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• American Sign Language based Hand Gesture Recognition & Performance

Staircase Climbing Robot – Implemented in Multi-Domain Approach

• Driver Fatigue Accident Prevention using Eye Blink Sensor
• Implementation of Automated Multi Story Car Parking
• Boatbot – Design & Implementation
• Energy Consumption, Meter Reading and Extra Power Requisition System
• Automatic Touch Screen based Vehicle Driving System
• Alternative Energy Sources - Foot Power Generation
• Helping Hand for Disabled Person - Hand Gripper Robot
• Robotic Vision and Color Identification System with Solenoid Arm for Colored
Material Separation
• Soil Moisture Content based Automatic Motor Starter for Irrigation Purpose
• Intelligent Train Engines and Hi Jack Control System or RF – Vehicle Hi Jack –
• Advanced Collision Avoidance Solar Powered Robot Car with Automatic Charger -
Seek for Sun Light and Charges when the Battery Goes Down
• ASSIST - Automated System for Surgical Instrument and Sponge Tracking
• Trivector Meter – Design & Implementation
• Power Failure Auto Detection at Customer Place and Wireless Power Line
Communication – Auto Announcement System to E.B Station
• Eye Ball Controlled Automatic Wheel Chair
• A Security Framework in RFID based License Plate
• GPS and GSM based Biomedical Wearable Device for Remote Monitoring of
Physiological Signals
• Botrobo – Tanker & Sound Detecting Robot
• Ultrasonic based Vehicle Parking Guidance System
• Portable Power Analyzer for Energy Audit
• I Protect – Integrated Vehicle Tracking and Communication System with Vehicle
Command Unit – An Ultimate tool for Tracking, Real Time Monitoring
• Wireless Based Railway Bridge Damage or Track Fault Notification with Alarm
• Intelligent System for Hazardous Gas, Human Detection and Temperature Monitor
Control Using GSM Technology
• Alcohol Breath Analyzer / Alcohol Sensing Vehicle Starter System
• Automatic Railway Gate Control & Track Switching
• Advanced Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Wall Sensors and RF Remote Controller
for Systematic Cleaning
• Design & Implementation of 3Phase Power Changer
• Implementation of Secured Black Box in Aircraft
• Snake Robot – Serpentine Robot for Industrial Inspection and Surveillance
• A Novel Rear-End Collision, Accident Avoidance, Distance Measuring using
Ultrasonic Technology
• Automatic Employee Tracking System using Zigbee Network and I2c Memory Card
• Anti Collision System in Railway & Location Monitoring using GSM and GPS –
Intelligent Train System with GPS
• Voice based Activation and Control of Equipments
• Voice based Elevator Movement and Display
• Passenger Information System using GPS
• Driverless Automated Car System
• Zigbee based Smart Vehicle System – Track, GPS based Vehicle Tracking,
Protection & Security System
• Design and Implementation of a Multiplex Parking System and Toll Collection
based on Time Management Techniques for Identifying the Parking Violation based on
Expiry Time
• Zigbee enabled Pantry Updation - Wireless Network and Data Synchronization
using Hand Held Device - Zigbee enabled 2 Way
• An Automatic Collision Detection and Acceleration Control using Multi Zone
Transmission and Reception through RF Technology and GSM Communication
• Conveyor Belt Sequential Timer Controller with Model for Bottling Plant
• Fuzzy Elevators - Group Elevator Scheduling With Advance Information for Normal
and Emergency Modes in Building Management Systems
• GPS & RFID based Intelligent Guided Vehicle
• Automated Drilling Machine
• Touch Screen based Wheel Chair Implementation
• Library Robot - Path Guiding Robotic System with Artificial Intelligence using
• Eye Ball Movement based Equipment Control
• Fuzzy Logic based Automated Train
• Real Time GPS based Vehicle Parameter Monitoring with Intelligent Data Analysis
• Zigbee based Wireless Weather Station
• Finger Print Verification for Passport Checking
• Design & Implementation of Grass Shredding Robot
• Electronic House – A Well Equipped Modern House
• Design & Implementation of Child Safety Device
• Autonomous Robot with Obstacle Avoidance, Drive Wheel Synchronization and
Line Tracking Capability
• A Wireless Bio-Implantable Device for Monitoring Vital Body Parameters of
Transgetic Mice with Mems Technology
• Motion Operated Scrolling Display using Mems Accelerometer and I2c Protocol
• Blind Spot Location Identification - Bus Alert System for Vision Impaired People
• Wall Follower Robot with the Help of Multiple Artificial Eyes
• Medical Robot – Design & Implementation
• GPS based Substation Implementation
• Density Traffic Analyzer - Traffic Control System for Ambulance Service Design &
• Rail Track Inspector
• Cockpit White Box
• Mobile Robot -- Wireless Ai based Intelli Mobile Robot for Multi Specialty
• Intelligent Fuzzy Control Guided Vehicle with Collision Prevention – Ultrasonic
based Distance Monitoring and Fuzzy based Collision Avoidance
• Wireless Hybrid SCADA for Power Station Substation Monitoring & Automation
• Flying Robot with Search and Rescue Feature for an Accident Area or Natural
Disaster Area
• Dish Position Controlling and Monitoring System Used for Radar & Other
Telecommunication Applications
• Smart Tanker Robot for Security Operations in the Protected Area with Wireless
Secured Communication
• ICU - Wearable Biomedical Sensors & Systems -- Wearable Body Sensor Networks
with Bp
• Distance Protection – Power Theft Identification & Location Detection
• Intelligent Transport System using Wireless Technologies
• Judo Coat – Design & Implementation
• GPS based Intelligent Guided Vehicle with Collision Mitigation - Automatic Vehicle
Location Tracking, Collision Avoidance with Dual Channel Communication using RF
• RF based Intelligent Handheld Multi-Parameter Monitoring System with LCD
Display and DAS
• Multisensor - Smoke, Fire, Temperature, Gas, Metal & Intruder based Security
Robot - Zigbee
• Ultrasonic based Path Planning for the Blind Person
• The Electronic Passport & The Future of Government Issued RF ID based
• Intelligent Train System – Automation, Collision Avoidance, Signal / Unmanned
Controlling, Moving Message Display, Voice Annunciation
• Industrial Automation and Control System IVRS - Remote Location using Remote
Connection, with Immediate Voice Feedback
• RF ID/ Proximity based Multi Usage Card6
• ICU - Smart Medicare Patient Monitoring System
• Infant Monitoring System
• Finger Print based ATM Authentication & Money Management System
• Voice Recognition for Controlling Color Television
• Energy Saving System using Thyristor Controllers
• Cell Phone Jammer - Implementation of Highly Effective Mobile Cell Phone Jammer
• RF ID & Finger Print based Campus Access Control System
• Person Identification System – RF ID System used for Tracking & Authentication
Purposes Applying Back Scattering Technology
