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We will continue to take part in weekly swimming

lessons at Ashington Leisure Centre.
We will continue to develop our strength, balance
and coordination and skills through creating
single, partner and group floor routines.
We will practise our running and handling skills
through playing the invasion game of Tag Rugby.
Some of us will even compete in a Tag Rugby



This half-term we are working for Big Pete (the Texas
millionaire). He wants us to design a new village either in
London or Paris. To ensure we choose the best/most suitable
location to match his given criteria, we must research both
places. Initially, we will locate both places, working out which
continent they are in, which country they are in and so on. We
make comparisons between the two places, in terms of the
economic activity including trade links, population, transport etc.
Although Science is not a main focus this half-term, we will
practise planning investigations in general with the focus being
on suggesting experiments to answer questions/solve
problems. We will use a range of scientific vocabulary when
planning our tests, e.g. fair test, variables, predict, collate,
Although History is not a main focus this half-term, we will
naturally touch on the history of London and Paris when
carrying out our research into both places.
We will continue to develop our internet research skills to
research specific aspects of London and Paris.
We will also put our basic computing skills into practice, e.g.
word processing.
We will revisit some of what we have previously been taught in
French, such as greetings, colours, days of the week, months of
the year, names of food etc. We will practise using some of
these in memorable rhymes and through simple conversation.
We will identify ways in which Christians express their
membership of a religious community, e.g. baptism,
confirmation. We will also identify and discuss the sacraments.
Finally, we will study the lives of some early Christians who lived
and worked in the north of Britain.





Each week we will carry out regular Mental Maths
tests and a times table test. We will also continue to
solve a range of puzzles and problems, which will
prepare us for our end of year tests.
This half-term, we are predominantly focusing on
number, place value and calculating. We will show
our understanding of numbers through partitioning
and recombining, ordering, number sequences,
rounding, multiplying and dividing by 10, up to
100,000. As well as this, we will solve a range of
multi-step problems using calculation strategies
such as the column, grid and short division
methods. We will also investigate square numbers,
prime numbers and factors.








Because of the trip to London, we are going to read and
analyse a range of Blogs ready to write our own when we
are away. We will pick out the feature of existing ones and
practise writing and editing our own.
Narrative writing – cultural stories (London)
As part of our research into Paris and London, we are going
to read a range of stories local to both places. We will
predominantly focus on London. We will then write our own
stories based on those we have read.
To help Big Pete out with his new village, we will advertise
the existing places through writing our own fun children’s
book. Part of it will include riddles based on famous
landmarks in the chosen place (Paris or London). We will
read and analyse a range of existing ones, picking out their
key features, e.g. varied clue openers, language to create
imagery, etc. We will then practise writing our own based on
themes of our own choice, ready to write our ‘official’ riddles
for Big Pete.

Each week we will take part in an hourly steel pan
session. We will learn to play the songs that we can
then perform to others in school.

We will establish targets for ourselves (school
related and personal). We will discuss these
targets and how achievable/manageable they are.
Once we have done this, we will set ourselves
small steps to help us to achieve. We will also
discuss/share our aspirations for now and the
future and again look at their feasibility.