.
b Instruct students to take notes while you lecture.
c Encourage your students to imagine the characters and situations when reading a story.
d Tell them to read more illustrated comics.
260 It is sound to encourage students to define terms in their own words because ______________.
a Defining the terms in their own words help them memorize the definition faster
b Students remember information better when they mentally process it in some way
c This is one opportunity to brush up with their English
d They ought to connect the terms that they learn with other terms
261 Teacher Z always checks on entry knowledge and skills before she proceeds to teach new lesson. On
which principle is Teacher Zs practice grounded?
a Effective teaching proceeds from the concrete to the abstract.
b Attention is essential for learning.
c Learning increases when the lesson is relevant.
d New learning builds on previous learning.
262 Which is a classroom application of this principle: Students learn more effectively when they elaborate on
new information. As your student to _________________.
a Write the principle five times
b Commit he principle to memory
c Analyze the principle from different points of view
d Print the principle in bigger letters then put it in a place where they are to read it time and again.
263 What is an application of Vygotskys idea of scaffolding?
a Give a learner a task that challenges her ability.
b From the start leave the learner to herself because she has the power for self-learning.
c Dont spoil the learner by doing what she ought to do.
d Give the learner the necessary assistance until she can be on her own.
264 Which is an underlying assumption of the social cognitive theory? People _______________.
a Are social by nature
b Learn by observing others
c Learn by trial-and-error
d Learn by association
265 Based on Banduras theory, which conditions must be present for a student to learn from a model?
Motor reproduction
a I, II, III and IV
b III and IV
c I and II
d I, II and III
266 Teacher R, a Science teacher, makes sure all eyes are on her as she demonstrates the proper behavior
for lighting a Bunsen burner. Whose theory supports Teacher Rs practice?
a Vygotskys
b Glassers

c Piagets
d Banduras
267 Teacher D claims: If I have to give reinforcement, it has to be given immediately after the response.
Which theory supports Teacher D?
a Operant conditioning theory
b Social-cognitive theory
c Cognitive theory
d Humanist theory
268 One learns Math by building on Math lessons previously learned. This is an application of the ________
a Physiological
b Constructivist
c S-R
d humanist
269 Recent researchers reveal limitations of behaviorists views but they continue to influence education.
Which of these demonstrate the influence of behaviorist theories over effective learning?
a Blended learning
b Problem solving, HOTs
c Journal writing
d Programmed instruction
270 Learning has taken place when a strong bond between the stimulus and response formed. This is based
on the theory of _____________.
a Constructivism
b Categorization
c Predisposition
d Connectionism
271 According to Ausubel, one of the ways to strengthen the students cognitive structure is by using an
instructional tool called __________________.
a Cross-referencing
b Spiral approach
c Advance organizer
d Narrative
272 Thorndikes law of effect states that a connection between stimulus and response is strengthened when
the consequence is ______________.
a Repeated
b Negative
c Pleasurable
d Positive
273 Miss Reyes observed that one of her students excels in activities requiring strength, speed, flexibility,
balance and hand-eye coordination. According to Howard Gardner, such natural intelligence can be
identified as ___________________.
a Bodily-kinesthetic
b Verbal-logical
c Interpersonal
d Verbal-linguistic
274 Learning styles refer to the preferred way individual processes information. Classify a student who learns
best through verbal lectures, discussions, talking things through and listening to what others have to say.
He/She is a/an ______________.
a Visual learner
b Auditory learner
c Analytic
d global
275 identify the ninth intelligence which is described as the ability to seek connections involving ones in the
family, school, community and role in the world. They ask why we are here? This intelligence is termed
a Naturalist
b Interpersonal
c Intrapersonal
d Existentialist
276 Erikson was influenced by Sigmund Freud and came up with the theory which serves as a basis for
analyzing personality and development to help facilitate the teachers understanding of various
environmental factors that affect own behavior and those of his/her students, as well. This theory came to
be known as _______________.
a Emotional development
b Moral
c Personality development
d Psycho-social

277 The theme of Vygotskys social-cultural theory emphasizes the role of appropriate assistance given by the
teacher to accomplish a task. Such help enables the child to move from the zone of actual development to
the zone of proximal development. Such assistance is termed ______________.
a Competency technique
b Scaffolding
c Active participation
d Collaboration
278 How can a teacher help student with different learning and thinking styles continue to learn more
a Allow sufficient time for processing different types of information.
b Provide a general overview of the lesson.
c Use a variety of reflection strategies.
d Use questions of all types to stimulate various levels of thinking and valuing.
279 The processes of problem solving and learning are highly unique and individualistic. This principle means
a Students can adapt alternative problem solving models
b Students can modify their own personal styles
c Each student becomes aware of how learning styles can be changed
d Each student has his/her own distinctive style of learning and solving problems
280 In which order do the 3 important goals during childhood be attained according to Erickson?
a Autonomy, initiative, trust
b Trust, autonomy, initiative
c Initiative, trust, autonomy
d Autonomy, trust, initiative
281 Teacher G does not wait for the end of the term to find out how much the students learn. With which does
Teacher G agree?
a Formative evaluation
b Authentic evaluation
c Summative evaluation
d Norm-reference evaluation
282 Which is a valid assessment tool if you want to find out how well your students can speak
a Performance test in extemporaneous speaking
b Written quiz on how to deliver extemporaneous speech
c Display of speeches delivered
d Writing speeches
283 Which must go with self-assessment for it to be effective?
a External monitor
b Consensus of evaluation results from teacher and student
c Scoring rubric
d Public display of results of self-evaluation
284 Which must be present for self-evaluation to succeed?
a Consensus between teacher and student regarding evaluation results
b Teachers approval of self-evaluation results
c Teachers monitoring of self-evaluation process
d Students intrinsic motivation to learn
285 Which is the most reliable tool of seeing the development in your pupils ability to write?
a Portfolio assessment
b Scoring rubric
c Interview of pupils
d Self-assessment
286 How much of the scientific method has your pupils acquired? This is best measured in their skill to
I. Generate and test hypothesis
II. Critic and evaluate
III. See connectedness of events
a II and III
b I and II
c I only
d I, II and III
287 Here is a test item: _______ is an example of a mammal. What is defective with this test item?
a The blank is at the beginning of the sentence.
b It is a very short question.
c It is an insignificant test item.
d It is very elementary.
288 Which improvement/s should be done on this completion test item: An example of a mammal is _______.
a The question should have only one acceptable answer.
b The blank should be at the beginning of the sentence.

