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During this half term we will be using the internet and
software to research topics and create pieces of work
using the information we have found. We will learn how
to use search engines effectively and safely and
develop our knowledge of certain software to create

In French we are developing our speaking and !
listening skills tough the study of songs, rhymes and
stories from different cultures. We will be using our
learning to develop jingles for adverts.!

This half term we are learning about lifestyles within !
the religions of Christianity and Judaism.!
We will compare the lifestyles of the two religions and
develop our understanding of different cultures and
ways of life .Our learning will be used to create cultural
and religious documentaries for Station Studios.

PSHE this half term will be a continuation of our
Roots of Empathy program. !






This half term we will be investigating states of matter
and changes in states. We will ask questions about
evaporation, condensation, the water cycle and !
heating and cooling material and research the effects
on the Earth. !

We will be focusing on North America. We will learn
about the physical aspects of a town North America
compared to a town in our local area. This will include
climate, lifestyles and landscapes. !

This half term we are focussing on four units;
addition and subtraction, number and place value,
statistics and position and direction.!
In our number work we will learn to order, compare
and round numbers including finding more or less.
We will also be looking at negative numbers,
Roman numerals, counting in multiples and using
written and mental methods for addition and
Children will continue to learn how to use inverse
operation to check their calculations.!
We will learn how to use statistics in the form of
graphs, tables and charts to interpret and present
data. Position and direction work will include the
use of co ordinates to plot points on a grid and
children will learn how to translate objects using
given instructions.!
This half term we will be having PE specialist
Mrs Robson teach the children gymnastics. We
will also be taking part in group and individual
activities and challenges. This will involve
adventurous team and individual games where
children will improve their communication and
team work skills and aim to beat their personal
bests. We will be learning and developing
various physical skills and aspects of PE
including running, throwing and catching. !










This half term we are working for Station Studios.
We will be looking at persuasive writing in the
form of persuading members of Station Studios to
make certain TV programs. The children will
combine persuasive techniques to create final
pieces of writing. We will also be studying scripts
for various media and using these to write,
develop and perform using our own script writing.
We will use our learning to develop scripts for our
adverts and develop our speaking and listening
skills through performance. !
In story writing we will focus on Native American
stories such as Clever Coyote, Pocahontas and
Wise Owl. The children will rewrite a narrative
using descriptive writing and they will also write
their own Native American story. !

This half term we will be studying the famous artist
Edward Hopper. We will be using and developing our
art techniques (including sketching and drawing with a
range of materials), to design, develop and create a
final piece of artwork.
In music we will be learning about live and recorded
music from different traditions, cultures and !
composers. We will aim to use our understanding and
findings to create jingles for adverts.