• RF Id Proximity based Checking & Detecting Expiry Date (S), Stock Updation
• Multiplexing Control of EMU
• Fuzzy Logic based Speed Control of DC Motor
• Speed Control of AC Motor with Multi Parameter Monitoring
• RF ID & Finger Print based Electronic Passport – Multi Management System
• Parameters Checking Before Take Off
• Coach Location Monitoring and Identification
• GSM / CDMA / DCS Tri Band Jammer
• Voice Control based Speed Control of Dc Motor
• Finger Print based Campus Management System
• Automatic Vehicle Toll Collection & Gate Entry Exit System using RF ID
• Voice Controlled & Activated Wheel Chair Robot for Physically Challenged
• Fuzzy Logic based Lift Control & Management System
• Advanced and Intelligent Distant Vehicle Identifying and Automatic Entry System
using Active RF ID
• Blue Tooth Jammer for Security Application
• Artificial Intelligence based Security for Telephone Exchange with SCADA
• Finger Print based Digital Locker Security
• RF ID/ Proximity based Pharma Health Card
• Effective Solar Tracking System for Optimal Power Generation and Lift Operating
Through Solar Power
• RF based Code Modulation – Decryption & Encryption for Secured Wireless
Communication with OFDM
• SCADA for Instrumentation
• Hi End Temple Security System with Frequency Jammer
• Design and Implementation of Railway Automation System with Sensors Network
• Zigbee enabled ICU Care Taker - Life Support System
• Contactless Electromagnetic Proximity based Campus Management System
• Anesthesia Control System using Infusion Pump with Heart Beat Monitoring
• SCR DCR Circuit Breaker
• GPS Jammer
• Finger Print based Digital Voting Machine
• Energy Saving Systems for Railway Platforms
• Heart Beat Rate Monitoring System - RF based Wireless Heart Beat Rate Monitoring
• Speed Control of DC Motor with Field & Armature Control
• Multiple Starters with Over Load and Low High Voltage Protection with Multi
Parameter Monitoring
• Contactless Electromagnetic Proximity based Public Transport System
• Microwave Spy Camera Jammer
• Advanced GSM based Theft Vehicle Identifying System using Remote PC
• Wireless Remote Motor Starter with Acknowledgement using Solar Energy Power
for Agricultural Application
• IVRS based Electronics Televoting with Response & Feedback
• Intelli Robotic Wheel Chair for Specialty Operations with Key Operations and
Advanced Path Planning Routing System
• Alive Human Being Detector in War Fields / Affected Areas using WAP with Model
& Camera
• SMS based Controller – Robot Control
• Prepaid Electricity Billing RF 2 Way Automation using Contact Less EMPCR Card &
Reader with Voice Annunciation - IVRS
• Anti Collision System in Railway using GSM and GPS
• Vehicle Emission -- Automated Vehicle Emission Testing (Co2) and Issuing online
• Effective Signal / Frequency Jammer System for Security & Protection
• SCADA based Waste Water Treatment
• Cycloconverter Drive for AC Motors
• Digital PID Controller based Speed Control of DC Motor
• Intelligent Power Sharing of Transformers with Auto Protection
• Finger Print based Physical Access Control Vehicle Immobilizer
• RF enabled Energy Meter Digitization & Automation and Automatic Utility Transfer
with Two Way Communication
• Speed Control of a Linear Induction Motor V/F Technique
• Noise Less Speed Control of DC Motor using PWM Converter
• Inverter based Low - High Input Voltage Buck Booster Converter System Design &
• Multi Power Utilizer - Maximum Demand Indicator and Power Factor Indicator
• Natural Failure Protector
• Protective Relay V, I, V/F Protection & Impedance Relay
• Voltage Stresses On Stator Windings of Induction Motors Driven By IGBT PWM
• Soft Switching PWM Three Level Converters
• Brushless Speed Control of DC Motor
• Finger Print Identification / Recognition based Equipment Control System
• SMS based Universal Motor Speed Controller
GPS & GSM based Accident Alarm System
• Fuzzy based Speed Control of Induction Motor using Microcontroller
• PWM based Bidirectional Speed Control of DC Motor
• Peritoneal Dialysis – Design and Implementation of Blood Purification System
• Integrate Intelligent Security System for Industrial Surveillance with WAP & Auto
• Soft Switching PWM Three Level Inverters
• Intelli Home Security System with Auto Dialer, Peace Keeper – The Home of
• Smart Solar Powered Car
• Sensor less Speed Control of AC Induction Motor using Microcontroller
• Speed Control of DC Motor using FQ / TQ Chopper Drive
• Smart Solar Tracking System for Optimal Power Generation
• Smart Wind Mill based Power Generation System for Mobile Charging
• Zigbee – College / Industry – Wireless Network and Data Synchronization using
Hand Held Device
• Wireless Sensor Network based Model for Secure Railway Operations –
Performance, Computing & Communication Conference
• Remote Controlled Water Splash Robot for Gardening
• Fuzzy Logic based Speed Control of AC Motor using Microcontroller with Line
Fault Identification
• Development of Smart Notice Board – Active Information Display Systems
• Automatic Vehicle Speed Management System
• IVRS based Smart Networked Home - Home Automation System
• Smart AI based Image Capturing Robot with Sensors Network
• Cell Phone Controlled Ai based Five Axis Robot for Multi Specialty Operations
• IVRS based Robot Control with Response & Feed Back
• Voice Controlled Intelli Robot for Multi Specialty Operations
• PC Controlled Advanced Wireless Robot Vehicle with Camera for Bomb Detection /
Human Surveillance Application for Dangerous Areas
• Zigbee based Wireless Multi Channel Home Automation System with IVRS
• SMS based Remote Motor Starter for Irrigation in Agricultural Application
• SMS Controlled Home Automation System
• Distributed Control System for Industrial Transducers Failure Location &
• Boiler and Burner Management & Controller System
• CAN based Smart Car Security System
• IVRS based Students Mark Annunciation for their Parents
• Complete Automation of Automobile Control System using CAN
• CAN based Exteriors – Design & Implementation
• Smart Room Controller using Human Presence Detector
• PLC based Bottle Filling Station with Conveyor Model
• PLC based Traffic Controller
Life Cycle Testing of Electrical Components
• Design of Induction Furnace Control System
• Vehicle Safety Speed Controller under Driver Fatigue using Eye Blink Sensor
• A Portable Wireless Eye Movement-Controlled Human-Computer Interface for the
• Providing Group Tour Guide by RFIDs and Wireless Sensor Networks
• A Low-Cost Solution for an Integrated Multisensor Lane Departure Warning System
• Development of Energy Management and Warning System for Resident: An Energy
• Development of pedestrian-to-vehicle communication system prototype for
pedestrian safety using both wide-area and direct communication
Fingerprinting Passports
• A Distributed Measurement System to Estimate Plant Water Content in Agricultural
Fields based on Wireless Sensor Networks
• A Hands Gesture System of Control for an Intelligent Wheelchair
