An EBook by Savio D’Silva (M.S.) ME stands for Millionaires Exposed.



An EBook by Savio D’Silva ME stands for Millionaires Exposed.

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Written by Savio D’Silva and ePublished by the SavioDSilva Network. SDC - 672005006

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Hey There! I am Savio DSilva, author of 'ME'.

'ME' stands for Millionaires Exposed and I have done exactly that.

You are about to listen to 'ME' which contains 555 secret observations of the lives of Millionaires.

In 'ME' I will be sharing the real secrets of self-made millionaires with you. 'ME' shares not just the financial secrets of millionaires but the.... professional, personal, social, mental, physical, spiritual, recreational, and emotional.... secrets of millionaires.

A Bit About Me I own over 35 websites that get me over a million visitors each month.

I am a certified counselor and psychotherapist and graduated from one of Asia's finest institutes.

I hold 3 first class diplomas in business, marketing and hotel management.

I hold a bachelors degree in Sociology and Psychology from the University of Mumbai.

I am a palmist, numerologist, public speaker, cook, counselor, traveler, life coach, motivational trainer and a good friend.

I am not one of those people who will put millionaires up on a pedestal and talk about them wherever I go.

I am not one of those coaches who will talk about millionaires as if they were Gods of some kind.

The ability to have looked at Millionaires without this ‘sorry’ attitude has resulted in me observing more about millionaires than anyone else has ever done before.

Career Information: I completed my hotel management diploma in 1995. Till 1999 I was directly connected with the hotel industry. From 1999 I have been into soft skills training and counseling. In 2000 I invested in an internet business and still own it today. I have secretly observed millionaires for the last 15 years.

I have secretly observed millionaires in their hotel rooms and during conferences.

I have secretly observed millionaires in their homes and at social gatherings.

I have secretly observed millionaires while they work and while they vacation.

I have done without breaking any privacy laws and revealing anyone's identity.

My studies in Management, Sociology, Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counseling have guided me in analyzing these millionaires better than most other people can.

I have truly exposed millionaires in 'ME' and I am the proudest person on earth after having done so!

The millionaires I studied are Asian, Australian, European, African & American.

These secret observations of millionaires are real gems of wisdom.

'ME' will help you understand millionaires much better.

'ME' has 555 Secret Observations of Millionaires in a single EBook!

'ME' is the biggest source of Millionaire Secrets in the entire world!

Much Needed Information Up to now millionaires were bunched together into a single category and we were told that they were all the same.

We were told that they all have common secrets. And, people actually believed that.

I have noticed that millionaires are quite different from the rest of the population.

And, many of them are quite different from each other as well.

These differences are being presented to you for the first time ever in 'ME'.

I was amazed to collect so many different and varied observations on millionaires.

I found out quite early in my study that no 2 millionaires are exactly the same.

I met, observed, read about and studied over 500 millionaires during the last 15 years.

I learnt how these Millionaires live their lives on a daily basis.

I wrote down every secret observation I made on them.

I am presenting these secret observations to you in 'ME'.

The nice thing about 'ME' is that the points on millionaires are simple to understand and easy to follow.

'ME' is quite different from any other book, audio tape, video or seminar out there.

It is based on a thorough study of self-made millionaires from around the world.

It is based on a study of their everyday lives and observing several of them personally for prolonged periods of time.

Before We Start with the Secret Observations I am not promising YOU anything with 'ME'.

I am not making promises to you that you will make a million bucks after reading 'ME'.

'ME' is not about to change your life!

You can change your life only if you want to!

'ME' is a journal on the real lives of millionaires.

I have secretly observed these self-made millionaires at their homes, at parties, at weddings and at funerals.

I have secretly observed them at their offices, at seminars, during meetings and after work hours.

I have observed these millionaires while they weren't working.

Even when they were on vacation I secretly observed them!

I have had long conversations with some of these millionaires during the last 15 years.

I have seen how millionaires talk, walk, dress, how they handle business and personal relationships.