c The item should give more cues.

d The blank should be longer to accommodate all possible answers.
Study this test and answer questions #s 289-295
Teacher Z gave this test to her pupils. Study it thoroughly then answer the questions that follow:
_____1. Sum
_____2. Addends
_____3. The formula for the area of a rectangle
_____4. Multiplier
_____5. Product
_____6. Formula for the perimeter of a rectangle
_____7. He introduced the Venn diagram.
_____8. An example of an improper fraction
_____9. Equivalent of in decimal

A. numbers to be added
B. .25
C. the answer in addition
D. Alexander Venn
E. A = l x w
F. 3/2
G. P = 2l + 2w
H. the number by which you multiply
I. The answer in multiplication

289 Are the items in the correct column?

a No, because this is a perfect matching type of test.
b Yes. That is exactly how the items should be arranged.
c Yes and no, that depends on teachers lesson objective.
d No. The items on the right should be on the left, the items on the left should be on the right.
290 One defect of Teacher Zs test is the items to match are _________.
a Very few
b Homogeneous
c Heterogeneous
d insignificant
291 How can the test be improved?
a Ask more significant items
b Add to the number of foils
c Increase the number of items to match
d Increase the difficulty level of the test
292 Which can be a basic improvement of the test?
a Increase the facility index of the test
b Make the items heterogeneous
c Increase the number of test items
d Make the items homogeneous
293 Which does the test lack?
I. Directions
II. Label of the Columns
III. Foil among the Options
IV.One Correct Answer
a I, II and III
b III only
c I, III and IV
d II and III
294 Which statement is true of the test?
a It is a reliable test because it covers a wide scope of subject matter.
b It is an ideal perfect matching type of test.
c It is a good type of an imperfect matching test.
d The items can be answered by mere process of elimination.
295 Which principle in test construction for a matching type of test was not observed?
a If your matching test is of the imperfect type, caution the examinees.
b Test items must be heterogeneous.
c Test items must be homogeneous.
d If your matching test is of the perfect type, inform the examinee.
296 What is defective with this test item?
The Philippines
A. Is in Southeast Asia.
B. Has a democratic form of government.
C. Belongs to the Third World.
D. Is the most thickly populated in Southeast Asia.
I. The stem does not contain the question.
II. The stem is very short.
III. It has several correct answers.
a I only

b II only
c III only
d I and II
297 How can you improve on this multiple choice test item?
A test is valid when ________________________.
A. It measures what it purports to measure.
B. Covers a broad scope of subject matter.
C. Reliability of scores.
D. Easy to administer.
a Construct the options in such a way that the grammar of the sentence remains correct.
b Make the lengths of the options uniform.
c Make the options parallel.
d Pack the question in the stem.
298 Read this True-False test item and answer the question that follows:
Andre Bonifacio founded the Katipunan.
Which principle in test construction is violated?
a Test something significant.
b Make use of simple words.
c There should be sufficient reason to make the statement false.
d Avoid qualitative terms.
299 Here is Teacher Ds lesson objective: To trace the causes of Alzheimers disease. Which is a valid test
for this particular objective?
a Do young people also get attacked by Alzheimers disease? Support your answer.
b What is an Alzheimers disease?
c Can an Alzheimers disease be traced to old age? Explain your answer.
d To what factors can Alzheimers disease be traced? Explain.
300 Here is teacher Es instructional objective: To distinguish between proper and improper fraction. Which is
a valid test item for such objective?
a Define proper and improper fractions.
b Put a check () on the proper fractions and an X over the improper: , 4/3, , 5/6, 7/8, 9/7, 2/10, 6/12.
c Is an improper fraction really a fraction? Explain your answer.
d Can you add proper and improper fractions together? Explain.
301 Choose an appropriate curriculum especially that the cholds mind does not contain any innate ideas was
an advice from _____________.
a Plato
b John Locke
c Rousseau
d B. F. Skinner
302 Who claimed that children are natural learners and therefore, must be taught in natural settings?
a Piaget
b Froebel
c Montessori
d Kohlberg
303 According to Wiggins and McTighe, one facet of understanding, an evidence of learning, is empathy.
Which test questions assesses capacity to empathize?
a State the Pythagorean theorem.
b Test on Romeo and Juliet. Imagine you are Juliet. Write your thoughts and feelings why you have to take
this desperate action?
c Diagnose and fix the broken lamp.
d Translate all the words in Spanish and give the meaning of the sentence.
304 The best way to assess learning is to use real-life situations, objects and materials existing in the
environment. Hence, teachers are encouraged to use ___________________.
a Rating scale
b Pencil-and-paper test
c Observation technique
d Authentic assessment
305 The main purpose in administering a pretest and a posttest to students is to ____________.
a Accustom the students in frequent testing
b Keep adequate records
c Measure the value of the material used
d Measures gains in learning
306 A sentence that comes before is missing. How is understanding of a concept shown by learners?
I. By using and adopting it
II. By repeating what has been heard
III. By memorizing what has been read
a II