• An RFID based Pilgrim Identification System
• A RFID System to Help Visually Impaired People in Mobility
• MeshEye: A Hybrid – Resolution Smart Camera Mote for Applications in Distributed
Intelligent Surveillance
• Car-to-Car Communication
• The OmniTread Serpentine Robot for Industrial Inspection and Surveillance
• A Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication Protocol for Cooperative Collision Warning
Energy Efficient Target Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks
• ZIGBEE based Infant Incubator Parameter Sensing & Monitoring
• Eyeball Sensor for Automatic Wheel Chair Movement for Paralysed Patients
• Hand Talk – Assistive Technology for the Dumb
• A Versatile Drop Foot Stimulator for Research Applications
• Hand Talk using Flex Sensors with Voice Indication
• Stimulation of Paralyzed Muscle using IR
• Monitoring System for Premature Babies
• Portable Lift for Carrying House Hold Items
• Battery Voltage and Current Monitoring for 8 Batteries
• Self Guided Pedestrain Crossing Robot for Blinds and Elderly Persons – Walking
• Electromagnetic Magnetic Type Pick and Place Robot for Materials Handling
• Finger Gesture Recognition using Flex Sensors with Voice Output
• PCB Drilling Machine using Cartesian Bot
• Railway Pedestrain Crossing between Railway Platforms without Staircase
• Conveyor for Grade Selector and Diverter Applications
• Walking Robot for Impaired Peoples – Muscle Weakness
• Intelligent Briefcase with Digital Code Lock and Shock Generator during
Unauthorized Access
• Automatic Shopping & Billing in Super Market
• RF ID based Industrial Security System
Hospital Automation with Patient Monitoring
• Optical Isolated Transparency SCADA - for Telephone Exchange
Embedded based GPS for Telephone Exchanges
Global Positioning System used for Traction of Train
• Bidirectional Communication Aircraft Landing System – ALS
• Data Acquiring System for Airports
• Blind Stick with Audio & Video Interface
• Scada for Local Distribution Network
Computer Controlled Drilling Machine
Blood Pressure Analysis on Treadmill Environment
• Wireless Voting System
• Digital Counter using CMOS Technology
• Multi Channel Temperature Indicator
• Need of Ad Hoc type Networking for Modern Airports for Aircraft Landing
• Rescue Robotics for Biomedical and Life Saving with Artificial Intelligence
• RF ID based Canteen Automation
• Wireless Transformer Failure Analysis
• RFID Based Ration Card
• Sovereign Robot for Light Density
• A Mobile Platform for Nursing Robots
• Advanced Human Detecting and Self-Guided Robotic Waiter for Hotels
• Self Guided Object Tracking & Following Mobile Robot for Factories & Mining
• Walking Robot with Hyper Line Tracker using IR Sensors for Uneven Terrain
• Vision Guided Law Enforcement Robotic Helicopters – A Revolutionary New
• Advanced Miniature based Wireless Camera Monitoring System for Wildlife
• Advanced Robotic Pick and Place Arm and Hand System
• An Assistive Robotic Device that CAN Synchronize to the Pelvic Motion During
Human Gait Training
• Automatic Collision Avoidance and Real Time Distance Monitoring
• Automatic, Advanced Robotic Arm for Welding in Automated Assembly Line
• Cell Phone Controlled Smart Image Capturing Robot
• Collision Avoidance By the Fusion of Different Beam-Width Ultrasonic Sensors &
Rescue Robot using PIR Sensor
• Design & Implementation of Real Time Security Guard Robot using GSM CDMA
• Cell Phone based Materials Handling Robot
• Design and Development of Obstacle Sensing and Object Guiding Robot
• Distance Monitoring and Object Detecting Robot By Radio Frequency Technology
• Distributed Sensors Fusion for Object Position Estimation and Approaching By
Robotic System
• Drishti: An Integrated Navigation System for Visually Impaired and Disabled
• Electronic Nose for Robotics
• Cell Phone based Robot Direction & Alive Human Detecting
• Fire Ball for Fire Extinguishing with Robot Model
• Fire Sensing Robot with Auto Dial-Up Facility & No Extinguisher
• Gas Detection Robot for Atomic Power Station
• Human Step Rehabilitation using A Robot Attached to the Pelvis
• Cell Phone Controlled Fire Fighting Robot for Relief Operations
• Hyper Line Tracking Control of Robotic Car using Track Sensors for Industrial
• Intelligent Fire Sprinkler System
• Fire Fighting Robo using Ultrasonic Technology
• Intelligent Remote Missile Path Guide Monitoring System for Military Application
• IVRS based Control of Alive Human Being Detector with Voice Feedback
• Motion Activated Wireless Video Capturing System for Security Wild Life
• Non GPS Navigation with the Personal Dead Reckoning- PDR System
• Path Guiding Robotic System with Artificial Intelligence using Microcontroller
• PC Controlled Alive Human Being Detector in War Fields / Affected Areas using
WAP with Model & Camera – PIR Sensor for Rescue Operations with 2 Way
• Programmable Surface Cleaning Robot using Blowers
• Remote Guided Automatic Combat Gun Vehicle with Laser Target and 2.4ghz
Wireless Camera Monitor
• Voice enabled Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor based Security Alert System for the
Safer Guarding
• Most Advanced Land Roever with Wireless Remote Control using PC with Camera
and Solar Cell Power
• Rescue Robot for Military Purpose with Voice Annunciation using PIR Sensor and
Metal Detection
• RF - Remote Location Controlled Alive Human Being Detector Model
• Voice enabled Image Capturing and Transferring to PC using Robot
• RF Remote based Fire Fighting Robot for Relief Operations with Auto Dialer
• Robotic Exploration in Under Water with Remote RF Controller and 2.4 Ghz
Automatic IR Cameras for Night Vision and Remote Receiver
• Robotic Technology Integration for Army Ground Vehicles – Zigbee
• Voice Control / Speech Recognition Alive Human Detector
• Automatic Human Seeker Robot with Human Body Heat Scanner
• Robust Balance Control of A one Legged, Pneumatically Actuated, Acrobat-Like
• SMS based Alive Human Detector in Affected Areas / War Fields
• Voice based Path Control of Robot Via the PC using RF Communication
• SMS Controlled Intelli Robot Materials Handling
• SMS enabled towards Command & Control Networking of Cooperative Autonomous
Robotics for Military Applications
• Voice Control / Speech Recognition Locker Security
• The Guide CAN – Applying Mobile Robot Technologies to Assist the Visually
• A Robotic System for Underground Coal Mining
• Ultra Sound Guided Collision Avoidance and Navigation Robotic System for
Multiple Applications
• Visual Surviving and Multi Directional Light Signature Sensing and Approaching
Robot with Edge Detector for Tunnel Application
• Climbing and Walking Robot for Uneven Terrain and Disaster Area Application
• Voice Control / Speech Recognition Fire Fighting Robot for Relief Operations
• Walking Robot with Infrared Sensors / Light Sensors / RF Sensor / Tactile Sensors