I have secretly observed these millionaires during the mornings, the afternoons and the evenings.

I have secretly observed them while they were eating breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I have secretly observed how they interact with people from all walks of life.

I have observed how they spend their time when they are all alone.

I have looked at these millionaires from every angle using my strong background in business, psychology and sociology.

These millionaires have seen me as a steward, a caterer, a cook, a DJ, a counselor, a friend, a life coach, a CEO, a website owner, a palmist, a motivational speaker and a soft skills trainer.

Most of them have no clue that I was secretly observing them.

Leaving apart a few, most of the millionaires I studied have not even heard of 'ME'.

Most importantly, I am one of the millionaires I studied to…..

And, to be completely honest I am quite fed up of the way the media and many other people describe me.

The main reason there hasn't been a single book in the past which shares so many secret observations of millionaires is because no one really observed millionaires closely enough.

The few books that did study millionaires studied mainly American Millionaires and conveniently left out Millionaires from China, Japan, Germany, India, Italy, Spain, Mexico, France and the rest of the world!

Each month, a few books are released on how to become a millionaire but yet the only people that might become a millionaire is the one writing that book and not the ones reading them.

'ME' is quite different…….

It is the only EBook which reveals both the private and professional lives of millionaires.

Most of the millionaires I observed did not know that I was observing them.

I observed them secretly while they want about their lives every day.

And I wrote down all those secret observations in 'ME'.

My objective behind keeping 'ME' priced low is to help people understand the true millionaire better.

The media would like us to believe that millionaires are people with million dollar mansions, fancy cars and money to throw around on gifts and during shopping sprees.

This is simply not the right or the true picture.

The real millionaire will not go on shopping sprees or spend $1 Million on a birthday party.

The real millionaire will not buy fancy sports cars nor will he or she waste their time driving their cars up and down the street just to show off their wealth.

The real millionaire is a more reserved and secretive person.

It's almost impossible to pick them out of a crowd without 'ME'.

Now I do feel that you are warmed up enough and ready to read 'ME'.

Let me share with you the 555 secret observations of millionaires.

Let me share 'ME' with you.

One last thing before we start.......

Why 'ME'? There are hundreds of books on wealth, money, finance and becoming a millionaire on the market.

Each of these books cost around 10 dollars and share 1, 2, 5, 10 or 21 secrets of millionaires.

Here, I am sharing with you 555 different secret observations of millionaires for a pittance!

So, what's the catch you may ask.

Why is my wealth of knowledge being shared at such a low price.

Well, there is 1 catch. 2 actually..... - I want more people to buy 'ME' - I want more people to know about the real millionaires in this world.

If you like 'ME' order copies of 'ME' and share them with all your friends, peers and others you know.

ME by Savio DSilva
1) Millionaires save at least 30% of what they earn each month.


Millionaires work for less than 200 days in a year.


Millionaires keep pen and paper in their pockets at most times.


Millionaires go on vacations without their laptops and cell phones.


Millionaires spend a few hours each week increasing their mental fitness.


Millionaires earn a profit not an income.


Millionaires’ favorite sports are golf and tennis.


Millionaires have a study in their homes.


Millionaires sleep soundly for 7 hours or more each night.


Millionaires understand two powerful words fully "Compound Interest".


Millionaires work less than 50 hours a week.


Millionaires get their shoes polished every day.


Millionaires shave or get a trim every day.


Millionaires go to see a play, a ballet or attend a concert twice a month.


Millionaires generally appreciate and collect art such as paintings, sculptures, etc.


Millionaires stimulate themselves daily with great conversations.


Millionaires have no enemies.


Millionaires go fishing or camping with their kids twice or thrice each year.


Millionaires spend quality time with their families on weekends.


Millionaires are pleasant people to be around.


Millionaires do not buy lottery tickets.


Millionaires’ career choices are not influenced by their parent’s views or feelings.


Millionaires turn their cars into colleges on wheels by listening to audio books on the stereo.


