Faculty Tech Survey April 2010

After reviewing the proposed K-9 curriculum, what is your reaction?

Curriculum Adoption
We should adopt this curriculum Other Responses



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Out of my realm of expertise, but I feel strongly about the next question I'm for adopting it - probably with some modification based on input not really sure, this cannot be done in classes Reading skills seem like a major stumbling block in the K- 2 curriculum. Understanding safe practices and ethical behaviors also seem tough with the youngest students. Maybe clearer language about expectations for understanding is all that's needed? I wish I had had this program of study myself, by the time the students reach 9th grade! I think it looks good Sounds good, wish I knew these tools better (3)I would amend this proposal, and will write more in the "other" box I think it's important to consider what kind of technology curriculum is developmentally appropriate for our youngest students and will best support their overall growth and development. A technology program that begins in kindergarten probably looks more impressive than one that begins in grades 1 or 2, but there needs to be sound reasons why one - or the other - is chosen.

Should computer class be a separate class or integrated into subject area curriculum?

Separate Class or Integrated


10 8 6


2 0 Totally integrated by subject area teachers Separate class integrated by both integrated and subject area separate teachers using an integration coaching model

3 1 1


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all of the above integration by collaborating with classroom teacher for younger grades K-3 If there were more than one tech teacher and they also taught another subject like sci then course work could be directly integrated into a subject area. Separate class to learn skills, apply those skills in subject area I think it should be both a separate class and integrated in subject area curriculum to whatever extent makes sense to that teacher. Integrated but with IT support alongside subject teacher, at least at first steps of project. Both. It should be integrated but the programs and tools need to be taught explicitly, and there is not enough time in the subject matter period to also address this.

If there were no computer classes offered, do you feel that you have the time, the equipment and the skills to use technology effectively in your classroom?

Do you have the time, skills and equipment to use technology in your classrom?
Yes 4%

Other 15%

No 81%

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Again, with another IT resource available who does not do anything but this aspect of work (no teaching, advising, etc) Yes to basic tech skills; no to more sophisticated skills With some support Yes for some applications.

How are you currently integrating technology in your day to day teaching?
        Referencing websites, using Flickr and MyBCD to do image searches not much n/a Google docs, projects with computers, web research I would say that I attempt to integrate technology on a week to week basis. I have taken my class to the Mac lab, have used clips from YouTube to enhance curriculum, provided websites for parents to use at home. It is not daily though. At times I use the portable lab if I have found a site particularly appropriate to the curriculum. I use a projector for all my dvd's because none of the TV's work in my classrooms. Students use my blog as a reference, for games, and to check homework. not much....would like to do more, don't have time Images from the web. research on the web showing videos from the web word processing Not very much. I use the blog a little and try to get images up. I research lessons online. projector, laptop cart, No, not day-to-day. Internet research Math and reading games I use short videos taken from the internet and use them in class frequently. Classes listen to bird calls on the internet and as a class we research bugs and animals that we don't know much about. I use the internet a lot in curriculum planning. I record a lot of what we do in Science on my BCD blog. I take many digital pictures of experiments in action. I have taken the second graders to the science "computer lab" (i.e. the room between Sue and Tim's rooms) and had them use topic related programs for fun. (The BBC in particular has great games.) I am not using technology in my Latin classes. I think the students need to be proficient in technology, but I can make better use of their time (and mine) by drilling them orally and in writing, and by showing them videos. The Latin programs "out there" are not helpful and some encourage cheating. electronic music arts block, music connect, internet for music videos and music, If I'm teaching a song or a poem and want to add sign language, I use the Internet to go to one of the ASL sites to learn the signs. I use the Internet to get more information or project ideas for our current units of study. I've used a digital camera for years and am starting to use the flip camera more as well. I have a classroom blog that I update weekly. I use the internet to do research for class. I communicate with parents via. E-mail. I take my class to the lab every Tuesday to practice their typing skills using the typing pal program. I use my blogs all the time. I am now using paperrater with Eighth grade English. I send kids to links in ancient history class and have them do assignments around them. I enjoyed using drop.io some this year. 5 old computers in the science lab, 5 very ancient computers in P6. Use science computers for Vernier Lab Pro software and the Stone Age computers for research in geography projects. Info on up to date fitness and ideas from other schools and something like the Olympics, my day to day is not used with technology in mind. hardly at all. Graphing calculator only. I use it for project work and certain units where I am aware of appropriate sites for the kids to work on. I use geometers sketchpad in my geometry class. I use calculators in all of my classes and graphing calculators in my 7-9 grade classes. I have used the netbooks to access the web and many on line programs for all of my classes. I use the computer to run accelerated math in 5-8. I have the kids do web research at home and in class. We use bookmarking sites, and use the projector to watch videos and go over essays a lot. Yes. I use slides, videos, music, and the overhead projector.