• Wireless AI based Fire Fighting Robot for Relief Operations with Two Way
• Zigbee enabled Alive Human Being Detector Model with Camra
• A Computerized Travel Aid for the Active Guidance of Blind Pedestrians
• Voice Control / Speech Recognition Rescue Robot for Military Purpose using PIR
Sensor and Metal Detection
• A Design of A Prototypic Hand-Talk, Assistive Technology for the Deaf
• Voice Control / Speech Recognition Alive Human Detector
• A Distributed, Adaptive Protocol for Handling Interference in Wireless
• Code Blue Wireless Network using Mobile Phones
• Voice Recognition based Robotic Car
• Enabling / Disabling & Wireless Control of Appliances & Devices using RF
• Voice Control / Speech Recognition Car Security System
• Fully Automatic Intelligent Wireless Remote Railway Gate Controller & Monitoring
System with Remote Train Stopper for Railway using Active RF Id System
• Voice Control / Speech Recognition Voting System
• Machine-to-Machine Communication in Cellular Networks
• Reduction of Disturbance Effects and Sustained Oscillation using Multi-Sensor
Implementing Wireless Communication
• Remote Communication Devices for Electric Utility Applications, Electric Power
• Voice Control / Speech Recognition Home Automation
• Remote Mobile Phone Motor Starter for Irrigation Purpose
• Voice Operated Modern Restaurant System
• Voice Recognition based Access Control System for Door Opening & Closing using
Microcontroller & Voice Hm2007 IC
• Wireless Automatic Traffic Signaling System
• Wireless Intrusion Detection, Electronic Security & Control System using Central
Monitoring System
• Zigbee Voice Communication System for Industrial Application
• Zigbee for Building Control Wireless Sensor Networks
• Finger Print based Car Lock Security System
• Wireless Telemetry for Line Data Transmission on A Mobile Unit
• Voice Communication Over Zigbee Networks
• GPS based Active Fleet Management- Featured Rich Automatic Vehicle Location
Tracking, Collision Avoidance with Dual Communication using RF
Advanced Remote Temperature and Heart Rate Monitoring System
• Zigbee Source Route Technology in Home Application
• Finger Print based Authentication, Access Control, Time, Attendance Management
• Artificial Hands for Physically Disabled
• Artificial Weaning Analyzer using Neural Network / Neural Network based Vital Sign
Monitor and Control
• Bed Side Patient Monitoring System with BP & RF
• Blind Identification and Equalization of FIR – Finite Impulse Response
• Complete Body Scanning System with BP & RF
• Zigbee Device Detector for Safety Application
• Defibrillator, External – ECG Monitoring Device While Transit
• Detection of Blood Cancer using Embedded Technology
• IGlass for Visually Impaired
• Zigbee Enabled Speed Control of DC Motor
• Intelligent Mobile based Patient Monitoring System
• Measurement of Inhaled / Exhaled Respiratory System
• Medi Kit - Advanced Home Care System for Elderly Person Patients with Remote &
Auto Dialer with BP
• Zigbee based Wireless Sensor Networks and Its Applications in Industry
• Finger Print based Guard Alert System
• Monitoring Functional Arm Movement for Home based Therapy After Stroke
• Recognition of Human Iris Patterns for Biometric Identification
• Wireless Telemetry for Line Data Transmission on A Mobile Unit
• Zigbee based Medi Care - Patient Monitoring System with WAP RF BP
• Zigbee based Monitoring System using Auto-Dialer
• Finger Print based Inter Electromagnetic Door Locking System Advanced
Parachute Deployment System using Mems Free Fall Detector and I2c Protocol
• Automotive Crash Detection and Airbag Deployment using Mems Accelerometer
• Electronic Speedometer using Inertial Mems Sensor and I2c Protocol
• Zigbee based Gas Leak Detection and Data Monitoring System
• RFID based Prescriptions in Automated Pharmaceutical Systems
Measuring and Transmitting Vital Body Signs using Mems Sensor
• Motion ACtivated Power Saving System using Mems Accelerometer and I2c
• Motion Controlled Password System for Compact Embedded Systems using Mems
• Automated Roll Call with Palm based Device using Zigbee – SRD / ISM Band
• Zigbee Data / Voice Communication System for Industrial Application
• GPS based Air Craft Collision Avoidance
• Hand Held Device - Restaurant Services Management & Attendance Monitoring,
Data Transfer, Updation
• Zigbee Enabled Miniaturized Mote Control
• A Wireless Network based on the Combination of Zigbee and Gprs
• A Zigbee based Power Monitoring System with Direct Load Control Capabilities
• Bus Priority Control System based on Wireless Sensor Network (Wsn) and Zigbee
• Commercial Applications of Wireless Sensor Networks using Zigbee
• Zigbee based Dynamic Control Scheme for Multiple Legacy IR Controllable Digital
Consumer Devices
• Custom Wireless Sensor Network based on Zigbee
• Design of Air Pollution Monitoring System using Zigbee Networks for Ubiquitous
• Development of Zigbee based Street Light Control System
• Zigbee Device Access Control & Reliable Data Transmission based Health
• Finger Print Authenticated, Access Control & Automated Door Opening System
• Patient Monitoring System using Sensor Network based on the Zigbee
• Realization of Home Remote Control Network based on Zigbee
• Finger Print based Time, Attendance & Library Management System
• Remote Engine Performance Monitoring and Logger System using Zigbee and I2c
• Zigbee Wireless Sensor in Industrial Applications
• Finger Print based Authentication and Controlling System of Devices
• RFID based Student Tracking System
• Remote Power on/off Control and Current Measurement for Home Electric Outlets
based on A Low-Power Embedded Board and Zigbee Communication
• Finger Print Recognition based Time Recorder with Weigh & Output
• System for Measuring Power Supply Parameters with Zigbee Connectivity
• RFID based Automated Airline Baggage Systems
• Tea: Transmission Error Approximation for Distance Estimation Between Two
Zigbee Devices
• The Implementation of Indoor Location System to Control Zigbee Home Network
• Wireless Automation of Unmanned Railway Crossing Gate Alert System using
• Zigbee based Money Transfer System
• Finger Print based Vehicle Access System
• Finger Print Identification based Home Automation with Advanced Sensor
• A New Concept for Vehicle Localization of Road Debiting System using RF Id /
Active RF System – Intelligent Vehicles
• Automated and Unmanned Parking System using RFID Technology
• RFID based Customer Loyalty Programs
• RFID Asset Tracking & Monitoring
• Advanced Digital Wireless Automatic Vehicle Register System for Highways
• Advanced Miniature Radio Collar Tracking System for Wild Life Application
• Automatic Locker Machine - Design & Implementation, using RFID & Embedded
• Intelligent Retail Business: Location based Services for Mobile Customers
• RFID based Animal Location Tracking and Identification System
• GPS - Route Tracking System using PC with 2 Way Dual Channel Communication