c II and III
307 Understanding of a concept is revealed as ______________, the ability to accomplish tasks successfully
under pressure.
a Performance in teamwork
b Performance know how
c Performance in arts
d Performance in works
308 During the sensorimotor period, a child does not see things in abstract from. Which of the following should
teachers remember in teaching and assessing young childrens performance?
a Use of pictures may not be necessary
b Use of concrete objects is not necessary
c Printed words are easier to understand than pictures
d Colored pictures are more effective than printed sentences.
309 To identify learning needs and respond to such needs the teacher administers a ____________ test.
a Formative
b Summative
c Periodic
d Diagnostic
310 In constructing test items the teacher considers the alignment of __________________ with assessment.
a Content and process
b Monitoring and evaluation
c Instructional objectives
d Instructional materials
311The principle of learner __________________ makes assessment a shared responsibility with the teacher.
a Performance
b Accountability
c Responsibility
d Evaluation
312 The Department of Education directed that the lowest passing grade is ____% and the lowest failing grade
is _____% in the report card.
a 70-60
b 75-70
c 75-65
d 70-50
313 Among the component of the learners marks/ratings. Behavior is reflected in
a Values Education (CERC)
b English
c Filipino
d Outputs/Projects
314 Test scores are totaled at the end of each grading period and computed using the formula:
a [Students score Highest possible score] x 100
b [Highest score Lowest possible score] x 100
c [Test scores = transmutation table] x 100
d [Students score x 100%]
315 Scoring guides for rating open-ended questions are called _______.
a Outputs
b Outcomes
c Rubrics
d Scales
316 Read the rubric for assessing outputs and answer the question.
8-10 points Demonstrates imaginative thinking and unique qualities
5-7 points Demonstrates moderate imaginative skills
1-4 points Lacks imaginative thinking
What is being assessed by the above criteria?
a Appeal
b Creativity
c Aesthetic
d Workmanship
317 Which of the following assessment tools would you recommend if one should adhere to constructivist
theory of learning?
Constructed response test
Performance test
Checklist of a monitor screening test
Observation test
a I and II

b II and III
c I, II and III
d I, II and IV
318 Which of these are non-threatening means of assessing learning outcomes?
Peer evaluation
Learning journals
a I and II
b I and III
c I, II, IV
d II and III
319 A criterion-referenced test is designed to determine whether or not a student has _________.
a Performed well in a wide content coverage
b Performed higher than the other members of a group
c Reached a present target
d Reached a performance level on a specific skill
320 Which of these approaches would reform assessment of learning outcomes?
a Use standards as means of giving feedback on student learning
b Compare results of performance of all schools
c Focus on testing without investing a learners special needs
d Apply sanctions on low performing schools
321 Essay questions are used in an achievement test when __________.
a Most of the material sampled is factual information
b A wide sampling of material is desired
c Originality is a factor in the response
d Little time is available for construction and scoring
322 Which of the following are alternative assessments?
a Portfolio, exhibits, journals
b Paper and pencil test, demonstration, reports
c Student self-assessment, authentic assessment, surveys
d Multiple choice, structured observations, sentence completion
323 The constructivist theory of learning postulates that children learn by doing. Based on the theory, which of
these would you consider in assessing learning?
Focus is on the product.
Rubric criteria should be set.
Focus is on process.
Multiple observation.
a I and II
b II and III
c III and IV
d I and IV
324 Which among the indicators could be most useful for assessing quality of schooling?
a Participation rate
b Cohort survival rate
c Net enrolment rate
d Drop-out rate
325 If you would like to assess students ability to write a portfolio, what type of test would determine their
ability to organize ideas and think critically?
a Long test
b Essay test
c Formative test
d Summative test
326 When a student clarifies information from conclusion, what cognitive domain is involved?
a Analysis
b Evaluation
c Application
d Synthesis
327 The instructions for a test are made simple, clear and concise. This is part of which of the following
characteristics of a good test?
a Objectivity
b Economy
c Administrability
d Scorability
328 Teacher G gave a test in grammar. She found out that one half of the class scored very low. She plans to
give another test to the pupils who scored very low to find out exactly where they are weak. Which type of
test is this?
a Placement test

b Diagnostic test
c Achievement test
d Intelligence test
329 With manner of answering as criterion, which of the following types of test does not belong to the group?
a Multiple choice
b True-false
c Matching
d Completion
330 With the mode of answering as point of reference, which of the following types of test does not belong to
the group?
a Problem-solving
b Completion
c Matching
d Essay
331 Which of the following is a precise meaning of evaluation?
a Collecting data relevant to personal characteristics
b Administering teacher-made tests
c Interpreting and attaching value to data collected
d Scoring accomplished tests
332 Which is not a characteristic of authentic assessment?
a Is focused on lifelike, meaningful, relevant types of student learning
b Offers opportunities to study problem intensively
c Easy to complete
d Fruitful in terms of genuine learning
333 Which is the least authentic mode of assessment?
a Paper-and-pencil test in vocabulary
b Oral performance to assess students spoken communication skills
c Artistic production for music or art subject
d Experiments in science to assess science method
334 Which of the following may not be adequately assessed by a paper-and-pencil test?
a Subject-verb agreement
b Vocabulary
c Multiplication skills in Math
d Sight reading in music
335 Teacher B wants to determine students strengths and weaknesses in the use of laboratory equipment.
Which assessment procedure will be most appropriate and authentic?
a Observation of students use of laboratory equipment while they conduct experiments
b Paper-and-pencil test that requires students to enumerate the dos and donts in the use of laboratory
c Practicum test on the use of laboratory equipment
d Requiring students to draw and label the laboratory equipment
336 Marking on a normative basis means that _________.
a The normal curve of distribution should be followed
b Some students must fail
c Fewer students must get high grades
d Grades show how a student achieves relative to other students
337 Teaching by objective logically goes hand in hand with which type(s) of evaluation?
a Norm-referenced
b Criterion-referenced
c Standardized
d Norm-referenced and standardized
338 You were tasked to test this hypothesis. The more a teacher knows about the specific subject matter, the
better she can teach it. Which variable could be used as the dependent variable?
a Teachers yearly performance evaluation rating
b Personality traits of the teacher
c Incentives offered to teachers
d Motivation from the school head
339 The difficulty index of a test item is one (1). What does this mean?
a The test item is very good, so retain it.
b The test item is very difficult.
c The test item is extremely easy.
d The test item is not valid.
340 The facility index of a test item is .50. This means that the test item is ______.
a Valid
b Moderate in difficulty
c Very easy
d Reliable
341 The discrimination index of a test item is -.35. What does this mean?