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When children express an interest in a topic or have a question about anything, we often search the internet for answers. I also use the computer to record childrens' stories. We communicate to parents using email and writing a weekly blog, which includes photos. N/A, for the children, I do a weekly blog.

How would you ideally integrate technology in your classroom?
     Central server with all our files so kids could collaborate seamlessly (we kind of already do that, using one of the Macs as a server); do not know n/a more google docs and spread sheets I wish I had a way to easily display what I find on the internet to support social studies and language arts. I wish I had adequate computers for the kids to use on the spur of the moment when something can up that they wanted more information about. I would love to be able to have them connect with classrooms in Mexico when we study that country rather than the connection just going through me It would be great to have a portable lab in Ryan that the students know how to use. I spend a lot of time helping them log on, find a computer that has not run out of power etc... I like the idea of having technology use by students integrated by a tech teacher working with classroom teachers, which we have done some of this year. but it would be great to have projectors and other equipment to use with the students. I'd like to have a projector of my own permanently set up in the room so that it's easy to show things with the computer. Most of my class work is hands on manipulating materials, not tech oriented. I would have a few laptops and digital cameras and a scanner and kids would create digital portfolios of their work. Use tech to promote and build on what I do in the classroom Ideally, I would have a permanent projector in the classroom, with laptop there, to use the internet's resources every day. I would love a sister-school relationship to be established. not sure I haven't yet done the following but would like to: 1) use the Flip cameras for students to make short videos about various Science topics and 2) would also like to do audio recordings of various things in nature. I would also love for students to make books about Science topics and post them on the blog for parents to read. (Mrs. Clausen has done something like this I know.) See above. I would do more music history, theory, skills using computers at least for part of the time I'd like to become more skilled with integrating photos and videos into the blog. As for integrating more technology in the classroom, I think it is developmentally appropriate to have less technology rather than more in the classroom. I would continue to use technology as noted above and I would also like to have programs installed on my classroom computers that practice the skills I am teaching in third grade. Maureen is currently working on this for me. I would like to have an LCD projector mounted permanently in the ceiling so it would always be there and I would be comfortable using it. If we had a projector and screen we could do some interactive things together in class using web resources. I would also like to take some time this summer to look at having papers sent to me electronically and use some kind of electronic editing system. use lab pro more in science can't really find much use except for keeping track of personal fitness goals interactive sights to explore concepts Use it to give students other ways to demonstrate what they have learned and other ways for them to learn material. I have tried to nudge kids towards the web to find their own answers instead of seeing me as there only resource. I would like to further investigate the Aver pens and could see using that sort of technology. The

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accelerated math has allowed me to spend my time more efficiently, addressing issues instead of correcting piles of papers. Have a smartboard! We could do A LOT with this-- take notes on it, edit essays together (I want to do this with google docs on the laptops too, just have to get it together), and of course use Internet content. I would save a ton of time, paper, and energy photocopying and collating paper if they could read things online in class. The students use word processing which is a big help when they then correct their work. If there were two teachers present, it could be used as one of the classroom's individual learning spaces or a learning center. Our children are much too young to be expected to use a computer without direct supervision or assistance. N/A

What are the barriers to technology integration in your grade level or subject area?

