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ABORTION is the death of the womb that contains the fetus with age less
than 20 weeks, which can be called premature. In other cases of abortion
is the act of intentionally released the results of conception as a result of
several factors. In terms of legal abortion is permitted as long as it relates
to medical factors is usually called spontaneous abortion is an abortion
performed, accompanied by medical indications. In Indonesia is a medical
indication is to save the mother's life. Whereas, there is another type of
abortion that abortion provokatus criminalist
Abortion is the deliberate absence of medical indications (illegal). Abortion
usually performed by using tools or certain medicines. Abortion is abortion
provokatus criminalists whose purpose other than to save / treat mothers,
conducted by medical / non-medical incompetent and not qualified and
the means justified by the legislation. Usually in it an element of criminal
or evil. Abortion in Indonesia is regulated by:
Law No. 1 Year 1946 about Code Penal (Penal Code) - for any reason,
abortion is illegal. Until now still applied.
Law No. 7 Year 1984 about Ratification of the Convention on the
Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women.
Republic Act No. 23 Year 1992 about health - under certain conditions, can
be done a certain medical procedure (abortion). Up to now still applied.
The Government enact new regulations related to abortion. Government
regulations are set out in Regulation No. 61 Year 2014 on August 16, 2014.
In these regulations, abortion is only applicable for emergency medical
indications and pregnancies resulting from rape. Explained that the
enactment of legislation is not merely to legalize abortion. But this is that
pregnant women who experience medical emergencies and when a rape
victim would perform abortions getting good medical care and legal
protection. The medical team also will decide whether the pregnant

woman for an abortion or not worthy of medical and psychological

assessment. Pregnant women who want abortions to undergo counseling
before an abortion and checked the health of the mother and her fetus.
But until now the medical team has not been established. Though these
regulations come into force less than a week away.
In my opinion abortion is other way to save mothers life when there was
any problem with the baby in the mothers womb but now abortion much
used by people that do free sex and they wont the baby born. Man who
never felt what the women feel actually and not responsible instead left
the women alone to face their problem. Many young lady think that
abortion is the best way to resolve their problem and usually they never
told to their parents or friends. There are many negative effect when
someone choose to abortion like a, you have done sin with loss of human
life, abortion which doing by people that never had experienced as doctor
or expert can make their patient bleeding and resulting in death. People
who usually take abortion supposed repeating their mistakes and never
felt guilty. Abortion can makes people who doing that feel trauma. In other
side there are positive effect that abortion have save the mother's life if
there is a problem in the mother or the baby, save the dignity of a woman
victim of rape.
I suggested that abortion is may use by people who have any problem
medic and can be done at least by doctor who have license. Do not have
an abortion if the body is healthy, and if it does not want a pregnancy
should not have sex freely.