a More from the upper group got the item correctly

b More from the lower group got the item correctly
c The test is quite reliable
d The test item is valid
342 The discrimination index of a test item is +48. What does this mean?
a An equal number from the lower and upper group got the item correctly.
b More from the upper group got the item wrongly
c More from the lower group got the item correctly
d More from the upper group got the item correctly.
343 If the difficulty index of your test item is .98, what should you do with this item?
a Revise it.
b Reject it.
c Retain it
d Reserve it for another group of pupils
Read the following then answer questions 344-348.
In a multiple choice test item with options A-B-C-D and out of 50 examinees
A. The correct answer, was chosen by 5;
B. Was chosen by 30;
C. Was chosen by 13 and;
D. Was chosen by2.
344 Which was the most effective distracter?
a Option A
b Option C
c Option D
d Option B
345 Which was the least effective distracter?
a Option C
b Option D
c Option B
d Option A
346 Which must have served as a plausible option/s?
a Option B
b Option D
c Option C
d Option B,C and D
347 Which statement can be true of the test item?
a The difficulty index must be low.
b The difficulty index must be high.
c It cannot be determined.
d The test item must be reliable.
348 How do you consider option D?
a Most effective distracter
b Effective distracter
c Ineffective distracter
d Attractive option
349 In a one hundred item test, what does Ryans raw score of 70 mean?
a He surpassed 30 of his classmates in terms of score.
b He got 70 items correct.
c He surpassed 70 of his classmates in terms of score.
d He got a score above the mean.
350 Your percentile rank in class is 60%. What does this mean?
a You got 40% of the test items wrongly?
b You scored less than 60% of the class.
c You got 60% of the test items correctly.
d You scored better than 60% of the class.
351 Here are raw scores in a quiz: 97, 95, 85, 83, 77, 75, 50, 10, 5, 2, 1. What is the median?
a 75
b 52.72
c 76
d 77
352 Here is the score distribution: 98, 93, 93, 93, 90, 88, 87, 85, 85, 85, 70, 51, 34, 34, 34, 20, 18, 15, 12, 9, 8,
6, 3, 1. Which is a characteristic of the score distribution?
a No discernible pattern
b Tri-modal
c Bi-modal
d Skewed to the right

353 Which measure of central tendency is most reliable when scores are extremely high and low?
a Cannot be identified unless individual scores are given
b Mode
c Mean
d Median
354 Which is true when standard deviation is small?
a Scores are highly bunched together.
b The bell curve is relatively flat.
c Scores are spread apart.
d Scores are toward both extremes.
355 Which is true when standard deviation is big?
a The bell curve shape is steep.
b Scores are spread apart.
c Scores are concentrated.
d Scores are not extremes.
356 You have computed the mean and you want to get more information about the distribution of scores.
Which measure of variability is most appropriate?
a Standard deviation
b Mode
c Semi-interquartile range
d Range
357 In a grade distribution, what does the normal curve mean?
a A large number of students receiving low grades and very few students with high grades.
b A large number of more or less average students and very few students receiving low and high grades.
c A large number of students with high grades and very few with low grades
d All of these students have average grades.
358 There is a negative correlation between amount of practice and number of errors in tennis. What does this
a The increase in the amount of practice does not at all affect the number of errors.
b Decrease in the amount of practice goes with decrease in the number of errors.
c As the amount of practice increases, the number of errors decreases.
d The decrease in the amount of practice sometimes affects the number of errors.
359 Which one indicates a strong negative correlation?
a -.75
b -.10
c -.25
d -.15
360 Complete this analogy:
Positive correlation is to direct relation as
Negative correlation is to _________________.
a Definite relation
b Indefinite relation
c Neutral relation
d Inverse relation
361 How will you interpret a students 80% percentile score? The student scored _____________.
a Higher than 80% of the members of the group.
b Better, relative to the competencies targeted.
c High in all the skills being tested
d 80% of the specified content
362 What can be said of student performance in a positively skewed score distribution?
a Almost all students had average performance.
b A few students performed excellently.
c Most students performed poorly.
d Most students performed well.
363 A number of test items in a test are said to be non-discriminating. What conclusion can be drawn?
Teaching or learning was very good.
The item is so easy that anyone could get it right.
The item is so difficult that nobody could get it.
a II and III
b I only
c III only
d I and II
364 A test item has a difficulty index of .51 and a discriminating index of .25. What should the teacher do?
a Make it a bonus item.
b Retain the item.
c Revise the item.
d Reject the item.
365 If there are three raters of an essay test, what correlation is determined?

a Triple rater
b Inter rater
c External rater
d Multiple rater
366 Interpreting assessment results consider consistency. Which is described when the results are consistent?
a Validity
b Reliability
c Subjectivity
d Objectivity
367 The common instrument used in measuring learning in the affective domain is ______.
a Questionnaire
b Checklist
c Multiple choice
d Scaling
368 The test in English and Mathematics showed poor results in comprehension and problem-solving
questions. How may the data be used for better learners performance?
a Use context clues in vocabulary building.
b Give more exercises/situations on comprehension questions.
c Determine weakness in grammatical structures.
d Involve parents in guiding learners developing good study habits.
369 The decision to follow a criterion-referenced orientation in interpreting test scores will communicate
a How much of the test content the children were able to handle.
b The spread of scores in a class.
c The ranking of the students in a section
d The over-all performance of a particular class
370 In qualitative social and behavioral studies, the investigator is a part of the study. What are implied in this
The researcher processes and analyzes the data himself.
Data interpretation depends on the orientation of the researcher.
The investigator is the only source of information.
Data gathering may be done by others but the analysis is done by the researcher.
a I and IV
b II and III
c I, II and IV
d I, II, III and IV
371 After scoring, Teacher G got the difference of the highest and lowest scores in each class. What did she
a Standard deviation
b Mean
c Range
d Median
372 Keeping track of assessment results from one periodic rating to the next is useful in contributing to the
development of a _______________.
a Regional plan
b Annual implementation plan
c School improvement plan
d Division plan
373 When checking projects made by your pupils, what must be done to ensure objectively in giving grades?
a Prepare rubrics in giving grades
b Request somebody to grade the projects of your classes
c Rate the projects by batch checking
d Rate the projects in descriptive and not in a quantitative manner
Below is a continuance of assessment methods presented by Wiggins and Mc Tighe, Understanding by
Informal checks
for understanding