Barriers to Integrating Technology

Do not have models of how to accomplish this 17%

Other 14%

Do not have the equipment necessary 29%

Do not have the technology skills 18%

Do not have the time required 22%

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imagine we'll see the case for what needs to shift in each of these areas Don't really feel it is the place for an emphasis here. I'm happy that the students learn this technology in computer class. I wish I knew more but I don't know if there'd be time and desire for me to use it instead of actually handling materials. Do not have models of how to accomplish this; I find it helpful to have professional development time devoted just to technology. I got SO much out of our January tech day. Another barrier is just simply not knowing what is "out there". Time-consuming and not helpful to the students. hard in gym all of the above Do not have second teacher in classroom age of children

Net book Use

Have you used the netbooks?
Yes 30%

No 70%

If not, why?
Other 53% Have no need 29%

Not accessible 0%

Wireless infrastructure does not support use in my classroom 0%

Don't know how 4% No time to use them in my class structure 14%

Other:      

Haven't set aside the time to implement. not sure how Small class sizes have meant that I can get my needs met using the computer labs I just haven't availed myself of them yet. wireless can be challenging, but mainly I use the Mac lab Don't know what they are

Any issues when using netbooks? :  Most of the second graders had real difficulty with the track pad. I know they could learn to use it but I find it easier for them to use the mouse. Also, I think I may have needed to load Flash on the Netbooks, but that memory is a little foggy.  Some if the computers hadn't been recharged. Some of the students had trouble logging on.  none  One netbook was not working for a while issues with students not logging out  Printing, getting to some of the websites.  netbooks have been fine for the most part, but sometimes they update at inopportune times

If you could have any technology you wanted for your classroom- money and training notwithstanding, what would you want? How could you use it?
      Digital cameras. We could have more in-depth photography sessions so that kids who showed interest and talent could be dedicated staff photographers and hone their skills screen and ability to show clips from my computer. n/a more computers and see the answer below Any? One Mac desktop computer for every 2 kids and one for me with a permanent projector set-up with moderate quality speakers. A digital camera for every 6 kids, a scanner, and a color printer. I would have an updated laptop, preferably Mac with a computer projector set up in the ceiling so it is always ready to use. Am still struggling with upload time. It can still take a ridiculous amount of time to upload something like you tube. Students would already be trained in a computer class how to use portable computers appropriately and the programs that I would like to use, ie making the web with different themes (what is that called?), making books, cartoons, making their own flash cards etc. So many things they could do to use a computer as a tool but I simply don't have the class time to teach it. projectors - computers for all, the whiteboard that is a computer screen projector- videos, slides/images, power point like I'd also like a fabulous digital camera for documenting and easily putting images on the blogs- but wait- there's no time for that! As above Laptops camera scanner flip all dedicated and always there for my class Smartboard type device I need to investigate all that's out there for language before answering this. training I feel like I have everything I need or at least access to everything I need. I have a VCR/DVD player in my classroom and it is sufficient for my needs. A permanent set-up for projector, more computers with piano keyboards, music education software No current desires. Computers that are not so slow. I would like to have at least 6 computers to create a mini-lab for my students. As I said before, I would like an LCD projector. It would be really great to also create notes but bring in pictures, music etc. 12x23" i Macs, six in each classroom, each room networked to a laser printer. Two more lab pro control boxes. Flip video recorder and a digital camera to carry and capture some great moments that only I have seen with the kids. Are pedometers technology? Nice expensive ones that work. access to internet and a projector Update computers. the avermedia pens a projector a fast reliable computer to hook it all up to. Smart board--see above. To add the above questions, I use the Mac lab next door. But I want to use laptops too-- more flexible, obviously. A digital projector would be useful to show "slides." More work with Photo Shop and time and space to more readily use the printer. No thanks

