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We will take part in weekly swimming lessons at
Ashington Leisure Centre.

We will continue to develop our dance and football skills
from last year. !

This half-term we will focus a lot on decision making,
team building, respect and values. This will not be
taught as stand alone lessons, it will be developed
through our planning and making of programmes
where we will most certainly need to work together.


One of the programmes Olive has asked us to make is based
on the circulatory system and how it works. We will therefore
find out all about this and then we will present our findings in a
learn with us style programme, where we will use experiments
as part of our explanations.
Another programme Olive would like us to make is based on
having a healthy lifestyle and how exercise and diet impacts
greatly on our life. We will do this through a cookery/keep fit
style programme.
We will be making educational programmes based on places in
Europe (contrasting places). We will locate the countries, using
maps and atlases. We will compare the physical and human
features of each of the places.
We will use the programme iMovie on the iMac computers, to
create our own programmes for Olive Stein. Prior to doing this,
we will experiment with the iMovie tools, using short video clips
of each other at work in our TV Studio. Some of these tools
include editing, cropping, shortening, adding music etc.
We will also use the iPads and the PC’s to search for specific
information on the internet relating to places around the world to
help us make factual programmes for Olive Stein.
We will link this to our song writing, where we will re-cap a
range of terms, phrases and words that we have learnt this year
and last year, e.g. days of the week, questions to use in general
conversation, colours, numbers etc.
We will be building on our knowledge of Humanism from Year 5.




Each week we will continue to practise our Arithmetic
skills, e.g. working with fractions, decimals and
percentages as well as practising the calculation
strategies to accompany the 4 operations. We will also
continue to solve a range of puzzles and problems to
show our reasoning skills and help us to prepare for our
end of year SATs.
To make our learning fun, we will be working for Olive
Stein in our Office department. Some of the areas we
will cover in Maths this half-term include:
•  2D&3D shape (re-cap of names and properties and
reasoning with shape)
•  Ratio and proportion
•  Algebra
•  Measures (including perimeter, area and properties
of a circle)





Narrative writing
Olive Stein would like us to create a soap opera style
programme based on issues and dilemmas. We will
therefore read a range of stories containing issues and
dilemmas. We will look at the features of these and
practise writing parts of stories using these features, e.g.
in the form of a diary or a dream. We will all write our own
issue and dilemma story and then pick the one we like
the most and act it out in the style of a soap opera.
Because we are making TV programmes, it is useful to
have our own scripts. We will therefore read and analyse
a range of them, picking out their key features. We will
have a go at following scripts, writing short sections of
scripts as a team and then eventually we will write some
of our owns to help us to make our programmes.
Song writing
Two of our programmes are Science based and very
factual, therefore to help the viewers to recall this factual
information, we will write educational songs, raps and

Linking to our staying healthy/fit programme (in Science), we
will prepare and make savoury dishes based on our research.
Each week we will take part in an hourly steel pan session. We
will learn to play the songs that we can then perform to others in