Based on the diagram, answer the #s 374-376

374 The assessment methods are considered to collect _________ of understanding overtime.
a Information
b Evidence
c Tasks

d Facts
375 When assessment is anchored on academic prompts the ongoing inquiry is _______ and ranges from
simple to complex.
a Specific
b Generic
c Informal
d Open-ended
376 Assessment anchored on performance tasks on projects enables the students to use their knowledge in
a Relationship
b Context
c Essentials
d Prioritization
377 Key questions are considered in instructional planning and in identifying desired results and assessments.
Which two questions are relevant?
What activities will equip students with the needed knowledge and skills?
What method of assessment should be used?
What materials and resources are best suited to accomplish the learning objective?
What type of tests should be given?
a I and III
b II and IV
c II and III
d IV only
378 Which is one measure of attitude that consists of a value statement where you are asked to express your
degree of agreement or disagreement of a statement?
a Likert scale
b Interview schedule
c Semantic differential
d Checklist
379 Teacher F narrates I went through a test where I was asked how the ink blot appeared to me. What test
did Teacher F probably undergo?
a IQ test
b Rorshach Test
c Aptitude test
d EQ test
380 Teacher U asked her pupils to create a story out of the given pictures. Which projective technique did
Teacher U use?
a Rorshach test
b Narrative
c Thematic Apperception Test
d Reflective
381 Which test will the Guidance Office of School give if it wants to help students in predicting their probable
success in specific educational and vocational fields?
a Diagnostic test
b Achievement test
c IQ test
d Aptitude test
382 Which should you use to obtain information concerning a particular students interests?
Case study
Interview techniques
Cumulative record of student
a III only
b II and III
c I and II
d I, II and III
383 Which tool should a teacher use if she wants to locate areas which are adversely affecting the
performance of a significant number of students?
a Problem checklist
b Self-report technique
c Autobiography
d Cumulative record
384 Student B was asked to report to the Guidance Office. Student B and his classmates at once remarked.
Whats wrong?. What does this imply?
a Reporting to a Guidance Office is often associated with misbehavior.
b Student B is a problem student.
c Guidance counselors are perceived to be almighty and omniscient.
d The parents of student B must be of the delinquent type.
385 Which is not true of the guidance process?

a The guidance process means the guidance counselor decides what is best for the student who is in the
b The guidance process is a continuous process.
c Guidance is meant for every student including the performing students.
d Guidance is assisting students to become self-directed individuals.
386 What projective personality tests in mind which does not belong?
a Interview
b Sentence completion task
c Word association test
d Thematic apperception test
387 You intend to assess affective attributes such as capacity to feel, attitudes and behaviors. Which of the
following should you establish to ascertain the instruments valifdity?
a Construct
b Content
c Criterion-related
d Face
388 An appropriate assessment tool for assessing the development of learning in the affective domain is
through ___________.
a Reading of journal entries
b Performance assessment
c Product assessment
d Self-assessment
389 Analytic scoring uses the ____ judgment of the students work.
a Evaluation
b Performance
c Standard
d Criterion
390 Knowledge of procedure in writing a report is an example of a _______ rubric.
a Specific
b Generic
c Standard
d Performance
391 Rubrics are used for rating performance and scoring guides to describe the _____ qualities of students
a Tested
b Accomplished
c Distinguished
d Desired
392 The Report Card is given every grading period to the pupil/student and the parents are informed of the
learners performance. This is a/an ___ of the teacher stipulated in Education Act of 1982.
a Role
b Obligation
c Accountability
d Responsibility
393 Teachers should avoid _____ in assigning student performance-based ratings.
a Arbitraries and bias
b Unnecessary deductions
c Partiality and calculation
d Unnecessary evaluation
394 Which is the basic principle underpinning the performance-based grading system?
a It is a tool for improving teaching and learning.
b It is a tool to determine prerequisite knowledge.
c It is diagnostic, formative and summative.
d It is evaluative and judgmental.
395 Mrs. Lim wants to generate as many ideas as she can as the class is about to embark on a community
outreach program. Which of the following will she employ?
a Simulation
b Brainstorming
c Brainwashing
d Role Playing
396 The lesson is on the pros and cons of capital punishment. Mr. Milan wants to do high level thinking and to
develop a view of capital punishment from different perspectives. Which technique will be most
a Role playing
b Simulation
c Lecture
d Panel discussion

397 To teach the democratic process to the pupils, Biag Elementary School decided that the election of class
officers shall be patterned after the local election. There were qualifications set for candidates, limited
period for campaign and rules for posting campaign materials, etc. Which of the following did the school
a Role playing
b Simulation
c Symposium
d Philips 66
398 Miss Lees objective is to focus students attention on and quickly create interest in a problem or concept.
She should make use of ___________.
a Tutorial group
b Philips 66
c Task group
d Panel discussion
399 Read the following teacher-student interaction.
Teacher: Why is the process called photosynthesis?
Student: I dont know.
Which questioning technique should the teacher use?
a Prompting
b Multiple choice
c Clarification
d Concept review
400 Which order follows the basic rule in framing interaction?
a Call on a student, pause, ask the question
b Ask the question, call on a student, pause
c Ask the question, pause, call on a student
d Call on a student, ask the question, pause
401 To nurture creativity of learners, the teacher should be ___________.
a An all-powerful authority
b A repository of knowledge with the right answer
c Single-minded
d Flexible in terms of time, pace materials, techniques
402 You want to teach facts and rules. Which one will you make use of?
a Direct instruction
b Self-directed learning
c Indirect instruction
d Collaboration model
403 Teacher Ben, an experienced teacher, does daily review of past lesson. Why?
a To provide his pupils with a sense of wholeness and continuity
b To determine who among his pupils are studying
c To reflect on how he presented the previous lesson
d To introduce a new lesson
404 Teacher Alvin wants to teach the class the rules in playing basketball. Which method is most appropriate?
a Direct instruction
b Problem solving
c Discovery
d Inductive reasoning
405 You want to teach concepts, patterns, and abstractions. Which method is most appropriate?
a Deductive method
b Problem solving
c Direct instruction
d Indirect instruction
406 Direct instruction is for facts, rules, and actions as indirect instruction is for ______.
a Concepts, patterns, and abstractions
b Rules, concepts, processes
c Guesses, data and conclusions
d Hypotheses, verified data and conclusion
407 You want to have a small group discussion in your class. Which topics will be best for group discussion?
These topics ____________________.
a Where a high degree of consensus among students does not yet exist
b Where a high degree of consensus among students already exists
c That are formally structured by texts
d That are factual
408 Which holds true of competency-based instruction?
a I only
b II only