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Given the current economics, what technology would make the most impact on your teaching?
                           Several SLR cameras (entry-level but with manual features) projector n/a digital camera, flip video recorder digital camera projector installed in ceiling ready to go, new lap top, voice recording, projector flip video recorder/camera permanent projector set up digital camera projector for classroom A projector and flip video! not sure Right now I use my personal digital camera. It would be nice if there was a school camera that I could keep in the classroom to document lessons and such. Sometimes I leave my personal camera at home by accident and miss out on some great pictures. N/A probably soft ware and training I have the two cameras and that's great. Having more time to use them would be even better. software that is applicable to the grade. The projector. I also like flip videos but feel like I can borrow one when I need it. computers, and projector for the DVD player and computer. flip video recorder same as above Be given the time to be creative and innovative. everything previously mentioned See above. A flip video would also be good. Projector, scanner. Our flip video and digital camera and laptop currently make the greatest impact related to technology. Digital camera for uploading photos to the blog


Should we have dedicated technology training?
Other 17% No 10%

Yes 73%

Have you taken advantage of training opportunities?
Other 11%

Yes, in the last year 36%

Not in the last 2 years 14%

No 39%

When is the best time for technology training?

Best time for technology training

Only if mandatory 18% Other 53% Only after school 11%

Only in the summer 18%

             

Too many demands on time no any time perhaps not in the summer summer/after school Summer or In-Service days In the summer, ideally close to either the beginning or end of the school year depends on course and time needed It depends. I don't mind after school if I am free...which is rare. I also don't mind summer if I am available. not unless I was paid extra hard to find time if coaching, summer may be best Yes! yes during/after school

Anything else you want to say...
 Would be nice to see kids come to school with all their reading materials are on their iPad and they can use apps in the classroom for accessing/sharing information. Then they wouldn't need to bring carryon luggage to school every day. :) Please do not put more demands on teachers without compensation I just want good equipment that works. We need to have computer classes so the students learn how to use them properly. There is no time in academic classes to teach these skills. It is VERY frustrating to everyone when our system doesn't support what we want to do. I would really like to take all the TV's out of the classrooms. I have two and neither one works. I don't know how to fix them and even if I did I don't have the time and no one else appears to have the time either. I have brand new DVD for 2nd grade curriculum and we can't watch it. If you teach in more than one classroom you need equipment that works set up in both. There is no time in between classes to set things up. Where has our TIME gone?? Only that I really got a lot out of our last tech training day and especially enjoyed having time set aside for me to read the blogs of my colleagues, check out websites that I hadn't had time for and to generally "fool around" with the different technologies available. Even though I have time on my own to do this, other things always rise to the forefront. I liked having a professional development day devoted to technology - with a combination of active instruction and then solo time to explore. Technology is important, but so is reading, writing, math, foreign languages, science, music, art, drama, sports. Let's try to maintain a balance and keep things in perspective. Today's students will become proficient in technology because they will have to. Let's not overlook exposure to languages and the arts during these impressionable years. I think it's important to consider what kind of technology curriculum is developmentally appropriate for our youngest students and will best support their overall growth and development. A technology program that begins in kindergarten probably looks more impressive than one that begins in grades 1 or 2, but there needs to be sound reasons why one - or the other - is chosen. More time, more equipment. Easy! I don't use the computer enough to find all of these types of programs and ideas useful enough for me to keep updating my brain. It can't keep up with the new stuff. Thought some of the questions on the survey were leading, and didn't always leave options for the range of responses. Otherwise, useful and helpful, hopefully. Computer technology is obviously a necessary tool that all the students will have to have in their daily lives. However, given the limitations of time, the use of computers in the classroom is not a valuable use of my time and resources as a guide to delving into the literature at hand. I feel that 3 and 4 year old children do not need 'screen' time in school. Simple as that.

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