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During this half term we will be using the internet and
software to research topics and create pieces of work
using the information we have found. We will learn how
to use search engines effectively and safely and
develop our knowledge of certain software to create

In French we are developing our speaking and !
listening skills tough the study of songs, rhymes and
stories from different cultures. We will be using our
learning to develop jingles for adverts.!

This half term we are learning about lifestyles within !
the religions of Christianity and Judaism.!
We will compare the lifestyles of the two religions and
develop our understanding of different cultures and
ways of life .Our learning will be used to create cultural
and religious documentaries for Station Studios.


P.E will be on Mondays and Thursdays . Please
bring the correct kit: trainers or sandshoes, shorts
and a white t-shirt. If you need to speak to Mrs
Patterson, please do so at the end of the school
day unless urgent. Homework will be set on the
first Friday of the half term and is to be completed
by the end of the half term. Please remember to
return your child’s reading record to school daily.
Your children have access to the school library
and may take books home to read. !

PSHE this half term will be a continuation of our
Roots of Empathy program. !






This half term we will be studying the famous artist
Edward Hopper. We will be using and developing our
art techniques (including sketching and drawing with a
range of materials), to design, develop and create a
final piece of artwork.
In music we will be learning about live and recorded
music from different traditions, cultures and !
composers. We will aim to use our understanding and
findings to create jingles for adverts.


Multiplication and division will be the focus on a
Thursday and Friday when the children will be
developing both their skills in written methods and
speed of calculating times tables. If they could
practise their times tables and corresponding
division facts at home that would be a great
support. !


This half term we will be investigating materials and
how a Roman soldier kept warm whilst working on
Hadrians wall. We will also be looking at food chains.!

We will be focusing on North America. We will learn
about the physical asapects of a town North America
compared to a town in our local area. This will include
climate, lifestyles and landscapes. !

This half term we will begin by looking at fractions
including equivalent fractions. The children will be
building a fraction wall and learning how to add
and subtract fractions with the same denominator.
Problem solving is going to be a focus across the
term and be included in most areas of maths that
we cover. For example problem solving which
includes questions about fractions, measure,
converting measurements, shape, etc.!

This half term we will be having PE specialist
Mrs Robson teach the children gymnastics. We
will also be taking part in group and individual
activities and challenges. This will involve
adventurous team and individual games where
children will improve their communication and
team work skills and aim to beat their personal
bests. We will be learning and developing
various physical skills and aspects of PE
including running, throwing and catching. !





Our recounts will be based on Romans. For
example a recount of a day of a Roman slave,
soldier or gladiator. We will be learning all the
features of a recount before we try writing our final
piece. This will include our use of speech marks
for direct speech and how to write reported
speech. Our story writing will be an adventure
based on the story of Boudicca. We will be
focusing on descriptive writing and how to
engage the reader for a sustained time. Keeping
their interest until the end of the story. !




This half term we are working for The Time
Institute. We will be looking at recounts and
stories. !