c I and II
d Partly I, partly II
409 You combined several subject areas in order to focus on a single concept for interdisciplinary teaching.
Which strategy did you use?
a Problem-centered learning
b Reading-writing activity
c Thematic instruction
d Unit method
410 When you teach, you often engage yourself in brainstorming. Which do you avoid?
a Selectively involve pupils
b Break down barriers
c Generate many ideas
d Increase creativity
411Teacher Marion developed a card game in which pupils matched different fractions. The shapes contained
within each card were the same while the number of parts shaded was different. Which concept process
was taught by this activity?
a Equivalent fractions
b Proper and improper fractions
c Sequencing fractions
d Converting fractions
412 Having a mock presidential election, complete with debates, discussion of issues and voting, teaches
a The decision-making process
b The skill to win in debates
c The art of winning in an election
d The skill to persuade
413 You have presented a lesson on animal protective coloration. At the end, you ask if there are any
questions. There are none. You can take this to mean
a Your students are not interested in the lesson
b You need to determine if the students understood everything you presented
c You need to ask specific questions to elicit responses
d Your students did not understood what you were talking about
414 What is the best way to develop math concepts?
a Learning math as applied to situations, such as its being a tool of science
b Solving problems by looking for correct answers
c Solving problems by using memorized formula
d Solving problems by applying learned formulas
415 Which is/are effective method/s in teaching students critical reading skills?
a Interpret editorials and read and interpret three different movie reviews
b Read and interpret three different movie reviews
c Interpret editorials about a particular subject from three different newspapers
d Evaluate the consistency of ideas expressed in an editorial
416 Teacher Bong likes to concretize the abstract concept of an atom. He came up with a concrete
presentation of the atom by using wires and plastic balls. How would you classify Teacher Bongs visual
a Model
b Realia
c Replica
d Chart
417 Teacher Henry gave his first-grade class a page with a story in which pictures take the place of some
words. Which method did he use?
a The rebus method
b The whole language approach
c The Spaulding method
d The language experience approach
418 In your attempt to develop creative thinking skills, you want to test fluency of ideas. Which activity will be
most appropriate?
a List animals covered with hair in 1 minute.
b Compare Pictures 1 and 2. Where there are the differences?
c Solve this puzzle.
d Solve this math problem.
419 The collaborative approach includes the major behaviors of listening, clarifying, presenting, problemsolving, and _________.
a Negotiating
b Evaluating
c Feedbacking
d Assessing
420 Which is an important factor in differentiated instructional process?

a Error analysis
b Entry level indicators
c Student-led conferences
d Record keeping performance assessments
421 Which of these is not an indicator of a supportive learning environment?
a High dropout rates
b Warm and friendly atmosphere
c Students take personal responsibility for their learning and behavior
d Increase in student bonding to school
422 The incorporation of the content materials in language lessons is called _______.
a Problem-solving instruction
b Content-based instruction
c Integration approach
d Thematic approach
423 Which of these are crucial skills for effective teaching?
Creation of new instructional materials
Classroom management
Higher order thinking skills
Art of questioning
a I, II, III, and IV
b II and IV
c I and III
d I and IV
424 Which is in accordance with the withitness principle of classroom management of Kounin?
a Student is with his teacher in everything he teaches.
b Teacher is fully aware of what is happening in his classroom.
c Students agree to disagree in class discussions.
d Both parents and teachers are involved in the education of children
425 Which practice helps the teacher maximize time for instruction?
a Employ a reactive approach to discipline.
b Maximize discipline time
c Avoid classroom routine; they make your students robot.
d Minimize discipline time.
426 Which is sound classroom management practice?
a Be reactive in approach
b Occupy students with extremely difficult tasks
c Be preventive in approach
d Give students very easy task to lighten their load
427 A sound advice for classroom managers is Nip the problem in the bud. What does this mean?
a Assume a reactive posture in classroom management.
b Be proactive in management approach.
c Reinforce positive behavior
d Treat minor disturbance calmly.
428 Which seating arrangement has been proven to be effective for learning?
a Flexible to suit varied activities
b Fixed arrangement to maximize instructional time
c A combination of fixed and flexible arrangement
d Any seat arrangement to suit varied learning styles
429 Which statement on wait time is correct?
a Wait time turns off fast thinking students
b For quality response, what and why questions acquire equal wait time.
c The higher the level of the question, the longer the wait time.
d Wait time turns off slow thinking students.
430 Teacher C asked the class: Is the class answer correct? Student A said No. Teacher C asked the same
student why no? Which did Teacher C do?
a Directing
b Probing
c Repeating
d Rephrasing
431 If you want your pupils to master the multiplication table, which activity is most fit?
a Game
b Drill
c Simulation
d Reflection
432 You want your better students to overlearn what they have learned and at the same time help others to
master the lesson. Which activity is best?
a Game
b Simulation