• RFID based Parking Lot Access and Control, Vehicle Tracking in Rental Lots
• Security and Privacy in RFID and Applications in Telemedicine – Communications
• RFID Applications Strategy and Deployment in Bike Renting System
• Secure Voting Through ATM Booths
• GPS – Design & Implementation of 2 Way Communication System with Transmit &
Reception of Data using RF
• RFID based Virtual Gate Entry Control
• GPS based Highway Monitoring & Control
• RFID / Active RF based Equipment/ Personnel Tracking in Hospitals
• GPS enabled PC based Geographic Information System (GIS) & Routing Scheduling
• GPS GSM based Aircraft Collision Detection & Avoidance
• Advanced Wireless Bank Security System with Remote Alarm and Sensor for
Modern Security Application
• Design and Implementation of Railway Automation System with Sensors Network
• Motion Detection, Robotics Guidance & Proximity Sensing using Ultrasonic
• Real Time Lane Detection for Autonomous Vehicles – Ultrasonic Sensor
• Advanced Digital Wireless Multi Point Security System for Fire Safety with Alarm
• Advanced Tsunami Warning System using Satellite for Early
• Advanced Wireless Bank Security System with Remote Alarm and Sensor for
Modern Security Application
• AIDC Attendance Monitoring System in Industry
• Aircraft Airbox Ground Tester with Aircraft Accessories
• Autonomous Helicopter System with Security System
• Combination Lock for Security Applications
• Design and Implementation of Mobile based Electrical Appliances Control for
Industrial Automation with High Security
• Embedded System based Inter Locking System of Electromagnetic Doors
• Finger Print / Bio Metrics based Industrial Authentication & Access Control System
• Hardware / Software Co-Design for Hyper Elliptic Curve Cryptography (HECC) on
the 8051 for Industrial Security
• High Bandwidth Tilt Measurement using Low Cost Sensors
• Industrial Security Robot with Multi Specialty Features
• Intelligent Car Security System using Dynamic Generation of Random Security
• Intelligent Information System for Police
• Interactive Earthquake Monitoring & Low Frequency Vibrations & Noise Sensing
• Mobile Device Security using Transient Authentication
• Multi - Zone Fire Alarming Control Panel with Zone Location, Auto Dialer to Fire
• PC based Home Appliance Control System
• Safe – Secure Anti Frequency Eliminator
• Safe Street Crossing System for Vision Impaired People
• Secure Transmission of Sensitive Data using Multiple Channels
• Voice Control / Speech Recognition Car Security System
• Wireless Access Monitoring and Control System based on Digital Door Lock
• Wireless Aircraft Automatic Landing System
• Wireless Lan with Mono Alphabetic Substitution
• Development of Smart Notice Board – Active Information Display Systems using
SMS based on Microcontroller
• SMS based Appliance Control System
• SMS Controlled Intelli Robot Materials Handling
• SMS Controlled Load Monitoring System
• Design and Implementation of Real Time Security Guard Robo using GSM/CDMA
• Ferreting Out Peripatetic Device using GSM Technology
• 3 Phase Prepaid Electricity Billing Automation
• A Miniaturized Mote for Wireless Sensor Network
• A Mobile RFID-Tracking Security System
• A Novel Robot System for Surface inspection and Diameter Measurement of Large
Size Pipes
• A Proposal for Design of Hybrid Multi Functional Implantable Biochip using Bio-
intelligent Expert System
• A Robust Architecture for Autonomous Robot Navigation and Control
• A Survey of Communication Network Paradigms for Substation Automation
• A Wireless Escape System for Industrial Accidents using Adhoc Positioning
• Implementation of Wireless Surveillance / Emergency Rescue Monitoring Vehicle
with Wireless Camera using Microwave Frequency with Microwave Audio / Video
• Intelli Public Transport System – Bus Status – Arriving / Leaving / Breakdown
indication System in the Bus Stop
• Ac Generator Monitoring – Generating Voltage, Oil Level, Fuel Level, Etc Through
• Advanced Train Compartment Information Display System for Modern Railways
• Adhoc – Advanced Home Care System for Elderly Patients
• Advanced Automatic Vehicle Crash Notification using GSM Technology
• Advanced Digital Remote Panic Alarm Button for Bank / industrial Application
• Advanced Digital Wireless Bank Safe Security System with Remote Alarm using
Multi Sensor
• Advanced Digital Wireless Entry / Exit Register System for Time Control in Bus
Stand with Remote Monitoring using PC
• Advanced Wireless Automatic Digital Pumping System for Agriculture using Soil
• Cell Phone Detector for Security Application
• Advanced Wireless Earth Quake Alarm System for Early Warning
• Advanced Wireless Electrical Appliance Control System using PC and Coded RF
Protocol for industrial Application
• Advanced Wireless Electrical Meter Reading System
• Advanced Full Function Remote Home Automation System using Encrypted RF
• Advances Home Care System for Patients (Adhoc)
• All Band Radio Jammer for Military Application
• An Autonomous Assistant Robot for Book Manipulation in a Library
• An Enhanced Parking Lot Service Model using Wireless Sensor Network
• An intelligent Mobile Robot Navigation Technique using RFID Technology
• An RFID Application for the Disabled: Path Finder
• Application Field of RFID in Health Safety and Environment Management
• Artificial intelligent based Equipments Failure Detecting & Automatic Dialing to the
Concern Service Engineer Cell-Phone / Telephone
• Cell Phone based Total Car Controlling System – Car Moving, Forward, Reverse,
• Attendance Marker System with IRC Reader and Face Indicator
• Auto Flight Pilot Simulation Applied in Real Time & Remote Monitoring using High
Speed RF Data Link for UAV / Flight
• Automated & Unmanned Control System of Railway crossing using Wireless IR
• Automated Accident Identification, Detection via Vibration Sensors using RF
• Automated Bus Ticket Tariff Calculation using Identification of Destination Point
• Automated Car Parking System with Automatic Gate Opener
• Implementation of Global and Remote Positioning System for Defense and other
Purposes using Mobile Networks
• Automatic Cell Phone Detector and Mute Switch for TV / DVD
• Design and Development of Line Follower Robot using the Principle of Reflection
of Light Rays
• Automatic Controller for Elevator and Escalator with Sensor Network & AI
• Automatic Intelligent Plant Watering System
• Automatic Load Sharing of Transformers with Protective Analysis
• Cell Phone based Motor Speed Control
• Automatic Railway Gate Signaling Simulator & Controller
• Automatic Repeat Protocol for Distribution Automation System through Power line
• Automatic Rolling Shutter Opener with RF Remote Control
• Cell Phone based Remote Car Starter
• Automatic Room Light / Cooling System Controller with Visitor Counter
• GSM based Irrigation Control System
• Automatic System for Measuring & Controlling the Length of a Moving Product in