Millionaires are lifelong learners.


Millionaires attend few seminars each year to develop themselves more.


Millionaires stay physically fit by exercising 5 times a week.


Millionaires focus on a single activity at a time.


Millionaires have a couple of hobbies that takes their minds off work.


Millionaires review their plans regularly to check their progress.


Millionaires understand the old saying "Health is wealth".


Millionaires consciously spend less then they earn.


Millionaires manage their emotions well.


Millionaires contribute few hours each week to charitable organizations.


Millionaires stay up to date on the business news.


Millionaires are spiritually strong and pray each morning for a few minutes.


Millionaires take distance learning courses to increase their knowledge.


Millionaires willingly share their knowledge with others.


Millionaires visit online audio book clubs or their local library each month.


Millionaires listen to music or audio books while exercising.


Millionaires spend at least an hour each day with their children.


Millionaires force themselves out of their comfort zones on a regular basis.


Millionaires have friends from different walks of life.


Millionaires sharpen their thinking skills by writing on different topics.


Millionaires write down their goals.


Millionaires listen to classical music few times each week.


Millionaires subscribe to at least 1 newsweekly.


Millionaires read 2 different newspapers daily.


Millionaires stay in touch with the latest news on a daily basis.


Millionaires talk to themselves during the day, commonly called selftalk.


Millionaires are optimistic and self believers.


Millionaires look at both sides of the story.


Millionaires have read autobiographies of great people.


Millionaires offer encouragement to co-workers and family members.


Millionaires love listening to a piano, a violin or a trumpet.


Millionaires have good listening skills and use them daily.


Millionaires lead calm and fulfilling lives.


Millionaires’ homes are built of stone with large windows on all sides.


Millionaires act quickly during a crisis and during emergencies.


Millionaires get rid of the emotional clutter in their lives.


Millionaires maintain a healthy balance in their lives.


Millionaires listen to their inner voice.


Millionaires are quite happy to take the road less taken.


Millionaires have cultivated a great taste in food and drink.


Millionaires can differentiate between good and bad company easily.


Millionaires are open to suggestions, fresh thoughts and new ideas.


Millionaires spend little or no time on the cell phone at work.


Millionaires drink just one cup of coffee each day.


Millionaires never put off things till the last minute.


Millionaires don't bite off more than they can chew.


Millionaires take calculated risks in life.


Millionaires arrive at their workplace calm and rested.


Millionaires drive their own cars.


Millionaires respect and value other people's time.


Millionaires are better listeners than speakers.


Millionaires marry just once in their lifetime.


Millionaires get things done on time.


Millionaires understand that a little progress each day adds up to big results.


Millionaires make long-term plans as well as short-term plans.


Millionaires do not cheat, scam, fool or manipulate anyone.


Millionaires get rid of any debt they may have as soon as possible.


Millionaires are constantly striving to be more creative.


Millionaires carry a daily to do list.


Millionaires do not procrastinate. Millionaires are not lazy.


Millionaires will not be found lying on the couch watching TV all day.


Millionaires mingle with both like-minded people and different minded people.


Millionaires’ closest friends are often as successful as they are.


Millionaires invest in modest homes in great locations.


Millionaires back themselves to achieve success in whatever they do.


Millionaires have the courage to face their fears straight in the face.


Millionaires are self-made. Most millionaires have not inherited their wealth.


Millionaires usually live beyond 70 years old.


Millionaires count their chickens before they hatch.


Millionaires schedule a quiet time to plan their lives better once each week.


Millionaires complement the right people at the right times.


Millionaires don't waste time in self-pity or regret.


Millionaires know their self-worth.


Millionaires have mastered the art of relaxation.


Millionaires do not carry their work home with them.


Millionaires take great care of their personal belongings.


Millionaires choose their words wisely and who to converse with even more wisely.


Millionaires say thank you often.


Millionaires don't try to please others for no reason.


Millionaires are self-motivated people.

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