c Peer tutoring
d Practice
433 Which activity can help develop teamwork among your students?
a Journal writing
b Metaphorical thinking
c Reflective activity
d Roundtable
434 If you want to hone your students metacognitive ability, which is most fit?
a Drill for mastery
b Journal writing
c Debate
d Brainstorming
435 To develop reasoning and speaking ability, which should you use?
a Storytelling
b Role playing
c Experiment
d Debate
436 Which should you use more if you want to counteract the spirit of destructive competition among your
a Community involvement projects
b Listening activities
c Self-evaluation activities
d Concept miming
437 Which is best for the development of logical reasoning?
a Concept mapping
b Using pictograph
c Formulating and testing hypothesis
d Concept miming
438 Which can enhance the development of spatial intelligence?
a Hands-on demonstration
b Environmental study
c Concept miming
d Concept mapping
439 To show cause-and-effect relationships for picture smart pupils, which works?
a Graphic organizer
b Manipulative
c Mnemonic device
d Metaphor
440 With which learning style group are manipulative most effective?
a Master style group
b Interpersonal style group
c Understanding style group
d Self-expressive style group
441 If you like to know value preferences of your students, which can help?
a Rank ordering
b Hypothesizing
c Generating mental pictures
d Summarizing and note taking
442 Which activity works best with self-expressive people?
a Metaphors
b Kinesthetic activities
c Inquiry
d Independent study
443 Which activity is good for organizing and summarizing?
a Power point presentation
b Cartoons
c Interview
d Case study
444 For a discussion of a topic from various perspectives, it is best to hold a ______.
a Symposium
b Brainstorming
c Panel discussion
d Debate
445 For which can the Venn diagram be used?
a Sequencing of events
b Comparison
c Presenting attributes
d Showing cause-and-effect

446 Which is a graphic presentation of numerical data?

a Histogram
b Attribute wheel
c Venn diagram
d Spider map
447 Which technique is an application of B.F. Skinners theory on operant conditioning?
a Mastery learning
b Process approach
c Computer-assisted instruction
d Project method
448 The following promote lesson elaboration through student interaction except:
a Demonstration
b Peer tutoring
c Class discussion
d Cooperative learning
449 Which one will you use if you want to give your students an overview of your lesson before you proceed?
a Advance organizer
b Pictograph
c Review
d Story board
450 Which is least exploratory in nature?
a Inquiry approach
b Questioning method
c Deductive method
d Project method
451 For direct instruction which does not belong?
a Demonstration method
b Deductive method
c Drill method
d Inductive method
452 To make our children little scientists, which method(s) should we employ more often?
Problem solving
a II and III
b I and II
c I, II and III
d I and III
453 Which approach makes you think of your thinking?
a Constructivist
b Cognitive
c Metacognitive
d Integrative
454 For integrative purposes, which method/approach should be used?
a Cooperative learning
b Constructive approach
c Thematic approach
d Metacognitive approach
455 To teach your students how to follow steps in a recipe effectively, which method should you use?
a Discovery
b Demonstration
c Unit
d Questioning
456 Which is one justification of the use of lecture method?
a When subject is very new and there are no references yet
b When students are poorly motivated
c When teacher is substituting for the regular teacher
d When subject is very broad in scope
457 Which is the first step in the goal-oriented or outcome-based model of teaching?
a Establishing learning objectives
b Assessing learners entry capabilities
c Designing learning activities
d Implementing learning activities
458 You want your students to have mastery learning of a basic topic. Which can help?
a Morrisonian technique and drill
b Socratic method
c Drill
d Socratic method and drill

459 To give everyone in a big class a chance to participate, which one should you employ?
a Simulation
b Class game
c Panel discussion
d Small group discussion
460 For empathy and for value change and development, which is best?
a Simulation
b Game
c Role playing
d Drill
461 To give opportunity for bonding and sharing, which approach can be of help?
a Cooperative learning approach
b Exploratory approach
c Constructivist approach
d Discovery approach
462 When the class seems unruly during the discussion, what is the best technique to employ?
a Let them stand for a while
b Prepare unfreezers/energizers
c Stop the discussion
d Ignore the students who are making noise
463 Why do we need to establish classroom routines?
a To make our work easy
b To minimize problems in class
c To ensure order and discipline
d To promote organization in class
464 How will you help the shy and timid students in your class?
a Let them be as they are.
b Encourage them to join as many activities in class.
c Treat them naturally
d Refer them to the Guidance Office
465 Giving rewards is one way to motivate students to behave properly at all times. What is the best positive
reinforcement which can be employed?
a Acknowledging the potential of each student
b Giving medals for every good work done
c Praising then for good work
d Distributing tokens/materials for every best work
466 To create order and discipline in the class, various classroom management techniques are employed by
teachers. Which is a proactive technique?
a Giving sanctions commensurate to the offense
b Reinforcing good work by giving praiseworthy comments
c Referring unruly behavior only when necessary
d Writing reports/referrals only when all the possible means have been explored
467 Should a teacher involve her/his students in planning the instructional objectives before starting a lesson?
a Yes, with shared objectives, they become self-motivated.
b No, they will not be ready for it at the beginning.
c Yes, they will be given a tip on what questions to ask.
d No, with cognitive objectives at the start, irrelevant questions are formulated.
468 Teacher A aims to develop critical and creative thinking among her students. She should try using
a Declarative statements
b Convergent questions
c Divergent questions
d Expository statements
469 What is one advantage of using the project method in science teaching?
a It tests the students manipulative skills.
b It requires student to present in concrete from how a principle works.
c It requires assistance of experts on the subject.
d It develops high level thinking and learning.
470 Teacher B requested an older, brighter and more cooperative member in a group to teach the other
members. What is her rationale in employing this methodology?
a The tutor is better equipped and close to the rest.
b They know one another, learning is faster.
c The tutor is older and can command them to understand.
d The members can rely on a brighter tutor.
471 For quality professional development, teachers must consider the NCBTS, which are the established
standards for good teaching in the Philippines. What is meant by the acronym NCBTS?
a National Competency-Based Teacher Standards
b National Competency-Based Teaching Standards