• Automatic Vehicle Location Tracking, Collision Avoidance with Dual
Communication using RF
• Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) using Global Positioning System (GPS)
• Automobile Exterior Safety System
• Development of Zigbee based Street Light Control System
• Autonomous Navigation Tool (A.N.T.) - GPS based Navigation
• Intelligent Robots Need - Intelligent Vision: Visual Perception
• Intelligent, Automatic & Modern Traffic Light Controller based On Traffic Density
• Autonomous Robot with Obstacle Avoidance, Drive Wheel
• Autonomous Stabilization System for a Coaxial Helicopter
• Bio-Finger Sensing Gate Opener for Security
• Development of Zigbee-based Electronics Ballast System
• Biometric Bank Locker System for Manager and Customer
• Design and Implementation of Home Automation using CAN
• Design and Digital Monitoring of Uninterrupted Power Supply
• Bio-On Chip (B-Chip) Micro Miniaturized Wearable / Body Area Network for
Wireless Patient Monitoring
• Cable Fault Finder for Electrical Transmission Lines
• Categorized Alarm Annunciation with Voice Annunciation and Controls
• Cell Phone to Cell Phone Appliance Control System
• Closed Loop Dc Motor Speed Controller
• Communication Issues in Distributed Multisensory Robotics
• Computer based Wireless Control System of Devices
• Computer Keyboard Dual Controller for Switching Electrical Devices
• Computerized Train Control System
• Embedded Controller for Non Linear Partially Interacting Process (NlPIP)
• Control of Pc DTMF Technology via Mobile Phone
• Crane & Lift Operation Controlling and information System
• Customers First- EVI Improving Driver information
• Embedded Microcontroller based Weighing Analyzer using Load Cell
• Design a Wireless Sensor Network for Methane Monitoring System
• Embedded PIC Microcontroller based PH Controller for Sugar Industries
• GSM based Home Security System to get intrusion Alerts Like Door/Windows Open
Alerts onto Your Cell Phone
• Detection and Security System of Illegal Wireless Transmission
• Intelligent E-Police and Traffic Violation Automatic Recorder System for Modern
City Traffic using Most Advanced Wireless Sensor Technology in Real Time
• Diagnosis of Fault Distribution Transformer
• GPS and GSM based Real Time Bus/Train Location Finder and Display on Earth's
• Digital Combination Lock for Security Applications
• Embedded System based Inter Locking System of Electromagnetic Doors
Chemical, Cement & Pharmaceutical Industries
• Digital Steam, Pressure and Liquid Level Monitor
• Digital Surface Distance / Length Measurement using Microcontroller
• Distributed Multi Area Power System Load Flow Monitoring
• GSM and GPS based School Kids Tracking System.
• Dynamic & Automatic Programmable Temperature Control System for industrial
Machineries Safety Control System
• Dynamic Robot Networks for Search and Rescue Operations
• Dynamic Security and Access Control System for 5 independent Zones
• Intelligent “Prescription Drugs Abuse” and Addiction Control System using RF /
Proximity Cards
• E- Seal Applied in Fragile Safety in Transport, Real Time
• E-Driving License and intelligent E-Police Applied in Modern Electronic Travel Aids
• Embedded based Level Controller with Two Tanks with Transparent Level Display
• GPS & GSM based Real Time Vehicle Tracking System
• Embedded Microcontroller based Transformer Oil Testing Machine
• Implementing Process Control & Monitoring System using Can
• In Amusement Park / Visitor using Super RFID with in/Out Time
• Enterprise Security using USB Fingerprint Scanner
• Intelligent & Advanced Digital Wireless Audience Polling System for Quiz Program
• E-Ticket Applied in Monitoring and Management Evaluation
• Feeder Protective Relay Monitoring and Data Logger
• GSM based Highway Road Traffic Monitoring System.
• Interactive Environmental Air Pollution Monitoring Automatic Phone Dialing
• Frequency Division Multiplexing for a Multi-Sensor Wireless Telemetry System
• Frequency Locked Loop Dc Motor Speed Control
• Fully Automatic E-Filing System with Location, Tracking Applied in Real Time
Single Window System for Modern Govt. / Document / File Management
• Garment Conveyor Remote Controller
• GIDS – A System for Combining RFID-based Site information and Web-based Data
for Virtually Displaying the Location on Hand Held Devices
• Glucose Level Monitoring and Predicting System
• Intelligent & Automatic Fire Security System using Interactive Voice Decoder and
Telephone Line
• GSM based Automatic Irrigation Water Controller System
• Guardhouse Visitor Screening Security System
• Handheld Electronic Voting Machine & Data Retrieval System
• RFID based Valuable Objects Insurance Identification
• Microcontroller based Moving Person Place Detecting System (MPP)
• RFID based Patient Monitoring for Icu’s
• RFID based Toxic Waste Monitoring
• Highway Car Accident Identification and Auto Communication to Patrol or Hospital
• Microcontroller to Microcontroller Communication with LCD
• Hi-Tech Car with Remote Camera for the Police
• Intelligent & Dynamic Power Saver & Control System for Industrial Electrical
• Humidity Monitoring and Pump Controlling System
• Microcontroller based intelligent Multi-Timer System for industrial Automation
• IGBT based Dc Motor Drive Control System
• Implementation of Device Status Monitoring and Controlling using Telephone Lines
• Intelligent Car Antitheft System
• Intelligent Escort Robot Moving Together with Human
• Internet-Enabled Calibration Services: Design of a Secure Calibration System
• IVRS based Automatic E-Filing Tracking and Monitoring, Localization, Tracking
Applied in Modern Administration Automation using Super Active RFID and Remote
Access through Telephone Line
• Location based Human Identification and Tracking System using RFID
• Microcontroller based GPS Navigator with Google Earth interface
• Miniature Wireless Sensor, MEMS based, Application in Cold Chain
( Food/Medicine Process) Logistics with Real Time Temperature Data Storage and
Remote Data Access using Super RFID
• Mobile to PC interface for Controlling of Devices using interactive Voice Response
• Model Railroad Automated Track Inspection Car
• RFID based Equipment/Personnel Tracking in Hospitals
• Modern Wireless Entry / Exit Register & Alarm Display System for Advanced
Amusement Park
• Monitoring of Emission Measurements using Wireless Technology
• RFID based Multi Usage / Purpose Card System Design & Implementation
• Mosfet based Current Mode Control Buck / Boost Converter
• Most Advanced Digital Wireless Two Wheeler Security System with Remote Starter
• Motion Detection, Robotics Guidance and Proximity Sensing using Ultrasonic
• Multi Boiler Management & Controller with Auto Failure Indicator – Pcs
• Multi Zone Fire Alarming Control Panel with Zone Location, Auto Dialer to Fire
• Multiple Programmable Batch Event Counter with Conveyor Belt Arrangement