c National Competency Basic Teacher Standards

d National Competency Basic Teaching Standards
472 You are very much interested in quality professional development program for teachers. What
characteristic should you look for?
a Depends on the availability of funds
b Prescribed by top educational leaders
c Responsive to identified teachers needs
d Required for renewal of professional license
473 How do you know a program for teachers professional development that meets high standards from one
that does not? Quality professional development helps teachers to ______.
a Get promoted
b Get intrinsically motivated to grow continuously
c Earn MA units for ranking purposes
d Put themselves far above their students
474 Once a teacher, forever a student. What does the statement imply about quality personal and
professional development for teachers?
a The teacher is able to teach his/her students.
b The teacher learns from his/her students.
c It is continuing.
d Personal and professional development calls for teachers exposure to students.
475 Societal change requires continually deep-seated questions about good living. Which one of these did
Socrates recognize as the greatest of the human virtues?
a Moral wisdom
b Fair justice
c Courage
d Piety
476 Which competencies are expected of BEEd and BSEd graduates?
I. Higher level literacy and critical thinking
II. Principled understanding of the learning processes
III. Assuming the responsibility to sustain professional growth
IV.Acting as an agent of change
a II and IV
b I, II, III
c I, II, III and IV
d I and III
477 Which of the following is best implied by quality and relevant teacher development initiatives?
a Lifelong learning
b Focus on the non-performers
c Capacity building of educational community
d Mentoring of experts who share the latest ideas about teaching and learning
478 The results of the LET revealed the low performance of future teachers. In April 2010 only 15% of the
BEEd and 25% of BSEd graduates passed. What do the results imply?
a More training be given to BEEd students
b Review existing teacher education curriculum vis--vis TOS
c Determine the specialization of BSEd graduates
d Implement selective admission inTEIS
479 The new Performance Appraisal System for Teachers (PAST) is __________.
a Knowledge-based
b Practice-based
c Competency-based
d Skill-based
480 Which of these skills must a teacher develop that will enable him/her to look at problems as opportunities?
I. Addressing problems as fast as possible
II. Remaining alert to the possibility
III. Foster sense of accomplishment
IV.Promote sense of belonging
a I, II, III
c I, III, IV
d I, II, IV
481 As a professional teacher you must be good at interactive communication. What does interactive
communication include?
I. Person-to-person e-mail correspondence
II. Interaction through simulation and models
III. Electronic mailing list, video conferencing, chat rooms
IV.Group interaction in virtual learning space or audio communications
a I and II
b II and III

c I, II and III
d I, II, III and IV
482 International educators propose a definition of the term global competence. What is the most appropriate
characteristic of a globally competent individual?
a Having an open mind while actively seeking to understand norms and work effectively outside ones
b Ability to become familiar with a new culture and work environment
c Having the intercultural facility of effective two-way communication
d Having the professional competence to speak a foreign language
483 Which of the following may generate interpersonal relationships in the work environment?
a Learning new skills
b Challenging the best
c Off-site respites
d Dance festival
484 What practices develop interpersonal sensitivity?
Communicate programs projects to stakeholders
Give positive criticisms based on guidelines
Communicate concerns/issues for improvement
Tell teachers to attend professional development
b I, II, III
d I, III, IV
485 The professional teacher is not the sage on stage but the guide from the side. This implies that
teachers _______________.
a Act as facilitators of learning
b Serve dispensers of knowledge
c Project an Almighty-Omniscient image
d Cling to their power to impose rules
486 A teacher is said to be a trustee of the cultural and educational heritage of the nation and is under
obligation to transmit to learners such heritage. Which practice makes him/her fulfill such obligation?
a Use interactive teaching strategies
b Use the latest educational technology
c Observe continuing professional education
d Study the life of Filipino heroes
487 In the context of constructivist learning transaction, the teacher as facilitator of learning engages in an
instruction that is _________.
a Flexible and creative
b Understanding and independent
c Formative and summative
d Democratic and independent
488 Global students learn with short bursts of energy. To maintain concentration they require _______.
a Frequent reminder that they need to concentrate
b Frequent and intermittent breaks
c Short and easy reading materials
d Music while studying
489 A pupil whose mother is an OFW has been absent for the past three days. Considering the teachers role
and responsibilities, what action will you take?
a Record the absences
b Conduct home visitation
c Report to the guidance counselor
d Conduct action research
490 How are schools influenced when parents measure of excellent school is childrens ability to read as early
as pre-kindergarten?
a Focus on academics
b Integration of values
c Application of socio-emotional learning
d Exclusive use of reading books published by the school
491 To respond to the needs of industry, which one do schools focus on?
a Technical skills
b Humanities
c Basic literacy skills
d Social relations
492 In examining the social and political settings as well as the moral dimension of the educative process, the
educator necessarily has to deal with ___________.
a Axiology or theory of value
b Epistemology or the theory of knowledge
c Metaphysics or the theory of reality

d Theory of generalization
493 The component of education which gives direction and provides the criterion for its evaluation: _______
a Educational policy
b Educational objectives
c Educational organization
d Educational leadership
494 The legal basis of vocational education is _____
a Act No. 3377 enacted in 1927
b Commonwealth Act No. 586
c Commonwealth Act No. 80
d Republic Act No. 139
495 The legal basis of the public school system is _______.
a Executive Order No. 217
b Act No. 74 of the Philippine Commission approved on June 18, 1908
c Act No. 477
d Act No. 1870 approved on June 18, 1908
496 The first Code of Professional Ethics for Teachers and School Officials was embodied in the _____.
a Ministry Order No. 5, s. 1944
b Commonwealth Act No. 194
c Commonwealth Act No. 570
d Executive Order No. 134
497 Which of the following phrases is not provided for in the Education Act of 1940, known as Commonwealth
Act No. 536?
a Public elementary schools to be supported by the National Government
b A six year elementary education instead of seven
c A double-single session in the elementary grades
d Fixed the actual teaching time of elementary school teachers to six hours
498 What is The Fair and Equitable Access to Education Act all about? It is an act that _____.
a Provides an automatic mechanism to ensure a balanced distribution of education budget for all regions
in the country
b Corrects the distortions and inequities in the regional allocation of education budget
c Expands educational opportunities for every Filipino
d A and B
499 According to the Constitution, academic freedom is enjoyed by _____.
a All personnel and students of all schools
b Administrators of schools
c Teachers and administrators of all schools, public and private
d Academic personnel of institutions of higher education only
500 Under the Magna Carta for Teachers, teachers with ______ years of service of more may be considered
PBET eligible.
a At least 10 years or more continuous service
b At least five years or more continuous service
c Seven years of service
d Three years of service