• Neural Implementation of Energy Consumption in Power Distribution
• RFID based Gas Cylinder Identification
• Non intrusive Load Monitoring and Diagnostics in Power Systems
• PCB Drilling System using Robot Known as Cartesian Robot
• People / Patient Tracking and Management System for Hospital /Factory using
Wireless Network System
• People / Visitors Tracking and Management with Area Localization / Monitoring and
Warning System using E-Ticket and Super RFID for Amusement Park / Child Care /
Play School in Real Time
• Performance Evaluation of Operational Parameters on RFID Controlled Conveyor
• Personnel and Equipment Locating System and Tracking for Mining Solution using
Super Active RFID Network Technology in Real Time
• Solar based Energy Saver Controllers
• Solar Cell Voltage Generation with Auto Tracking System
• RFID based Food Production Control
• Pressure Sensor and Trigger System for industrial Application
• Production Automation and Control, Innovative Future Manufacturing
• Public Address System Controller - Automated Timing & Music System
• Radio Frequency Foot Pressure Measuring System
• Radio-Controlled Surveillance System for Borders and Restricted Areas – Flying
Helicopter Ariel View System
• RFID- based (SCEM) Supply Chain Event Management as (AIDC) An Automatic
Identification and Data Capturing Technology
• Real Time Mid-Air Fight Collision Avoidance System with Auto Warning and Flight
Id, Position, Monitoring through Radio Frequency Link and PC
• Real Time Passenger information System (RTPIS) using Zigbee Technology
• RFID based Car Security Systems
• Solar Powered Bike, Solar Power based Two Wheeler Systems
• Solar Powered Car, Solar Power based Car Navigation System
• Remote Camera Controller for Security Application using Servo Motor
• Remote Control of Pc/Computer using GSM Modem or Cell Phone
• Remote Power On/off Control and Current Measurement for Home Electric Outlets
based on a Low-Power Embedded Board and Zigbee Communication
• Remote Robot Control System based on DTMF of Mobile Phone
• Remote Shutter Opener with Code Lock
• Remote Wireless Wind Speed Meter for Modern Remote Weather Monitoring Station
with Digital Read Out
• Research of Remote Real Time Monitor System for Electromechanical Equipments
based on Internet
• RFID based Automated Airline Baggage Systems
• Solar Water Heater Controller with Temperature Display
• Solid State Switching to Replace DOL Starters
• RFID based Parking Lot Access and Control, Vehicle Tracking in Rental Lots
• RFID – based intelligent Books Shelving System.
• Solar Powered Fence - Electrified Perimeter Fencing Systems
• Solar Powered Traffic Signals
• RFID based Blood Analysis Identification
• RFID based Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System
• RFID Fare Verification - Rf-Id Bus Pass System
• Robotics Assistance to Protection Services: Users Requirements
• Robust Environmental Sound Recognition for Home Automation
• Room Humidity Checking with Air Conditioner Cooling Effect Controlling System
• Route Selection for Vehicle Navigation and Control
• Sea Navigation for Rescue Operations using Microcontroller
• Secret Codes & Secured Messages Transmission System through Telephone Line
• Sensor Rich Tele-Operational Mode Robotic Bush Fire Fighting
• Shopping Path Analysis and Transaction Mining based On RFID Technology
• Shortest Travel Distance for Full Reads on Least RFID Friendly Carton Stacking
Configuration using Advance Doe Technique & Age Reproducibility & Repeatability
• Simultaneous Localization, Mapping and Moving Object Tracking
• Single Phase integral Cycle Inverter using Mosfet
• SIP-RLTS: An RFID Location Tracking System based On Sip
• Slip Ring induction Motor Drive with Slip Recovery using IGBT
• Smart Card based Human Identification and Personal Management System
• Smart Cars for Physically Challenged / Disabled
• Smash – Smart Medical Automated System Handheld Device with Wireless
• Solar based Computerized Irrigation System
• Spy Camera Detector for Safety Application
• Standalone GPS Coordinates (Latitude, Longitude) Locater
• Super Active RF Tag based Long Range Vehicle Data Access System for Traffic
Monitoring with Multi Direction, Speed and Id for Automatic Data Access, Monitor and
• Super Active RFID Applied in Cold Chain Logistics / Transportation with
Temperature Reading and Monitoring in Real Time
• Super RF Tag and Local Area Wireless Net Work Applied in Supermarket for Item
Searching, Localization Guide and Purchase Goods Access and Automatic Bill
Registration in Real Time
• Super RF Tag Applied in Hospital and Medical Care industry for Locating Major
Assets and Personnel in Real Time using Miniature Active RF Network
• Super RF Tag Applied in Supply Chain & Logistics industry of One End Solution for
Multiple / Combination of Data Process for Modern industry
• Super RFID Applied in Automatic Visitor / Tourist Guide information for Personnel
Announcement and Visitor Evaluation System Replacing Conventional Guide
• Supply Chain Asset Management and Warehouse / Stock Goods Searching System
with Super Active RFID using Sensor Network
• Testing Multi-Robot Systems for Operation in Risky Environments
• Testing of Aircraft Box and Accessories before Take off
• The Watchdog - Robot inspector for An Area That Is Prone to intruders and
Possible Fire Hazards
• Thyristor Controlled Heating System with Model
• Ticket Dispenser & Entry Lane Control Tower for Parking System
• Towards a Unified Location Tracking System for Heterogeneous Industrial
• Towards the Autonomous Navigation of intelligent Robots for Risky Interventions
• Traffic Control System for Effective Ambulance Service – Design & Implementation
• Unmanned Automatic Target Approaching Vehicle Applied for Blind using Super
Active RFID
• Usability Analysis of a PDA-based User interface for Mobile Robot Teleoperation
• Utilizing RFID Signaling Scheme for Localization of Stationary Objects & Speed
Estimation of Mobile Objects
• Advanced Radar Jammer for Military Application
• Anti Bomb Explosion Frequency Jammer
• Cell Phone Booster / Repeater
• Practical Implementation of Full Band Radio Jammer for Security Application
• Aircraft Airbox Ground Tester with Aircraft Accessories
• Wireless Aircraft Automatic Landing System
• Application of Fuzzy Logic in Intelligent Traffic Control Systems
• Automatic Auto Head Lamp Dim - Dip, Bright Illumination, Brightness Control
System of A Vehicle
• Design and Practical Implementation of Internet based Predictive Control of A
Servo System
• Digital Tachometer using IR Optical Encoder Sensor
• Electronic Switching System Tackling Power Cut using PIC and I2c EEPROM
• Fault Location using Remote Connection, with Immediate Voice Feedback
• Industrial Power Management System
• Multi Channel Temperature Measurement and Controller
• Multichannel Voltage Scanner and Control using SCADA
• PID based Temperature Controller
• Power Line Monitoring with Seven Segment Display
• Intelligent Power Factor Indicator & Correction with Multiple Capacitor Banks
• Power Generation Through Solar Photovoltaic with Light Level Indication
• Protection of Turbo Alternators - Generator Protection
• Quasi Resonant Converter Fed DC Drive
• Remote Mobile Phone based Motor Starter for Irrigation Purpose
• SCR based Equipment Protection for Power Monitoring
• A New Simplified Multilevel Inverter topology for DC-AC Conversion
• Boost DC-AC Inverter: A New Control Strategy
• Data Acquisition System for Large Electrical Drive
• Electrical Network Automation & Communication Systems
• Electronic Numeric Key Board Cum Motorized (Mechanism) Safety Locker System
with Electronic Security System
• Energy Saver for Auditoriums
• Fault tolerant Neuro Controlled Level Processing Panel
• Igbt based PWM Inverter using Microcontroller
• Measurement of the Radio Frequency Signal of A Circuit-Breaker
• Programmable Temperature Control System
• Microcontroller based Measurement of Current, Voltage, Power Factor and
• Multichannel Petrochemical Fire Sensor, Monitoring and Control System with
Automatic Telephone Dialing
• Power Line Fault Analysis, Monitoring and Load Sharing System
• Remote Access Control and Automation System for Electrical Appliances using
Telephone Line
• Centralized Electricity Billing Through Power Line
• Centralized Electricity Billing Through Telephone Line
• Electricity Billing System Automation with IRC Reader
• Soft Starter and Energy Saver for 1-Phase Induction Motor using Bidirectional
Voltage Regulator
• Fault Location using Remote Connection, with Immediate Voice Feedback
• Energy Management System for Pulse Output Meters
• Development of Human Machine Interface using any SCADA Package
• Fault Prediction in Quasi-Steady System with SCADA for Pressure & Flow
• Multichannel Voltage Scanner and Control using SCADA
• Remote Digital Rpm Indicator using Proximity Or Magnetic Pick Up – SCADA
• Remote Frequency Indicator with SCADA
• Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) & PLC System
• SCADA based Temperature Measurement & Control System
• Application of Fuzzy Logic in Intelligent Traffic Control Systems
• Control of Boiler Turbine Unit based on Fuzzy Logic System
• Fuzzified Computer Automated Crane Control System
• Fuzzy Logic based Control of Level in A Non-Linear Tank
• Fuzzy Rule based Object Identification Methodology for Navy System
• Fuzzy Speed Control of AC Motor using Microcontroller
• Intelligent Application of Fuzzy Logic in Automated Train Speed Control System
• Efficiency Detector for Relay & Circuit Breaker
• Single Phase Multilevel Inverter SPWM with PC Interface and OLM
• Wireless DC Motor Speed Control using Triac
• Single Phase Input to DC Output – DC Motor Drive-Armature Voltage Control
• Single Phase Thyristorized Power Controller for Industrial Applications
• Microcontroller based Firing Circuit for Thyristor Converters
• A Novel Optimum Operating Point Tracker of the Solar Cell Power Supply System
• Solar Energized Artificial Intelligent Embedded Line Tracking Follower Robot
• Solar Power for Automatic Water Heating / Solar Energy for Electrical Applications
• Solar Powered Wireless Weather Station
• Automatic Vehicle Speed Management System
• CAN based Collision Avoidance System for Automobiles
• Control of Process Parameters in Industries using CAN
• Implementation of Air Bag System in a Vehicle
• Monitoring of Engine Parameters
• Speedometer Implementation using CAN
• Train Engine Automation System
• Wireless Crane Control System using PC
• High Speed Object Counter
• Maximum Demand Indicator & Controller
• Multi Channel Temperature Measurement & Controller
• Multiple Industrial Timer
• PC based Multi Channel Temperature Controller & Logger and Data Analyzer
• Single Channel Temperature Measurement & Controller
• Ultrasonic Distance Monitor & Range Finder
• Water Control System for Rolling Mill
• Liquid Level Remote Transmitter
• Digital Temperature Indicator & Controller with DAS & Analyzer
• Multi Channel Temperature Scanner using Current Loop Transmission
• De-Icing Temperature Controller System PC based Multi Channel Temperature
Controller & Logger and DAS Analyzer
• Temperature Measurement & Controller for Furnaces with Different Time Period &
Set Points
• PC based Programmable Temperature Controller for Furnaces
Digital Ph Measurement & Controller Meter
• PC based Programmable Temperature Controller for Cement Plant
• Fluid Level Monitoring System
• CAN based Collision Avoidance System for Automobiles
• Control of Process Parameters in Industries using CAN
• Speedometer Implementation using CAN
• An on-Line Distributed System for Improved Real-Time Process Performance
• Design Criteria for Obstacle Avoidance in A Shared Control System
• Design Methodology for Modeling A Microcontroller – Teleload Switch
• Digital PID Controller for Multi Channel Temperature using Frequency Response /
Root Locus Technique
• Digital Temperature Indicator & Controller with DAS & Analyzer
• Fuzzy Logic based Traffic Light Controller
• Industrial Annunciator with Voice, Alarm
• Multi Burner Management & Controller with Auto Flame Detection & Failure
• PLC based Automatic Boiler Management
• PLC based Control of Advertisement Display
• PLC with Internal Locking System and Control
• Multi Channel Temperature Measurement and Controller
• PID based Temperature Controller
• Temperature Monitoring and Control System with Automatic Equipment Control
using Computers
• Thermal Overload Protection for Transformer
• Computerised Thread Mill Implementation
• Conveyer Belt Monitoring & Control System
• Flow Totalizer - Computerized Flow Totalizer for Juice Industries
• Textile Industries based Programmable Label Cutting Machine
• Wireless Crane Control System using PC
• Automated Weigh Load Cell
• Automatic Motorized Electromagnetic Glass Door Open / Close Mechanism
• Batch Weighing & Automation System
• Commercial Weighing System
• Multi Axis Stepper Controller / Driver with Opto Isolation
• Multi Axis Stepper Robotics with Artificial Intelligence
• Stain Gauge Weighing System
• Tank – Hopper Weighing System
• Textile Industries based Programmable Label Cutting Machine
• Two Axis Stepper Controller / Driver with Opto Isolation
• Wireless Crane Control System using PC
• Advanced Collision Avoidance Solar Powered Robo Car with Automatic Charger
• Automatic Plant Irrigation Robot with Self-Guided Action for Agricultural
• Automatic, Advanced Robotic Arm for Welding in Automated Assembly Line
• Hyper Line Tracking Control of Robotic Car using Track Sensors for Industrial
• Non GPS Navigation with the Personal Dead Reckoning- Pdr System
• Self Direction Detected and Guided Robotic Vehicle with Magnetic Compass
• Visual Servoving and Multi Directional Light Signature Sensing and Approaching
Robot with Edge Detector for Tunnel Application